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Friday, February 09, 2007

HNT & celeberty deaths

In my last post I mentioned I had a some news of something that had to do with me. I have several to be exact. The first one is that I have joined Weight Watchers with my wife. Now I am no fatty but I have put on some pounds since the 3 weeks I have been sick. In these 3 weeks I have not exercised once and have been eating anything and everything in site! The little woman joined about 4 weeks ago and is doing well with it and I want to be supportive of her, but how can I support her if she is eating one thing and I am eating another. She is on the Core Plan, which lets you eat all you want......from the list they provide. The list is pretty big but it is missing a few key things in my beer, chocolate, and BREAD! And anyone that could come up with the BCB (bear chocolate bread) Diet would be a rich person.

I have been on the diet unofficially since this past Sunday. I will be going to my first weigh in and meeting on Sunday so that will my starting point in this journey. I have used this week to get used to the idea of eating this way. At first it wasnt so bad but day 3 I was ready to kill for some bread! But luckily you get , I think 25 point to use as you wish through out the week. Now for those of you who have no idea what 'points' mean take a run over the the site and check it out or keep reading. Everything that is 'not' on the list of food (bread beer candy fast food and soooo forth) has a point system on it. Here is some lady's site the has tons of info on it----Dotti's Weight Loose Zone---

But so far so good, I must admit I have fallen off the wagon a bit but I dont think I have surpased my points for the week. But then again I have been really bad at writting it down. Like I said I am still unofficial, hehehehe. I am sticking to it so that maybe I can be rid of this extra bullshit for the summer. I am also about to get back to the gym as well, so that will help with the losing. One of the things that motivates me to stick to is that I am going to be weighed in by on lookers. I think that will be a real key motivator in my book.

The other news is that I am in the process of enrolling in an online college. I have tried the traditional way but time has killed that hope. The University of Pheonix has an online college that can get me my degree in less time and less money than the others. I did some research on this before I jumped in and the only negative press I found was some wacked out exteacher ranting about how online dregees are not the same as a real education. Well exscuse me Professor FuckNut! College is not about education, its a buisness in itself and its primary goal is to get money out of people. If it was all about education my wife's college would not have turned their bookstore over to Barnes and Knobles and made it maditiory that everyone get the book reguarles of usage. Some of the classes I have had, the teachers did not care if we had the book, sharing was ok just as long as the assignments were done and you passed the test. That proves to me the teacher isnt on the take with some bookstore and does care about thier teaching and not getting a kick back from some shiteating publisher. My wife's college is alway jacking up prices and making all kinds of claims for the need for more money. I have yet to hear any of the reasons being, 'We want to make sure everyone one of our students is well educated and gets the tools they need for the real world'. No its more like, ' We want to make sure we have the state of the art sidewalks made of super exspensive recycled rubber, newer than new rec centers, a bigger football stadium for a team that has never won anything other than 'Best in Dress' and what student would be complete without the brand new indoor swimming pool".

Fuck traditional college, if I want to be educated I will do it when I am retired, bored and looking to learn about western civilization or study why the ancient romans with all of their knowledge let the dark ages come about. Those are fun classes and they do broaden your mind, but I am looking for a degree in a field I am currently working in and no where in this world in which I live will I needed to know what happened to Alexander the Great or was Plato talking about an actual place when he wrote about Alantis. And ppl for the record Alantis was a story that was ment to teach a lesson. That lessson: Man is not bigger than god! It never existed it did not sink into the ocean, so give it up.....and dont get me going on the garden of Eden!

College is for education if you are going into a field like medicine, law or maybe finance but for someone who is looking for a BA in BS college is just a stepping stone in road to higher pay. I never really saw myself as a college person, dont get me wrong I soooo wanted to go to Animal House as a kid but I never wanted to wait 5 damn years to get a degree that allows me to now, spend the next 5 years working shit jobs at bottom entry level pay and have a giantic bill I owe to Uncle Sam.

But enough of my ranting about the things I can not change.

My new moment of Zen:

'Give me the power to except the things I can not change and the time to bitch about them on my blog'

HAHA I got to put that somewhere, maybe on a coffe mug or a bumper sticker.

But anywho.......Today is HNT, but you wont be seeing in skin today, it has been to fucking cold here. So cold I go to bed wearing cloths. Now for those of you I have known, and in 'known' I mean it in the way the bible uses it....'let them in so that we may know them'......

Know: screw, bonking, humping, horizontal Mombo get the idea.

These ppl know that I sleep nude at all times, I cannt stand sleeping with cloths on. But lately it has been so cold that sleeping in the buff has not been an option. I have been going to bed like an old man, socks, pj's under wear and a teeshirt. And lets not forget all the blankets. So todays pic is a look into what I look like going to work, the store or anywhere that does not have a heater my desk at work lol.

You can totaly see my eyes lol. And on a job realted note, that werid box behind me was once used to control the warehouse fans. But it has not worked in over 5 years but they keep pay to have someone fix it and move it.

Breaking News:

I started this post around 11am this morning but becasue of this that and everything it is now 1130 pm and I am finally finishing it. And since then another cleberty has fallen, and fallen hard. Anna Nicole Smith is dead. Very few details are avaiable at this time other than that she was at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Florida. She was found unresponsive in her hotel room, rushed to the hospital where she was declared dead.

I dont care what ppl said about her she was a character and a half. Yes she was very annoying and yes Icould not stand to hear her talk. But she was the unwanted redheaded retarded child of Hollywood that was left off at the orphanage in hopes it would just go away. So many people hated her and made fun of her....I was one of them poking fun, but she was a mother of a new born and this poor child now will grow up without a mom and since no one knows who the dad is probably will be faterless as well. I feel sorry for her and that child. She probably would not have been the best mom in the world but in the eyes of a child she would have been wonder woman. I always wonder why bad things happen to ppl like this, she wasnt dangerous or ill spirited just a little stoopid. She went out too soon.
Why dont things like this happen to ppl like Jane Fonda, Rosie Odonald, Jessica Simpson, Tom Cruise or the entire country of France. I not saying I wish them dead......well maybe Jane Fonda.....but these ppl are horses asses and seem to go through life on cloud 9. Sometimes poetic justice just does not come through, but I am still hoping for the day I pull up my Yahoo News and see Jane Fonda killed by a drunken 40 some draft dodger driving a Kia, while she was on her way to protest something to make the everyday Americans that keep this country running look like morons.

Oh well, death doesnt pick and choose he just takes the ones that are ready. But funny thing about being ready ......who is ever really ready to go?
She sure didnt look like she was ready to go-
1) She might not have been the brightest bulb in the box but she was nice eye candy.

3) Real women have curves!
3) What red blooded man would not have wanted to buy a ticket for this ride.
Anna Nicole Smith, you will be missed. The Playboy Manson will be in mourning............


Matt said...

Well, online degrees are usually less prestigous (and sometimes that's what you're paying for) but in terms of quality of education, online and real-world programs are evaluated by the same accrediting body. It's the same thing.

prunella jones said...

I completely agree with you about the college thing. I owe thousands of dollars for my fancy ass degree and I will be paying for it for the next twenty years. You know who I blame? Baby boomers. They all got their degrees for super cheap and then fucked up the economy for our generation. Thanks hippies!

You look like a ninja BTW.

Samantha said...

There's something funny going on with her death, I tell thee. First her son and now her . . . BTW, I have changed my URL to

Hammy said...

You look like an urban ninja in that get-up.

Did you poke fun at Anna Nicole or just want to poke her? And she wasn't too responsive in life, as in death.

Miss 1999 said...

Congrats on joining WW with your wife! I know, if nothing else, it will be great support for her, and an incentive for both of you to learn better lifestyle choices :0)

College-- don't EVEN get me started.

Anna Nicole. My heart was absolutely shattered. I LOVED that woman! She was my hero. She made it ok to be fat and beautiful. She made the world take notice that women aren't all a size 2, and you can be beautiful at size 12, 14, 16, and beyond. She will most definitely be missed.

prettykitty said...

honkie, you're a good man to support your wife and join something that's associated with kirstie alley. good luck on your online thing. i know someone who did the univeristy of phoenix accelerated program and had great luck finding a job.

and i agree with you about anna. noone wants anyone to go out like that.

Ranger Tom said...

You know, she never did a thing for me...

Reba said...

I was gonna say you look like a ninja, but they beat me to it.

I think Howard Stern, her lawyer, had something to do with her and her sons death.

Buddha Bong said...

Dude - I checked out the calorie website...nice! Now I know exactly when to think of suicide after I go eat at Taco Bell.

Martini said...

I have to join Weight-Gainers. Or, since it doesn't exist, I have to invent it. I have to eat sixteen full-size foot-long subs a day just to keep my weight on. I think I'm a hummingbird.

morbid misanthrope said...

I was once told college is about learning ... learning to put up with copious amounts of bullshit. I certainly learned that in my four years.

Allegedly, Plato got the story of Atlantis from Solon who allegedly got it from the Egyptians. A lot of people also believe Plato got the idea for Atlantis eating shit from the sudden destruction of Helike or any number of other ancient civilizations. However, I was told by my alien contact Zagnutter, a close friend of deceased psychic Edward Cayce (who predicted Atlantis would be found in the Bahamas), that Atlantis was real and created for humans by aliens from the planet WahllMahrrt. When humans evolved external genitals, the aliens got jealous and destroyed the place. Bam! Mystery solved.

morbid misanthrope said...

P.S. You're right about ol' Hanoi Jane.

Carie said...

WoooHOoo for starting college, my cousin got his degree on line and has a great job :o) and even though I think neither you or your wife need WW I am happy for ya ;o)

sudiegirl said...

Dude - I LOVE the new philosophy statement - very very fitting indeed.

Hope all goes well with whatever educational path you take. I always joke that my BA in English from the University of Iowa allows me to waitress at any restaurant in the world.