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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Monday, July 31, 2006


I will post my weekend in pics as soon as I get home because blogger is being bit of a bitch today, and hell it was yesterday ass well. I tired to blog from home for once and it would not let me do much. I am not even sure if this will get past the darft stage. So try again later.....soooo angry sooo angry!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

HNT quickie

Todays HNT will have to be a quick one due to the fact my pc is acting up and I have 15 minutes before I am out of here. Sorry but when 3 hits I am out the fucking door like the devil let out of hell. I took this one today while at work using one of my new toys. Well its about a month old but still pretty new. I use it alot, there are two areas one can workout almost everyday...abs and forearms. I want to have abs...dont we all..and forearms. The forearms really sperate the men form the boys, when I see a dude with forearms like a tree trunk I give mad respect to him. Lots of guys have big biceps and a double barrel chest but very few guys have tree trunk forearms. It seems to be a forgoten area when ppl hit the gym. Mine have always been pretty good but I want freak forearms. I hope someday to knock down a brick wall with these puppies lol.

I will be off tommorrow, I am going to Sesame Place up in Langhorne Pa. I hope to get some nice pics to post on here on Monday. Stop by to see what I caught, maybe a few MILFs and some Tooooo Big for ME Hotties.....have a good wekend yall.....I am typing so fast that I have hit the backspace button more than the space bar lol.


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Getting crabs suck!

Last night me and the little woman went food shopping and guess what was on sale again? Crabs! Snow crabs were on sale so we bought about 3 pounds and headed home. But were we in for a hell of a time. After cooking them the same way we did last time they came out crappy, the meat did not come out as easily and the meat was not as tastey. I am thinking that maybe I did not cook them long enough or maybe I over cooked them. Or maybe they were just the worst bunch in the fish market and I ened up with the worst case of the crabs to date. After about 30 minutes of fighting with these things I gave up trying to get the meat out. I mean it got to the point that I had to split open the shell and scoop it out with my finger just to get a mouthfull. It was very frustrating. But oh well what can one do but bitch and moan then run to red lobster and get some real (lol) seafood. Which I did not do, food shoppin broke the bank a little. We waited until there was nothing but condements left to eat before we went food shopping so this was a rather big note to pass off the the credit card haha.
Now today at work my boss did something that was soooo evil I cannt forgive him for......he bought doughnuts. And lots of them, then some body brought us bagels with the good Hotel butter....I think today will be a bad day lol. So far I have had about 7 doughnuts.....2 bagles with butter and 4 cups of coffee. To try and off set all of this happiness I have downed about a gallon of water. I still have a little bit more to go before a whole gallon is done but soon as I am done with this post I plan on finishing it off and starting on more. Wash away the nastiness wash it away! I am not sure if all this water helps but it is making me pee like a fucking leaky dike!
But I will be off to the gym after work today and maybe I will actually start running later tonight....we will see I have been planing to start, just never got out of the planning stage yet lol. I was going to post a funny pic but my pc is acting up and hope this post doesnt crap out on me.
I hope everyone is having a good one so far, I am about to go in sugar overload. I think I will go and hide somewhere and take a nap, I feel soooo sleepy....thanks boss lol.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday ...i guess,

Well here we go again, Monday should be registered as a four letter word. I had a hell of a time getting to sleep last night so work is going pretty shitty so far. But I am able to put on a happy face regardless and get my day over with.
But let me see what came of this weekend......Friday I took off work to try and get somethings done. I finished the baby's room and run a whole bunch of errands. One of them was to go to my college and bitch them out about not getting any financial aid but when I got there.......there was nobody there! I could not find a soul anywhere! Nor could I find any sign to tell me what the fuck was going on. This is summer session 2 so I know there are ppl here, but not on this day. So I will be off to see them this Monday with more of an attitude than cums Honkeie lookin for some answers damnit! Then I went over a coworkers house to pick up my new man toy. It is the Gold's Gym PowerFlex and in perfect condition! She had it broken down and ready to go and had her boyfriend/babydaddy's pick up so we could get it all in one shot. Good thing started raining about 3 blocks from my house. But luckily the one part that could not get wet was inside my car. Now it was not just rain it was fucking pouring and cuming down in buckets. So what does someone that grew up in the south do.......walk out in the blinding rain no shirt and no shoes carring large metal objects during one of the worst rain/thunder storms of the summer. I got it all in the house by myself soak to the freakin bone but I got it in. I could not put it toghter yet, the brain of the whole thing was stuck in my car so that was going to have to wait. But that was ok.....
Saturday-I went to my moms house for a little birthday breakfast for myself and my brother. I am now 30 and he is 26 but I swear I am forever 25 and that is final! After stuffing myself stoopid on grits, eggs, bacon, biscuts and jam we went to fill up our water jugs at the spring in the park by her house.
Sunday- Laundry for the new babies cloths and putting my new man toy toghter. I even got to workout with it. So far soo good, I will still be going to the gym to do somethings that no home machine can ever duplicate but for the most part I am going to try and use this wonderous toy. Here is a pic on what it looked like after my first workout with it. And if u are wondering about the flag, it is the team flag for a fotoball team that my father in law likes. It is very American looking but hey that is ok ....we like the design as well lol.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and I hope Becky is still happy :-).

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday quickie

I just found this and thought I would share. It is not work safe...I repeat it IS NOT WORK SAFE. If you are anywere near your job do not click this link. Do not click this link if there are children near u, it is Xrated and very adult. So if you are uber reliogous, up tight about sexual things, underage, at work or part of the Bush administration do not click on what I am about to post.
CYBER HEAD...........

Have fun....I did

Thursday, July 20, 2006

A double shot of HNT...

I am goning to start this post with what happened from Tuesday to present. When I got home from work on Tuesday I went to the backyard for a little relief from the heat in the pool and what I saw brought a little tear to my redneck soul. My father in law took out the air mattress to the back filled it with air and turned it into a floaty toy. This is totaly something my little redneck mind might have come up with. But mind you he told me he was doing this to find where the air leak was coming from but I know the tooth, it just seemed like a good idea at the time lol. And like most good ideas it was filled with thoughts like 'This is going to end with someone in the ER or in the living room drinking JD while grandma does some homemade surgery' But nothing bad happened it was all fun and games(and no one lost and eye)---

Then about 20 minutes after we all were done swimming our little hearts out mother nature thought it would be a good idea to send us some AC- mother nature style. The sky got dark, the wind kicker up a notch and then it came and it came in buckets:

It started slow at first then all hail broke loose. I got pelted a few times and I must say it stung a bit. I was really just worried about my car and the paint taking a beating but in the end all was kool.

After the mother nature freak show this is what I found in the grass.....enuff ice to make a nice blender full of Margaritas. Come to think of it I should have done that...damn it. Maybe next time haha.

But now on to my 2 HNT pics. The first one isnt a pretty one, I think I mentioned that I dropped a peice of sheetrock on my foot a couple of days ago. Well this is what it looks like now, it does not hurt but god damn it looks nasty.....

And here is the one I told yall I was going to post. The pic I took while I was in the sweat box. I plan on going the later on tonight to do the same. I am actually pumped and excited about going down there, I would perfer to go to Bally's but I have to sand and prime the soon to be baby's room. But I will be down there later to keep up the good fight.
Drum roll please....................................

Yah got to love the sandles now! I have gotten my diet in check and uped the protien big time so I hope the gain some good weight. Just working out heavy alone is kinda hard and sometimes a little damgerous. But I am willing to go the distance and take the chances. All I really have to do now is get my ass running, I know it will make all the difference. I just have running, I hate cardio with a passion but to take my workout to the next level I know I will have to force myself. Hell if I can swallow health food and smile I should be able to deal with some jogging. Run till yah vomit then ask for more!

A) Doesnt this look like fun and B) Can u find the gay man? Come on if you are going to be running with a bunch of dudes at least act manly haha.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Late Monday round up and more...

PartI- (monday)

This weekend was a busy one with drunkeness, weights, pool, destruction and pain. On Friday the broinlaw was up from Virgina so we HAD to stop by the happy store and endulge ourselves in some adult liquids. I drank a 40 of Smirnoff Wild Grape and then some beer. While at the Liquid Courage store I saw something that caught my eye, Boaz Cigarettes-vanilla flavored.....let me tell u they are like smoking candy. I am soo glad these were not around when I was a smoker haha. And to top it off they were only freak $1.88 !!!!! Better than 6 bucks for a pack of smell crappy tabacco.
We were rather tanked but I had to work the next day early as shit so I did not stay up tooo late.
I worked 6 hours on Saturday for a little OT and since it was in a location that was out in east bumble fuck I decided to wack some golf balls off into the unknown. I must say I am getting better at this whole golfing thing hahah. Then headed home for some fun time in the pool, and hell its in the 90's I am going swimmng! Then after a good healthy snack(3 beers) I hit the weights in the dungeon. And let me tell u working out with some beer in u is one hell of a trip. I think the booze kicked the sweat glans up a notch. It was pouring out of me.
Then on Sunday we started to arange the room for the up coming baby. But as we started to pain his new area we noticed the ceiling was coming apart. I did not want this bullshit falling on the new addition to my secret honkeie army I am building. So I did what any dad would do....I made it worse. I wish I had taken pictures but I was so wrapped up in ripping and tearing that but the time I was off to HomeDepo it was to late. The destruction was a breeze but the rebuilding was not going as well. I am no BOB Vila but I saw someone do it on TV once, so I figured I would give it a go. Well lets say all I got acomplished was droping a 5Foot peice of drywall on my foot. I saw Jesus, Budda and some dude named David Caressh all hanging at a bar in Waco TX laughing at me! I am just glad nothing broke, namely my toes, but we have the same guys doing our bathroom fixing my attempt at home improvemts. I soo wish that I had pics of this but once I started I did not want to stop to even go find my camera. oh well.
But I am off to races again......drum roll place....

PartII- (tuesday morning)

Today was a momunetous day in the life of Honkeie. But before I tell you what that was I have to tell u what lead me to it. I did not get up as plan yesterday morning so I had to hit the gym at home. Which is not usually a bad thing but lately the humidity and heat has been so bad that workng out in the dungeon is almost unbrearable. What also made it a little sucky was that we are having breaker problems, we cannt have too many things running at once because of all the air conditioning unit we have running. So I only had one small bare bulb lighting my way to sexiness. Here let me show u.......

Now if this isnt not a dungeon I dont know what one is. By the time I was done here I was soaked with manliness......and if you dont know what that is try going to a construction site at the end of the day and watch all the shinny men walk off the site in their overalls, shirtless, hard hat to one side, steel lunch pale in had strutting off to the bar. Now that is a real manly execise lol.
Now after all my efforts were spent and my suppliments had entered my body I was off to the shower......but not really. I did something I have not done in years!!! I took a bath and actually fit! Our new bathroom is finished and I was able to sit in the tub and have a relaxing bath. I did not turn on the air jets due to the fact it was really late and everyone else was sleeping. I am not sure how loud this thing is but the ones I have used in the past were kinda noisey. I will be doing a post soon with pictures about our bathrooms transformation. So until then here is a pic of where I planted my hairy butt and soaped up.....

I felt like such a woman haha but I am plan on doing this more often. I almost feel alseep in this damn thing. We still need to get a few more things to make it complete but for the most part this room is done. They still have some other rooms they are doing but this was the most important one.
One more thing before I go I have a HNT from the dungeon last night. So stop back on thursday for some full frontal toplessness lol. Ladies feel free to join in that fun hahahahahahahahaha!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

HNT again hahaha

Today I am going to do a back yard fun HNT, I have a full frontal topless pic of me and a bottomless pic of the broinlaw. Now i had to alter the one pic of the bottomless man becasue I did not ass him before posting it so I had to change a few things. Now dont mind all the garbage in the backyard, it is construction crap from the renovation of the bathroom.

Now we are about to see why he had the urge to show us this display of manly Navy backside...............................

Now for some reason when men start to drink thier ass tends to make numerous appearances. I am no exception but I am the one with the camera most of the time haha. Mooning has to be one of the greatest things in the world, it is not dangerous and everyone gets a laugh. I was mooning ppl from my school bus when I was about 10. Me and my fellow mooners even got ppl to moon us back. I have one memory as a kid, we were all on the bus going to NYC for some kind of field trip and we started mooning this car behind us while we were in the tunnel. And the passanger spun around in this little hatch back and mooned us back. We were in tears from laughter. From there we drove down this was before Disney got ahold of it and took out all the porn. We were all pointing and laughing at all the dudes in trench coats coming out of those shops clutching there little black bags of stroking material. And yes we mooned a few of them too but I think that might have been a bad idea looking back now......they might have wanted to press something up on the glass as well if we were driving a little slower. George Micheal cums in all shapes and forms out here lol.

But here is my topless pic, now since I shared a topless pic I better see some topless pic in return. Nipples and all......hahahahha. Well if you dont want to thats ok but men with drinks in their hands all love and appreciate a nice set of boobies..:-D. And if you can see I am drinking my new found love of malt beverages......Smirnoff Wild Grape. If you love grape soda like I do you will LOVE this drink. I am such a grape soad freak its just disgusting, I dont drink it ass much due to the sugar = fat boy lol.

Click to see pic becasue blog is on the rag!

Have a good thursday ppl and I hope to see some HNT pics out there. If you have never played HAlf Naked Thursday let today be your coming out post, and if you have no idea what I am talking about go and check out this blog wide tradition.....thanks Osbasso


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Day Off

I took the day off yesterday, and now I have to pay......the way it works here at my job, if you want a day off you have someone work your shift and in turn you work theirs. One of my coworkers has been taking several days off a week and I have been working his shifts. He owes me about 3 days so yesterday i decided to use one of them. I really dont mind working doubles because when the little woman has the bun in the oven taken out of the bakery i will use these days to get some days off without losing any money. Got another mouth to feed got to bring home da bacon.
Yesterday we went out and got the new baby a dresser from Baby's R US and then we went food shoppin and found out there was a sale on crab legs. We bought a big ol bag and had us a crab bake.

We used some OldBay seasoning and boy did that bring back memories of Baton Rouge and crawfish. I remeber as a kid going to a barbq and seeing a giant vat boiling with these werid little lobster looking things. They really do not have alot of meat on them so u have to cook a ton of them to fill up a grown human. Real po people food, crawfish and gumbo, good time good time. All cooked outside the trailer in home made grills and vats. These were real people who knew how to have fun with what little they had. It seem less complicated life, but now all those ppl have all kinds of new problems thanks to mother nature. I just hope LA can rebuild, I plan to go down for Mardis Gras someday, I went when I was a kid but I could not enjoy as I would as an adult ;-)

Click on the OldBay for some fun Cajun recipeces(sp).
But I am off to do work catch up work, like a pile 5 feet deep in the IN box....toodles :-*

Memories.........just like mom used to make lol

Monday, July 10, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!

This weekend I turned 30......why god why me.....take Joey damnit!
But I am ok, I am ok with getting older and besides it was a good weekend. Went swimming, went shopping, wife made me a cake and even sanded and repainted an old bassenit(sp). This thing has got to be 40 years old. I just remebered I did not take any pics of it, I will have to take some when I get home. We got this thing at a garage sale last summer(I think it was last summer lol) and even got a free bowling ball out of the deal, damn I am good hehe.
We also did some yard work, remove all kinds of shit that has been hidding in the corner of our yard. And as we removed all this crap I saw some of the biggest slugs I have ever seen. Look, this is what I mean.....

That is my finger poking at it, I was trying to get it to strecth out. When I lifted up the cider block this this was strecthed out and it had to be about 4inchs long. and about 2inchs round. And man are those things slimey!

Here is what happens when u tell the little man its time to go come the cloths Incredible Hulk style....

And like I said the was my 30th birth day but I refuse to go there so, as anyone can see I am still 29 and I am sticking to that story. My wife made me this wonderful cake that the baby tried to attack once and actually succeded later that night. He got most of the icing but was nice enough to leave some of the cake part for the rest of us lol.

Now if anyone wants to send me a birthday present go crazy, I love gifts hahaha.....nothing toooo big now, even a pack of gum would be nice :-P

Thursday, July 06, 2006

HNT and random BS

Well lets start this day off with my HNT pic I took this morning will I was getting ready for the gym. It is long, white, full of viens and used to do all of my work............dirty perverts----

Its my arm, haha fooled ya lol. I was running around early as hell this morning, since our shower is out for repairs I get up earlier than usual and hit the gym. I think I might keep this up, for several reasons 1) I get my workout in early 2) It wakes me up better than coffe 3) It leaves me time later to workout again....two workouts in one day...oh happy day and lastly morning workout seem to kick start my days. But I hate getting up in the morning with all my heart and soul(even though I sold mine for a case of beer some years ago).

-Like I said a while ago I have tried to take up golf. So far I have been practising about 2 times a week and I have gotten a little better. I only miss the ball completly one out nine swings. And that is more embarassing than slicing the ball straight out to the left(which I do alot haha). But the other day i went out to the driving range and the little bar and grill they have out there burned something and this is what I saw.....

Nothing big, more noise than smoke and fire. I am not sure what they did but a little free press and noise makers to let the passing motorist notice you never hurts.

-Last weekend I went out with the bro-in-law for a little drinking and bullshitting at one of his friends house. He is an ex-army dude and into surfing, now to surf in NJ you have to have alot of patience. There are not a whole lot of good waves out here. Here we have an example of what happenes when u try to take a picture of a Jersey surfer talking about the totaly rad rip tides.....

And yes by the time we went to bed the beer wassss all gone!

-I saw my man here out fishing in this nasty water whole and I thought he was missing something so I helped him out....

Now he is whole....all poorly dressed old white guys need tats.

-While we were at the surfer dudes house I found a new love....drunk scanning. It isnt as much fun as drunk dialing.....which we did as well.....but it was fun. Listening to cop land and learning all about ppl getting caught smoking an unknown white substance and running suspects. Man I cannt believe the excitment at 0100 in the morning.

-I hope everyone has a great day and hope there are some pervets out there with some good HNT. I will be looking.......but to end this fine day I will share with you a little philosophy that seems soo true today. And something I feel this generation is missing out on....well not the ones I will be raising.........

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I love summer

There are soo many things I love about summer but one that I would like to mention today is: Swim Wear on Parade. Like most straight men I like to see the parade of women showing off 95% of their bods on any hot summer day. But unlike most men I perfer the ones that leave a little to the imagination, because we all know fanatsy is always better than reality(and if you need an example look at any transvesttie that looks really good as a woman.....the reality of that fantasy is she is a woman with a little bit more than most men want lol) Now dont get me wrong I love the women with the gutts to go all out with the itty bitty thong bikini, hell I am all man after all shhheessshhh. But I am a true fan of the women speedo. Nothing is hotter than a woman in a one peice let me show u one I just found on line:

Now come on...that is hot!
But now let us venture to where no man should ever go.....


And NEVER EVER! Got hair man titties?

Unless u are this guy, then I guess it might be ok.....haha

But the ugly ones make the day that much funnier, the humor factor is always part of the beach exsperience. But some ppl can make you wish you were blind while other make you wish you had remebered your sunglasses lol. I am an expert at not moving my head or showing in sign that the chick in the thong bent over 4 inches from me has caught my eye. Women can hear neck muscles more miles away.
After those nasty man thongs we need something a little nicer on the eye........

Very nice indeed!

And this is a sign that all men love to see at their favorite beach:

I hope to get to the beach sometime this summer, the Jersey shore is ok i guess. Once u have been to the tropics and see white sand and crystal clear water the Jersey shore just aint what it used to be lol.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July

Happy Fourth of July, one of our greatest days in American history. And a great day that no one was complaing that the gun companies were making their boom sticks. Our country was founded by guns and beer so why are there so many pansy wimps trying to take away my right to do what every man loves to do: Fire off round after round of the largest gun they can legaly find. And since we cannt fire cannons for fun anymore we have to resort to fire works to fill that void. But here in NJ we have laws that keep us from legally enjoying that kinda of fun. We have these ass backward liberals that think they have to protect us from ourselves at all cost. But the funny thing is there are soo many more dangerous things out there. They say how dangerous fireworks are and how many ppl are injured a year by them. OK, I do understand that they are dangerous, but let us look at other statistics shall we......
Here is a perfect example of an area they could work on other than harashing me and my obsession with small fireworks..."In the past decade, four times as many Americans died in drunk driving crashes as were killed in the entire Vietnam war." Hmmmmm does anyone think cops out on the street should be concerned more about some kids litghting of M8o's or that asshole serving done side streets?
Heres another one:
"In 1997 alone (the last year for which data are available), 742 children under the age of 10 drowned in the United States last year alone. Approximately 550 of those drownings — about 75 percent of the total — occurred in residential swimming pools. According to the most recent statistics, there are about six million residential pools, meaning that one young child drowns annually for every 11,000 pools.
About 175 children under the age of 10 died in 1998 as a result of guns. About two-thirds of those deaths were homicides. There are an estimated 200 million guns in the United States. Doing the math, there is roughly one child killed by guns for every one million guns. " Now this also means that if you have a gun in your house and a pool and you have kids, they are 100 times more likely to die in the pool than they are by being shot.
Now there is a ton of information on things in this world that far more dangerous than fireworks.....hell every year there are 600,000 injuries from bicycles and 824 of them die from their injuries. But you know what I can still go out and legally buy one without anyone ever asking me for my ID or going through a waiting period. I just wish I had the right to play with fire works and it just irks me to think I buy so many other things out there that so much worse with no problem. Did you know you can make Meth from items you can find at the grocery store and HomeDepo? Come on all I want to do it strap a row of black cat fireworks to a cats tail and light her that sooo wrong?
Sorry to bithch on a holiday but I have to work and the god damn sun is out.........I am a bit bitter. I even got to see all the families loading up their cars this morning getting an early start to their drive to da beach. I want to go to the beach WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! But you know what it isnt soo bad, I am all alone and I can do what ever I want. And you know what I could be this guy:

But then again I could be this guy: (sigh)

Anyhow...I hope everyone has a good Fourth....have a beer and burger for me and have as much fun ass possible :-D