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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Another day in my life.....

I missed the Monday round up just because I am a lazy shit. Now its Tuesday and I have cleared out just about everything I needed to do for the day.....and its only 0815! So I now have to time to bs a little. So, now I bring you:
Phil's Weekend Round Up!
Well, i have been feeling a bit bummed for about a week now. Bills are pilling up, we did our taxes and the money we are 'going' to get back is already gone. Bill collectors calling, email reminders of how much in the hole I am in and a general feeling of doom and gloom has been clouding my mind. I keep telling myself that it isnt so bad; we both have jobs, the kids are healty and insane, we have a nice apartment, we both have cars with no major issues, we get to go out all the time, I am married to my best friend and that everything else is generally OK. But ever get that little tick of uneasiness that you just cannt shake? Well I do so I did what any other red blooded American would do in times like this: I called up the Captian and got hammared!
After work I called up Pete and ask him if he wanted to walk to the happy store so i could pick up something cheap and easy. I was going for some Wild Turkey but this store did not carry it, so I went for the smaller bottle of Captain and some diet coke......hey I am still on a diet after all! So I ended up drinking, playing COD4 and listening to the movie Trainspotting. There are some movies I can just listen to while doing other things. Trianspotting is one, Fear and Loathing, Equalibrium and Full Metal Jacket are a few others I can do the same with.
I was doing real shitty on COD4 until my drunk turn into full inebriation! At first it was, the more I drank the worse I got; but then......I became the god of the game! I won at least 4 rounds and I was so drunk I was literally rolling on the floor while playing. I love wireless controlers!
The wife had a touch of the stomach flu so she had been out cold since she came home at 1700hrs. So I got the kids washed, feed and in bed before I started my own one man frat party. The kids were well asleep before I became a wild animal.
But around 0300 hrs she woke up and told me it was time to go to be, the kids would be up soon and I since she wasnt feeling all that great it would be me doing most of the work......

I got up around 0800 and funny enough no hang over. I did smell a bit off but that is what rum will do to ya! I did some chores and got the kids out and about. Then at 1200hrs a friend called and asked if I wanted to go shooting. Fuck yeah! So we made a play date/time to meet at Ray's Sport shop in Watchung, NJ @ 1300hrs. He brought his S&W .40 cal and about 500 rounds of amo. I took my camera but they had strict rules about no picture taking so all I was able to get was this:

The .40 was a bit of a beast but once I found my spot I was golden. I am not saying I was a marksman but I did hold my own. It has been almost 2 years since I last shot anything so cut me some slack! One funny thing about the range was that the stales we had to use where a bit tight. So everytime a bullet was fired it sent the spent shell flying back at you! And I must say having a hot shell fly down the front of your shirt isnt the most pleasnt of things lol!
Now, Ray's is set to shut down which is a sad day in NJ history. This place has been a land mark for almost 45 years, and from the look of the bathroom they have not changed much since they first opened their doors:

We found out that the owner has sold the land to the Nissan dealer next store and they have plans to demo the building to put in a bigger dealership. And that is just what we need in times like this: Nissan laying off over 200, 000 people (I might have my numbers wrong so dont quote that) and our government in a financial shitter. Because we all know that with so many people losing their jobs that there is a huge rush to buy new cars!
You know what,,,, fuck Nissian and fuck everyone else that has had a hand in creating this mess. I am not about to go into a rant about what I read today about this whole plan of Barack Hussein Obama. All I have to say about it is this: Buisness as usual!

I got another call this time from old buddy Pete who wants to go bowling. So we (Me, wife, Seth, Lucas, Devon and Alan) all pack in the car and head down to the alley. In all our group comes to 11 people in all, 3 games, 3 lanes, and 9 pairs of shoes comes to $225! Since when did bowling become so exspensive?!?! I forgot my camera, which pissed me off to no end but what can one do?
I did break out my old ball from like 12 years ago! I used to be in a leauge....come on I am white after all! It is like a right of passage for all honkeies, get tattooed, join a bowling leauge and make fun of Democrates.....well I make fun of any political sides, its how I get by without crying sometimes.
Here is my ball:

After 3 games and 2 pitchers of the worst watered down beer I have ever had I now know I need to be drunk to do better. Bowling is one sport that I get better at as the drinking gets heavier! First game, sober: 79. Second game, getting there: 112. Third game, there: 125. See, now all I have to do is make sure if I do join any leauge again that I start with at least one pitcher in me!

I did take some random pictures around the house over the weekend. I am not sure what day they where taken on but that really doesnt matter I guess:

1) Our son has found his medium: The walls. Here we have a budding Picaso, I was a bit concerned when I asked him who that was and he said 'Me, dats Seth!' But after asking if he like to wear dresses he did say that only girls and sailors named Lawrence wore dresses. And that he was a boy and his name was Seth. I felt much better!

2) We let him play with his computer and even though it has been a while since he has used it, he did not forget one thing. He has the look of someone trying to take over the world, there is hope for him yet!

3) Here we have one of those moments that reasures me why I should not eat my young.

4) And I know I did not take this one but I found it on the internet and had to share. I recently put a photoshop program in my computer so I might be making a few of these myself. But until then I would like to share something that made me smile....................

I still think she is hot....and that Madonna really needs to stop taking off her top! She is like that creepy old bar fly that is WAY past her prime.

This Just In!
Here are two pictures that I just took as I went to the bathroom to wash off the orange I had on my hands:
1) I know I have posted this is the past but it now has a brother.....

2) and this is the new one I saw as I was walking back to my office.....

Does anyone see a pattern here?


Steph said...

I am glad to know that Im not the only one who calls and receives calls.... from the captain. (I just recently blogged about calls from the capt!!! hahaha Jinx!!)

and that you still think britney is hot. yes!

~Sheila~ said...

So....joining a bowling league is for white people? know........I was the best on my team...

So...did they bust you eating in the restroom again?
You know, they may start putting up signs that say "If the food items are not labeled with YOUR name, PLEASE DO NOT EAT...(in the restroom)"
THEN..your jig will be up.

C'mon man...I'm down 17.2 lbs. You see I used the procrastinator card a few posts back.
Did I call that one or what?!

scargosun said...

Sorry...I am still relling from the pink bowling bag. ;)

honkeie2 said...

steph: lets party with Britney with the captian!

shelia: lol it isnt just for the pigmantley challanged, it just seems to have alot of them hahah! Come back soon I will post a weight post.

scargosum: ITS RED!

♥SaV♥ said...

Hey uh...make sure you don't eat in the bathroom. appears to be frowned upon in your place of work! :)