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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Weekend Round Up on Tuesday:

Monday was hell and I did not get a chance to get anywhere near a computer that did not envolve work. But the weekend was a nice and quiet one. On Saturday I did a little drinking but nothing over board. Just me two, cans and a turkey. Thanksgiving is coming up so I had to get the turkey in haha-

I woke up Sunday to find the fire dept doing something weird. I guess they were checking to see if there was water in it, that is always important. It was as I stood in the big bay window in my boxers, watching these brave strong manly men do their thing I decided that I had to rake leaves. I did not take any pictures of it but after I was done with the front and the back the pile of leaves came up to my waist.
I lost my cellphone in the pile and I had the wife unit call it until I located the object of my hate. It was my work cell phone too so I really couldnt just leave it there, I was about to after looking for about ten minutes. I was at the bottom to boot.

It has been a crazy week and its only Tuesday. We are doing the holiday a little differently this year. Her mom had to fly down to her mother land, Uruguay, due to family problems, her dad will be on the road(so is the life of a trucker) , the brother will be in Va(Navy Man) soooo that leaves the little sis, little bro, babies and us. So this year we are going to buy our feast from Boston Market......they make all the fixings for any feast. The little woman is making a few of my favorite dishes...yams, green beens and something else I cannt think of right now. We cant have a Thanksgiving without at least a few dishes homemade.

But I am off to do my daily thing so let me leave u with a few pics:

1) Cheese getting the shock of his life from the flash.

2) My God, could this have been any more right?!?!

3) Thanks to my Google I found me an attention whore to fuel my further love of cleavage.

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4) I am playing around with the idea to change my picture thingie to this. I was wondering if I could offened someone and get me some haters on my blog. I have read so many post about haters commenting and even lost a few fellow bloggers to haters. Now I am not a satan freak or anything but I am drawn to the darkside more....they have cookies.

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Maybe I should do a post about the evils of religion and Bush then go looking for an ultra right winged militiant motherfucker who has a "Jesus Is My Home-Boy" tattoo and leave nice comments on their blog. With the hope they will come and visit me and get pissed off. Angry ppl are such fun people to play with a distance hahaha.

At the moment I have this song in my head. I got it off the anti smoking commercial. If you know it cum and sing with me...........
'You dont always die from tobacco,
You dont always die from tobacco,
Sometimes they just take a lung,
Or maybe they will just snipp out your tounge,
You dont always die from tobacco,
You dont always die from tobacco,
I dont remeber the rest but it is a true statement but I dont know if its enough to get ppl to stop. That nicotine is one hell of a drug, I have known ppl to give up cocaine, booze and even meth but one thing that still cannt quit is smoking. Ever been to an AA meeting? ( me either AA is for quiters!) I saw one once and it was full of old white guys smoking like there was no tommorow. They put down the bottle but they still cannt put down those stinky coffin nails. I understand the love of the smoke but I put them down for me, for my familiy and for the fact I cannt stand the smell of those damn things anymore. I see nothing wrong with having a smoke now and again. I still enjoy one or two smokes now and again but I am no where near what I was at when I stopped- 20 a day. I think that is where the cancer comes from. Hell think about the idea of doing anything 20 times a day. If you ate 20 apples a day for 30 years dont you think you might have a problem. You wont get cancer probably, but it might cause stomach problems, and over load of sugar might cause diabeties(sp). New Years is cumming up so resolution time is near. Maybe this is the year to put down the smokes and take up a new hobby. Like masterbating instead of smoking. Everytime the urge pops up run off to the bathroom and crank one off. And hell it takes about the same amout of time and it doesnt cost a thing.

Have a Happy Tuesday, here is a little something for the ladies and little inspiration for me and the battle in the gym. This is an amazing build, I could die happy with bod like that lol...... now my question is this ...does he shave his nipples too?

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Video X said...

OH LEAVES!!! I HATE THEM!!!!!!! I have an acre of tons of leaves to deal with. fucking shoot me.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

I'm all cool with switching your profile pic to that. I don't get many haters either. They are fun though. Good luck!

Just Some Gal said...

Ugh about the leaves. Its been crazy here in Texas too. I just wanted to stop by and wish you a very wonderful Thanksgiving Honkeie!! I can't believe Cheese is getting so big already....holy cow...

I haven't posted much or commented enough...wanted to say sorry about that. You're one of the most faithful readers out there guy... ((((HUGS))))) the blinkie that matches your motto...


I have it in a signature line on a message board I frequent...

sassyassy said...

Hey, do your female fans a favor and post pictures of the hot firemen next time...who cares about the firetruck????

Thanks for the hot bod pic at the end...that sort of redeems you.

Satan said...

i vote for you to change your avatar to that one that you mentioned

i like it

Useless Man said...

What Google searches have you been entering?

At least 40% of all google hits that bring people to our site are for the words "Man" and "Thong" when used together.

At least we're known for SOMETHING....