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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

If you dont like your picture taken stay at home.

I might be starting a flam war.....I hope so.....


Breigh said...

Taking photos of people can be a tricky area. I wrote about it a few times on my blog, this is the most recent:

I love taking photos of people because I find them incredibly interesting. Human beings are fascinating subjects when they are going about their daily lives.

Basically, I think if you are in public you are fair game. There is no law against taking photos of people in public areas.

I also think it's wrong to take photos of people with their faces showing enough to be recognizable, if the purpose is to ridicule them. Yes, it's public and you have the right to take photos of whatever you want, but really? Come on... common decency must come in to play at some point. I highly HIGHLY doubt you'd tolerate someone taking photos of your wife or children and making nasty comments about them, regardless of where the photos were taken.

If someone found a photo I had of them and were unhappy with it I'd take it down out of respect for their wishes. Yeah it's my photo, but it's THEM in the photo and in the end they should have some say if the photo causes them grief.

In this case I think it's a bit of a grey area. She wasn't face on but her face was visible. Enough for someone she knows to recognize her anyway. If you compare it to your "random milf booty" photo, there's a drastic difference in how much of their privacy is protected.

Taking a photo of someone and taking the piss out of them is one thing, but pushing the issue when you've obviously hurt someone. What is the point? Then on top of that, posting another photo of her from what I assume is her photostream and making yet another nasty comment? Why? Considering the comments that were made by you, I think she was quite civil in her message. Why shoot back with even more insults? It boggles my mind... you are a grown man with children, is that how you want them behaving in the schoolyard? Making fun of girls and bullying them?

It's a photo, it's not even a great one. It's just a girl who is thin who you apparently think needs a sandwich. In this case you come off looking like an asshole, rather than her. She has a right to complain about the photo and the comments.

I always enjoy your blog and probably will for a long time to come, but dude... at least in my opinion, you are in the wrong here.

honkeie2 said...

I must say you win the award for the longest and most well thought out comment I have ever had here! But like the old saying goes 'Dont look a gift horse in the ball sack' Oh wait I think I got that wrong......'Let sleeping dogs hump camels' no I still got that wrong.....'Dont go swimming with bow-legged trannies'

Ok, I really forgot where I was going with that but to comment on your comment about someone taking pictures of my family:
It pisses people off more to just ignore them and go on. I have had a few problems with people and my flickr account. I played with them and even went toe to toe with them in a 'Who is the better keyboard cowboy' But in the end I won because nothing on the internet could ever really set me off. Yes I have gotten pissed, but never send a comment or message to someone if you are pissed off. You will always look like an ass in the end.

I never set out to make friends or enemies on my blog or any other web site. But when it happens I love them all. Enemies tend to comment the most. I have had a few haters and loved the flam wars I have gotten into.

I respect your opinion and will take into consideration. I still might take it down. I have had my fun with it and really cannot say much more than that about it. I mean hell how can I argue with a woman who has such a beautiful smile. And yes that was the first thing I noticed about you ;-) lol.

In all what I can say is that the world we live in has given a thick skin and little patience with people who dont. I know I am not perfect but I am comfortable with my.....impurities. I know my family is a bit different than most and many would not agree with many of my ideas. So if someone were to take a picture of my life and make nasty comments I would probably flam them to death and laugh it off. If you cannt take the heat get out of the ice box......errr well you know what I mean. I love throwing people out of their comfort zones and watching them dance, its an illness i have learned to love. I was once shy too, but a good old trial by fire brought me out of my shell and now I am here to infect everyone.

Thanks for the long and well spoken comment.......and for the record at the end of the week I will be taking it down.

Breigh said...

Delete what, my comment? I hope you mean the photo because it took me ages to write that :P haha

Oh, and PS. I dig the flattery!

Angel said...

She needs some self confidence AND a sandwich. I understand that words can hurt, but the sandwich thing is super tame, and the comments are coming from people who's opinions shouldn't mean that much.

Poor thing. She's really in for it when she enters the real world. :(

Ranger Tom said...

I'm hungry now after reading this...

Martini said...

Skinny girls are hot, man! Frig, I can't gain weight either and I hate it. Mcdonald's for me consists of a Big Mac combo, plus a 2nd Big Mac, and often my friend's leftover fries. I eat a carton of ice cream a week, yet I'm still as wirey as an Irishman. My goal is to crack 135 lbs some day. You can make fun of me if you want. I wish someone would give ME a sandwich.