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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tits HNT again.....

I will get to my nasty pic soon but I had something on my mind yesterday as I sat listening to the house hold vomit. I was out yesterday due to a stomache virus...or something. I have yet to get it, but oh well.
As I was wandered around the house doing my manly thing....stripping the kitchen cabintes of the old sticky pink paper that someone put there sooooo many years ago. I was struck with a funny thought. Or more like a statement- What I learned from porn movies VS what real life has taught me. So I thought I would share what I came up with, if anyone has anything to add let me know. Its a being list, it will get bigger I am sure.

  1. Not all women know how to or are willing to give head.
  2. Women dont like to get shot in the face with a fat load of man love.
  3. Slipping a finger in her ass wont atomaticly get you access to the backstage party.
  4. Not all men are created equal.
  5. Spanking isnt always wanted.
  6. Shoving a girls head down on the unit during the moment of truth is always a bad idea.
  7. Not everyone likes to be 'ankle to her ear-lobes.
  8. Faster doesnt mean better.
  9. No woman who isnt getting paid will french you after eating at the Y.
  10. Ass to mouth is a show stopper.
  11. Donkey punch...well unless she is a crack whore then maybe.
  12. Sex at work with the hot intern is a big NONO!
  13. Just showing a girl your penis doesnt mean instant sex
  14. Not all vaginas look the same.
  15. Hardwood floors have to maintained and sometimes asked for. It isnt atomatic.
  16. One more......I dont care what you saw I dont kiss after she swallows!

It was something I pondered about as I did my thing in the kitchen. But while in there I discovered a few things...........

  1. Where the mystry leak was coming from.
  2. Where all the drinking glass ended up
  3. We have tons of hot chocolate packets.
  4. The man who put up these cabinets needs to be shot with a nail gun.
  5. We had a secret stash of plastic wear and paper plates.
  6. No need to buy any vanilla extrac for some time.
  7. Salt-yes we have plenty!
  8. I didnt know our Croc-Pot came with a carrying case.
  9. And that who ever put down this sticky paper didnt noitce the 1972 penny in the middle of the surface. Gee I wonder what was causing that circular bubble in the paper?

I am back to work today and have just a little catching up to do. Nothing to bad, I was exspecting it to be much worse. But let me do my HNT so I can get back to said evilness that affords me my addictions.

This is an old pic but I dont think I ever posted it, I might have. I am not about to go looking in past post to see, I am that lazy. It is a picture of a wound I got while in South America. Some assholes thought it would be a good idea to jump my brother and law and me. Well in the end I got a keep-sake and they got nothing. That is what you get for trying to rob 2 drunks 2 drunk to do it right.It has long since healed and become a scar, better than a tattoo lol.

-The drooly monster on my shoulder is the Mr. NoNo, he was -I think- a year old here. And yes that is the wife unit's hand with her bling bling on. And I think if you enlarge the picture you might be able to see another scar of mine, my exwife's name. She burned it into my back sometime around 1997. We were watching this show about tattoos and branding and she asked if she could brand me. I said sure, she used a paper clip and a lighter. I worked rather, to well hahaha. I promised the new wife to put her name over that one, and I will.

Well I am doing this post on the fly, Have a Great HNT and make sure you post something of yourself as well to help spread the fun. And if you have no idea what the hell I am talking about look over here and start-----> HalfNakedThursday

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Evil, Satanic, and Horror pictures

Evil, Satanic, and Horror pictures

Sorry but I found this on this pro-satan site and I cannt stop laughing. Its a fucked up site in the regards of religion but it has alot of usefull information on myspace ins and outs. Layouts and codes to make myspace a little more of your own little home away from reality.
So if you are easily offened and or just dont give a shit about myspace dont follow the link.
(And I have a soft spot for cutie asian women in pink wigs)

But on a little more festive note I have pictures of the house...lets see if I can get blog to work, here goes................ WOOHOO it worked!

1) Here we have our very own blow up xmass frosty the snow man doll.

2) I took this from the street last night. One part still isnt lit up, we need some more cords.

3) Choo Choo Merry Happy Joy Joy Xmass!

4)White lights......because they didnt have any colored ones....I am not racist!

5) That is the highest part of the house, it makes my palms sweat just thinking about it.

6) If I could I would grow weed and wrap it in lights. I would think I might look like this.

7) This wall decoration plays holiday music, you can hear it from the street. Which means our jewish neighbors can hear it, I wonder if they find it offensive? And if soo I wonder if I can hook up speakers to it from my Ipod?

That Ipod idea just got me wondering. I know some decorations play music, but do any of them have Ipod jacks that allow up to play your own songs?
So Becky....what do u think about my lights?......I liked your brothel lights ;-)

Monday, November 27, 2006

The turkey is gone and the diet is one.......hardcore now. I am waging a war that has become my epic battle......"THE BATTLE OF THE BULG" But it is what it is nothing more.
One holiday down 2 to go, this is what I love about this time of the year. From October to January it is nothing but good cheer and good food. We start with the candy of halloween we offer to the great pagan god of the harvest, the meal we devour in the name of our ancestors for killing off the natives and then to the presents we give and recieve in the name of one of many half man half gods we have had throughout history( anyone remeber Hercules???). Oh and let us not forget the one day(of many days throughout the year) that we use as an excuse to be an alchoholic in public (and flaunt it!). I will be fasting and staying rather dry until then. I dont want to bring in the new year fat and bloated.

I didnt eat tooooooo much but I have been eating left over stuffing since Thursday. Last night I finished the last of the green bean dish my wife makes every holiday. It is something she makes with green beans and bacon.
On Saturday we did 2 things.One- we bought a video camera, that records right onto a dvd. I so want video of my family so when I get old I can spend my golden years remebering and watching. Two- I went up on the roof of the house and put up the xmass lights on the house. I always get the dangerous jobs, and mind u I have vertigo. With that said, from the ground it doesnt look so bad. But once I get up there its a whole nother story. I have no fear of high places or falling from them but I get dizzy and loose my balance easily when faced with them. Roller coaster dont scary me and climbing up isnt a problem, its once I get up there and look down......ohhh boy. But because my wife unit loves the house in lights and I dont want to let her down I climb up there and do it. I will have some pics soon, I forgot my camera at work :-(. And just to add this since I am down with the roof......I have yet to fall off---there I said so now I can exspect a fall next year!

New Topic:
It is Monday after a long holiday weekend so I dont have a whole bunch of time to devot to Blogging. So I will make this one even shorter than most of my post. But I did want to leave with 2 topics of thought,
1) I will be watching the documentary of Hunter S. Thompson "Buy the ticket, Take the ride" in December. I wonder if they will mention some of the findings of his death that were, at best questionable.
2) Its monday and it sucks, but then again you could have one of these jobs:

A) My palms are sweating just looking at this!

B) Hey Mr. Wang there is a spider under your seat!

C) This is where all those calls come from on Saturday morning asking you if you want new siding on your home.......nevermind the fact you live in an apartment.

D) At least he doesnt have gas ...right?....Right?

So stop your bitching and get back to work ( I know I am about to) you could have one of those jobs!
Happy Monday-to ME!

UPDATE AS OF 1323hrs-----

Last week I worked an amazing 75 hours in total. Now, I dont work on salary as of yet so everything past 40 hours is all OT------Merry Fucking Early Xmass to ME! I forgot, or just blocked out that whole week-but I am soooo loving what I just opened and saw. I wont gloat toooo much but lets just say if I could get a pay check like this every week i would be more than set. But then again if i was making as much as I am now 10 years ago I would have said the same thing. Sad isnt it?

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Of course I was going to do a Thanksgiving post, but mine will be a little different. But I must warn you there is some nudity, rude humor and other things most ppl would find offensive. But then again I have heard that some groups of women find breast feeding in public offensive.......notice I said women, what man would find bare tittties in public offensive?

1) Cannt blame him for trying.

2) Its a family tradition (p.s. this is not my kid......but it could have easily been mine lol)

3) Uncle Earl????

4) I am lost for words......breast meat?

5) This is why single men go to moms on Thanksgiving.

6) Yeah open wide and put that meat in your mouth you filthy whore!

7) Why oh why dont all Thanksgiving greeting cards look like this? Can I have the pleasure of stuffing the turkey this year?

8) I know this picture has nothing to do with this holiday but I am putting it up as a reminder to me not to eat like a pig when I get home. I am back in the gym and I dont want to kill all the work I have done this week in one day of 20,000 calories in one sitting. Its day like this I wish I could throw up what I eat. But vomitting has to be the most vile thing in the world of bodily functions.

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving, be happy with what you have and not unhappy with what U dont have. I will do a post about my exsperinece with Viking Pest control on my next trip in blog world. It is going to be a long rant full of me bitching and cursing, and since today is supposted to be a happy day I will post pone my reveiw on this company. Just to let you in on something, just in case you need a pest person-----DONT CALL VIKING PEST!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wackos IN NJ
We might mave a serial killer here out in the wonderfull world of NJ. I was listening to the news this morning and I caught 2 stories that turned my head. In the morning the wife unit turns on the news as we go about our moring rituals. It usually goes much like this : The weather 'blablablablablabla' cold 'blablabla' wet 'blablabla'-Now back to the news room for the traffic- Backups 'blablabla' JFK car accident 'blablabla' Dead driver Decapitated 'blablabla' now back to whats-her-name-with-the-big-tits for the local news. Today 'blablabla' thefts 'blablabla' 4 dead women found in ditchs in the Alantic City area.......what what what! I this got my attetnion! There seems to be a serial killer on the run down in Alantic City, even though the police will not say 'Serial' yet. All they know right now is that they have 4 bodies of females that were killed at seperate times by strangelation and dumped face down in road side ditches. We have not had news like this in a while, call me sick but things like this entertain me to no end. Maybe its the fact I fascinated with the dark side of the human mind and what drives ppl to do this. And I dont care who you are everyone has it in them to kill, you just need the right stimuli to get that ball rolling. We veiw killing in a bad we should....because of our society. But once apon a time it was not so. In the frontier days the early Americans saw the natives as less than human, so killing them was nothing. I was no different than killing a rabbit to them, but this was how they were brought up. So, in this day and age to see someone kill with such disregard makes my brain cells fire like crazy. I am not so much bothered by the why......I am more interested in the whole story, the what, why, who, where and how many. I am a sick puppy I know, I always feel a little funny when I go to the library or a book store and ask for the true crime section. I always get these funny looks from the women on that one. I think next time I get a funny look I will give them the grin:

The second story comes from Brooklyn NYC. An older woman calls and tells them that her husband had died. No biggie, old ppl die all the time from...well being old.. The police arrived to the apartment to be faced with a scene that will go down into urban ledge. The old couple were "A" Typical pack rats with the entire apartment filled to the brim with crap. But once they located the late husband they new there was much more to this story than they thought. His body was completly skeletonized. All that was left of him were his bones which were scattered on the floor, or what was left of the floor. The neighbors had no idea and the sons said that their mom had not allowed them into the home in over 3 years. The investigation is under what as to when he died, what prompted her to call now, and to see if Jimmy Hoffa might be in there as well. Fascinating!!!!
And by the way my fav cartoon villian of all time is the joker......go figure on that one. I have even tooled with the idea to get his likeness tattooed on me. But that seems just a little corny for me. But never know, I am white after all and still a redneck at heart. I wonder what Blondie's dad would think of a tattoo like that????

One more little tid bit about me: I usually cheer for the bad guys in movies, I was heart broken when the they killed the Joker of in the first Batman(even thought I am sure they are bring him back in the new adventures), I was all a-tingle with the movies SawI, the movie American Psycho still brings a smile to my face and Jason will live forever damn it hahahhahahahahaha. Halloween might be over but horror moives cum out year round WOOOOHOOOO!

But I will leave on a rather random note but tits on my mind. A little lesson on the hand signals of the over sexed man. I am not sure how well the picture came out so let me describe them

1) The Teaser-----Novice users only(or also know as The BackDoor Key-figure that one out on your own)

2) The Pleaser-----again another beginner tool.

3) The shocker----most well know finger jesture for the man playing hand puppet with his woman.

4) The Spocker----Even geek get freaky

5) The Rocker----Do I need to say more there?

6) And last but not least -The Showstopper- Well, not always but if you get away with the Shocker, then the Spocker, then the Showstopper might end with a Back Alley Brawl. Just remeber your Jimmy Hats people. My dad said to never go out with out my ribbers on any night that looks rough. In my eyes any night can be a rough night, remeber your boyscout teaching_ Be Prepaired! (and never sleep in the scout masters tent no matter what kind of candy he has)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Weekend Round Up on Tuesday:

Monday was hell and I did not get a chance to get anywhere near a computer that did not envolve work. But the weekend was a nice and quiet one. On Saturday I did a little drinking but nothing over board. Just me two, cans and a turkey. Thanksgiving is coming up so I had to get the turkey in haha-

I woke up Sunday to find the fire dept doing something weird. I guess they were checking to see if there was water in it, that is always important. It was as I stood in the big bay window in my boxers, watching these brave strong manly men do their thing I decided that I had to rake leaves. I did not take any pictures of it but after I was done with the front and the back the pile of leaves came up to my waist.
I lost my cellphone in the pile and I had the wife unit call it until I located the object of my hate. It was my work cell phone too so I really couldnt just leave it there, I was about to after looking for about ten minutes. I was at the bottom to boot.

It has been a crazy week and its only Tuesday. We are doing the holiday a little differently this year. Her mom had to fly down to her mother land, Uruguay, due to family problems, her dad will be on the road(so is the life of a trucker) , the brother will be in Va(Navy Man) soooo that leaves the little sis, little bro, babies and us. So this year we are going to buy our feast from Boston Market......they make all the fixings for any feast. The little woman is making a few of my favorite dishes...yams, green beens and something else I cannt think of right now. We cant have a Thanksgiving without at least a few dishes homemade.

But I am off to do my daily thing so let me leave u with a few pics:

1) Cheese getting the shock of his life from the flash.

2) My God, could this have been any more right?!?!

3) Thanks to my Google I found me an attention whore to fuel my further love of cleavage.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

4) I am playing around with the idea to change my picture thingie to this. I was wondering if I could offened someone and get me some haters on my blog. I have read so many post about haters commenting and even lost a few fellow bloggers to haters. Now I am not a satan freak or anything but I am drawn to the darkside more....they have cookies.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Maybe I should do a post about the evils of religion and Bush then go looking for an ultra right winged militiant motherfucker who has a "Jesus Is My Home-Boy" tattoo and leave nice comments on their blog. With the hope they will come and visit me and get pissed off. Angry ppl are such fun people to play with a distance hahaha.

At the moment I have this song in my head. I got it off the anti smoking commercial. If you know it cum and sing with me...........
'You dont always die from tobacco,
You dont always die from tobacco,
Sometimes they just take a lung,
Or maybe they will just snipp out your tounge,
You dont always die from tobacco,
You dont always die from tobacco,
I dont remeber the rest but it is a true statement but I dont know if its enough to get ppl to stop. That nicotine is one hell of a drug, I have known ppl to give up cocaine, booze and even meth but one thing that still cannt quit is smoking. Ever been to an AA meeting? ( me either AA is for quiters!) I saw one once and it was full of old white guys smoking like there was no tommorow. They put down the bottle but they still cannt put down those stinky coffin nails. I understand the love of the smoke but I put them down for me, for my familiy and for the fact I cannt stand the smell of those damn things anymore. I see nothing wrong with having a smoke now and again. I still enjoy one or two smokes now and again but I am no where near what I was at when I stopped- 20 a day. I think that is where the cancer comes from. Hell think about the idea of doing anything 20 times a day. If you ate 20 apples a day for 30 years dont you think you might have a problem. You wont get cancer probably, but it might cause stomach problems, and over load of sugar might cause diabeties(sp). New Years is cumming up so resolution time is near. Maybe this is the year to put down the smokes and take up a new hobby. Like masterbating instead of smoking. Everytime the urge pops up run off to the bathroom and crank one off. And hell it takes about the same amout of time and it doesnt cost a thing.

Have a Happy Tuesday, here is a little something for the ladies and little inspiration for me and the battle in the gym. This is an amazing build, I could die happy with bod like that lol...... now my question is this ...does he shave his nipples too?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Friday, November 17, 2006

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To the Forum:

Well....actually a funny thing happened on the way to work. I was running late to work this morning so I was breaking every law know to the state of NJ. I cut through a prak to cut some time off of my commute and then I saw them. Two squirrels about 2 blocks away in the middle of the road. I was cumming up to them and one of them took off like any animal with sense would. I was about a block away from this one rat with a fuzzy tail but he wasnt moving, hell he got up on all fours and look right at me. And what I saw in his eyes was desperation, I saw that the other rodent was the love of his life and he was just told that she has been digging another dudes nuts. And that as of today they were through! He saw me as his way out of this loveless world.

Now I was not about to swirve and slam into a tree or on cumming traffic but I did move so that he would just go under my car with no problem. But the momment I was going to pass over him, he took the lovers leap ....alone. The car went ' Bump' and it was all over. If I wasnt in such a rush I would have stopped and took some pics for the CSI crime lab. It was a hit and run after all.

I felt bad and was not looking forward to cleaning my wheels, which I never even looked at lol. But ever seen that car insurance commercial with the 2 squirrels that get some guy in a car to crash? I could not help but think of them as I drove on. And again I was laughing my ass off as I drove into work. :-D I beat them at their own game! They are probably working for AllState or something, the momment you crashed they would run over and give you a card for insurance and body work then run off. So fuckem, I wont swirve for anything smaller than an shit-sue dog!

I will probably blog some more later on is a mess and I am not even going to re read what I wrote....I am off tho the races....another double but at another site.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I had to work another double shift last night, but it was one of those post that suck the life out of you . One would think getting paid the money I do to do nothing at all would be great. But regardless of what someone gets paid to do, doing nothing at all has got to be the worst thing in the world. Luckily the little woman would call me from time to time to chat with me. She did tell me something funny, she went to Target to pick up a few things and what she saw in the parking lot was an interesting site. In the parking lot of Curcit City, tents were popping like it was a Greatful Dead gathering or something. But the lack of pot smoke and the smell of purfume and soap was a dead give away it was not that. Man I hate dirty hippies.....they can make the rocks stink hahahahaha.
But what these people were doing, was camping out to get the new Ps3(and again there is no way any self respecting tofu eating, non leather wearing, beat juice drinking, white guy with dredds hippie would wait in line for such a corpurt marketing toy put out by the man used to hypnotise the mindless masses). They had taken off work to get an over priced video gaming system?!?! And it isnt even that big of a deal in my eyes, the Ps3 cost 700$ but when the XBOX came out for the first time it was going for over 800$. I love Playstation, so I will buy one too but not the first one. The first systems to come out always have all kind of problems, I will wait a year or so until they work out all the bugs. The producers were in a pinch to get this thing out before Thanksgiving, and to make it even more interesting they only made a few. If I was them I would have done the same thing, the newest ones are like the field test in the real world and they forsee lots of them coming back. This way they can see what needs tweaking and what doesnt.
But I got one up one everyone.......I bought mine from a great place to buy the newest toys and paraphanalia: The bum that lives in the trash behind Toys R Us. He had the very first Ps3 and was willing to sell it to me for 100$, a bottle or wine and a blow job. But I told him I could get him the cash and the booze but I was not all that sure about the blow job part. He said he didnt want to recieve it he wanted to give it.......wellllllllllllll a mouth is a mouth now, and since he was a meth addict he had no teeth......always a plus in my book. So after the exchange I was on my way home with my brand new Ps3 and if you dont believe me I even took a pic to rub it in the worlds face:

Now Now, I know everyone is totaly haten on me for my sweet gear! So step off and let me bust this out like white bread, no one can stop me not even KFed!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA look out world here I cum!

Its HNT am again I am not prepaired so I just thought I would look around and see what I had that could qualify as HNT.

1) The rock shows us what happens when steriods are abused for to long:

2) And here we see what happens when the Honkeie abused alcohol for too long in one night:

That was a left over HNT from halloween if you did not guess it haha. Happy HNT people. Have a good Thursday, and remeber to blog often and blog about anything. Even if it is pointless drivel ;)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

As I was driving to work this morning I almost ran over some dude on a bike. I was making a right and I swear I looked left and right before I pulled into the road. But this dude was right infront of me as I pulled into the road. I missed him by inches, and the momment I was away from him I bust out laughing. I was listening to WSOU Sent Hall Hard Rock station we have here in NJ and the song Be Quick or Be Dead by Iron Maiden was playing. The song and me almost hitting this guy tickled me purple and I could not help but laugh. I wonder if he saw me laughing at him, I hope so.

One of my favorite web sites that I read at work is TheSmokingGun, it only updates when someone gets in trouble for something worth a laugh at. Which can be alot some days while other days there is nothing worth reading. They have actual legal documents of things like K-Fed's pre nup with used and abused Brittnay ( I'd still do her), storys of who is getting sued for what-Greyhound getting sued for dumping thier contents of a bus potty onto a family, celeberties getting nabbed for anything and everything-Snoop Dog getting arrested in an air port for having a collapsible baton in his bags. I didnt know it was illegal to carry a stick around with you, what did they think the man that made the saying,'You dont love me you just love my doggie style' was going to hijack a plane with a stick? But my favorite thing to find on my daily visit is mug shots. I often wonder if I had to have a mug shot done what kind of face would I make? But what ever mine would be it would never come near to some of these assholes:

1) I wonder what kind of job he can get after he gets out?

2) Anyone rember her:

3)Why do all of my idols have mug shots?

4) I rest my case

5) And 'The Original' bad boy.....Mr. Johnny Cash!

6) If you know who this is give yourself 10 points and if you can guess what he was arrested for add another 10......wait, forget that last part. If you know who he is the odds are what he got arrested for is a real no brainer.

Its SteveO from Jackass and he was arrest for exposing himslef as he stapled his nutt sack to his thigh at a night club in Louisiana. God I love people that will mutilate themselves for my amusement!

7) One more mug, no one can do a post about famous mug shots and not put up the first Manson, Charles Manson that is!

On a different note, I was listening to Oppy and Anthony this moring. Well actually I was just surfing throught the stations and I heard the words 'tits' and stopped to listen. Apparently today is something called WhipThem Out Wednesday or AKA- WOW. I have known about this for sometime but never heard it given a name like that. Basiclly today is the day women flash thier tits to anyone who has a WOW bumper sticker on thier car. If all I had to do to get a titty show was put a sticker on my car I would have it painted on my car damn tit!

Wellllll, have a good Wednesday and dont forget to show a little love to passing motorist, women only please!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Wild Turkey attacked me....

I have been a little laxed in my blogging due to work stress. But it could only kept me down for a few days at best. This weekends relaxation and much needed R&R was brought to us by my sponser: Wild Turkey and Coors Light.
On Friday we went out to AppleBees with some friends:

Here we have from left to right, the wife unit: Pointing out the fact that our waitress had huge knockers but hers are bigger, Doug: Checking out something that has a vagina on the other side of the glass wall oblivious to what his sister is saying and then we have Christian: To busy with his Jack and beer to notice either of them but nodding in agreement with both of them.

And here we have me keeping the eyes fixed on the tv in fear of getting caught looking at said tits. And yes my wives are bigger and better lol.
We got there a little late so they were having some strange problems, one: They could not find any of the large glasses for the beer so they gave us 2 of the smaller ones, to equal the same amout. I was hoping they would fuck up on the check and only charge us for one small but no such luck.

Here we have the delima: where to start and when to stop?

Bro-In-Law had some serious issues with his car on this trip up here. I had to drive down to exit 3 on the Jersey Turnpik because his car was over heating and could not drive over 30 miles an hour. Mind you this is a truck route and truckers drive like crazy ppl on this road. Even when its raining, you can find these guys driving thier rigs at neck breaking speeds.
And people wonder why they jack knife......but any how!
In all it took about 5 hours to find him and get home. So the next day...Firday....he went to VW and ask what could they do for him. He had an old and abused GTI but wanted a new GTI, they helped him all right! They paid off the loan on his old car and put him in a new 2006 VW GTI but........He now has to pay 500$ smackers a month at 17%, which is ridiculous! But he will refinance it later to bring down his intrest rate.
I drove this beast around for a few and all I have to say is WWWWWWEEEEEEEEE this thing is stoopid fast! First gear...VRROOOOMMMMM.....second gear..VVVVVEERRRRROOMMMM head whipped back like a roller coaster on meth! If this thing is that fast I would love to drive a real sports car, like a Porche or maybe a Lamborgini(sp).
I would love to drive this thing on a track where one could really open this bitch up like a well paid hooker!
Here we have Doug posing like the navy man he is with his car. I had some other pics but they did not come out all that well. I was a little drunk while trying to take these pics lol.

We spent most of Saturday night drinking bourbon and beer and watching 'Where the Buffalo Roam' with Bill Murry laughing our asses off.
But I was able to get some pics of family type fun.
Here we have cheese giving us his best attempt at being the hot baby for the cover of 'Diapers'

Derek Zoolander has nothing on yu Cheese!

The little man loves his TV chairs and table. Dinner and a Movie, it a wide screen to him hahaha.

To go alone with his glamore shot he wanted to make sure his nails where in order as well.

Besides that all was SNAFU-ed as far as work was concerned. And it hasnt gotten any better on Monday, hell I think I has gotten worse since Sunday. I really dont feel like getting into the details but sometimes I wish I could just blurt out what I was thinking. If I had no impulse control things like this would probably come flying out of my mouth:

But I hope someone out there is having a better Monday than me and if its you feel free to rub it in and let me know what I am missing. Maybe I can come work for you, I can wash cook and clean....well if Barbq is cooking lol.