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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Screw reality, lets look at pictures....

With work trying to kill me with responsibility and this cold I have I have had the motivational drive of a used up hooker. I have been run down and just not feeling the blogging bug as of late. I have not even written in my real journal in a while. I have become such a slacker I think it is time to suck it up and get back to what really matters: internet porn and blogging!

I have a bad case of medicine head right now and I am finding it hard to make sense of my wordage. So dont mind if I lose a few people along this train of thought.

But on with my super late Halloween weekend post!

1) Allen and myself worked hard on this thing! It did not come out as well as planned, but it sure is a damn close second! Side note: it is now 11/7/2008 and it is still intact and I still light it almost evey night!

I took the day off (Oct 31) to go a feild trip with my son's class to Wightmans farm out in Morristown, NJ. I am not sure how kindergarden teachers do it, I swear I would be drunk all the time!

2) It is hard to believe this pictures come from the same state I live in......shocking!

3)While there I was suprise to learn that pumpkins just pop out of the ground all ready to picked in a very orderly fashion.

4) We were all going out with the kids so we put the giant black pussy in charge of handing out the candy. I know very few people did as they were asked, but at least they saved me from myself in the candy department!

5) Closer look at our black pussies sign. (I wonder how many hits my site will get from people goggling the words 'Black Pussy and Black Pussies'?)

6) There were not alot of people out giving out candy this year, which really isnt a bad thing. But there were a few out and even a few in costume. This robot scared the hell out of the baby, it was great!

7) Pre-outing picture, my monkeys were a pilot and a navy man......please no seaman jokes! I give them to Doug enough ha!

8) The strangest thing we got was goldfish from an fish store that is on the street. And as it turns out these things were actually cheaper than candy! Side note: It is still 11/7/2008 and they are still alive!

9) After we had all the kiddies to bed it was adult time! I got on my best douche bag attitre and hit the club with the neighbors. Notice the awesome golden tan, my 2 popped collars (one being pink), my lip gloss and a huge diamon ear ring (which can not be seen) I was hot shit and you all know it!

10) We went to the Colorado Cafe Halloween party out in Watchung NJ. It is a country western bar that normally has line dancing and mechanical bull rides but they also do rock concerts and stuff like this. And since we were going to eat there anyway we got free admission with every dinner platter. This was our waitress Wonder Woman, I was shocked at how many people were dressed up!

11) There band playing that night was The Benjamins. They were not bad but they only played cover songs, I was hopping to hear something a little more original. Which by the way they have! This is a picture of Monica (our neighbor), the lead singer and the wife unit.

12) Here we have me and the crowd, I could not help myself!

13) As the night wore on they had who has the sluttiest outfit on. And of course some chick in a skimmpy cop outfit won. Hell I wanted the Sarah Palin chick to win, there is just something sexy about a women in buisness attire!
Here is a random shot from one of the bars we sat at. I bet he was one hell of a bull before he became a dust collector.

14) We took the kids to Watchung reservation for a little hiking. Me and the wife unit used to come here all the time back in the days when we had all the free time to ourselves. I want to go camping damn it.....

I know it is now Saturday but oh well, by on a happy note it is rainy, I am inside, it is about 1 in the afternoon and I am 3 sheets into the wind!
I hope for something a little better in the near future....oh yeah just so everyones knows I did vote for Nadder!


Carie said...

the kids were adorable as always...and your costume came out pretty good lol...

veryone here has a cold right now to...and how funny its raining here as well lol

I was childless for the first time since I was a teen lol and instead of going out and partying I sat home handing out candy and whinning like a little bitch cause my daughter didn't wanna be with me lol

Get well soon

PennyS said...

Ok that pumpkin is just awesome. It makes my Dead Like Me pumpkin looks like something out of a beginner class.

LOVE the Halloween outfit. I really don't know what gets in people's heads with these orange tans and big diamond earrings. I just don't get it.

If you think it's bad there though, you should see some of the people over here in Rotterdam (Holland) ugh, you know that saying... the 80's called. Yeah, I'm sure it was said to the very first time to one of the young Turkish dudes over here.

P.s. you totally have to allow anonymous (name / url) posts. Having to log into Google is a pain in the butt.

PennyS said...

argh, forgot to put who was actually posting that haha I'm Breigh from Canadutch (

Becky said...

Voting for Nader, you elitist you! Good for you, you didn't swallow the red or the blue pill.

I love your halloween costume! I laugh every time I see one of those confused kids. I go to college to so I see this new breed of guy walking around with his hair dyed black and slung across his face like a girl! I laugh every time, even funnier than the thug guys!

Martini said...

Great trick-or-treating pics. For some reason, I never see people taking pics the night of Oct 31. I find that odd. Also, ever rub the ol' vaseline on the jack-o-lantern so they do not rot? Vaseline!

Samantha said...

Ha ha, I can't believe you ended up with fish! Awesome!

~Sheila~ said...

Awesome Halloween pics. Looks like you guys had a good time!
I'm jealous that your pumpkin is still holding strong. Mine wilted shortly after. If only I knew about the vaseline BEFORE to make it last. n

honkeie2 said...

carie: You should have gone out instead! Have someone else hand out candy next year and go out!

penny: i love hearing about what other countries are into! I hope to see Holland some day, and thanks for coming by. I stopped anonymous comments because I got tired of deleting 20-30 comments a day about making my penis bigger or growing more hair. And the funny thing is I still get them but they are more manageable now....I spelled that so wrong lol!

Becky: I dont put anything in my mouth that I dont know who made it!

Martini: I am sooo bothered by another man giving me advise on what to do with Vasaline....but I will try it!

Samantha: Nest year I am going down the street with the sex shop!

sheila: Well if it helps the ghost pumpkin is no more as of now....11/10/2008