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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The is pain will be worth it!

Tuesday was the day.....and what a day it was. I had a co-worker come in early for me because I wanted to run a few errands before I hit the tattoo shop. One of them was going to my old high school to get proof I was de-wormed when I was a kid. For some reason Kean University wants my shot records, and since I really dont have a primary doctor I had to go to the only place I thought might have them. Now I do have a doctor but I have changed docs throughout the years and I was pretty sure they did not have all my records.
Wow what a flash back that was, it has been over 15 years since I stepped foot in there and it felt like I never left. How strange is that? My wife calls me Al Bundy sometimes because of 2 facts: One, I talk about my high school days like it was my heyday. Well it wasn't that good but I had an awesome time there. And two, when we met I was selling lady's shoes....don't knock it, it was a fun job.
I would have loved to have walked around a bit but I did not want them calling the cops for some strange old guy wandering the halls smiling at everyone lol!
I knew where the nurse's office was, walked in spoke to the same lady that was the nurse back then, Ruth, and got my records. As I looked at it I had to laugh. In 1991 I was 5'11 and 141 lbs and by 1994 I was 6' 161 lbs! I am now 6'2 and 225 lbs, holly shit I gained two inches and grew 64lbs! I am still laughing about that!

From there I went to my tattoo shop to get started but disaster stuck, the machine that makes the stencils broke seconds before I got there! So this means he was going to have to make it up by hand! Now, most people have no idea what that means, basically when you get a tattoo they photo-copy it onto a temporary tattoo that they put on you as the outline. When making one by hand it is what it sounds like, drawing a picture that will be used as the outline on your actual skin. This made me a little nerves so he told me to come back in an hour....I said how about 2 hours, I did not want to rush this process! He said ok, so I went home got some lunch, played a little Call of Duty and rested.
I returned around 2 and he was still not done, no biggie so I sat in the shop reading magazines and laughing at a few of the characters that came in to get ink. One couple comes in and starts looking about, the guy is covered in ink. Random stuff, some good some....not so good. He had a Betty Page tat that was a bit off. It wont look so good in about 20 years, but hey you cannt knock a guy with a Betty Page tattoo, she was fucking hot! Now his female companion, who was either his sister or a friend of a friend was there to get a Marine tattoo, and old style Sailor Jerry tattoo! This threw me wayyyyy off, she wasn't all that pretty but by no means was she ugly. She had a nice shape, tone and had these jeans on that had rips in them that made the mind wander a bit. You know she paid extra for that lol!
Well, it turned out she is a Marine! Semper Fi! I know there are women in that branch but she did not look at alllllll like what I would have thought a female Marine would have looked like. But to add to the picture I was getting of her, her friend or whatever he was went in her purse for something and pulls out a can of chewing tobacco! And he asked her if she dips and she said , 'Hell yeah!' Man on man this girl is out to prove something, that is all I got to say about that! If anyone has had any dealings with chicks like this you will usually find that they are either out to prove something to someone and/or really really slutty! I dont mean that in a mean way, I love slutty chicks and attention whores! They are not the girls you take home to meet mom but they are sure fun to watch.....they are like fire works, everyone oooohsss and aaaaahhhhhs while the show is going on but as soon as its over they pick up their loved ones and go home leaving them littered all over the floor for someone to pick up later and throw in the trash. I just made that one up....I am soooo using it at some point in the near future!
Then after they went back to get inked another interesting person walks in. I paid no attention to him at first, he a few not so well done tattoos on his arms but nothing all that exciting. Then he starts talking to Eric, the tattoo receptionist....or apprentice. He is the house bitch until his skill is better, so he is the guy that answers the phone, does the set up for other artist and then cleans up afterwards. Hey you have to start somewhere.....But anyway this guy starts talking shop with Eric and I swear I have to strain to understand this guy. He is super dupper ghetto and he said he was from 'Da Bronx'.....yes he said it like that too. He also went on to say he was at another shop in the area....probably Physical Graffiti, don't go there they are assholes....and said they were asking way too much money for ink. He also went on to say that his boyz shop he used to go to closed and was looking for a new place. That explains his not so professional looking tattoos.
Well after about 10 seconds of questions he left mumbling in some incoherent ghetto language about these crazy crackers and their prices. He wanted a price on a large piece that was a rosary bead made of idea actually but Eric tried to explain that for something that big it goes by the hour.....$125 an hour to be exact. And all he wanted to hear was a base price because that is how his boy did it....well we can see how your boy did it, and guess what you got what you paid for! Never go cheap on any form of surgery, car parts, medications and tattoos. No frills is cool when buying junk food but when it comes to something like that, going cheap can really have some dire consequences!

As the time ran on I could see him in the back working away, and here is a picture that I posted earlier of what he was working with.

After he finished the drawing he had to put it on me and make sure it was place properly. Because once you get started there is no going back! By the time he finally finished with all the set up it was 4pm. The needle hit the skin a few minutes after that and we were on our way......Yeah....or Ow!
The areas that hurt the most were the elbow and the upper shoulder area. And I think the only reason the upper shoulder area hurt soo much was because it was the last area he went over. The nerves where raw by this point, we where on hour 3 when he got up there. My teeth where chattering by the time we ended out first session of many to come. He gave me my instruction on how to take care of it, I paid and went on my way.
Here are the photos the wife took later that night:

I am going back today to let him take a look at it to see how its healing. I have several more sessions of out lining before we get to the coloring...well actually probably just on session of outline. He got a lot done in that one sitting so the only thing keeping me from going faster will be money.********
The wife just called and told me I have to put the breaks on my weekly savings on my ink fund due to bills that have to be paid. I was pissed at first but let it go....there is no need to get pissy, even though I want to be pissy! So tonight we are sitting down to go over our finances to see where we stand on bills. We are strapped for cash and I really cannt get another job, I have no time to even try for one....if I did it would have to be flexible hours and nights only. Its funny I make a shit load more money now than i did years ago but I am still in the same boat I was back then.....what the fuck?!?!
So if anyone wants to make a contribution to my fund please do so, or if you have any ideas of how to make money without have to actually going to a job...I have no idea what that means I am just brainstorming.....ouch ouch...I think I just pulled something!
I think I need to get one of those cardboard signs...'Will Wok fo tattoo Moneys'
No seriously, I will work for money.......I can do all kinds of things...I am good with kids, have no problem cleaning houses (other than my own), do yard work, walk your dog/kid/wife/husband, maybe even ......oh hell I dont know! Whatever it takes (other than gay man sex) I will probably do it lol.
So my next session wont be until I get some more money together. I am hoping to pull a damn knot of cash out of my ass someday soon but till then I will have to think this one out.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No money = no batteries which.....

Equals not weekend I guess I will just have to tell you about then...oh well. No show and tell today. I do have a few random life pictures from a week or so ago that I forgot to share but I will hold them off unitl the end of this weekend recap.


It started out like any other Friday, I went to work, went home and hung outside with the neighbors as the kids played. But then I started drinking, and I dont even know why but I did. And I drank a lot, wine coolers (and yes I know there is no wine in them its just what I call them) and then came the absinte.....I am not even sure to why I start that but by the end of the night I was nodding off in mid-conversation. I was some funny shit. Nothing bad happened and after all was said and done I went home and went to bed.

Was the day of our neighbor's kids birthday. Its one of those more kegs than kids party so there was lots of booze and food. And the funny thing, I did not have one drink! I spent the whole day and night dry as a desert well! But Pete on the other hand, well he drank enough for the both of us. He even go the munchies later for White Castle! After all that food we had earlier he still wanted more! And not even good food either, the worst food someone could eat on an gut full of soon to be beer farts!

This was also the night I bumped into an old old friend from way back in the day. We did the usual 'Hey here is my number call me, dont be a stranger' but I know how it will go. I really would like it not to end there, he was a good friend once upon a time.

I DID NOTHING! Can I repeat that.....I DID NOTHING! I did most of the cleaning and cloths washing on Saturday so on Sunday I rested....big time. Which came to bite me in the ass later that night when it was time for bed. But it was so worth it. But what I did do was shave the kids heads and mine. Along with all of my upper body hair. Now, when I say I shaved I really mean the wife shaved us. Out on the porch in proper ghetto style! I did not want all that hair in the house damn it. I just clean the day before! I will have my hairlss summer pictures up as soon as I can get some money for batteries. You see I just took out all of my savings....tommorow I start my sleeve!!!!!!!! I am so stoked I am about to shit myself!

I am at work but no one else is here so I am now going to post my pictures and go take a nap, I am tired from all that sleeping I did yesterday....

I actually bought this at Marshalls...and yes it really lives up to its name! A drop will make a bowl of soup 4 alarm...I shit you not!

And here we can see's was grown in Mexico at a crazy house that fertilizes its soil with the pee of the inmates.

While we were outside one day...I forget what day I took this...the kids found something that had them all in awe......ants! Kids are too funny, its cutie to watch them discover the world around them.

This is what I am currently reading. So far it is one hell of a book, I love reading his bad he had to go out the way he wait it is sad that he had to go out 'when' he did. He went out the only way I could have seen him going....with a BANG!

I am about 45 minutes from leaving work to get started on my sleeve....i will have pictures on its progess......

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It only took me 3 days......

But here is my post on our little adventure at the Starland Ballroom in Sayerville, NJ for the Korn concert.
The Starland Ballroom is the old Hunka Bunka night club, and if any old school guido's from NJ are reading this you will know all about it. Oh wait they only use the internet for myspace, facebook and other douchie websites.
Well, any way it is a very small venure by anyones standards and usually has big names. But this is one of the biggest I have seen there to date, and we had tickets! I was not sure how to get there so I went to the site to get directions and see I saw that the show was sold out.....oh shit! This is a small club with nothing but an open floor, so I knew what that ment....lots of smashing and bashing.
And boy did they NOT disappoint us! We got there early to get a place up front by the stage. Because at shows like this once you get up front you dont leave, for anything! Because if you do there is no going back.
But while outside in line we see this lovely putting on makeup for at least 45 minutes in her car. You would have thought she was going to a dance club or something. Two hard rock bands and one death metal band.....not really the place for foundation and pumps honestly!

The opening act was Burning Halo, not a bad band but you could not hear his mic at all. This was to be played out all night long. Which is really my only real gripe with the whole night. Getting my nose almsot biggie, paying $20 for 2 drink, sucks but I should have shown up drunk.....having smelly ass bastards dropped on my head time and time problem, some asshole elbowing my wife in the face and the me returning the love by elbowing him in the sweat, seeing one of the security guards get vomited on....fucking awesome and having god knows what grinding up on my ass...all exscusable. But the mic problem really pissed me off.

And being the opening band has to be the suckiest part because no matter how good you are the crowd isnt there to see all. And Burning Halo does have one good song I know...Dirty Girl. Go youtube it, it is ranchy and dirty, I loved it!
The next band was Shadows Fall, now if you are not a fan of death metal this will really fall on deaf ears. And yes we saved our ears that night thanks to ear plugs. I dont care if hardcore motherfuckers think this is gay, but that night when I left the one thing that did not hurt was my ears.
In my book they did an awesome job, white dude with dreeds doing death fucking cool it that!

And to top it off we were so close the wife got some great shots. Her job at this show was camera girl, my job was to keep the surging sea of human sweat and flesh back. Which by the second band it was painfully obvious this was going to more of an endurance workout than running a marathon.

I always have been fasicinated with the drummers of bands, they have to have the hardest job! They keep the tempo and pace the whole show, I always give props to them. And I even got a drum stick from this band....go me!

While we were wating for the show to start we met some really cool people. And it turns out they are in a death metal band that has actually played here! Too fucking cooool! The name of the band is Tourment, and I found them on myspace and asked to be their fwends. I am cool now...right I cool now? Here check them out~~~~> Tourment
Here we have Nick, vocalist, and his girl...what a cutie couple.

In the back we have Robert, he is on bass....and see that douche in the brown hat? Him and his 3 analy touched friends where huge dicks. Yes you are a bunch of fat bad asses who have some serious problems but why come here and bother those of us under 300 pounds?

Here we are before the big push!

This is Dillion, the guitarist. He start this little friendship by asking...'Name a Disney movie' And from there the discussion of porno versions of Disney movies......Anyone up for 'Jurassic Pork' or how about 'Blow White and the seven Dorks'?

Robert again showing us his best 'Someone just touched my ass' face.

These guys where awesome, but I think my wife's knockers probably were the main reason they helped us out. Tits good to have friends in low places lol.

As they were setting up the stage for Korn we got to see the play list of songs JD was to sing. And that little black box there with pink tape turned out to be a karaoke machine that help him remember the words to his songs. Hey he isnt as young as he once was......and he even had oxygen on stage that he was frequently getting old and being a rocker must suck lol!

Here we have the mic stand he uses at all of his shows. I forget the name of the painter that made this for him. It was a custom piece by this guy that does futuristic, adult type art work. I also think he was one of the people that helped design the original alien in the movie Aliens.....not sure I will have to do some research on this for later.

Like I said the wife's job was taking pictures, and she did an awesome job. Any closer and she might have blinded him!

This is Munky, he took over the job of guitar when Head left. Got to love the war paint!

JD on pipes right before Shoots and Ladders!

Belt it out like a crack whore! Awesome shot

And here we have a crowd favorite...Fieldy. He is the bassist for the band and for some reason all the meat heads seem to love this guy. He comes with his own body guard, some huge Mexican with the words 'HellBound' tattooed on his neck. And I am not sure but if you look closely you can see that he has the head of Jesus in his armpit.....ouch and double ouch!

This is a parting shot I took as we left the place. It was hot, steamy and smelled like hell by the time we left. As we where leaving one of our security friends gave the wife a guitar pic that was on the stage....toooo cool! One more thing to add to the scrap book of our lives!

ps.............for days my arms, neck, sides and legs have been sooo freakin sore getting out of my car has been painful. Nothing beats the workout one gets at a concert, no gym could ever simulate that with any machine! Unless they stick you in little room and let a bunch of monkeys beat the crap out of you, then maybe they might be close!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Dont you F-ing let go....daddy!

Seth has been riding his Diago bike with training wheels since last summer and he wanted the extra wheels taken off. Mainly because he sees the other kids doing it. So we did as he asked and tried to get him on his way.....but we ran into a few problems...well luckily he did not actually hit anything.....

Ok, here we go; daddy is going to help start peddling fast!

Keep you feet on the pedels....

Now pedel.......

There we go.....almost got it.....

No; on the pedels....on the pedels....

Well it did not go as planned and it did not end like those after school special we all grew up on. I am beginning to think those little mini movies where made just to make us feel bad about ourselves. In the end the trainning wheels went back on and he was back to racing around the back yard with no worry to balance. I remember the first day I rode my Spiderman bike with no trainning wheels. I had to be in the first or second grade, we were living in this apartment complex in L.A> (the state not the city). And there were a lot of kids that lived there and we all hung out and played together. And one day I was riding my bike and the training wheels actually fell off! It happened right in front of the pool they had there and I remember seeing some girls in the pool, and not wanting to be uncool, I hoped on my bike and just peddled as fast as I could go! And that was it, I was training wheel free. And before I knew it I got a new BMX bike....which got stolen durning a Mardis Gras parade we had on the street by a bunch of drunken asshats! I saw them do was I pissed that night.
Funny how we remember shit like this but forget what our wife's tell us seconds after they stop talking........
Here is a random funny for a is true, and thanks to the Internet it is proven over and over again!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

8 Years later and gods Knows how much $$$$$

She has technically been a graduate since December but yesterday she got to walk in her cap and gown. Only 8 years in the making she is finally a college grad, and I can no longer say I am sleeping with a college chic :-(
Oh well I can still say her boobs are bigger than your wife's haha! It was held at one of the shitter places in NJ the PNC Arts Center. And they did not let us down either. With their lack of planning and poor set up. The bathrooms had no running water in the sinks, they had only one vendor open to serve the 19,000+ people that showed. Yes they only marked for 18,000 but they were not even set up for that. No one knew where to go and the University had nothing set up to help anyone with questions. But I was expecting it so I knew how to work it.
  1. Get there early as fuck and wait in line. Which we did and got great seats, and since it was a rainy day we had no worry of dealing with that.
  2. Bring your own food. Since this was not a concert they did not check our bags for outside stuff. I did see one guy that brought his own thermos with coffee, I was jealous.
  3. Dont bring babies. This place is some what handicap accessible but children in strollers are not considered to be the 'in need' people.

But the one thing I did forget was my sweater and a cushioned seat. The seats in this place are hard as fuck and about as comfortable as having a prostate exam by a woman with long nails.

Now in all it was a great time and I even got video. I might try to get that up here too, I just have to finger out how to get it from the camera to my computer.

The beginning of one of many many speech's that I totally zoned out on.

Here we have the wife unit with a few of her co-workers that came to see her walk.

Wife unit and her mom

Isnt she a cutie! She said she was going to wear nothing but a teddy under that but it was to cold....damn weather!
Tit was a bit nippy and all I had in the car was this scarf I got from the navy man when he was in England....thanks Doug!
After that we all ran over to Fake Italian Food Garden to celebrate. But a shit load of people had the same idea....but we got there first lol. We got in quick but ended up waiting 2 hours for our food. Which sounds bad but when the bread sticks and salad where never ending and my 5 gin and tonics were flowing it did not seem that bad. And in the end we got 25% off our meal for the wait. and we did not even have to complain!
Then from there we went home got changed and went to the gym.....yes we went to the gym. And I showed the wife unit what how circuit training works. And since they have all the machine lined up for it all she has to do is one of each machine and she is all set. Cannt make it any easier than that! The cougars where there, the beast where there and the same doucheies but most of them where the warriors. We only have a few months till summer people....lets get on the ball!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back to the Gym Rat....

I have finally got the wife bitten by the gym rat life! We have been going now for almost 3 weeks and she has even been hitting the weights! I am so happy I could almost grunt and do a squat thrust! I love going to the gym, for many reasons....let me count them:

  1. I work out harder and push myself farther when I am at the gym. Dont know why, just a guy thing I guess. And the fact there are mirrors everywhere!

  2. They have a much bigger variety of machines than I do at home. I mean who has the room for all the crap a gym can offer?

  3. The feel and sound of the a gym is such a motivator for me. There is just something about a good gym that gets me PUMPED!!!!!

  4. And last but not least: The People Factor!

The people factor is my favorite thing, I love watching people and commenting about them. Not all of it is negative......but a lot of it could be seen that way. Its constructive criticism, honestly! Here lets take this guy here:

He was working out with a buddy, no big deal...until I saw his ink! I had to get a picture of this hot mess. It is hard to see and a bit fuzzy, that is because it was! It is a racing logo of some kind of a company that makes after market ricer toys. MaxedOut, at least I think that is what it read. It was a bad tattoo, I dont begrudge him for that but what was the thinking here?!?! I might get a Taco Bell tattoo someday....I fucking love Taco Bell! So in his defense maybe he has some real connection with the brand of fart pipes and poorly designed air intakes....who knows.

But he wasnt the only one worthy of a picture, but he was the only one I could get a picture of without getting my ass kicked. So let me paint the picture of my gym.

The Cougars: There have been a large number of older ladies with killer bodies in this gym than I remember. This used to be the Gym of Douche, you could at any given moment find throngs of douche-bagery in this place. But it seems they no longer find this gym to be hip or cool. I think they all went to the NYC Sports Club. But anyway, each time I have come in I have seen at least 2 or 3 women who from the neck down are smokin! But their heads and hands are a dead give away. I give them credit, lots of credit! They are in better shape than I am in and hell, give me 6 beers on an empty stomach and who knows I could be your pool boy Mrs. Robinson!

The Warriors: These are the people that really seem to be there to work out and not bullshit. And not just the roided up monsters I am talking about. There seems to be a lot more people here that are there to get to business and get out. The last time we came here it was like going to Six Flags, there was a line for everything! Now, it is still a bit crowded but no more waiting for some asshat to get off a machine he has been on for the past 20 minutes! I have also seen a large influx of heavier people trying their hardest and sweating their hearts out. I congratulate them for taking that step to coming in. Gyms can be very intimidating to some, I cannot count the number of times I have heard form guys saying, " I cannot go to the gym I am too out of shape." WHAT!!!! That is the whole point you cock monger!

The Beast: This one is rather obvious, the guys lifting weights that would scare off a mule! There are always 3 or 4 of them there, and last night there was one that I could not take my eyes off. And not in the gay sort of way but in the way one might stare at a god....He was freaking HUGE! On the juice or not this guy was impressive to behold!

and let us not forger The Douche: Again these guys are easy to pick out. Popped collars, often sporting the Staten Island Orange tan, talk lots of shit but cannt lift half their body weight, usually seen on the phone or texting instead of working out....working out at a way! Like I said there are not as many but there are always some. Last night we had 2 sets of them, the first set consisted of about 4 guys that would go to one machine and buzz around it stroking each others ego. I was too funny, ginni tees and hair gel as far as the eye could see ha! And the other set was 2 guys.....who's tee shirts really made me think twice. One had on a tank top that read 'Porn King' he was skinny and rather cut up and his buddy had on a black shirt with a smiley face that read "Smile I swallow'. Ok, I was wrong about my first actually said 'Smile IF you swallow' he was a little rounder that his friend and his moobies pinched his shirt to make it appear to read something else. But regardless, poor choice of a shirt when grunting, bending and sweating with another dude.

I am going to try and get pictures now and again of these things I see there but they might be rare. Taking pictures is frowned upon in the gym community, even though you will see some of the funniest shit at a gym.

From there we drove on over to our other favorite place....Barnes and Knoble. The wife unit wanted some clue to what it was and I found that they now have a whole section dedicated to the works of Hunter Thompson! I got the one he wrote about his time with the Hell's Angles. I have yet to start it, I have 2 books that I have to finish first and then I will take that wild ride....i cannt wait. And while we where roaming about Seth handed me the strangest book he found at his eye level:

It would seem that now, not only is he a self absorbed musicians but he also a narcissist me me all about me NYC Best seller poetry writer. The title was catchy, the poetry was entertaining but it was nothing amazing. It reminded me of a few blogs I have stubbed upon; written by emo enthralled teen girls who can not understand why mommy does not get their needs. Or see why they have to go to school and be part of this conformist part of nazi propaganda! We are different, we do not conform we are all different and fit into no mold.....but yet you can pick them out of a crowd by their emo uniform they wear. Come on....tight tight pants, raccoon eyeliner, greasy hair, nose rings, fish net arm warmers and that whiter than Elmer's glue skin, that really isnt all that original. Back in the day we called it emo is the gayed-up version of what I saw and was back in the day!

Wow that was actually fun to type....i need to rant about nothing more often!

Happy Hump Day the way tomorrow the wife does her cap and gown thing at the PNC Arts Center....many pictures to cum!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Yes I put Thank God its Monday...I can finally sit down! This was a super busy weekend that did not end until 0130 this morning! Lets go back a few days:

I took the day off to go register for school, I am now officially a Kean University student. I will be graduating, hopefully, in 2012. The wife unit went with me to get me all set up for school. I am sooooo glad that she was with me. She graduates this Thursday, so she is a whiz at all the ins and outs of this process. As soon as the long winded 'Welcome to Our School' talk was over we ran over to the registration computers and she told me just what to do. And with in minutes I was all set up and out the door. And I even got a free tee shirt, which wasn't free; it will end up costing me over $30,000! So in reality it wasn't free!
We then went over to the school cafe which was really nice and not to pricey. I got a huge ass salad, which had no ass in it thank you, and she had a tuna wrap thingie.
From there we ran to the bank to take care of more adult type things, then to DMV to replace my license I lost (which my son found the old one the NEXT FUCKING DAY!) And then from there we ran home. I had to be back at work for some much needed over time way out in bumble fuck Cranbury NJ! But I was young and needed the money....oh wait that was a line from a movie...I have to come up with my own catch phrases lol.

The wife had to work so I had to take the monkey to his teeball game solo. Luckily my oldest son was with us and watched the baby while I was out. You see I am an assistant coach but slowly becoming the coach. I really dont mind but I wish he would just give me the the reigns and let me do it. He isnt a bad guy and really knows what he is doing, but he has a lot on his plate and does not seem to have enough time for everything he has to do.
This was my first game coaching solo and I think I did alright. At least me team did not tackle each other every time the ball was hit! But as I was out there on the field with all these kids it really dawned on me that these are the years these little ones are going to remember. These will be the memories they will carry for the rest of their lives. No memory stays with you like the ones you made from the ages of 5-18. The memories I have as a kid are more vivid and clear that the ones I made while in my 20's. And the thought came to me that I had to make this fun for them. I see some coaches and parents really yelling at their kids because they were lost in space or found the dirt in their glove more interesting than the game...and you know what its really ok. They are just kids, dont get me wrong I am screaming up a storm to keep their focus on the ball alllllllll the time. They lose track really fast, and I dont want them to get hit because they were not looking! I rotate the kids around the field during every inning just so no one felt left out or not part of the team. I favor no one, not even my own. Hell I try to make him work the most. He isnt super jock so he really could careless where I put him, so he really isnt the problem. Come to think of it none of them are a problem.
After the game we went home to find our neighbor was putting up a new basket ball back board. So after we did our little barbq cook out we moved on over there to play for about ......9 hours or so! We had a few drinks, bullshitted about everything and nothing and bounced around the ball. It was a workout I will tell you! Oh, and yes I really really suck at all sports. I love playing them, I am just not very good at them lol.

Sunday(mothers day):
We hit the ground running at 0830hrs running to my moms house who lives out in Manville, NJ. It takes us about an hour or so to get there, so there was the travel time involved. Then I had to have the oldest back at his mom's sisters house at 1300hrs. So another race in the car. They are staying at the sisters house because the ex is divorcing her current husband and does not feel safe at their home. (Long story for a up coming post).
Then from there we went to the wife's mothers house. I dug around the garage to find a few things we have been meaning to get. Golf clubs (again I suck but still play), my practise net and a gazebo tent thingie. We bought it for her moms backyard and since we dont live there anymore we wanted it back :-P
Doug, I swear your dad is turning that garage into a truck part grave yard!
From there we went food shopping then home. Where we feed the kids, I gave the baby a bath and the wife finally got to do want she wanted to do all day....sit! While she sat I clean and washed cloths. I did not get to the kitchen, that will be today's adventure. She was out cold by 2030hrs, I did not get to bed to almost 0130hrs! So you can see why I am soooo happy to be at work today! I have done little to nothing work wise today, total slacker day but its almost time for me to go home. So that means I am about to make the made dash to get everything done in one hour that I should have been doing all along this morning!
Happy Monday to all.....

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I cannt sit still!!!!!!!!!!

I have not said much about my new tattoo I have coming but I cannt wait anymore! I have my first appointment on May 19th to get started on what will become the masterpeiece! I have been working on an idea for sleeves for sometime. You know the ones that cover the whole arm! And about 2 months ago I finally figured out what I wanted. In this post I gave an general idea to what I was doing~~~>Scroll all the way down

My artist Rev. James has been working on it for a little over a month now and we are finally ready to begin! Here let me show you a rough draft of the the soon to be art:

I know they are a little hard to see because of the paper but this one is going to be the arm of Order. He is using a Buddha style to show harmony and order. The other one will be using the same style but with the theme of Chaos.
I am sooooo stoked right now I could piss on myself!
Now let me tell you it is going to hurt like hell, cost a pretty penny but in the end it will be soooo worth it! I am a tattoo freak and love ink. I just wanted a tattoo that had some order to it, had some meaning other than the usual, 'I wanted one'. The wife tattoo has the most meaning out of all of them and my kids tat will as well. But this will be the living art I have always wanted. So if anyone wants to donate a little cash I will be willing to do just about anything for it.
'Will clean for tattoo money'
'Willing to wash for cash'
'Needs cash for ink'
These might be some signs I will be holding in the next few months in hopes of raising some green for ink. Maybe a bake sale or a beer bong tournament! Now, I am serious if you want me to come and wash your dog, watch your kids so you and your man can go to a 4 hour stay hotel or be a designated driver I will do it! As long as you live in driving distance and it doesnt require me to get tooooo naked.
But with all that said I have to run, but before I go here is one family friendly picture:

Many of our games have been rained out, we have one tonight which might get rained out as well. We will see....mine is the one pointing at the camera....

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Finally able to sit down.....

A lot has been going on in my world, a few very personal things that will have to wait before I will blog about them. It has to do with the ex and her current living conditons, nothing to horrible but since it is not my place to blab her personal life I will not go into it. Lets just say they (her and our son) are safe and in a happier place right now. I will probably do a blog about it once the dust settles and everything is worked out but just for the time being things are on the road to better things.

The women took the kids to play mini-golf while Pete and myself hit the driving range. Well the wife unit and Monica found taking an infant, and 2 year old, a 4 year old and a 6 year old too much to deal with so that did not last long. We were working on our second bucket of balls when they came over saying they wanted to kill us!

Here we have a picture of my balls....dont worry these were only the rented one!

Pete kept saying it has been years since he hit a ball and said his golf swing was bad. But after a bucket of balls he is A LOT better than me. Yes he looks like lumber jack, but he can crack that ball over 200 yards everytime. While I slice and miss almost everytime lol. I might be white but I dont have that white gene....well I do like mayo, cannt dance or jump and have this urge to buy plastic pink flammingos...but I cannt golf for shit!

Here we have Pete coming back with out second round....and yes his shirt says what you think it says!

I never really got mine out that far. I think I got it out to the 200 yard marker.....way over on the left side of the field. And just incase you are wondering we were at the Hyatt Hills in Clark NJ.....

Here you can see my bag where I hide my monkey!

From there we took the kids to Bowcraft.....if you are from my neck of the woods you know what Bowcraft is. But since no one to date that reads is from here look here for more infor~~~> BOWCRAFT

Can you tell he just fuking loves it here!?!

Here we have Lilian and Katarina, she is Monica and Pete's little girl. She is too cutie!

While waiting for the kids I saw this sign in the window of a Dippin-Dots vendor. I have no idea what this means or how it would apply to the item that was being sold.

Lucas and Seth on the motorcycle, when the ride started Lucas wasn't ready and banged his head on the handle bars. His was pissed for a few seconds but by the time he got off he had forgotten all about it.

I wanted to act like a retard and have some proof so i handed the wife the camera and told her to take my picture. It is about the only way I get my picture taken, I am always the one snapping pics.

After the rides we went in to play some games and win some prizes. Here we have Pete cashing in his points to get some cheap crap. And in all honesty the amount of money spent on the games could have probably bought a gross of those cheap chines finger traps. But where would be the fun in that!?!
And not to be mean but this girl was way way to skinny. I am no fan of the skinny minnie, she looked like she might break in half if you tapped that ass to hard!

Here we have some random MILF and her Poppie.... yes they where Spanish and yes she has big knockers in a very flowy summer dress!

Random Mommie Booty that was in need of a picture.....I think this couple was Polish, I wonder how she takes her kielbasa?

Later that night we went out to see the new Xmen movie, which kicked ass! That was a great movie, not just because it was a movie about my favorite Xmen but it was done very well. Good acting, special effects were not over the top and they even worked on the story and plot a bit. Which is a big deal for Hollywood these days.
Then we went out drinking. I started the night with a beer and some Wild Turkey, and then and the same again. But the bar we ended up in was dead and had last call at 0130 hrs! So we left that crap hole and went to a place near the house.
Parked at the house and walked over. We went through countless number of pitchers of sangria and then walked back home! Now I say walk because we did more our feet in a walking motion but it was not really walking. No one fell down, no one peeped on the church (even thought I wanted to) and no one got arrested. Which would have made it that much more funnier but seeing Monica flash me, the wife flash Monica and hear that Pete whipped out his peter was just as good. I did not see Pete with his pants off....thank god...but to know he did that made me pee on myself just a little. I dont care who you are, drunks are great people! Just not angry drunks they can go die in a pool of their own pee! And this little adventure had us in bed by 0400hrs on you can probably guess how Sunday went........

Got up at 0700 hrs to make monsters food, then slept, drank water, grumbled about never drinking again, slept, grumbled about the dust making too much noise, drank water, showered, compared notes to what actually happened, grumbled some more and did pretty much nothing at all.
We did have a meeting with the ex about how things were going, I do have to call her today to see how she is doing. But it is now Tuesday and from her facebook she is hanging in there.

Now it is time to return to work even thought I would much rather say on here chat with anyone.....someone....just so that I have an excuse not to go back.....!