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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Almost uneventful....

I was farting around work with absolutely nothing to blog about. No problems at work, the family is fine, working out is still eluding me, no bike riding due to ran......but then I drove home and got REAR-ENDED!


I wasnt anthing big, just some more character added to my plastic bumper. Cannt say what she was doing but I was at a dead stop for a good 10 seconds before BAMM!

I got out the car thinking, 'Breath its just a car no need to get mad'

And the funny thing I wasnt, I did not get pissy or saying shit about women drivers....because we all know that women....have boobs and they get in the way of the steering wheel all the time!

See I am right ha! But other than that this has been the most uneventful day to date. I was even thinking about starting some crap with people at work, but that isnt even fun any more. I have the power of the dark side with me. I did get in a little pissing contest with a manager from another department but I knew more about our faucility than she did. So I won...ha! I love telling people that think they are something more than they are NO!
I wasnt going to drink it but I killed a bottle of Frutezia Wild Wines Sunshine Blend. Taste of peachs......
Now I am off to sleep. lets see what tommorow brings.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Vampires and Boones Farm...

This weekend I bought 6 bottles of Boone's Farm, all different flavors and also went to see the movie Twilight.
We went to see the movie on Friday night and let me say this, I am a HUGE vampire fan and even dreamed of them becoming real. I am a little freaky like that. I have read all kinds of stories about them; from Ann Rice to Brian Lumley. There are many different variation of the same story but one thing always remained the same.....FANGS! This is my biggest complaint about the whole movie, the vampires in this story line are fangless. The whole, not eating people idea was nothing new or bothersome, the glittering in the sun light like a goth kid in a black light was no biggie or the idea of them never sleeping-which I would love!!! The whole fangless concept irked the crap out of me, not even the giggling little girls taking pictures of the movie screen bothered me as much as that! But the constant...AAAAHHHH's coming from the same girls every time they almost touched or when they waisted 5 minutes of them looking into each others eyes, was just about as annoying as the no fangs concept.
The drama was over the top, the cheese was runny Velveeta, the acting on the main female part was sand in your eye irritating and the editing was choppy as hell. I joke with the wife unit that this movie was much like watching a documentary on lumber jacks in a pine forest, choppy and full of sap!
I am always baffled by why they take a book that has a whole movie already mapped out for them, and screw it up with half ass hack script/screen writers. I did not read the book but the wife unit said the book was a thousand times better with alot less sappy high school drama crap. I mean it was like being back in high school, all the over dramatic responses to something that did not need it and the 'I will love you forever and ever ever though I am only 17 and have no clue to the fact i will have 7 or 8 more men fondling me before I really settle down'
I was disappointed with the movie and would like to delete it from my mind. Lets do a counts of the vampire movies I DO like, no real order just which ever one cums to mind first:
  1. Lost Boys
  2. John Carpenter's: Vampire
  3. Stokers: Dracula
  4. Ann Rice's: Interview with a Vampire--only one worth watching
  5. Dracula 2000
  6. Fright Night
  7. Blade
  8. Underworld
  9. Vampire Hunter D (anime)
  10. From Dusk Till Dawn
  11. And of course Dracula, the 1931 film.

And here are some that I did watch but did not like:

  1. Twilight-I might read the book still not sure
  2. Bordello of Blood- funny but still a turkey
  3. Queen of the Damned-Book rocked the movie sucked
  4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer-I still canny believe this became a tv show!
  5. Van Helsing-good graphics, bad story
  6. Salems Lot-another King book killed by Hollywood
  7. Lost Boys: The Tribe- It had potential.....

I did not put True Blood in here because it isnt a movie as of yet but I am a True Blood fan. I did watch all the episodes and the final episode kept me on my toes a little. I might bring myself to read the books, I know watching the shows might have spoiled it a bit but they have my interest. But as far as reading Twilight, the movie has totally turned me off from wanting to read how a limp wristed, glittery, no fanged vampire turns out.


I had an uber busy weekend but was able to get to my bottles I had been stocking up on. For one I am calling this my last bang for a while. I feel I am gaining too much weight and the not exercising is killing me. So this was my send off to a week of eating less and exercising more. And what better way to do than 6 bottles of Boone's? I tried all different flavors but my favorite by far was the Blue Hawaiian! None of them went down bad and none of them came up either ;-)

I drank 4 Saturday night watching football and Harold and Kumar Escape from ......where-ever, laughing my drunken ass off. That movie is awesome, racist to a T but if you cannt laugh at yourself you are not allowed to laugh at anyone else.

Sunday while cleaning and eating the best damn I meal I have had all week, I finished off the other 2. The wife made chicken, mashed potatoes, corn and the best damn gravy I have had since .....maybe last thanksgiving! It was all home made and even required a nap was that good!

I wish I had taken more pictures this weekend but I was all over the place and did not have it with me most of the time. But I did take one last night before 4 of the six made it to the recycle bin:

Sheila, how many bottles did you drink?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Adsense help....

I have recently been trying this whole Adsense from Goggle. I am not 100% sure on how it works or what it is for but I have seen it on numerous blogs I read. And since I am a all for trying new things I thought 'WTF Not!'

With that I went to the link and followed the direction, and even got me a google search engines on my site now! I am cool, but now what? They gods of google said it will take 48 hours for something to show up on my blog, I am curious as to what is about to appear on my blog. They said something about google reviewing my blog and then adding something. If someone reviews my blog to see what type of ads fit; I will be interested to see what the think fits ha!

Does anyone have any experience with this, can someone point me in the right direction with this?

This is a picture I took of myself this morning, I got this hoodie in Wildwood NJ. We have gone down there ever Memorial Day week for the past 2 years. I hope to do it again this coming one as well. This year was alot colder than last, so there was little water time. But we still had fun and took tons of pictures.

I was going to repost some of those pics but instead I am going to be lazy and put a link~~~~> Wildwood2008

Also while trolling about my blog I found that Chris-Mek has linked me! I love when people do that! Thanks to everyone that does, Sheila, Becky....oh look there is a little black jumping spider on my desk........wait what was I typing about....oh yeah I had the weirdest dream last night.
It was a cross between Star Wars and The Day of the Dead! I woke up this morning tired and confused. I spent most of the dream running here and there and shooting people with lasers, that later turned out to be a squirt gun filled with bright green Gatorade. It was bizarre, I am not about to anal-ize it because it was just a dream but boy was it vivid!
Good luck with everything Chris, keep them smokes away and no soda. I am now off to fill up my water bottles!
I was just trolling around my blog doing some house cleaning and I was looking all those comments I got from people that are no longer with us. Well, in the sense that they have let blogging for one reason or another. And I think I will do a post to sort of remember those that have fallen and remember the good old days when I first started doing this almost 3 years ago. I also noticed I have over 500 post to date! I think at some point this weekend I will go through them and get rid some the crap post I have made through out the years, sort of a spring cleaning of my thoughts. Just because it came out of me doesn't mean I have to keep it.....I mean I flush after everyone of my creations on the throne!
And if anyone thinks I jump around alot when I type you should try to have a conversation with me, half the time it will end way off the topic we started with! Kind of like an episode of Family Guy! Well I am off to do some actual work, got to clean up all the crap I did not do since Monday so i will have that much less to do next Monday....and then I am off to the bank, Target and the happy store, aka the liquor store. Boones Farm here I come!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Went for a bike ride again this morning; same bat time same bat station! But today the neighbor said he did not want to go. Something about his lungs hurting or something, tits all good. So I put on my 2 shirts, my teeshirt, hooded sweat shirt, sweat pants, my fuzzy hat and my wool mittens with the fingerless hobo option. I have to get a picture of these things, I got them when I worked outside as a valet on time. They are mittens that fold back to reveal fingerless gloves, they work great when you have to work outside and you need your fingers from time to time. They also work great when bike riding in the cold. On today's ride I went a little faster and a little farther, 5 miles in all! I mapped it out with my car on the way to work! I also think I have figured out a way to attach my camera to my bike, I so want to take pictures of the things I see about me. The closed down gay bar, Club Miami; Roy's Tattooing, random stuff found at Kean University and whatever else I might find or run over. On todays ride nothing of interest happened other than the fact I actually got up to do it! Man is that a struggle, but maybe this is a sign my old friend motivation is coming back!

On another topic, we all got new phones not that long ago and one of the perks of these phones were the mail in rebates. Now, I know most adults of the world have be lured into buying things that had mail in rebates. It all sounds fine and dandy, but that is only if you can follow some simple instructions. The mail in rebates we got with our phones are pretty simple, sign and date the slip, enclose the original bar code off the box, mail each one separately and wait. No that difficult if you ask me...buttttt. I would bet the people at the rebate center could tell you other wise. From the way the instructions are worded the foresee many people screwing it up one way or another or just plan forgetting to do it. I would bet most companies bank of the fact people will mess it up and run out of time or just forget to do it. I screwed up a few by letting the time run out, yeah you got me! But for the most part I am on the ball with my rebates! With these rebates we will be getting $100 back, thats my 100 smackers and I want them. They also gave my a link to track my rebate, much like the one I used to track my rebate from those crappy Surius receivers I got. I tracked those puppies down until they were in my mail box!
Speaking of puppies, sweater puppies that is, have I ever mentioned that I love my wife's bonkers?
Admire the wondrous joy that they bring me, but come to close and I will demonstrate why I wear steel toe boots, and yes I can get my leg wayyyyy up in the air.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Its 0455 in the morning....

And I was out on my bike again. But this time I got one of our neighbors to go with me. He is 29, has not exercised in like 5 years and has been smoking since he was 14. I did not go as far as I did last time, I did not want to kill him on the first day. He did fairly well and did not start coughing until we stop after about 45 minutes or so. He did udder the words, 'I think its time to quit.' So lets see if he will.

And let me tell you it was freaking cold, but not unbearable as of yet. I wore a tee shirt, a grey long sleeve cotton shirt, a white long sleeve cotton shirt, a hooded sweat shirt, thick sweat pants, gloves and this ear head band thing. And the only thing that got all that cold was my nose. I did have a face mask with me but I did not think it was bad enough for it.

But one thing i might have to get is a light if I keep my night riding up, and some better reflectors. There are parts of this street I ride on that has no lights.

I hope to get out there again sometime today, hopefully when the sun is up so I can take my camera with me. When you ride by things on a bike vs. a car you see alot more shit. Graffiti you never noticed, funny stickers stuck on stop signs, road kill in odd posses of death, and in general strange things people leave out for other to take. I once say a used toilet on the side of the road with a free sign on it, to bad I was driving 60mph down a 25 mph speed zone and could not get the picture.

Riding a bike outside is so much better than any other cardio I have ever done. Stationary bikes, treadmills and those other torture devices work great but they get boring within seconds. And all you can do is stare at the counter thinking, 'I have only been on this thing for 3 minutes....aaarrrggghhh!'

I will have to change up where I go but most of the other places i can ride will have to wait until I can pedal faster for longer periods of time. Those ghetto rats can hall ass when they smell crack money! But going early in the morning is a plus in that department, most of them are heading off to sleep it off about that time. Most crime happens around 2200hrs and 0400 hrs. After that it is usually nappy time for all the bad guys. There are a few places I want to go to get some pictures but they will definitely wait for day time! I am not going out to these places when I cannt see! But then again nothing says motivation to pedal like ghetto scurvy running at you!

But on the idea of riding my bike more, I am going to have to get a better seat. This morning my bootie was sore as all hell from the previous ride. And since these are some bumpy roads we have here, sitting down isnt always an option! I have no idea how those people that do those races sit on such an uncomfortable seat for so long! My ass hurts from only 2 rides that came no where close to what they do.

But that is all I have for now, other than I miss summer already. I dont mind the cold and can deal with it just fine but I am a beach and sun kind of a person. And I am sooo missing days like this:

Summer 2008-At my moms gated community poo(Manville, NJ) yelling, to talking, no splashing, no running, no horsing around, and absolutely no fun. Man, old people really do suck!

Summer 2008- fishing off the coast of Sandy Hook, NJ

Summer 2008- Bowcraft Amusements- Watchung, NJ. My oldest vomitted from one of the spinning rides! This is the middle child, with his summer do.....I wish I could have one!

Summer 2008- Fishing in Staten Island, NY. Didnt catch anything but an eye full of hot mom ass!

Nothing boost the spirits like a little summer look back!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The good with the bad.....

Ok I am going to start off with the good things that have happened in the past 24 hours:

1) I bought tickets to see:

Mindless Self Indulgence, one of my new favorite bands. Go to youtube and take a look ~~>Shut me up
I had to find someone to go with me because this really isnt the wife units scene at all. So I asked our friend Raymond:

If he would like to go and he was all up for it! Raymond is one of those forever single guys that is up for just about anything at the drop of a hat that involves loud music, booze and women. Not really always in that order but fun times never the less!
The concert is going to be at The Starland Ballroom, in Sayerville NJ. I called them to ask them what their policy on cameras is, and they told me they wont know until the night of the show. It seems every time I go somewhere they have some problem with cameras, and not always they same problem. Like one place was ok with disposable cameras but not digital cameras and another place would not let you bring them in but you could buy them once you got in the place. WTF!

2) I got out on my bike!
I have not ridden my bike in a while, like a really long while, and last night I put on some sweats and went out. I went alot farther than I planned but did all right. I was going to go jogging this morning but I just could not get my ass up out of bed. I hope to go out today as well.

3) Ate rice and beans again....hmmmm beans beans the magical fruit......

4) I saw gas at $1.81 today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you hear me? It has dropped well below 2 bucks! Man, I now drive a little bit fast than I did back in the old $4 days.

Now on with the bad!
Nothing big just enough to make my morning grumpy!
1) I got woken up at 0120 in the morning from work for some bullshit. It happens sometimes, I just deal with it.
2) I slept through my alarm clock! So I hit the ground running, and man was it better than coffee. The up side of realizing you over slept is the rush you get from that very fact. I have not been that awake at 0630 in the morning in a while!
3) I forgot my food :-( very unhappy about that one!
4) I stepped in dog shit on the way to my car! It was huge and fresh, I swear if I ever see someone walking a big dog and leaving shit on my part of the street I am going to raise hell. To the point I will brown bag it, follow you home and then smear it on you door knobs! Me in a rush and not wanting to get crap in my car and not wanting to go back in the house for a new pair; I improvised! I got as much of it off as I could with the leaves and grass, then took a plastic bag I had in the glove compartment and wrapped my foot in it. I drove to work with my right foot in a Stop&Shop grocery bag, and it worked like a charm.
5) I hit 95 mph going to work, I never drive that fast but today I was hauling some serious ass! Luckily the cops were still napping when I zoomed by, I soo need to put a camera on the hood of my car lol!
6) I get to work to find out the big boss is coming in and I did not biggie I can usually hide from him....which I did very well thank you ninja skills!

But that is all for today, it has taken me all freakin day to get this post out, I started it around 0800 hrs and it is now 1355 hrs! Oh well, one last happy note for today:
I got a free bacon, egg and cheese on a roll from the cafeteria guy. With a shitty morning I get a breakfast smile!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday again?

Last thursday the wife made one meal that her spanish roots seemed to have missed her all those years. But thanks to some friends she has since learned how to cook some awesome rice and beans. Now I am not saying that every spanish person has to know how to cook rice and beans, what I am saying is that they should be born with it already programed into them! I love rice and beans! And boy, so does the gas factory! Lets just leave that one alone for a momment lol. I mean I was born loving spam, mayo and knowing just how to be an asshole. My sterotype was well grained into me from day one. Hell the first thing I noticed different about the people in the north from the people in the south was that everyone wore shoes! I was redneck bumpkin when I came up to Jersey and did not like wearing shoes.....sterotypes do exisist for a reason.
And I know steriotyping people isnt nice but the fact they exisit means that they are some-what true. Let me tell you a little story about my personal exsperience with rice and beans and a spanish family:
A few years back I was looking for some over time so I worked at the front door(more like table) at company picnic. This was something they did every summer for the employees; swimming pools, games, enough food to end world hunger and it was all free! My job was to make sure everyone had a ticket and was given one goodie bag per family. The whole morning went by with out anything of interest happening, until the sterotype family came in. It was like watching a comedy routine of Carlos Mencia come to life. There had to be at least 15 of them, all from the same family. From the oldest of the old in a wheel chair to youngest of the young in a baby wheel chair, aka the stroller. And following them in with his wife beater on with some spanish saying on it (across the girth of his beer gut), came the alpha male carrying the vat of rice and beans in one of those silver disposable containers. At first I was a bit confused as to why they were brougth their own food, like I said there was more food than sense should have allowed.
And then this guy I was working next to, who was spanish and already holding back giggles, told me what it was. I almost shit myself! I mean who brings their own rice and beans to a party like this? It would have been like me bringing my own jar of mayo to a party! And hell if the hispanic guy next to me was laughing it was open season on steriotypes.
And at that point in my life I had not really eaten rice and beans and the wife had yet to learn the art. But as much as I like them I would never bring my own food, unless asked to do so. But if you want to make sure the party has what you want, there is no better way to secure that than by BYOB (Bring Your Own Beans)
Here is a close up to Fridays left overs......up close everything looks scary!

I worked 16 hours of Friday so this was my breakfast and lunch, for dinner I just roamed around the buildings looking for meeting left overs. I found pizza, tons of chocolate and a small sandwich. Firdays usually have the best left overs.

This weekend I bought some beer and some Boones Farm Watermellon Malt drink(it isnt beer and it isnt wine so it is malt drink) was like candy for adults! And if you have never heard of it go here for some more details~~> Boones Fam! Now go out and buy some damn it, lets all get smashed !

On Sunday we did the usual breakfast of pancakes, eggs and for me some left over ham steaks. But I always cook mine last because I am the only one that likes hot sauce on my food.

Also on Sunday we had a death.....of one of our Halloween gold fish. He was the runt of the liter so it wasnt all that suprising. But the other two still look strong, lets see how long we can keep them going.

It is now 10:25 am on a Monday morning, so far so good but lets see what cruve balls life can bean us in the head with by sleepy time!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My up coming ink....

I have this plan for a tattoo for my left arm. I have been trying for a while to figure out what I want, all I knew was I wanted a sleeve and I wanted something different. And I have finally figured out what I want. I have the eye of Ra on my left wrist and it gave me the idea of doing the whole arm with the theme of 'eyes'. I mean the eye as a symbol has been around since man learned to use a stick to draw 2 circles with dots in the middle to make boobs. It has tons of means from references to god; to a symbol of protection.

I did a quick search on the eye and found all kinds of ideas, and yes I did (pirate) download the pictures off the sites to use for visual aides for my future artist. You see I can not draw for poop, well except stick figures I kick ass in that! I also found out that labriynth symbols have similar meanings and I hope to put that in as well. I hope to have the blue one below as the top part on my arm with the 'eye of god' in the middle. To reflect the idea of the hard road to god. Now, I am not religious in any form of the word but I do believe there is a god and the path way is not through a book written by man.

I have always wanted a tattoo with a work of Escher and this would fit perfectly:

I saw many ideas with the Masonic eye, I like this one tattoo but not so much color in it. Then I found the black and white one that I might use over the colorful one.

I am no Mason and most likely will never be one but I still like the symbols they use. And the whole eye thing fits in with my theme I have in my head. I have saved up enough money for about 2 hours worh of work. And since you really cannt have too much done at once I will just keep saving up while I am waiting, to find the right artist, him/her to draw it up and letting my first session to heal. By that time I should have saved up more money for another 2 hours lol.On another note on the same idea the wife asked for a tattoo as a Xmass sooo hot!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Screw reality, lets look at pictures....

With work trying to kill me with responsibility and this cold I have I have had the motivational drive of a used up hooker. I have been run down and just not feeling the blogging bug as of late. I have not even written in my real journal in a while. I have become such a slacker I think it is time to suck it up and get back to what really matters: internet porn and blogging!

I have a bad case of medicine head right now and I am finding it hard to make sense of my wordage. So dont mind if I lose a few people along this train of thought.

But on with my super late Halloween weekend post!

1) Allen and myself worked hard on this thing! It did not come out as well as planned, but it sure is a damn close second! Side note: it is now 11/7/2008 and it is still intact and I still light it almost evey night!

I took the day off (Oct 31) to go a feild trip with my son's class to Wightmans farm out in Morristown, NJ. I am not sure how kindergarden teachers do it, I swear I would be drunk all the time!

2) It is hard to believe this pictures come from the same state I live in......shocking!

3)While there I was suprise to learn that pumpkins just pop out of the ground all ready to picked in a very orderly fashion.

4) We were all going out with the kids so we put the giant black pussy in charge of handing out the candy. I know very few people did as they were asked, but at least they saved me from myself in the candy department!

5) Closer look at our black pussies sign. (I wonder how many hits my site will get from people goggling the words 'Black Pussy and Black Pussies'?)

6) There were not alot of people out giving out candy this year, which really isnt a bad thing. But there were a few out and even a few in costume. This robot scared the hell out of the baby, it was great!

7) Pre-outing picture, my monkeys were a pilot and a navy man......please no seaman jokes! I give them to Doug enough ha!

8) The strangest thing we got was goldfish from an fish store that is on the street. And as it turns out these things were actually cheaper than candy! Side note: It is still 11/7/2008 and they are still alive!

9) After we had all the kiddies to bed it was adult time! I got on my best douche bag attitre and hit the club with the neighbors. Notice the awesome golden tan, my 2 popped collars (one being pink), my lip gloss and a huge diamon ear ring (which can not be seen) I was hot shit and you all know it!

10) We went to the Colorado Cafe Halloween party out in Watchung NJ. It is a country western bar that normally has line dancing and mechanical bull rides but they also do rock concerts and stuff like this. And since we were going to eat there anyway we got free admission with every dinner platter. This was our waitress Wonder Woman, I was shocked at how many people were dressed up!

11) There band playing that night was The Benjamins. They were not bad but they only played cover songs, I was hopping to hear something a little more original. Which by the way they have! This is a picture of Monica (our neighbor), the lead singer and the wife unit.

12) Here we have me and the crowd, I could not help myself!

13) As the night wore on they had who has the sluttiest outfit on. And of course some chick in a skimmpy cop outfit won. Hell I wanted the Sarah Palin chick to win, there is just something sexy about a women in buisness attire!
Here is a random shot from one of the bars we sat at. I bet he was one hell of a bull before he became a dust collector.

14) We took the kids to Watchung reservation for a little hiking. Me and the wife unit used to come here all the time back in the days when we had all the free time to ourselves. I want to go camping damn it.....

I know it is now Saturday but oh well, by on a happy note it is rainy, I am inside, it is about 1 in the afternoon and I am 3 sheets into the wind!
I hope for something a little better in the near future....oh yeah just so everyones knows I did vote for Nadder!