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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

First time with Zatarain's

I heard from a co-worker that Zatarain's was really worth trying, so being the the adventurous person that I am I thought....What the hell, it could not be worse than butt sex with Ron Jeremy!

I bought a box, some shrimp and some sausage; then followed the instructions on the box.

As you can see here, all the main ingredients just fell into place. (notice the baby locks on the cabinets, they are a life saver!)

All in the pot you go to shimmer at low heat until the rice was done. The once the rice was cooked add the shrimp and dig in.

On closer inspection this looks really weird! But tasted pretty good for something that came out of a box! I grew up on canned and boxed food so i am not a picky eater on any level. But my wife being the one who never ate things like Spam and eggs, grissle or grits it was interesting to see what she thought of it. Low and behold she loved it! This was a shocker because she never likes any of my creations, but this one got the gold seal of 'I am getting some tonight' approval!

I am going to make it again soon but this time I am going to try the original recipes. It has a lot more steps and I think I am going to need a bigger pot!
Coming soon: Wife's 30th Birthday party at QTX's


Martini said...

Hmm, when trying new things, I'm glad Ron Jeremy never crosses my mind. But I have always wanted to try Zatarain's, so now maybe I will give it a shot.

Becky said...

Looks good, except for the shrimp. I am an avid hater of seafood, I wouldn't just used chicken in it. I have had jumbalaya before and I think it was zatarains, we had sausage links in it though. Really good stuff, I love rice! I love all carbs, come to think of it I really can't think of a carb that I dislike.

Kilroy_60 said...

Looks like that would have gone well as part of the Cinco de Mayo blowout.

Stumbling a bit today; stopped by to give you a big thumbs up.


Krissyface said...

I think i once got a tainted box of zataran's. It tasted like goodyear tires.

honkeie2 said...

Marini: Old washed up porn stars is a bad thing to think about when eating, I agree

Becky: U hate seafood.....that is not cool but you love carbs so that makes it all better.

kilroy: I did not do any sink-o-da-mayo fun but I am about to do a post on my bramboui experience.

krissyface: Well at least it did not taste like a used rubber found on the streets of NYC....and everytime i go I find at least one.