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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No title......

I really could not come up with a better title sorry, my mind isnt working yet. I want to go back to bed but work wont let me sleep in ha!

So lets see what can i blog about.......hmmmmmm? Well, lets start on the fact my chest has been soooo sore for the past 2 days that I wanted to cry! And you know what? I like it! I went to the gym on Friday and did a full body destruction blast. I did it on the same format that circuit training works on but I did heavy weights instead of light using the pyramid system. Which basically means this:

Chest, legs, triceps, legs. back, legs, bicep, chest and then an ab exercise; 4 sets with reps starting at 12 then decreasing by 2 each set. With the weight increasing by 5lbs each set. So my chest and legs were my main target areas so they got the brunt of the damage, this week I will be doing something similar but attacking another body part; arms and back.

Chest: Dumbell bench starting off with 45lbs and finished with the 60lbs. When I dropped the weights at the last set I really dropped them! BOOB! And the rest of the work out went pretty much the same way. I walked out of there on wobbly legs and feeling like a million bucks! From there I started on my protein packing fun; shakes, cottage cheese, fat free yogurt, tuna fish and so forth. I am glad I am not lactose intolerant lol. -Side note: High protein diets give me the hot farts. So, you think your wind is bad Martini? Well come sit by me in the gym and I will let you Inherit My Wind! (Inside joke with myself hehe, thanks to my high school english teacher hehe)

And that was Friday, and today I can finally lift my arms up without wanting to cry. Tonight I will do a circuit training with the Chuck Norris Muscle machine plus abs. I am going to beat this battle of the bulge if it kills me! I have never tried the combination of shocking the muscles with circuit and heavy so lets see if it helps jump start my system a bit. I used to follow programs that were rather structured and routine and I think that might have been part of the problem. Our muscles learn very quickly how to work the hardest with putting the least amount of energy, damn our caveman memories!.....Dont ask I dont have the time to explain that one, its another inside joke with myself haha!

On Sunday I went food shopping and while I was there I decided to get the wife some flowers. We did not get anything for each other on V-day and I just wanted to remind her she is always on my mind. And besides; V-day is for booty calls, new romances and people that have to force love and romance on their partner because if it wasnt for that day they would never show any.

I got home brought in all the other stuff and brought in the flowers last. She was surprised and happy and a little concerned. First words out of her mouth were , "Thank you they are beautiful!" And the second set of words were , "What did you do?" I had to laugh, really I had to because being a man I did not even think that would have ever been a question to ask someone who is bearing gifts. I mean if my wife went out shopping and brought back a case of beer I would not think or even ponder that this was a 'I am sorry about something' gift! Only women think of these things.....and gay men! I love my wife to death and love the fact you never know what is going to come out of her mouth, nothing like a little spice in your life to keep it entertaining.

Oh, and here is a picture of those said flowers:

And for the record I did not do anything that required me to get them, she is the light of my life and I wanted to just let her know that ha! There is a saying that I use all the time because it applies almost to well to this world. And even though I dont believe in Heaven or Hell its a fun notion to use:

'The road to Hell is paved with good intentions'

This is proven to be true so many times in my life it is not even funny. You try to help someone and in turn you get them fried! There is a God and he has one hell of a sense of humor!

But any who.....I keep finding random pieces of candy in my sons room from his V-day party he had at school. I found this one on Sunday and took a picture of it. I was shocked at how much detail the makers of this ring pop put into this thing. To bad they did not put that same amount of effort into making it taste good. My son took one taste and chucked it in the garbage. I wanted to taste it too but after seeing in resting on a diaper in the garbage I just imagined it tasting like an old used diaper.

The weekends are for fun, games and screeching that only little girls and 2 year old boys can create. We took out the fishing game for them to play with and the fighting started. First it was over who got the red fishing pole. Then it was about Lucas pulling the fish out and pulling off their heads and then it was from Lucas turning it off and on. And then it was from Lucas trying to push Seth off his chair....does anyone see a pattern here. I used to think it was Seth bothering the little one, Lucas but I had it all wrong. But it is all ok, they are happy, healthy and loud. All part of the parenting madness that will land us all in AA meeting when we are grand parents.

Evidence: Lucas turning it off and on.....notice his blue helmet of power on the table.....and the fact they both have red fishing poles! Man I need a drink and it is all from just thinking about what was going on lol.

Me and the little lady also took a little outing alone to visit the tattoo parlor. I wanted to talk to someone about a sleeve and she wanted to know about how much it would cost for the one she wants. Her will cost about $100-150 and only take about an hour at most. She wants a trinity knot much like this picture ( I borrowed from some Internet site):

The one she wants isnt as detailed and she wants hers a little lower on her back but you get the idea. The two i want will be full arm sleeves, and there will be a theme. The right arm will be the arm of Chaos. With the main tattoo being the wheel of chaos, much like this one just altered a bit:

And the other arm incorporating this symbol for the left arm of Order:

The symbol of chaos comes from War Hammer, a role playing game much like Dungeons and Dragons just with a different setting and the symbol of Order is a labyrinth or AKA 'The Hard Path to God'. I will alter both of these to make them a little bit more to my liking and then let the artist do his thing. I am looking to have a real artist work here, not just some flash tattoo guy that does black panthers and Chinese symbols of your usual douche bags. I am a unique douche that wants some unique ink damn it.
I will be going to see the guy that did my sailor girl last summer on Wednesday, I hope he can come through with what I am looking for!


Mom Taxi Julie said...

We had that fishing game a few times and my kids destroyed it. They are like a tornado sometimes! Is that a Bakugan I see on the table?

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Valentine's Day may be a booty call but women love it and if she tells you it doesn't mean anything she is lying! Flowers just because are really sweet though. I USED to get those occassionally!

My body hurts just reading about the gym. I walked down the street and back yesterday does that count for anything?

~Sheila~ said...

I would like to get flowers just because. I tell Angel that all the time. BUT since I tell him all the time..he can't get them cause then it's not spontaneous, then I think it's taking too long so I tell him about how I would love to "ramdonly get flowers"...but then he can't get them right away cause then it's not randome cause I just mentioned it....
....see a pattern forming HERE??



I never get flowers.

Becky said...

I always see flowers at the store and want to buy myself some, but I never do because I know my dang cats will just knock them over and ruin it for me!

honkeie2 said...

momtaxi: My children are like a demolition team from hell, if it can be broken it will. And yes all forms of movement counts.

sheila: yes i do, and that is why i picked the day I did. She had not asked for them in a while or complained about my not being romantic enough. so for me that was a random act of romance....

becky: you must have some crazy pussy.....and that is all I am going to say about that....

Cairo Typ0 said...

Good for you for keeping up with the workouts. I suck at working out or keeping up with it once it starts "hurting." Great job! ;)

Mom Taxi Julie said...

like god doesnt know when you are sleeping, he knows when you are awake, so stop sleeping with your wife's sister for goodness sakes!

OMG you had me rolling on that one!