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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I have been sickkkkk

I have a stomach virus that is kicking my ass and even took the day off yesterday. I never take days off from work.....we don't have sick days. But this thing was killing me, I have not eaten anything solid in almost 3 days now. I have no idea how super models do it. I am about to break down and eat anything in sight! I was watching Sponge BoB Square Pants last night and I was salivating over a crabby sad is that? I am not even sure what a crabby pattie is but it sure looked good!
I hope to have everything back to normal in the next few days and have the pictures i took while I was in Virgina. But at least the stomach issue did not start until Monday ha ha.
Happy Wednesday, I am now off to the bathroom again :(

Friday, February 23, 2007

Tits Friday

This will be a fast post, I have been saving these pics for a while. This was ment for about 3 weeks ago but I kept missing my 'TiTs FriDay' because of this and that. But this week I was determined to get these beautiful examples of why I love being a man out. Yes the below post has some pg-13 pics so if you are at work or your better half is near and they look down apon visual aides to mental masterbation close out now!
I will being heading out for a road trip to Virgina tonight to have some good clean navy fun with the bro-in-law. I will be going solo, the wife unit gave me permission to go out and play for the weekend. Which is very cool, I will bring pictures of them to keep me company. It is only for a few days but they are the very reason I breath so I cannt leave the to far behind me. I will have pics and a post up sometime next week. And depending on what goes down with a bunch of drunk navy seamen I might even have a few good HNT for the up cumming Thursday.

But I got to get to 'class' and 'hand' in my homework. Online skool is too cool hahahahaha. With out any more interuptions I give you:

TiTs FirDaY











1) OMFG! That is all I can say without my wife hitting me in the back of the head.

2) I cannt wait until summer! You know she has no hair down dar!!

3) You know her milk shake brings all the boys to her yard.

4) Two round mounds of happiness giving me a stiffy in my side pocket.

5) Hmmmmmm I wish I was a necklace. But with my luck I would end up on some post-op tranny.

6)ARRGHH Me be Blue Ball dah pirate, come hither so that I may plunder your bootie!

7) Summer time is cumming tit is I swear!

8) ummmmm Freak, but I bet she would love to show you her peircings on the downlow....

9) This is a nice pic, tasteful, sexual, beautiful and all woman here! I would love to see pics like this on HNT....hint hint hint.....Maybe once the wife unit loses all the weight she wants I can get her to pose for some tastefull erotic pics for me. But sorry to say if she does those wont be posted sorry :-P

Have a happy Friday Yal!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Missing In Action.....

I have been missing in action due to school, yes I said school. I am currently doing the online thing so 90% of my computer time has now been taken up by it. I am using The University of Phoenix 'Distant Learning' program. When I have my degree I will be an alumni of the school even though I have never been anywhere near Phoenix. When I get my batchelors I will probably fly out there to do the whole cap and gown thing......hell why not? The classroom basicly works like a message board. The teach post, you post and the other students post. All assignments are done this way. The only problem with doing school this way is that you have to be on top of things yourself. There is not someone there looking at you asking you to do your work. All the resonsibility of doing the work and handing it in on time is all up to you. I am not much of a self starter but this class is kinda making me one. I have to download the sylibus, the calander and all the assignments and it is up to me to do it all. All the teacher does is post the info and read what you summit. It is a little strange but it also great, I can log in at anytime and anywhere. I have been keeping up with all the assignments so far, lets see how this trip turns out. I really have high hopes for this endevor, I am hoping this one works out better than I hoped.

Now, as I mentioned last week we had to go out and get a new bed for the little men in our lives. I took a few pics as we put this thing up. And I must say this was one of the easiest pieces of furntarure I have ever done......TO HELL WITH IKEA! Do not ever buy that fiber board shit! The directions are horrible and the material they use has to be the worst ever. Wood dust pressed with glue, fasteners made from low grade zinc and instructions that give you panic attacks just from looking at them.

1) Here we laid out the large boards first to see how to go from here.

2) The wife unit lending a hand.....well actually she usually puts all of our stuff together. I really suck at doing this type of stuff.

3) Made in the land of waxed cooters and the smallest bikini's known to man.

4) The only draw back to this was you needed a good bit of elbow greese to get some parts to work. Its all in the fore arms ppl!

5) To make things even easier for retards like me they put these little stickers on the planks that corresponded with the instructions. What a genius idea.....are you listening IKEA!?!

6) Another stroke of genius was they put all the little screws and dowels in their own little baggies and used a letter system to tell you what went where. IKEA would just give you a big bag with everything mixed up. Take notes IKEA, I know the Swiss air is thinner and all that pot makes you stupid but this is sooo simple even a stoner could do it.

7) Now since I am only good for lifting and looking sexy the thinking part was left to the wife unit.

8) Almost done.....

9) I forgot to take a picture of the finished project and with my mind all over the place these days all I have is a picture of the box and what it should look like. And yes it does look just like the box, I will have to post a real picture soon.

I am now off to go back to school while sitting at my office. I just thought of something, I can go to class drunk, naked, in bed and or while on vacation.......this is tooooo cool!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tuesday, and days lost....

Wel I am still working on getting that HNT picture but I am lazy and or it keeps slipping my mind. But I am trying to get this weeks done before the day cums up on me again. I also know I missed Monday but it was a holiday and on holidays I am usually sleeping at my desk. And this was no exception, I was the only one in the office so I pretty much just sleep at the desk, I didnt feel like doing much else.
We had to go out and buy a new bed for the kids. The one bed we had was just falling apart, and I mean that literly. If you sat on it and moved to the left all the boards on the bottom would fall out and you would end up on you ass. We went to BJ's and bought a bunk bed, not a bad price and pretty easy to put toghter. I have some pics of it but that will have to wait until Wednesday's post, I am missing the finished product picture.
I also broke the seal on my sober fast. I went in early that morning to get my blood work done for my yearly physical so I good to go. I had been dry for 47 day, mainly because of this blood test. I wanted to get a good grade, and alcohol always brings down my gpa haha.
The bro-in-law came up from Vigina and we went out drinking. Our first stop was at a friends house were we had some cheap rum and cokes....2 drinks....then 2 shots of rummple mints--4 drinks. We then headed over to this shit dive and got rejected......for wearing work boots. And yes I was the one in these 'work boots' And if you know me you know how much 'work' these boots have seen lol. We did not bitch of make a stink we just took our money and love of alcohol to another shit dive that could care less about what we had on our feet. Mind you it was an 'Irish Pub' called the BlackThorn. There was no cover charge, the atmosphere was young and the booze was flowing! Dink 5 was a shot of vodka, drink 6 was a shot of tequila, drink 7 was Drambui and Sprite ( by the it was very nice but at 7$ each it wasnt a cheap drink) and drink 8 was a red bull and vodka. Well to say the least I was very tanked and was feeling good. I am on a diet ....ssshhhh so I did stay away from any and all food, I did not want to compound these empty calories with more shit.
It was me, NavyMan and the friend-Christian. I had no interest in trying to chat up anyone so I just sat back like a wall flower and drank and watched. I must say watching drunk ppl has to be the greatest spectator sport ever. Lets do a list of what I saw:
  • The attention whore with a nice tramp stamp.
  • The obviously gay man whos gay ways came more out in the open the more he drank.
  • Old guy in the club that had all the girls
  • Dude in the smoking tent throwing up and the bouncers kicking him out.
  • Women in heat more than the men
  • Obvious lesbian hitting on every woman on the dance floor.
  • Cutie barmaid that was getting tips like crazy.

We have fun and nothing bad happened, that is always a good thing lol.


Got up witht he little woman and went to my first weight watchers meeting since my first weigh in. And lets just say I got a gold star! I lost my first 5 lbs, well actually 6.4lbs to be exact. Here is the card we keep with us to help keep you on track.

And after they say I lost my 5lbs mark I got a book mark and a gold star. It is all about giving ppl rewards to help them stay on target and not to get discouraged. I think the meetings are a great motivator in my book to keep me on my toes. I will admit I have made a few slip ups but I never let it get to me and I just make sure I get my ass in gear the next day. One bad day doesnt ruin the week, I think that is the key to sticking with it. I think so many ppl slip up and just say, "Aww fuck it, I just cannt " and give up. there isnt an easy way about losing weight, those who get what they want suffer at some point for it.
Here is a happy me with my first 5, 22 more to go.

( I did not proof reed any of this sooo soory for all the fuk ups, I will try to fuk down tommorow)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

HNT...put off until Friday...

Due to the nightmare that fell from the sky HNT has to be put off until Firday. I will have a much better post then, today is just going to be a quick bitch about ice and snow.
This morning I was greeted with a nice winter present, my car in a block of ice. Snow can be shoveled away but ice takes a bit more. I first tried the regular snow shovel but it did nothing, then I brought out the garden shovel and went to town! Even that was not working, luckily a nice man stopped and gave me a hand getting the car out. I have helped complete strangers out in the past and maybe this was a little pay back. I cannt count the number of ppl I have given money to after a sob story. The last guy I gave 20$ to, he had the most believable story out of the lot.
I beleive I even blogged about it some time ago and I was going to troll around and put the link up......but again I am lazy and dont feel like it.
He just seemed to come out of nowhere, I was driving down this side street. We waved me down and started to tell me he ran out of gas and that he not bring his credit cards with him. He tried to get authorization for payment over the phone but the gas station would not take it. He said he was a mechanic from Red Bank NJ and he was in a big pickle, he was on his way to the airport to get his wife and kid.
He even offered to give me his watch for gas money, it was a nice Mavado watch and looking back I should have taken it but I am not like that. After he finished his story I took a look at him and he had all the tail-tell signs of a mechanic, rough hands, tan work boots(dirty), blue cover alls, flannel shirt and just an over all arua of grease monkey. I might be a sucker for a good sob down on his luck but I felt this guy was telling the truth. With that I gave him my last 20 I had for the week and let me tell you I needed that money! It wasnt like it was just hiding there, I was assed out for about 5 days after that, but I felt I did the right thing. And maybe that gift was what got me out of my ice prison this morning. I am a very paranoid person but I also believe in helping out your fellow man.......and woman. Donate an orgasim, so many ppl go everyday without one.
I do stop and help ppl but if its late and I cannt see you, sorry you are on your own. I have read enough true crime novels to know about the wackos out there. If I really think you are in trouble I will call the popo for ya and wish you good luck-----with my windows rolled up and the doors locked. I am all for brotherly love but I am agaist getting stabbed, duct taped and laid to rest in a shallow grave.
Now I am off to get some crap down, and make sure you cum back Friday I will have HNT and a TiTs Friday post to boot. I have had this TiTs FridaY post in the wings for 2 weeks now, sometimes there just isnt enough hours in one day to see all the boobage on the internet!

1) Last winter snow storm of '06' from my now dead Dodge.

2) Some random pic I found on line when looking up 'Snow Day'

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I recently recievd my much conveted prize from It is a simple site that is just ment for shits and giggles but some ppl think it is a place to ask serious heart felt questions. I think those are the funniest out of all the nonsensical questions, like the ones I have sent it that got me my prize. You can pop over to the link below to get the run down on what I won and why.....or you can just follow along here and read my story ;-)
Back ground on what I won:

The idea behind this prize caught my attention faster than reading headlines like 'Paris Found Dead in Own Vomit'
'Sex, Drugs and Alcohol' was the topic of the prize for this game. I was all excited, my mind went off the deep in but reality brought me back down to a more innocent level. And even though I would have loved to have gotten a case of sinlge malt scotch, a bag of weed and life like sex doll I was tickled at what I got. Here let me show you:

1) Sex ,Drugs and Alcohol at its best:

2) The Sex: Hummer colonge, it brings the gold diggers out like you would not believe. I put this stuff on and the scent of new Hummer is an instant panty dropper for the young (18+) rap groupies.

2) Alcohol: SoCo and lime tee and the button that anyone can find on any TGIF's waitress whoring herself out to the drink of the night.

Up close of the logo. I have yet to try this drink, but I think when I break my dry spell this will be my drink of choice. I am now 43 day on the wagon.......booze doesnt help with the gut issue.

3) Drugs: This one had to be the funniest......they sent me grass! Well not the smokable kind but grass none the less. Fake grass, I am not sure what to do with this but stop by for HNT I have an idea.......muahahhaahhahahaha!

Here is the disclaimer that all alcohol products have to come with now. If I ever get to make my own teeshirt I might do a logo like this : 'Start the Night Right, Dink too Excess and Wake Up With Someone That Only Looked Good in Poor Light.' Or better yet 'Drink Fast, Drive Faster, Go to Jail even Faster, Ass Raped in Only 0-60 Seconds in Local Lock Up'

Here are some links to a few of the questions that I have asked in the past that helped me win the hearts and minds of the men @ Useless Advise From Useless men.
Thank you Useless Men!

My Question1

My Question2

My favorite Question I asked2

Friday, February 09, 2007

HNT & celeberty deaths

In my last post I mentioned I had a some news of something that had to do with me. I have several to be exact. The first one is that I have joined Weight Watchers with my wife. Now I am no fatty but I have put on some pounds since the 3 weeks I have been sick. In these 3 weeks I have not exercised once and have been eating anything and everything in site! The little woman joined about 4 weeks ago and is doing well with it and I want to be supportive of her, but how can I support her if she is eating one thing and I am eating another. She is on the Core Plan, which lets you eat all you want......from the list they provide. The list is pretty big but it is missing a few key things in my beer, chocolate, and BREAD! And anyone that could come up with the BCB (bear chocolate bread) Diet would be a rich person.

I have been on the diet unofficially since this past Sunday. I will be going to my first weigh in and meeting on Sunday so that will my starting point in this journey. I have used this week to get used to the idea of eating this way. At first it wasnt so bad but day 3 I was ready to kill for some bread! But luckily you get , I think 25 point to use as you wish through out the week. Now for those of you who have no idea what 'points' mean take a run over the the site and check it out or keep reading. Everything that is 'not' on the list of food (bread beer candy fast food and soooo forth) has a point system on it. Here is some lady's site the has tons of info on it----Dotti's Weight Loose Zone---

But so far so good, I must admit I have fallen off the wagon a bit but I dont think I have surpased my points for the week. But then again I have been really bad at writting it down. Like I said I am still unofficial, hehehehe. I am sticking to it so that maybe I can be rid of this extra bullshit for the summer. I am also about to get back to the gym as well, so that will help with the losing. One of the things that motivates me to stick to is that I am going to be weighed in by on lookers. I think that will be a real key motivator in my book.

The other news is that I am in the process of enrolling in an online college. I have tried the traditional way but time has killed that hope. The University of Pheonix has an online college that can get me my degree in less time and less money than the others. I did some research on this before I jumped in and the only negative press I found was some wacked out exteacher ranting about how online dregees are not the same as a real education. Well exscuse me Professor FuckNut! College is not about education, its a buisness in itself and its primary goal is to get money out of people. If it was all about education my wife's college would not have turned their bookstore over to Barnes and Knobles and made it maditiory that everyone get the book reguarles of usage. Some of the classes I have had, the teachers did not care if we had the book, sharing was ok just as long as the assignments were done and you passed the test. That proves to me the teacher isnt on the take with some bookstore and does care about thier teaching and not getting a kick back from some shiteating publisher. My wife's college is alway jacking up prices and making all kinds of claims for the need for more money. I have yet to hear any of the reasons being, 'We want to make sure everyone one of our students is well educated and gets the tools they need for the real world'. No its more like, ' We want to make sure we have the state of the art sidewalks made of super exspensive recycled rubber, newer than new rec centers, a bigger football stadium for a team that has never won anything other than 'Best in Dress' and what student would be complete without the brand new indoor swimming pool".

Fuck traditional college, if I want to be educated I will do it when I am retired, bored and looking to learn about western civilization or study why the ancient romans with all of their knowledge let the dark ages come about. Those are fun classes and they do broaden your mind, but I am looking for a degree in a field I am currently working in and no where in this world in which I live will I needed to know what happened to Alexander the Great or was Plato talking about an actual place when he wrote about Alantis. And ppl for the record Alantis was a story that was ment to teach a lesson. That lessson: Man is not bigger than god! It never existed it did not sink into the ocean, so give it up.....and dont get me going on the garden of Eden!

College is for education if you are going into a field like medicine, law or maybe finance but for someone who is looking for a BA in BS college is just a stepping stone in road to higher pay. I never really saw myself as a college person, dont get me wrong I soooo wanted to go to Animal House as a kid but I never wanted to wait 5 damn years to get a degree that allows me to now, spend the next 5 years working shit jobs at bottom entry level pay and have a giantic bill I owe to Uncle Sam.

But enough of my ranting about the things I can not change.

My new moment of Zen:

'Give me the power to except the things I can not change and the time to bitch about them on my blog'

HAHA I got to put that somewhere, maybe on a coffe mug or a bumper sticker.

But anywho.......Today is HNT, but you wont be seeing in skin today, it has been to fucking cold here. So cold I go to bed wearing cloths. Now for those of you I have known, and in 'known' I mean it in the way the bible uses it....'let them in so that we may know them'......

Know: screw, bonking, humping, horizontal Mombo get the idea.

These ppl know that I sleep nude at all times, I cannt stand sleeping with cloths on. But lately it has been so cold that sleeping in the buff has not been an option. I have been going to bed like an old man, socks, pj's under wear and a teeshirt. And lets not forget all the blankets. So todays pic is a look into what I look like going to work, the store or anywhere that does not have a heater my desk at work lol.

You can totaly see my eyes lol. And on a job realted note, that werid box behind me was once used to control the warehouse fans. But it has not worked in over 5 years but they keep pay to have someone fix it and move it.

Breaking News:

I started this post around 11am this morning but becasue of this that and everything it is now 1130 pm and I am finally finishing it. And since then another cleberty has fallen, and fallen hard. Anna Nicole Smith is dead. Very few details are avaiable at this time other than that she was at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Florida. She was found unresponsive in her hotel room, rushed to the hospital where she was declared dead.

I dont care what ppl said about her she was a character and a half. Yes she was very annoying and yes Icould not stand to hear her talk. But she was the unwanted redheaded retarded child of Hollywood that was left off at the orphanage in hopes it would just go away. So many people hated her and made fun of her....I was one of them poking fun, but she was a mother of a new born and this poor child now will grow up without a mom and since no one knows who the dad is probably will be faterless as well. I feel sorry for her and that child. She probably would not have been the best mom in the world but in the eyes of a child she would have been wonder woman. I always wonder why bad things happen to ppl like this, she wasnt dangerous or ill spirited just a little stoopid. She went out too soon.
Why dont things like this happen to ppl like Jane Fonda, Rosie Odonald, Jessica Simpson, Tom Cruise or the entire country of France. I not saying I wish them dead......well maybe Jane Fonda.....but these ppl are horses asses and seem to go through life on cloud 9. Sometimes poetic justice just does not come through, but I am still hoping for the day I pull up my Yahoo News and see Jane Fonda killed by a drunken 40 some draft dodger driving a Kia, while she was on her way to protest something to make the everyday Americans that keep this country running look like morons.

Oh well, death doesnt pick and choose he just takes the ones that are ready. But funny thing about being ready ......who is ever really ready to go?
She sure didnt look like she was ready to go-
1) She might not have been the brightest bulb in the box but she was nice eye candy.

3) Real women have curves!
3) What red blooded man would not have wanted to buy a ticket for this ride.
Anna Nicole Smith, you will be missed. The Playboy Manson will be in mourning............

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hell has no furry like a woman with her tit in a wringer

What that title has to do with....hell if I know but I would die laughing if someone got their tit caught in a wringer. And if you are not familiar with what a 'wringer' is here is a visual aid:

Its an old way to wash your cloths, you put the wet cloths into the wringer and it....well wrings them out....duh! And I guess somewhere along the line some short top heavy woman who was doing laundry topless mistoke her tit for a shirt and tried to wring it out.
Now how I got on that topic I have no idea but then again it did envolve boobs so.....there you go. I missed my Monday post because of work. My job left me out high and dry so I fought back a little. Here is the story:
I am the supervisor at my site, my boss left 4 weeks ago and my company has yet to send a replacement. So for the time being we have had this replacement boss that is only an 'acting boss' I am not to hard on him because he has his areas to deal with now he has my old bosses area ass well. The old boss gave his two weeks and did everything by the book(even though he was a boob he wasnt too bad) but the office did not have anyone lined up to take his place.....and hell they still dont. And I cannt get the job because as per company policy: To make the move from where I am at I have to have a 4 year degree. I am working on it but it takes time and I had to take a few semesters off so that the little woman can finish. She is alot closer to her degree than I am and there is no way we can both go at the same time.
Now on Monday things came to a head, we have another post that has come open since Monday. They have known about this for 2 weeks and sent no one for trainning. All the ppl I have on my site that could help out are either working, at school, on other post or unavailable. Come Monday morning I get a call from the 'temp boss' around 0630 saying that we still dont have anyone. I am stuck juggling 3 post with 2 people. And yes I felt like I had my tit in a wringer here. By 0930 I was pissed to say the least, I called our big boss and asked of there was anything anyone could do. And you know what he said........
BigBoss: Why is this the first time I am hearing about this?
Me: I told 'temp boss' about this 2 weeks ago, I reminded him a week ago and then I reminded him again 3 days ago.
BigBoss: I should have been informed about this, these things cannt wait until the last minute!
Me: Um, I know that is why I was coresponding with the person I was told to speak to enregards to my site. I was never told to go to you with these things.
BigBoss: I will call you back.....
After this short conversation I got a call from another boss.....smaller than BigBoss, higher than me and about the same as my TempBoss. He told me that they were taking someone from another site and she will be there shortly........Fuck me running! One phone call and problem solved! Now in two weeks they could not have gotten her over there for proper training so that come Monday this would not have been an issue?
I know there is alot on TempBoss's plate but come on people, this is an open post that needed coverage. And fully knowing that there wasnt anyone to help us out come the day. I did not get to my computer once in that whole day, to do work or blog. I was not a happy camper damn it!
But tits over and I believe those envolved in the screw up had their asses chewed out for it, hey you dont want me to take the post because I have the exsperience but not the degree.....fine. But dont think for a second I am going to take on the responsiblity of the postition for the same pay. I know if I was incharage this would have worked out differently. And hell I used to have the post right before this company took over. I took a step down as far as positions are concerned but I got to keep the same pay. So there was no bitching in that area. But having no support and schmucks trying to blame you for their fuck ups.......well lets just say I always cover my ass in this company. It is company policy....CYA.....CoverYourAss. Document everything and leave nothing open for question.

Enough, enough of that foul talk. Lets go to a happier place where Mr.McFeely comes and plays with you at nap time and some strange purple dinosuarish creature wants to talk to you about how getting kicked in the nuts but the bully made you feel. I have a few pictures from the weekend to help put us all in a better mood. We will feel better after this,,,,,yes well will.
1) My oldest is on a basketball team......not the best buch of NBA hopefulls (to0 man honkeie's) They had there asses handed to them by the other team. And the funniest thing is that the star player on the other had to be the shortest one out of the bunch. But he had the best control on that ball out of everyone. My son......well lets just say he was having fun with it. I am not a big gun-whoe sports werido so I wasnt making a scene about it. You play, you have fun.....fuck the score.
He is the 3rd from the left.
2) Now here i might have advised him to punch the other kid in the back of the head but that old dude with the realllllly loud whistle might have tried to blow it at me. At me....blow it at me...not blow me.....damn you have a dirty mind! ;)
3) Cheese has his first tooth coming in and so begins the slobber fest and chew toys. He has not been to bad as of yet, but we do have the childrens Tylenol handy. When in dought.....drugem up!
4) Cheese and mommy. He has to be the smiliest baby I have ever seen. He just makes you smile right along with him.
5) Now........this picture needs a few words. It was taken on Monday at work, ssssshhhhh dont tell anyone. This comes from this nice spanish lady that has the dress of a 20 some, the body of a 20 some but the face of a 50 some. From the neck down you would swear she was a hot spanish mommie, but the face tells a whole nother story. And that story might be titled 'Once Apon a Time in Columbia When My Face Was Tighter You Would Have Been begged Me to Put It In My Mouth' But time is cruel and wrinkles suck. All the guys give her credit for keeping the body in good working order and also agreed on the total number of beers that would make her a possibility: 8, and on an empty stomache.

At least its Camel Toe and not Buffalo Knuckle!
It is Tuesday........And I have more news to drop but it will have to wait for another day. I have a pile of paper work waiting for me. I am using it as an elbow rest while I type up this post. Pretty comfy, the "IN" box finally has a real purpose.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Well....Tits Friday again!

I tried with all hy heart to put up a post yesterday but I was not able to get through. So HNT has been put off until next week. Just as well, the pic I had was a bit rushed and crappy. Maybe this weekend I can find some time to get a good picture for the post.

Not much going on here, we still have yet to see any real snow here in NJ. I am no real fan of the white stuff but I really do hope we get some. I love watching ppl freak out when bad weather hits.

Life is going at a steady pace at the moment, nothing good nothing bad. The baby is getting huge and his smile is just as big as ever. And yes he name is still 'Cheese'. WeeMan is still the terror of the house but we have a new weapon in calming him........Mario's World. Or something like that, its a game on the GameCube that has his complete attention. And the funny thing is that he is actually good at it and knows what is going on. Well maybe he can become a professional gamer and make millions doing just that. And yes they do exisit and it is a sport.........if badmenton is a sport so is playing video games!

But today is 'TiTs Friday' so Iwent out on a limb looking for some with actually goggling 'boobs' or 'breast'. That's too easy, I tried a few different words but the only ones that really got me what I was looking for was: Hooters and Clevage. Hooters came up with all kinds of photos of ppl eating at hooters and the Hooters Girls. Which isnt a bad thing I love it when top heavy women serve me beer and crappy appitizers lol. But any-whoooo on with the HOOTERS!

1) Hooter Girls......little thin for my taste but the one in the middle has that 'I get really slutty when I drink look' on her. And the one on the left has a bit of rump showing.....hmmmm rump!

2) I see the perfect place to put my beer coster, my plate, my feet and one really interesting bottle opener.

3) If you look really hard you can see.........hell all I see is a nice rack!

4) Now this is my kind girl! Grow it then show it I always say.

5) Women have eyes?

6) Now I know there arent any Hooters in this pic but I had this idea years ago but the ppl at the small buisness loan office didnt think it would work.

7) This is why I wear dark sunglasses at all times! I bet her name tag says "Hello, my name is.......what ever you want it to be."

8) Lets play monkey in the middle and then we can play 'Hide and Find the Quater'

9) And one last one that is just to nice not post. I think next time I will do the search on 'strippers'. This girl had may pics of her and her friends doing thier best on the poles. And if anyone is looking to find her go to photobucket and look up 'cleavage' she is in there ;-) Happy hunting!

I am trying to publish this post but everytime I go to click it I am stopped by that view!!! I think I am about to go blind here.............

And yes my wives are better!