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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wildwood NJ vacation.....

For the second year in a row we have gone to Bal Harbor hotel in Wildwood NJ for Memoridal day weekend. This year was about 10 degrees colder than last year but we still had fun. I still went on my early morning jog on day two and we still went swiming in the freezing ass pool.
But one twist to this year is that both my son and I went down with mowhawks......I have always wanted one and the moment my son saw what I did he wanted one too! Here is a picture of me and my son right before we left:
1) The barber asked me several time this is what I wanted before he did it. I wonder why?

2) I had to get ride of mine before i went back to work but he still has his.

3) The funny thing sbout this hair cut is that the wife liked it and the general public did not, this is one of the many reasons i love this woman!

4) Wandering the sandy waste land I found a few freaks that shared my outlook on life, but they were few and far between.

5) Faster and more quaters please!

6) He is white and basket ball isnt his best sport but he had fun so who cares.

7) Guess where this was taken?

8) I have taken a real liking to Heinekin litght, I have no idea why but it must be the green bottles.......

9) More me and my beer!

10) Me the pool and the baby. We were on the 6th floor and this is what the birds eye few of things.

11) The navy man came over for a day and we got TRASHED one night. I got so freaking drunk that I went out about 0300hrs on the beach and went wandering. He feel asleep and I was in no mood for sleep so I went out to the beach. i deleted most of the out of focus crap pictures but this is one one of the better ones.

One of many I really do not remeber taking....

12) More birds eye view, can you kind me?

13) The view of most men on the beach......thank good for really dark sunglasses!

In all we had a great time, the weather was nice. A little colder than I would have liked but it could have been worse. But i have to end this now, I am drunk at the moment. We just cleaned out the fridge. I removed all the half empty bottles of booze taking up room. Wine, beer, hardcore boooze and the such. It is very cleaned out now..........whhhoooohoooo! It wasnt until i hit the rum that things got fuzzy........I have a really werid mixture in me right now, its a damn miricle i have not vomiteed!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Florida trip part two

While out in Florida I took radom picture while I was being driven to and from the hotel and our training. My camera is ok for what I use it for but sometimes I wish I was Mister MoneyBags so i could buy a better does not take fast moving pictures to well.....

1) There was about 2 blocks of the shanty town looking row houses. Most of then had orange stickers on the doors and they all look run down and meth-lab like. And to top it off some of them were occupied, eww nasty roach motels!

2) You cannt see the sign to well but it says "Fat Boys BarBQ" I love when they use truth in advertizing!

3) I saw Mr.GQ with no helmet on this bike in front of my favorate fast food dive and i had to take it. I rode around the whole time with my camera out looking for fun things to shot. I got a lot of weird looks from some locals ha!
4) All I can say is: Only In Florida.
5) We drove by this run down castle which is right next to a Medievil Times castle. I would have loved to have stopped and done some trespassing but my boss is not that kind of guy ;-P. I love run down and abandoned amusments!

6) While we were down there our group opted to go to a super fancy place. I did not fit in well here at all. The food was small and the price was high. This was an area set up for private partiess, I do not even want to know the price for that one!

7) Remeber what I said about being small? This was an appertized that was compliments of the chief.....cheif....I can never get those two right!
It was no bigger than a silver dollar and I do not even think I took one bite before I swallowed.

8) I was starting to feel like a country bumpkin taking my camera out everytime the waiter did something weird so I put it away. But I did take a reallly quick one of the main course. It was artisy, it was tastey and it was small. I could have gone for about 4 more plates. No wonder most of the rich people we see are so fucking skinny, they dont eat at buffets like the rest of us.

I am going to have to finsih this post fast, work is calling and its Monday. But let me end this with a picture I took at the club of this chick i saw with great legs. I am not saying my wife does not have a great pair but you have to give respect where it is due.....she had the kind of legs that went all the way up......favorite line from a great movie, can anyone tell me which movie?

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

First time with Zatarain's

I heard from a co-worker that Zatarain's was really worth trying, so being the the adventurous person that I am I thought....What the hell, it could not be worse than butt sex with Ron Jeremy!

I bought a box, some shrimp and some sausage; then followed the instructions on the box.

As you can see here, all the main ingredients just fell into place. (notice the baby locks on the cabinets, they are a life saver!)

All in the pot you go to shimmer at low heat until the rice was done. The once the rice was cooked add the shrimp and dig in.

On closer inspection this looks really weird! But tasted pretty good for something that came out of a box! I grew up on canned and boxed food so i am not a picky eater on any level. But my wife being the one who never ate things like Spam and eggs, grissle or grits it was interesting to see what she thought of it. Low and behold she loved it! This was a shocker because she never likes any of my creations, but this one got the gold seal of 'I am getting some tonight' approval!

I am going to make it again soon but this time I am going to try the original recipes. It has a lot more steps and I think I am going to need a bigger pot!
Coming soon: Wife's 30th Birthday party at QTX's

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Training in Florida 2008 part one.....

I went to Florida for some training, and since I have no desire to have anyone finding my blog by typing in the name of the company you can find it in the first picture.

The training itself was not hard, it was for 8 hours for two days which was not enough in my book. All I really walked away with was an over view of how the system worked, it was supposed to be a class to teach us how to do data entry and operations. The guy teaching it was not bad but he was more technical than teacher. If you knew the software before hand he would have probably made more since but going in cold he was a bit confusing. It must have been to much for the girl in the bottom right hand corner of the picture below, because half way through the first day she got up and left and never came back.

But they bought us lunch and I got to chase snakes and lizards on the breaks. It was really hard to get up close to these fuckers, they were fast as hell!

But the best part about going on training for work is that my company always goes to the nicest hotels! This time we stayed at this Marriot-resort, with a 18 hole golf course, spas, 3 pools, 7 bars (and yes I counted them), 2 in house restaurants and all kinds of other things to spend more money on. We ate at the sushi stake house the first night and unfortunately I forgot my camera that night. I love watching clowns make me my food!

I was on the 16 floor and got to ride the glass elevator to my room. It was like a ride, it went up fast and went down even faster! I loved going up to the 26th floor and then going down to the lobby, what a rush! And yes I did it over and over again!

I had to take some random touristy pictures of nothing, come one now....its Florida!

Here we are on the 8th floor looking down......

5th floor looking down on sum summer hotties, and from the looks of it they are taking pointless pictures of nothing as well!

It took a lot of restraint on my part not to throw nastiness from my balcony just to watch it splat on the glass.

There were several shops throughout the hotel where you could spend $5 on a soda or hundreds on crap dust collectors, aka-souvenirs.

Going up!

Then we have the room that I attacked on a nightly basis. It was clean, spacious and had a hidden evil within it!

May I present to you: The Hotel Mini Bar! At first I had no idea what the hell this was. I was tempted to pull the tab to see but I used my wittle brain a little and pulled the TV/dresser/mini bar away from the wall to see what was in this little area. I saw the coils of a mini fridge and new that little red tab was a trap! If you pulled that tab you now owe the hotel the price of that mini bar. The odds are even if you only wanted to look, by you pulling that tab you now were responsible for paying for it!
Now in Florida they push booze on you like an After School Special would by using peer pressure. The first thing they hand you at any restaurant was a damn drink menu! And it was not cheap, I had 2 gin and tonics one night and that came to 15$!!!! 5more bucks and I could have gone to a happy store here in Elizabeth and put my self into a coma! I find it funny that Americans view drinking and smoking as socially acceptable but they are the leading cause of death, broken families, cancer and waking up next to ugly women/men! Not only is it excepted it, it's glorified and made the norm, almost everything around us has been the cause of, the result of or the workings of some alcohol related reasoning.
Did you know that the reason there are 18 holes in golf is because back in .....1800....whatever, some duke, king or very important inbreed royalty set it up that way because that was the number holes it took for him to finish his favorite bottle or hooch? Did you know back in the early days of the American settlers people drank more beer than water because the water was not safe to drink? Or how about the fact that almost every great author, painter or genius every known to man was a alcoholic. Can you name any great writer who was a sober clean cut man?
But you know what who cares, I drink to get drunk too and dont give a fuck. One of my up coming post will show just what I mean. We took the wife out for her 30th birthday and I ended up drinking more than her, I did not get smashed but I did have a good buzz on!
Now like I said the hotel had 3 pools, very nice ones too! I was going to go swimming but I was all alone and felt weird going into a pool full of families all alone. My name isnt Micheal Jackson now! I ended up going to the gym all the days we were there. Which was nice, a little small but the equipment was new.

I do have a small concern about hotels and their picks of books to give their guest. Why do they insist on giving us the book according to man and the book according to man again, just revised a little.
"Yes I am here with my Asian trannie hooker can i get the bible free room?"
I am all for freedom of religion, I dont care which version you subscribe to, if it makes you happy then who am I to say anything. But if you are going to put books of a religious nature you had better get all areas covered. I am sure not everyone shares my view on the different areas of imaginary friend worship and would probably take offense to seeing this books.
I would just think if someone is going to be reading these type of books on vacation the odds are the brought their own. When was the last time you heard this:
"Oh hunny, we forgot to pack our bible!"
"That's ok dear they always have one in the night stand so we can bless our booze induced depravity before I administer the shocker. And then we can damn the heathens for the nastiness they do in their bedrooms."
I dont know, that is just my take on things. But after downing 4 Marker's Mark whiskeys and about 3 beers I did have a go at the Mormon book, while watching the news about those people in Texas. And I found the passage about their sacred under garments. I have known about that for years, thank you Alice Cooper and my ex from high school on that lesson. But this was the first time I actually saw where it came from. Very interesting, not my cup of tea but very interesting.

This is part one, part two will be more of what I saw around Florida and my walk through Downtown Disney.