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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

7 years and counting....

I am retarded.....its Hump Day and I just noticed I have a case of retardation! I started this post on 12/14/2008 and for some reason I never finished it, and while I was trolling around my own blog I noticed it said 'draft' next to it. And I was all like WTF? I am sooo glad my wife only drops in here once in a while, she would have kicked my ass if I missed this one! So with out any more delay I give you: The Post That Was Lost In Draft!


We went out to a fancy resturant last Friday to celebrate 7 years of marriage, which the actual day was Dec. 8th. But it fell on a Monday so we put it off until Friday. We went to a portgueuse place in Roselle, NJ called Solar De Minho. Some super fancy place that was said to have great food. I am all up for new places so i was game.

The decor was very cool, if I ever win the lottery I am going to have my house designed like this.

The food was not all that in my book. I had lobster tails stuff with crab meat and the wife has this steak thing. The lobster was rubbery and the steak was....well just a steak. We did get a huge pitcher of sangria that I later learned cost $14! I could have made 3 pitcher for that price!

Here we have the wife unit all smiles, because even though the food was so so we were out alone with no kids and enjoying each others company.

The wife wanted me to smile nice for the camera but when cameras are pointed at me this strange thing happens to me: I become retarded. Not that being a retard is all that different from my normal demeanor.

But I did try my best on the second try, man I have a hugeeeee head!

At the table we were at, we got a full view of the kitchen area. I am not sure why they have the kitchen set up like this. I mean I really do not care to see the little people behind the scenes when I go out on the town. I mean if I am going to live a momment like a rich person I want the whole effect; Doors magically open with my aide, my drinks never going past the half empty mark, more forks and spoons than I know what to do with and having lackies bending over backwards for me getting me my diet water with limes with no rines!

After the meal we had the dessert, or is it desert!?!, I am not sure and do not feel the need to look it up. Maybe I can have one of my office lackies do it later for me. The wife had this mouse thing that was death by sugar.

And I had this artisy fartsy chocolate and rasberry mouse dish that came in a chocolate bowl. And the whole time I was eating it I kept thinking, "How the hell am I going to lick off that chocolate and carmel lines without looking like a mad cow?" I did manage a few swipes of the finger but did not do the all out plate in the air lick as I wanted to.

In the end with tip and all this little adult outing cost my credit card $150! It took a poker face and a wine induced steady hand not to freak out at sticker shock. I have class when I want to have class!
(next thought still from original post)
Last week we gave one of my wife's IT guys an old laptop I have had in my closet, to see if he can fix it. Well he did and even did a whole bunch of extra things for us. Like adding an internal something or rather that allows him to play on the internet anywhere in the house. I am not all that savy on these things but it has something to do with this router thing my wife hooked up. Dont know how it works, but me and my CoD4 is glad it does.

I was shocked at how well he was able to naviagate the laptop and fast he figured out how to get to cartoon network and playhouse disney. I now have to add some parental guards to keep him out of those other places he might want to wander to!

When I told him we had to get him a new mouse because the one on the laptop did not work that well he said, 'No dadda's this is the mouse.' Pointing at the mouse pad on the keyboard. I was shocked because this was the first time he had ever used this one. He will be running circles around me in no time. This is why I try to keep up on what is new and going on, I dont want to be like my ex and clueless to what is in my childs world. Now, I am not going to one of those parents that use the new jive of the day but at least when he speaks I know what he is saying.

Here is a test for all you parents to see how up to speed you really are on what most kids these days know (I might have missed a few so please let me know if I missed any):

What is-

  1. Emo

  2. Text Language: LOL, WTF, STFU

  3. Shoes, as it related to cars

  4. Tweaking

  5. YouTube

  6. Parkour

  7. Ricer ( this one is rather old)

I think I had more on this topic and I think I even did a post in the past about people being out of the loop but since this post is over a month old I dont remember. But this ooppss on my part has shown me that I need to go throught my blog one of these days and do some cleaning. I wont remove any post, even if they are horribly written and pointless. If I posted it then it needs to remain......Oh and if the wife is reading this, I am sorry.....:-x


delizcious said...

Umm well you did post this before. Remember this?

ChrisMek said...

Hmm... retarded? Alzheimer's setting in?...or Deja Vu on my part? I am pretty darn sure i read that a while back!

Becky said...

Yep, I read that before! I remember the nice restaurant photos. Thus you are totally tarded!

~Sheila~ said...

I'm afraid I have to agree with everyone on this one. You have posted this before.

That's ok. now you can focus on that weightloss competition that we have going on.

honkeie2 said...

holy shit, thanks for pointing out I am more retarded than I thought delizicious, chris, becky and sheila! I think I will go and vomit now to try and get this retard bug out of me! I am not sure if I want to delete this or not....I hate deleting post. I am now off to figure out what i want to do with myself now........

Martini said...

Dude, if there's any retardation, it's for double posting! I also totally remember this from before. But if you said you were hammered when you posted it, I'd forgive you.

Steph said...

HI there old blogger friend :)

I need to do some catching up on your blog-- just had to say Hi first :)

~Sheila~ said...



I just had to come back and laugh a little bit more.

Now that I compare the posts. The pics are the same. You just wrote differently on both.
ALSO, Your wife had the same MOUSE (mousse) thing. I kept laughing at the thought of your wife having pureed chocolate MOUSE.

honkeie2 said...

martini: dont make me come up to canadaaaa and mess with your recycle bins!

steph: OMFG welcome back, I will be back to see how you are doing. Sorry you had to come back to see me at my blogging worse!

sheila: I love when people point out my funny mistakes, I am laughing at it still.