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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Part one...Thomas the Train

This past weekend we took the kiddies to see Thomas the Tank Engine up in Lancaster,PA. We stated for 3 days and two night because we also went to Dutch Wonderland for the first time. Which was only about 2 blocks from the hotel.

Day one was Thomas, and since Lucas is just mental for Thomas you can imagine who was the happiest that day. You want to see a child stop in his tracks? Just turn on the TV and put on Thomas, no matter what Lucas is doing it will come to a halt the second he hears that song!

Here is the our first picture of the Thomas adventure.

This was one of those simple little rides you see everyday out side of grocery stores, but here in Thomas land there was a line for it! I did not have .75$ on me for the ride but some nice lady gave me the money. Remember people, its the random acts of kindness that can really make a persons day. Thank you random woman with some extra change for making Lucas one happy boy.

I always pictured the conductor like the one I saw that day, he was picture perfect. Not the cleanest but definitely the most believable.

I was disappointed I could not get him to talk to me. We all know how celebrities are these days, always to busy to stop and talk with the little ppl lol.

Everyone stopped at this one crossing to put change on the tracks. It was like getting a sacred token from some spiritual guru or something.

We have a blessed penny and a nickle....I really need to find them and get a picture of them. God only knows where they might be now!

Every time we go to a show or something like this I am always reminded of the episode of 'Rockos Modern Life' It was this show I used to watch all the time that went off the air many years ago.....but anyway.....Rocko and his buddy go to this ski lodge that had a sign 'Everything $5'. Who could resist a ski lodge that was only 5 bucks right? But here is the rub.....EVERYTHING was $5, the boots, the ski rental, the ride to the top of the mountain, the bathrooms.....'Everything 5$' doesn't sound so good anymore does it?

Well here we have the booth where you can get you picture taken with Thomas, but it wont cost $5....more like $30 or more!

So we wanted until he backed up to get a picture. Not as good or as fancy but years from now all they will see is the memories made that day.

Here is something you dont see on the rail lines anymore. I love how they kept this in perfect condition.

ChooChoo......sorry I had to do that

And of course what trip into Lancaster would be complete without some pictures of the Amish people. Man these people creep me the fuck out. Now dont get me wrong the ones I have meet have always been the most polite and helpful people you could ever know. But their accents and the language they speak.....I mean come on why do you have a foreign accent you were born in American?!?!?!

Lucas loves trains, wouldn't it be funny if he actually grew up to work with them.

Tickets, have your tickets ready....or I will throw your fat touristy ass right out the fucking window no free-loaders on this ride!

Lucas, Mommy and Seth. Ever notice the one with the camera very rarely ever gets in the picture

Goodbye Thomas....we will see you again next year!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I came to post but now....

I have to bitch about blogger not uploading. I have been trying to get my pictures up but I keep getting this annoying error! I know I have been using this blog for free and all sooooo I cannt bitch tooo much, but come on now!

I will be back to try and get my pictures of me and my family's weekend with Thomas the Train and Dutch Wonderland up in Lancaster PA.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

New weight loss product!

I am huge on using the latest and greatest fad do-dad or supplement. I have used just about everything under the sun in the realms of health and fitness.

And I think it is time I start to write about my experience with them. So let me start off with my newest trial....Sensa. I saw the ad and had to try it. I mean it was only $10 for a two month trial supply.

I cannt really say much about the product as of yet, I just started using it but I can say this about the billing.....Be careful when ordering! They put you on automatic billing the moment they ship you your 'Free trail'. I was lucky enough to have a wife that is smart enough to tell me to go and check how they do their billing. Because after a quick look at my profile on their web site I found that I was on a billing cycle. These people are tricky tricky. The product itself is in the trial stages for me so I cannt really say much, so stay tuned for that. But I really dont like they try to scam you into getting repeat orders without you having to request it first. Read the fine print people and listen to your wife/husband. They can be right some of the time you know!


I am away for the weekend, starting Firday. The family is going to Lancaster PA, we are all going out to see Thomas the Train. My little one is fucking mental about Thomas. So this should be interesting, lots of pictures will be taken!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fathers Day Weekend

This past weekend was fathers day, belated happiness goes out to all the fathers of the world, adopted, step dads and fosters dads as well. It was a good weekend with with no complains, except for the fact I wish there was an extra day of rest lol.

Saturday, Seth had his piano test at Kean University and did wonderfully! Here we have a picture the morning of the test.

And here we have Seth warming up on one of the practise pianos. They have a bunch of them in these little sound proof rooms. I am really curious as to how they got them in there?

His test score: 96%. Who knows, he might make something out of this in his future.

We had our last baseball game of the season, which was the play offs for the finals. We did not make it but that did not seem to bother Seth one bit.
We also went to the park by our house. Looking at the pictures from the park one would think I live in a very wood area. And even from an areal view it would seem that way, but never ever judge by looks alone. Welcome to the jungle, the ghetto jungle that is lol. Where the park is full of blunt wrappers, dime baggies and empty bottles of Old E and Natty Ice haha!

They had 8 swings at the park, 4 baby swings and 4 big kid swings. Well, recently they took down the big kid swings and put in new ones. But now we have 6 baby swings and only 2 big kid swings. I wonder what government official that has never seen this park signed off on this one?

Seth right before taking the field. His last game of the season, it has been a longer season than usual. Due to the rain and heat.....we skipped over spring this year. One minute it was cold and then next it was blazing hot!

Seth up at bat, at these level they do count strikes and balls. He has a good eye for which pitch is a good pitch. He actually was walked on this play.

Lucas wanted to take a picture, and this is what I got lol

Lucas and his CHEESE face

Can you tell it was a hot day?

I am sooo glad they have this little jungle gym at the baseball field.

At my office I work with a bunch of humorless cubical drones, so once in a while I will try to add some color to their lives with some of my work safe humor. Here is a little something I did last week. They have this sign on a door leading into a hall way that has alot of traffic, and on the day I made this sign I observed something that made me smile. I saw this guy going down the stairs at a pretty good pace but came to an almost dead stop when he came to this door. And then he opened the door slowly, just like the sign said. So in my mind I thought,
'I wonder if I could get them to follow some additional instructions?'
So I added a little something fun to the sign in hopes that everyone follows directions.

I never got to see if anyone followed this sign but I did notice it was taken down on the following Monday. I am now in the process of thinking about something new to add here, any suggestions?

Also on Sunday while out grilling I saw a blimp. I have not seen one of these things in a while, I have always wondered who fly these things and what kind of license you need to operate one.

My blog is coming back to life slowly but Sherly, 'Yes but don't call me Sherly'
I still have to go through the people I have on my blog roll thingie and make some changes. Some of the people I used to blog with have gone away or just don't blog any more. So it is time to make some new fwends and move on. The Internet is a funny place, you can make 'friends' and lose them just as fast as you can blink.
When playing on the Internet one has to have a thick skin and take nothing personally. Because at the end of the day no matter how well you know your 'E-freind' you truly have no idea who they may really be.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day one....again.....

God I have become the the man of "Day One" in the world of fitness and health. I have started over soo many times it seems like I never really started in the first place. But then again it is better to have a start over than a never start.

Got up this morning and went to the park. I just couldn't get into the whole running thing so I did push ups and triceps push ups until I was all out of push. I did walk about a mile or so, but my primary effort was in the chest and triceps.

I was up at 0400 and out the door by 0415, luckily the park is only a block away and the ghetto rats are all in hiding by this time. Nothing ever happens at 4 in the morning, now between 11pm and 2 am is a whole other story lol.

I am sitting here in my office trying not to hide under my desk and pass out. Two cups of coffee and two RedLine pills later I am someone human. One of the things I like to do to help me stay human is humor. I find funny shit all the time on the world wide web. And since I am on a "Day One" kick might as well keep it going with a day one in starting up with the humorous side of my blog that I miss so much. So today I am posting some of the stuff I have stock piled since the last time I was on here. Most of it is offensive and wrong, so if you are one of those easily offended limp wristed butthurt liberals I think now would be a good time to log off and go fuck yourself.

Now, on with the show:

1) HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA just kidding this is totally not funny......

2) How the mighty have fallen

3) Since we are on the topic of drugs and celebrities we have to give respect to one of the fallen greats of all time!

4) America Fuck Yeah!


6) And last but not least, a little nerd humor, haha

Now it is back to work and drinking tons of could I go for an egg, cheese and pork roll on a roll right about now.........*sigh* I will just have a Fiber One bar and some water instead *double sigh*

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When you need something fixed in your office......

Who are you going to call?

Not the maintenance department, they seem pretty incapable for the most part. My little rant here is going into how people get jobs that they are obviously not qualified for.

How is it someone has a title but when asked a question about the area of supposed expertise they seem a bit lost. Here let me tell you about my most recent adventure:

At my current location I have been having the same problem since we came to this building in the summer of 2009. Climate control.
You see I work in a large closet with no windows, 9 computers and two large flat screen (ViewSonic) TV's, that are on all the time. So needless to say it gets hot in our office. And the climate controls in here are just retarded. Whom ever designed this building needs to be kicked in the balls on many levels, but lets just stick with this one for now.

Now, when this building was being laid out on paper they knew exactly what this room was going to contain. But they seemed to fail to notice the need for some air flow and control in this room. And because of that we have the problems that we have now: In the winter its fucking hot as hell and in the summer its cold as hell. To the point they had to put this in the room:

I have no idea where this ancient looking a/c unit came from but it works. But it sounds like a jet taking off every time you turn it on haha. So, this helped fix our hot as hell winters and weekends. Because on Friday at 1900 hrs everything get shut off, air wise that is. So the weekend guys are stuck with a hot box for an office, but thanks to this Buck-Rogers looking device they can be at least comfortable.
Now onto the summer time problem. The problem that arises in the summer is that around 0700hrs the a/c kicks on and starts blowing at full force none stop until 1900hrs that night when it turns off. And for the past two years I have complained to the building maintenance about it. I sent emails, spoken to them personally and each year they have done the same thing. Came up to the office take a temperature reading and say 'Yep, it sure is cold in here.' And then leave, I finally had enough of it today.
I know that there had to be a damper control on these two openings we have here in our room. I even mentioned this to the guys that are supposed to know this building inside and out. But they looked at me like I was from another planet. Here is what I am talking about:

This is my roof with the two vents that blow ice cold air for 12 hours into my closet.

So today I took matters into my own hands, because I know that many buildings these days use flex duct work instead of the old fashion sheet metal type. Its cheaper and easier to use, so no real surprise when I looked under the the cover to find the GODDAMN DAMPER right under it.

Armed with a screw driver I was able to adjust the air flow into my room so that I am now at comfortable temperature. It took a few tries to get the right amount of air flow but it was well worth the numerous trips to the top of my desk. The only draw back now is the whistling noise created but the smaller opening, but to be honest I can totally deal with that!

So this is a huge FUCK YOU to the engineers that designed this building ( there will be more design flaw post to come) and another to maintenance people that have no clue how something as simple as damper in an air duct system works. Now this isnt an all out blast to all engineers or people that work in maintenance, I am sure there are some out there that really know how things work. ;-) It is just that in my past experience in this building and the last one I worked in , that these two departments are plagued with people that cannot think outside the box.

And this is why we have cars that are made to perform like clocks but it takes a crew of 4 men to change the oil haha

Past birthday post that went unfinished, from 5/23/2011

Every year our neighbors have a birthday party for their kids: Danny and Katarina. They have a two car garage so it is perfect for good weather and bad weather. Last year it rained a little and this year it rained a whole lot! It was sunny for the first part of the day but then the sky opened up in biblical proportions!
It came down hard, so what did we do? We blew bubbles and let the kids run in the rain. It was like a mini water park right in our own back yard. Everything went over without any problems. The rain caused no problems, but one thing of interested did happen. The women we all raving about these Mike's Hard Lemonade drinks. Mainly the pink lemonade, but we only had 12 so the women sent myself and Pete out to get more. Well.....4 liquor stores later it turns out this yummy flavor was a promotional item that is not being made anymore. I just could not believe that something like pink lemonade was going to be a one time flavor. I mean come one, when I think of lemonade there are three main flavors that come to mind: Regular, pink and raspberry. And to be honest the Mike's raspberry isnt that good.

Fun was had by all and even Lucas went out in the rain.....which is amazing in itself if you knew Lucas LOL