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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Day Off

I took the day off yesterday, and now I have to pay......the way it works here at my job, if you want a day off you have someone work your shift and in turn you work theirs. One of my coworkers has been taking several days off a week and I have been working his shifts. He owes me about 3 days so yesterday i decided to use one of them. I really dont mind working doubles because when the little woman has the bun in the oven taken out of the bakery i will use these days to get some days off without losing any money. Got another mouth to feed got to bring home da bacon.
Yesterday we went out and got the new baby a dresser from Baby's R US and then we went food shoppin and found out there was a sale on crab legs. We bought a big ol bag and had us a crab bake.

We used some OldBay seasoning and boy did that bring back memories of Baton Rouge and crawfish. I remeber as a kid going to a barbq and seeing a giant vat boiling with these werid little lobster looking things. They really do not have alot of meat on them so u have to cook a ton of them to fill up a grown human. Real po people food, crawfish and gumbo, good time good time. All cooked outside the trailer in home made grills and vats. These were real people who knew how to have fun with what little they had. It seem less complicated life, but now all those ppl have all kinds of new problems thanks to mother nature. I just hope LA can rebuild, I plan to go down for Mardis Gras someday, I went when I was a kid but I could not enjoy as I would as an adult ;-)

Click on the OldBay for some fun Cajun recipeces(sp).
But I am off to do work catch up work, like a pile 5 feet deep in the IN box....toodles :-*

Memories.........just like mom used to make lol


The Real Kidd said...

I regret never going to LA before Katrina. My hubby lived there for a few years growing up. He tells me stories about the food, the people, the fishing and hunting. I have a cousin who loves LA. She once had a good old fashion Cajun cookout at her house. Bringing a little New Orleans to Oklahoma. Giant vat of crawfish and gumbo to die for. I hope they are able to rebuild. Sorry I missed it.

honkeie2 said...

Well they are still there but just a little wetter for the better. But I bet after that storm there were crawfish everywhere!

Just Some Gal said...

I effen love cajun food almost more than my own mother! lol

Crawfish/crab/shrimp boils are my favorites... Tony Chachere seasoning is kick ass too...

God now I want crawfish, corn and potatoes!!

damn honkie!

Becky said...

I wish I had gone to Mardis Gras before the hurricane! I wonder if they still have Mardis Gras now....

honkeie2 said...

blondie: do u suck thier head?

becky: I bet they still do and next year will probably be wild as ever lol