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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Semi Product and day at the park

The wife bought these Topsy-Turvey planters, I know I spelled that wrong but most people know what I am talking about. She got the strawberry, the jalapenos one and the tomato planters. Well after much watering and care I will say not to bother with them. Planting them the old fashion way works better. The strawberries were an absolute failure, the peppers were so so at best, and as of now no tomatoes. We have some possible flowers that might become food but as of now we have not had anything worth bothering with. So if you ask me, dont bother with these things, you want to grow some food? Dont be lazy and go dig up a garden lol

Day at the park:
Took the kids to the Phil Rizzuto park in Elizabeth, NJ right on Morris ave, across the street from my nemeses....Kean University. It is odd that they have a park named after a baseball legend but there isnt a base field on it. Just a grassy area that has become mud because of the soccer games played there. They have tried keeping the grass but its just about impossible to keep people off the grass long enough for it to grow. It is a large field and the only one around that is perfect for playing soccer on, so I cannt really blame them.

But it has a nice park for the kids to play, a water sprinkler for the kids to run through and this nice soft rubber matting that if you fall on it, you get one hell of a nasty rug burn!

But that never seems to stop them for more than 2 seconds. And add water to a slide and what do you have? Even faster kids flying off the slide! Here we have Lucas coming down the slide:

And here we have him heading back to the top of it, like I said there is no slowing them down!

And then we have Seth the monkey. I swear he will be the first of my children in a cast!

I had to ask Lucas to stop for a second to take his picture.....yeah this lasted about a second!

Wild monkey man on the climbing thingie!

I am set to go on vacation in one week, no real big plans just day trips here and there. I just want some time off to do just about NOTHING. Ever notice that most vacations are more exhausting that going to work?

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Product Evaluation #1

I am a huge sucker for new products, especially weight-loss gimmicks. I have been meaning to do some post on the numerous items I have tried, own and even use on a regular basis. So here is my first product evaluation, and its on this new food additive Sensa:

I saw the ad on a Facebook side bar ad, it had all the usual get skinny fast notions. It even had the 'order now and get your first three months free' catch phrase. Keep that line in your mind as you read what I have to say about this snake oil.
So, I order it and pay for the shipping and handling, no biggie. I get the product and read JUST about all the papers that fall out of the box. About how it works, why it works, how to use it and so forth. Like a kid at Christmas I open my new weight-loss weapon and hit the ground running. But as the days wear on I find one big flaw in the product, you have to carry it with you at all times. I am not always at home when I eat, like most normal working stiffs. So this means I have to remember to carry this item around with me at all times, so you know how that went. Hell I cannt even remember to take my vitamins....crap I forgot to take it again this morning, crap!
So, after about two weeks of half ass-ing it with Sensa I put it aside, I just could not remember to keep it with me whenever I ate. I tried I really did, and hell the product targeted my main problem with food....I just dont know when to stop! And this product claimed it could help with that, it was not a lack of wanting to use the product it was more of a lack of being able to keep it on me.
After I finally said, screw it my wife reminded me to make sure they did not put me on an automatic billing cycle. Ummmm what.....WTF is that? At first I was all like, 'Whatever' But then I was like, 'Ok, let me look into this'.
And sure enough, after going back and looking through ALL of the paper work that came with the shipment there was this one sheet of paper that had all those little nasty details.
Detail One:
You are put on an automatic shipment of this product every three months. And this shit isn't cheap! So, after following the direction on the paper I cancelled the automatic shipping. Which by the way was not an easy feat by any means.
Detail Two:
The 'Free Trail' is not free. I know shame on me, even the ad said, 'If you are not totally satisfied with the product just send us back the product and you pay nothing but the shipping.' What this means is that you have to call Sensa, talk to one of their reps that tries every way under the sun from keeping you from returning it, and get the return address.
Detail Three:
You have to get this charge back number from the Sensa that has to be put on the box you are returning it in. The first person I spoke to never said anything about this. I learned this after reading some more on what I need to return the product without paying the full $90 some smackers for this 'food additive'. So, I called again and asked for this number. I was a little less polite about my answers this time about why I was returning it. The phone drones they have there, work off a script and I had to cut this one off in mid sales pitch. I am an ass, sorry phone guy I heard the same pitch from the last guy whom seemed to have forgotten I needed this number for my shipping needs.
With all my ducks in a row I was able to return it and pay nothing but the shipping. To sum up the product itself I cannot say it worked or not, I could not remember to keep it in my pocket when I went out to eat.
They have a great gimmick that preys on the same notions that almost all the weight loss products use; Get them to take the bait of the 'Free Trial', keep the automatic billing cycle in plain sight but on page 15 of the 15th page of you product information and make returning the product so annoying that most people will not take the time to do it right. Because you miss one step and they got you for the full amount of the product.
In all I would avoid this product and their Tricky-Dickie billing department. Well, unless you are one of the few people that never forgets things and does not mind sitting in a restaurant and adding something to your food that you took out of your pocket........which by the way did make me feel a little creepy. I felt like some addict trying to hide the fact he was an addict lol,

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Very late on this one

I have been trying to cure myself of my lazy ways on sooooo many levels. And this includes my blog. I am late on this I know so dont be to hard on me.
Uruguay beat Paraguay 3-0 for the win of the American Cup! Like I said I am late, kill me NOW!

Now I am not a huge fan of spectator sports for many reason, it does nothing for me, I could careless about what team beat this team or the fact that if one team wins over another my life doesn't change what so ever.
But my wife is from South America so you know what sport is well followed in my house.......that right soccer.....oh wait I am sorry Fotobul....or ball or whatever. And my stance doesn't change on this when soccer time comes around. I wont go into a rant about my dislike of this sport, which the sport itself is one hell of a sport to play, but I will say I have a true hate for the bullshit in this game.
What do I mean by bullshit you ask? The trick of pretending to get hurt by the opposite team in hopes of getting a flag called on the player or to get a free kick. Sorry but that is bullshit in my book. I have had to leave the room more than once after seeing this strategy being used over and over again.
Come on, is that all you got? Pretending you got hurt? Come on there are cameras everywhere and the whole world just saw you fake an injury, and very poorly at that. Imagine if they did this in boxing or rugby? You would be laughed out of the ring or the field. I am sorry for this rant over a rather well played match by Uruguay. Which by the way they only pretended to get hurt a few times.

This was goallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll number three which just about set in stone who was going home the winner

Sister in Law, Sharon and wife celebrating their country's win.

The wife wanted to go down to this Uruguayan bakery where all of the 100 or soo people from Uruguay where going to go to celebrate the win. Here we have Sharon showing that in all the excitement she forgot to fix her pants.

It was a hot and steamy day, the humidity jumped to about a %100 the moment we got into the crowd. It was wild but in a very controlled kind of way; no fights, no one vomiting, a few drunks here and there but in all a very good crowd.

Now when I said the 100 or soo Uruguayans were going to be in one spot I meant it! It was not a complete mob scene but there were alot of people in a very small area.

Here we have the wife and her sister showing their country pride.

Here is another picture of one of the drummers, and for the life of me I cannt remember his name?!?!?!

I am not sure if that was his truck he was standing on but the whole time we were there I did not hear anyone scream, "Hey asshole get off my truck!"

Well, all this noise did bring the cops out. At first they did nothing but as more and more peopled showed up they had to block off the street. And they even took time to take care of some police business with one of the locals. PS.....he wasnt part of our group lol

So much South American stuff going on in one small area!

Just some random crowd shot with a girl and her party cup!

Nothing says party guy like no shirt and a flag for a cape!

They were signing all kinds of songs I didnt know, but then again I dont speak Spanish haha

Well after a time the police did have to break us up and asked us to take to the park across the street. There was no permit for this celebration so technically we were all breaking the law. And even once we got to the park the cops kept harassing us, but we then learned that as long as we keep moving we could continue. Rules rules rules......they were made to be broken and bent to fit our needs and wants haha.

Oh and this guy, no clue i guess he likes women I dont know......

The popo making sure we all listened to the rules and that no one stood in one spot for too long. I wonder if jogging in place counted as well?

I took this one for one obvious reason.....I have never seen this one before. I had a friend that had the back of his neck pierced, this tongue, his eye brow and even that little piece of skin that connects the top lip to your gum line.....yeah that little piece of skin inside your mouth between your teeth and lip(And I know anyone reading this is tonguing it right now)....his nose and a good number of them in his ears as well. But he did not have this one! Sorry Dave she got you on this one!

I know this looks like the beginning of something very bad, but everyone listened and obeyed. We kept it civil and, as far as I can tell, no one was arrested that day.

In all everyone had fun and everyone went home knowing that even thou the other team tried Uruguay took home the cup. Better luck next year, may this time around you should work on your game instead of your acting.

Blue Fishing in New Jeresey

A buddy from work asked if I wanted to go blue fishing with him and some of his buddies from his firehouse. I would put the name of the firehouse on here but with my luck someone would google it and find my blog. Dont want to get anyone on trouble from the Oakland Fire house.......ummmmm oopps lol. We went on the night trip, 730pm to 230am.....oh yeah it was going to be a long night hahaha
Here we have a couple of group shots of the guys getting ready to catch some fish!

The guy in the bandanna is my buddy Vinnie.....that sounds like the name of a comedy lol. Oh yeah there was beer involved, what kind of fishing outing doesnt have beer?!?!?!

This is one of those party boats that does just about everything for you, which is good for me because I have no clue on what to do with anything I catch lol. Here we have the table of death already to chop and slice you fresh catch. It didnt stay clean for long......

I was soon informed that blue fish are very bloody and that they have very sharp teeth. Both of which turned out to be very true. One of the guys I was with got his finger bitten, nothing serious but it sure made for some good jokes at his expense.

These fish are real fighters, I only brought in one but fought with like 4 others that broke the line. Which was fine by me, I only wanted one. I mean WTF was I going to do with more than that, do you see how big these fuckers are?!?!?!

The boat Miss Belmar did just wanted we wanted it to found us a great place to fish. It did take some time to find a good spot but it was well worth the trip. This one guy on the boat took home like 15 fish, this guy was dead serious about bring home some fish. I am curious as to what he did with all of them????? But if you are ever in the area and are in need of a boat, Miss Belmar is the one to pick in my book.

Krikey.....will you look at the size of dat ding!

There were some interesting characters on this boat. One was this skinny chick that was high as a kite and dressed for a jogging outing, not a night of fishing. She pulls up in a BMW, hops on the boat and then starts bumming smokes and beer off of the people on the boat. I swear I cannt get away from bums no matter where i go. And just in cast you are wondering, I didnt give her shit. Dont get me wrong I am a huge sucker for a sob story and give to almost anybody that asks, but this was just some leech bar fly. And I was not giving her squat.
Now the other strange ducks we had were these two young girls, which is probably normal in these parts, I am just not used to girls being into manly outdoors things. Sorry but the women I am used to dont fish, hunt or do chewing tobacco. Sorry for the blurry picture and sorry to the girl who is on the receiving end of this had to take it I am sooo sorry.

Now, being the manly fisherman I am I took home the one fish I caught. And I must say I had no idea what to do with it, but luckily one of the guys working on the boat gave me some good advise. Soak the fillet in milk over night and then cook it how ever you want. The milk helps to get rid of the fishy smell and taste. I did it and it worked like a charm.

Fun was had by one and all, no one got sea sick and no one threw up.....well no one in my group anyway. We did witness one gut blow some serious chunks off the boat. I totally laughed at his pain, sorry I cannt help it I am an asshole after all. I have yet to ever get sea sick, I actually like the feeling of being on a rocking boat. Cannt say why, I did not grow up around boats and in all honesty I did not get on one until much later in life. I swear I was a pirate in another life hahaha.

We did not get off the boat until almost 3am and I did not get home until about 430am. I was tired, smelled so bad I had to get naked on the porch and leave my cloths there but it was fun and would totally do it again.