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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Long time.....

Man has blogging really taken a back seat in this crazy life of mine, but I still think about it all the time. I have pictures I hope to post, rants and raves about nothing important, misspelled words I hope to get in and tons of un-work safe material I hope to get on here sometime soon.

I just got back from a work related trip in Florida. I did get in some fun time in and lots of good food on the company dime. I did do what I set out to, it was not all shits and giggles. And now that I am back to the old bump and grind. I have to show what I learned out in the sunny state of gators and skinny women. Other than that I learned that the booze in hotel bars is a fucking rip off and that the sun is a hell of a lot stronger in FL than in NJ!

The wife unit turns 30 this weekend, does anyone that has a vagina (personally or has one on rent) have any suggestions as to what to get her? I have no clue what to get her, we are going out to da' club that night but other than that I am at a loss. She doesnt want jewlery so i am good there, but now I am looking for something that will say "Welcome to your 30's" In a fun happy way lol.

Part of my slacking now has to come from work, my trip to FL which was to teach me how to use this new program i am now in charge of. It is a huge project that will kill so much of my time I dont even know where to look first. But I will be back on here, I am trying to plan my time to blog on the weekends. I am so bad at putting in me time that it is almost non-existant!

But I am now off again to do work related happiness......but to leave things off on a usual stoopid note I will put in my two cents on this drink i bought a few weeks back.
It was called Club Mix : imported from NYC and the flavor (if you can call it that) was Zoom, Cocked Cranburry. And yes it was called 'cocked'! The first swig tasted like fucking paint thinner but went down like water. No afterburn or nasty burps, most things like this go down hard and come back up harder. But this had a bad taste but no after taste. I give it 2 thumbs up on the Ghetto Booze scale, no hang over, no vomitting and no embarassing pictures to delete the next morning.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Beer ring....

My sister and law-Sharron-works for this skater shop in the Jersey Gardens Mall, ( aka Trash Gardens) in Elizabeth NJ, and she suckered me into buy a few things from her. Most of the things that are viewed as 'skater' now are primarily along the same lines as 'emo'. Such as music and cloths, and I hate everything that has anything to do with the Emo-Nation so there was little that interest me there. But they did have a few novelty drinking do-dads and a Warp tour compliation CD, I used to want to go to the Warp Tour but not anymore. I bought a Beer opener ring and the Warp Tour cd. The CD had about 3 songs worth listening to and the rest was more Emo driveling crap. So needless to say it is going into the 'under a dollar' Ebay box for sure this weekend.

But the ring was actually useful and fun, I love novelties that have dual functions. Like my novelty pocket pussy that doubles as a hand warmer, see more than one purpose. And this beer ring not only a peice of jewlery but a great coversation starter at a bar or party.

Ever been at a party and had to go looking for a bottle opener? Well have no fear, its fashionable and it will open any beer!
I present to you: The Beer Ring!

Notice the design, the shape and how well place that bottle is ;-)

Give a tug, a pull and wal-la it pops right off. Now the only problem with it is that the more you drink the harder it becomes to work it. I am not sure if it is from the booze affecting the metal or the fact I become more and more uncordinated as the time goes on.

But in the end it is usually easier to go with bottles that have plastic twist offs that make you do things like this:
(and yes there is a hole in the bottle of my boxers and no you cant see anything.....thank god!)

Now for something completly different:
I am now the proud owner of an Associates Degree in business from the University of Phoenix. I am going to be transferring over to Kean University to finish off my BA because of many of the negative things I have read about that college. I am not say they are all that bad but when I read recuiter web sites and they put in bold type that people with degrees from UOP or Devery need not apply, I get a little nervous.
I was getting ready to start on my next two years with UOP when I found a few places that said this and made me do some more research into the college. I knew most of what I was going to find about the college already: People who could not figure out the site and were pissed about that, its too expensive, its a rip off, the recuiters lie and that it is a school for profit and not for higher learning. Bullshit mostly, all colleges are schools for porfit (with a few exceptions) its all about money. If it wasn't the number of credits you get per class would go up along with the price of tuition or the number of credits you need to graduate would go down. Something to reflect that students are getting more out of college than fucked up the ass by a loan that will haunt them forever.
But when employeers start to view degrees from your future college as less than desirable I will be inclined to find greener grass. And I know that UOP is all about money, hell in all the time I have been with UOP I have gotten pretty much straight A's and never took one test that wasnt open book. Hell I could have paid someone to do all my work and no one would have known, UOP was the closest thing to 'Here is a shit load of money now give me a degree!' one can get.
And i think in the future more school will embrace the idea of online classes more and more. It is a great way to charge full price for a service but not have to shell out a classroom, a parking space or even a real teacher haha. I mean come one, if you dont have to go to class you will not be waisting money on gas, the school will not be spending money on a light bill, heating bill or a water bill for the millions of time each student flushes the toliet because of the thousands of cups of coffee we drink on a daily basis. Its a win win way to go, but many school are still holding fast to there old ways of fucking the student in person. I guess they are still in the mind set of wanting to look you in the eye as they ram something long, hard and sand papery up your ass for 4-5 years and then screw with your credit behind your back for the next 30 years.
Would you like some cheese with that wine sir?
Enough of that, I have two more things of interest........
One, I want this one a teeshirt-
And second:
Does anyone know what the fuck this is:
I found it on some site with wierdo sex perverts looking for other wierdo sex perverts. It looks like a symbol for someone looking for a man, woman, and transexual threesome but i am not sure.
Hope all is well in blogger land, I hope to now have some more time to play with myself online now that I have the summer off from school. I hope to start up again in September and even then I will be going to school like the rest of the normal population so all of my work time will not be taken up with logging in to class, making pointless responsese to a message thread, and posting a million and one power point presentations a week. But what sucks is I cannt go to class naked and drunk anymore.....well maybe during Greek Week but not on a weekly basis.