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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Workout blog

I have been thinking about making a blog to keep up with my workout. Just a way to try and keep on track, so far so good. I have even started writing down what, when and how much I do throughout the week. I tend to fall off the workout wagon allot and I hope to keep it going this time. If I had not fallen off the wagon all these times I would probably be near pre-contest shape. But I loose focus and get lazy and stop. I am trying this new blogging idea in the hopes of self motivation. With a little help from my local and home gym and articles like this from Tom Venuto I hope to look like this by summer. Or at least something close:

And no I am not gay but u have to give respect where it is due. I am now off on my quest for narcissistic glory, look for my new blog in my profile in the next few days.


the_mrs said...

What a coincidence...that is what I want to look like by this summer! ;)

I did start a weight loss blog about a week or so ago, so while it's not the same as a 'bodybuilding' one, I'm right there with you on getting in shape. Good luck!

Becky said...

Good luck with it!

normiekins said...

WHOA BABY......that is some awesome body.....will you be sporting pics of yourself honk?

Danielle said...

omg your gone wild blogging, how many blogs u got now?

mmmm sweaty honk pics!

Jasmine said...

Wow, that looks really good...keep it up, you can do it!



honkeie2 said...

the_mrs: OMFG, that picture on your profile is a riot! Great we can be like twins, thats hot! Bodybulid is very missunderstood, no I dont want to be so muscle bound I cannt scratch my own back but I would love to be this big lol. Good luck Jennay!
Becky: Thanks
Normie: Of course I will be showing pictures of my progress, duhhhhhhh lol. You know how I am lol.
D: I have 3 now, its a fun hobby for the momment lol.
jasmine: thanks I hope to :-D

Binsk said...

I think I need to do this too.

I'm starting to look like an apple AND a pear, whatever that means.

High Desert Diva said...

What a coincidence...that's what I look like NOW! ;P

honkeie2 said...

binsk: apples and pears lol. I bet its more like hour glass/coke bottle.
high: lets play contrast and compair haha ;-D

Just Some Gal said...

So um, hey, will you share all this gloriousness with us after you get there? We must see pictures...for, um, professional purposes. Something like that.

I'm scared to work out too much in strength training because I bulk up too much. I definitely would rather be kinda soft looking. A guy like that, your wife is damned lucky!

Lo Lo Lova said...

Where was that photo taken? Outside of a Catholic church that Mr. Gay Dude isn't "allowed" into?
Good luck with the work out! YOU CAN DO IT!

jungle jane said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
jungle jane said...

I wonder what he's hiding in his pocket?

honkeie2 said...

Blondie-dont worry about bulking up too much, it takes allootttt to loose all that womanly lovely lumps. And yes men do love something to hold on to :-D
LoLo- that was funny as hell!
Jane- The odds are he is just scratching himself lol.