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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Life as usual

There have been a few times I have thought about taking this blog down, I mean hell it is so rare that I ever come here anymore. But then I look at all the post I have and all the memories I have stored up on here. I could not delete this anymore than I could burn my journals.
It doesn't matter how often I come here, all that matters is that I come back. Even if its only to troll on my own blog or to take a tour down memory lane.

I know this site will never generate money, even though I keep getting these things telling I can just by putting ads on my blog. I will never become a famous writer because I blog, I have thought about getting a degree in journalism but then I am not sure I am willing to turn a hobby into a job. I like to write, but it's on my terms and I write when I want to about things I want to bitch about. No censors, no editors and no boss telling me my work sucks. Hell I know that, but I can suck on my own terms and be happy about it.

This blog is about my random life and I will blog just as randomly as I please. I know if I HAD to blog I would hate it. And since I have been in a funk as of late I have had no real pep to get up and blog.

It must be the weather, I swear if it snows again I will take a shit in mother natures mouth the next time she falls asleep! I have some serious cabin fever and it has manifested itself in some strange ways. Like being coming a lazy toad, I am lazy but this has gotten way out of hand. It is time to get things back in order while it is still at a recoverable level ha! And before I develop a chronic case of know when your gut sticks out farther than your dickie-do!
Yep its time to shead the winter coat again and start my spring training.....but I think I wait until tomorrow lol!

But life goes on, skool, work, family and everything else that makes us complete. I need to take my camera off and dust it off, that too has not been out in a while. When you are in a funk everything is in a funk. I do have a few pictures to end this blog with. So let me just put them up so I can get to working on avoiding doing any real work today:

1) I hate Smart cars with a passion. They are gay gay gay gay.....not the man on man love kind of gay but the pink shirt wearing yoga instructor that doesn't eat meat kind of gay. Two men slamming ass is the homosexual gay stuff, which is what I would rather do than ever buy one of these things. And yet this restaurant I eat on a regular basis has one.....gayyyyyyyyy.

2) I did take out the camera the other day when I saw Lucas watching TV using my bathrobe as a blanket. Kids are just to damn cute sometime.

3) I have been on this funny picture kick as of late, I have lots and lots of de-motivational posters. This one I actually put up on my FB to express how I was feeling one day. Sometimes this is all I want to say to people......and with that type of enthusiasm!

4) And my last picture is that of the Valentines Day gift me and the kids made for the wife. It does get harder each year to come up with something new. But this year I did a home made card from me and the kids and a plate with strawberries and chocolate. I tried to cut them into little hearts but it turn out to be a little more difficult that I thought. But oh well, they will end up in the same place no matter what shape they are made into hahahaha!

Have a happy Friday people...pss....does anyone know anything about accounting, I am taking a class in it now and I am a bit confused in all of it.......pssss I hate college :-D but its almost over.......

Friday, February 04, 2011

How many different ways to say TIRED

Yep it has been a whirl wind of excitement in my world. Well I guess if going to school, work, picking up little monkeys from school and cleaning the house is what you call excitement lol. Life is what it is and I know when I am really old I will look back and wish for these crazy days back. Life is hard but that is what makes life worth living, if it was easy no one would care. Everything would be taken for granted and nothing would have any real value to it.

Everyone complains about the pains of life but that is because bitching about something makes us feel important. And everyone wants to feel better about themselves. I am a lazy shit and know that if I just got my ass in gear 30% of the time I probably could do wonders but......oh its nap time...brb.....

Ahhhh much better, now where was I? I cannot remember oh well, oh look office meeting left overs!

And just like that I am off to the races with something else lol. Many of us want to be something we are not, including me its called day-dreaming. Because reality sucks, but you know what? I love all the sucky stuff about reality. I am trying not to rush all this, yes its hard and annoying but I am 34 and dont remember getting this old. I mean how did I get here so fast? It was 1994 just yesterday....right!?!

Time has moved on and the good times have all passed.........No they have not! The good times keep on rolling! Yes my 20's were fucking awesome but so have been my 30's and so will my 40's and so on. I have probably 64 more years of balls to the wall fun to go....btw I am going to live to be 100. I have to see the tricentennial of our country!

As I hear people complain about life I will join in, but secretly smile to myself because my moaning and groaning is more of me showing off than an actual bitch fest. I love this pain we call life and this blog is my testament to it. And since I have been such a lazy cork sucker with the pictures I think it is time to drop a huge load of pics on this bastard!
Here are the pictures from the New Years Eve party we went to:

1) Yep that about sums it up lol

2) Seth with his party cup....Juice on the rocks sir

3) His name is cool is that lol

4) The Internet, helping the opposite sex unite one site at a time

5) Lucas on a juice run

6) The wife unit is all smiles lol

7) Alan with the worst fake smile ever

8) I swear there is something in that juice!

9) Almost the exact same shot haha

10) Grow ups become big kids the more they drink lol

In NJ we have been hammered this winter with some god awful weather. We have had snow/freezing rain/ice storm almost every week since the start of the new year. And just this Monday I woke up to find my car a block of ice. To the point I was able to take a picture of the window rolled down but the ice still up.

For anyone who lives in a crowded town knows all about saving the spot you shoveled out with a chair or some random piece of garbage you can find. I think that practise is fucking retarded, I mean try saving your spot like this on a sunny day and see what happens. Yes you shoveled it out but it is on a state own road not your drive way asshole, no saving spots. Here are the two spots i had fun digging out, i look at shoveling snow as an exercise not a chore. Its fun and gets the blood pumping!
Oh and by the way, I do not save spots. If I have to I will get out the old shovel and make a new one if I have to lol.

I am back in skool and struggling, mainly because I am having a tough time getting my books. Sorry i dont have 300$ to shell out for one book! But on a lighter side I skool does give me numerous chances to take funny pictures of people sleeping in class. Like this snoring beauty....and yes he was snoring lol

And speaking of school work here is Seth in his new PJ's doing his. I swear they give him more homework than I got when I was in the 5th grade....and he is only in the first!

One of the many times I came out of work to find, yet again, more snow!

Random picture of wife take by one of my wife's friends that is now my texting friend. I love finding people that love to text, and yes almost all of them are women....shocking a know!
And last but not least here is one of the snowman our neighbors made. About the only guy who loves the snow. And by the way its been two weeks since he was made and he is still there! That smile of his is starting to creep me out. Reminds me of this guy I knew when I was a kid, he drove a green van with tinted windows.....he had that same simle......