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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dutch Wonderland 2011

We took the kids to this wonderful place called Dutch Wonderland, or CrackerLand if you will hahaha.
Everyone had a blast and what was great about it is that it is all geared to little people. No not midgets, but you know they would probably have fun here too! Every ride was set for kids so there wasnt one ride they could not go on.
I would totally recommend this place to anyone with little monkeys!

1) The sky lift, and Lucas wanted no part of this ride lol.

2) What trip to an amusement park would be complete with some amusement?

3) We won 2 Domo's!

4) This picture came out awesome

5) look ma, no hands and no shoes!

6) Being the train nut he is, he loved this ride!

7) The stick was there to help push them along, Lucas needed no help.

8) Katarine only needed a little bit

9) Peter strapping Katerina, which her nickname is Beans

10) Go Lucas go


12)Very simple ride but he thought it was the greatest thing

13) They even have a water park!

14) Peter showing some love

15) Frog men diving into the pool

16) Everyone loves the log ride

17) Down they go, so this is what a turd's life must feel like

18) Here we have Monica giving me the Jersey salute!

19) I half expected them to do the same lol

20) We took tons of pictures of them on this ride, we kept missing them pass us lol

21) Take 100 and I dont know.....

22) Seth and Mommy

23) When the park opened in 1963 it only had 4 rides.....4 rides wtf is 4 rides? Even crappy traveling carny shows have more than 4 rides lol

24) Here we have Lucas hiding because he did not want to go on a the sandals ;)

25) Beans and Lucas on an original ride from the 1960's

26) this thing was fast!

27) this ride was more of his speed lol

28) I cannt cheezzzze with the sun in my eyes

29) Giant Amish dude outside of this buffet we love. I think he pooped a Phil!

30) Lucas wasnt so sure about this guy

31) The whole crew on a wagon.....they give a whole new meaning to 'Ridin Dirty'

32) Our hotel was only 2 blocks from Wonderland, I took this one while out on a walk.

In all we had a great time, we saw Thomas the tank engine, went to Dutch Wonderland and ate way too much vacation food. This was a mini vacation for us, I hope to go on an all out vacation soon. We are planning on going camping some time very soon. I cannt wait I love pretending to be homeless for a week!