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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Too busy to even fart.....

But I have found my way back to one of my favorite places to play! Ok, lots to cover so lets go slowly:

  • I have super high cholesterol so I am now on meds for it. One more mile stone crossed in the getting old process. Whats next, grey pubes?
  • I made the Deans list at Kean University. I will not be able to qualify this semester because I am only taking 3 classes. You have to be a full time student to make the Deans list.
  • The great snow storm of 2010 has come and gone, no big deal. People around here just about lose their minds every time it snows!
  • I order my Masonic ring.....I cannt wait to have it on!
  • We have finally got our apartment in order, well we still need to put away some cloths but for the most part it finally done!
  • I put in to take the civil-service test for Elizabeth Fire Department. I tried for the police, but no go there so why not the next uber manly job?
  • And lastly, I was asked to coach my sons baseball team this year. I am nervous and excited, I have no idea how to coach 7 year olds! We have a meeting tomorrow night and I will get some more information on what is going on.

    So in a nut shell that has been the goings on in my life. There were a few more things that I did not put up there, like: Drinking a whole bottle of Wild Turkey whiskey and getting freaked out by the move Coraline. Then having my wife laughing at me as I tried to crawl away from the lap top Devon and Alan were watching it on. I thought I was crawling fast as hell but she later informed me that I was going in slow motion, from on side of the apartment to the other. Then to crash on the floor in the living room. I just thought that need a bit more than just some bullet point mentioning lol.

    But it is now time to do my usual and post some pictures and get back to work, I have a test in finance this weekend and I am no where near ready!

    1) I went out and broke my back making the kids an igloo, that later turned into a tunnel. They had a blast and that is all that matters....I now need a small Asian woman with pretty feet to walk on my back....

    2) More fun in the snow. This was the first time the little ones have been sledding. And probably not the last time either.

    3) The front yard is so much better, since the dogs are more land mines to worry about!

    4) Lucas has claimed this as his hat, and he wont eat without it!

    5) We went to Ikea on Sunday and bought Devon a loft bed. It is about 5'5 off the ground, which gives us the floor space to make it into a play room as well. So we finally have Devon's room done and the kids toys all in one room, keeping the chaos confined to one room has helped out in an awesome way!

    6) About 2 weeks ago I got to baby sit our neighbors little girl, Katarina. She was such a little doll. I am sure she is a menace at her house but with me it was all smiles and giggles.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

If you dont like your picture taken stay at home.

I might be starting a flam war.....I hope so.....

In the end there will be white....

Since last week the weather people have been calling for snow. Southern NJ did get hammered but the northern parts saw little to nothing. But mother nature came back for round two today. It would seen we are in the grips of a snowy end lol. I am no fan of the snow, its cold, wet and makes people lose their minds! I saw a woman in my class just about flip out when she saw 2 snow flakes. Now this was a full grown woman, with what would seem like a good head on her shoulders. But snow really puts a zap on her! I wanted to get a picture of her but she was out the door in seconds. She went from calm night class mother of two, to a panicked nut job in just about 2 snow flakes! I guess the snow wasnt the only thing flaky out that night.....hahaha that was so funny! I crack myself up!
Sorry about that, i am the only one here in the building and the silence is strating to get to me lol. And with the snow still coming down I might get stuck here! Here is a picture I just took a few minutes ago:

And here is the picture that followed:
I was going to do a hand stand or moon the camera, but a few seconds after I took this I found out there were a few other retards in the building. These people where given the day off because of bad weather conditions, which is the truth of the matter, but they still came in. And these are the same people that will bitch when 2 snow flakes fall and they don't close.
After I almost caught acting like an ass I noticed how cool the flag looked with all the white in the back ground. I do not have a thuper dooper camera with all those artsy fartsy abilities so I was not able to do anything too fancy. I was going to try something on my flickr account but for some reason my work computer is blocking the picture editing software. Strange and stoopid!
All schools have been closed, the wife has off today so that worked out well but I was hoping to get out later tonight to go to the lodge. But they too have shut down due to snow, sleet or rain has ever stopped me from anything. I guess only a few share my passion with challenging the elements to a show down.
Hope the rest of the world is warm and sunny. And for the record I love it when it snows, just because I love watching people loose their minds when they see it! It is just to good not to watch!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Another day on the grind.....

Just another day doing what I do best, being me and being retarded. I dont know but I seem to find some of the strangest things funny. And I have found a web site that has them on teeshirts.
Work and school are at there usual so i am coming here for some comic relief. Here are some of the shirts from
and if anyone with deep pockets wants to buy me one I wear a large......just putting that out there, lets see some love people!

There are tons of them but my favorite is the one that says:
'Jersey girls arent trash, Trash gets picked up'
Man I want that teeshirt haha. But in all not much has been going on, I am going to my man party this Friday for the spanking of the swollen ass. Here is a paradoy of the Masons, and no we dont paddle least I dont think they do....i will find out Firday:

Got to keep this one short, have tons of things to do before I leave in about 50 minutes!