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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Tuesday recap...

Well well well its fucking 2006, whoohoooo. Big deal, just another reminder that I am getting older. But at least I can say I had fun along the way and what better way to keep the memories fresh than evidence....I mean pictures of what I have done. So, let us take a trip back in time to 2005. Mainly this past Friday:

I had to work but it went quick and I was pretty much the only person there. Stopped by the happy store and bought a bottle of tequilla. This is the first time I have ever bought this stuff and boy was I in for a shock, this shit is $$$$ bling bling yo! The first bottle I came across cost 109$ and I almost pissed myself! So I went on a search for the 20$ or less range, I was looking to get drunk not broke. I found a nice sized bottle for 20$ ( cactus jack gold) and headed on my way. My mom had given me a really nice blender for xmass, not sure why I did not tell here I needed one but the one I had was a piece of crap. So with all the makings of a drunkin Phil, I proceeded to make : MARGARITS!

The first batch I used the mix, all you did was add ice and tequilla. Not bad, could be better. But the next one was the best, I followed a recipe I found in the book that came with the blender. 1/2 cup triple sect, 1/2 cup tequilla, 1/4 cup sugar, 2 cups of ice, and a squirt of lime juice then blend. All I have to say is wow, this is my first attempt at this and after 4 blenders full of this icey happiness I must say it wont be my last time.

I can almost taste it!

After 6 drinks suddenly I think I am Irish. Well I kinda am, but not enough to call myself Irish. I am a bit mixed up in the "what are you" department. My ancestors could not seem to keep it in their pants and went after all kinds of poontang. I have Irish, British, Native American (or whatever they call themselves these days), Danish-not the pastry asshole- and a Jew or two. And no, you can not pass Jew onto your familiy, religon is a choice not a race or nationality. You can chose to be jewish but you cannt just wake up one day and chose to be black or white. My wife always bust my balls about being a jew. And I always tell her this but she just likes to poke fun of me.

After six drinks everything starts to look like a Tootsie Roll to me. How many licks does it take to get to the center of YOUR tootsie pop?
And for the record I never actually licked anyone but my little woman. But if you ass nicely she might let me give ya a little lick on the forehead lol.

Saturday(new years eve)-
New years eve was rather calm and relaxing. The wife, the baby and me went over to one of her coworks house for a party. I ate too much and got really bloated for some reason. Take a wild guess what I resolved to do? Sit-ups damnit, all this week sit ups! I have started, now I just have to keep it up lol. I ate a shit load of shrimp and these claw thingies, which I think got me bloated but they were good!

I brought the makings to do the margarita thing again but I wasnt feeling too good after I attacked the food. I did have a few glasses of mixed happiness though, couldnt start the new year without at least some booze in me lol. Here is the luggage I went over with:

Lets see blender, mixers, vanilla liquor, tequilla, tripel sec, shaker, shot glass and some Amareto(sp). All set to kill some brain cells! This is what I call paking light, all that was missing was some beer and mescaline. Not that I have anyyyy idea what mescaline is :-X

A day to relax and let my oldest play with some of the new toys he did not get a chance to play with last weekend. I only have him on the weekends and last weekend was a bit of a rush. He had our house, my moms, his moms, his moms parents and he had his step dads parents house to go to all in one day. One of the pluses of having step parents, more ppl to give you shit lol.

Oldest play with Robo-Sepian or whatever this thing is called. This things has to be one of the funniest things out there. It dances, does karate shops, walks, can be programed to do things and makes the strangest sounds. Long way from the ones I used to play with, they moved forward bump into a wall and then turned around. The most amazing thing that they did was that they had a gun that smoked lol.

Alan (bro in law not in the navy) playing with Robo-Raptor. And again this one has tons of bells and whistles. But it does not look very steady on its feet and yet it has never fallen over.

Later that night I drank some Mexican beer , did about 3 shots of tequilla(salt and lime is a must) and finished off a bottle of champaine. While I was hitting the bottle of bubblely I smoked my black and mild cigar I have had for a while. Then I busted out the camera to give yall all the firts shocker of the new year----

Notice the sky, its 9:00 pm. Its the orange glow of Elizabeth,NJ.

Happy News Years people hope you made resolutions you intend on breaking. What else would they be for? Everyone knows that even promises you made to yourself get broken. Today is Tuesday and its hell, I have been working on this post for almost 4 hours now haha. But it is done, peace out mofos!


Just Some Gal said...

HOLY CRAP... you bought some cheap ass tequila! hahaha I think thats same stuff the homeless guys wash the windows on my car with at the stoplight!!

Buy a bottle of petrone and taste the difference babe!

Either way, it was mission accomplished. Looks like you had a blast. lol I am jealous and what a shocker of a new years...especially when I read D's blog!!!!

honkeie2 said...

LOL, Blondie. But to me I am not in it for the taste. If I feel no pain then its all good, exspecally if it didnt cost me a fortune to get to the edge.
And D left out alot of de-TAILS if you ass me :-D

Danielle said...

1.) you look good!!
2.) that damn food looks good! ha!
3.) the sky is tight as shit!
4.) Happy New year H!

Danielle said...

Hahahahaah yall are nuts!

Becky said...

Good pics, do you carry the camera everywhere with you? I think that's cool, you just whip out the camera anywhere and take pictures.... Glad you had fun!

Hope you have a great year to come!

Just Some Gal said...

D is right... you're freaking hot in that picture!!

Storm said...

Love the pictures!

Happy New Year!

Buddha Bong said...

Look! Look! It's the E-Town shocker!

Ranger Tom said...

Orange glow of Elizabeth, NJ? Isn't that the aura from the toxic waste from the landfills?


Couldn't resist...

Anyway, happy New Year!

normiekins said...

crazy ass!...........the picture of you outside against the sunset is a nice one!

honkeie2 said...

D- Thank you, u need to post pics some day lol! And yes, they are salty nuts.
Becky- Yes I almost always have a camera with. I even carry it with me when I go shoppin.
Blondie- AAAhhhh suckkssss :-*
Storm- Glad to see your back
Hatleyman- ETown is home lol.
Tom- I think it is, the sky never really gets dark around here.
Normi- That wasnt a sunset- it was late at night! Its the orange glow of Jersey lol.
And Happy New Year to all ya :-*

steph said...

Happy late New Years!: )