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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Product Evaluation #1

I am a huge sucker for new products, especially weight-loss gimmicks. I have been meaning to do some post on the numerous items I have tried, own and even use on a regular basis. So here is my first product evaluation, and its on this new food additive Sensa:

I saw the ad on a Facebook side bar ad, it had all the usual get skinny fast notions. It even had the 'order now and get your first three months free' catch phrase. Keep that line in your mind as you read what I have to say about this snake oil.
So, I order it and pay for the shipping and handling, no biggie. I get the product and read JUST about all the papers that fall out of the box. About how it works, why it works, how to use it and so forth. Like a kid at Christmas I open my new weight-loss weapon and hit the ground running. But as the days wear on I find one big flaw in the product, you have to carry it with you at all times. I am not always at home when I eat, like most normal working stiffs. So this means I have to remember to carry this item around with me at all times, so you know how that went. Hell I cannt even remember to take my vitamins....crap I forgot to take it again this morning, crap!
So, after about two weeks of half ass-ing it with Sensa I put it aside, I just could not remember to keep it with me whenever I ate. I tried I really did, and hell the product targeted my main problem with food....I just dont know when to stop! And this product claimed it could help with that, it was not a lack of wanting to use the product it was more of a lack of being able to keep it on me.
After I finally said, screw it my wife reminded me to make sure they did not put me on an automatic billing cycle. Ummmm what.....WTF is that? At first I was all like, 'Whatever' But then I was like, 'Ok, let me look into this'.
And sure enough, after going back and looking through ALL of the paper work that came with the shipment there was this one sheet of paper that had all those little nasty details.
Detail One:
You are put on an automatic shipment of this product every three months. And this shit isn't cheap! So, after following the direction on the paper I cancelled the automatic shipping. Which by the way was not an easy feat by any means.
Detail Two:
The 'Free Trail' is not free. I know shame on me, even the ad said, 'If you are not totally satisfied with the product just send us back the product and you pay nothing but the shipping.' What this means is that you have to call Sensa, talk to one of their reps that tries every way under the sun from keeping you from returning it, and get the return address.
Detail Three:
You have to get this charge back number from the Sensa that has to be put on the box you are returning it in. The first person I spoke to never said anything about this. I learned this after reading some more on what I need to return the product without paying the full $90 some smackers for this 'food additive'. So, I called again and asked for this number. I was a little less polite about my answers this time about why I was returning it. The phone drones they have there, work off a script and I had to cut this one off in mid sales pitch. I am an ass, sorry phone guy I heard the same pitch from the last guy whom seemed to have forgotten I needed this number for my shipping needs.
With all my ducks in a row I was able to return it and pay nothing but the shipping. To sum up the product itself I cannot say it worked or not, I could not remember to keep it in my pocket when I went out to eat.
They have a great gimmick that preys on the same notions that almost all the weight loss products use; Get them to take the bait of the 'Free Trial', keep the automatic billing cycle in plain sight but on page 15 of the 15th page of you product information and make returning the product so annoying that most people will not take the time to do it right. Because you miss one step and they got you for the full amount of the product.
In all I would avoid this product and their Tricky-Dickie billing department. Well, unless you are one of the few people that never forgets things and does not mind sitting in a restaurant and adding something to your food that you took out of your pocket........which by the way did make me feel a little creepy. I felt like some addict trying to hide the fact he was an addict lol,


Michele said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. The bullshit comment in the header was a favorite saying of my dad's.

I never ever buy these things.

Martini said...

Dude that is totally brutal. Companies who play rough like that should get a taste of their own medicine so I don't hold it against you for being short with the employee. Sure, it's just a job, but you need to take care of your customers and be nice to them. That's how you do good business, not by tricking people with automatic shipping/billing etc. Wow.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Yep you have to read all the fine print. That reminds me I need to call Direct TV and cancel my upgrade "trial" that was for 3 months before they ding me with a big bill.

honkeie2 said...

Michele: I love having new guest come back soon!

Martini: Yeah its a buyer beware to the 100th power!

MTJ: It seems all companies do this now, and I just found out that my company's 401K has some funny fine print too.