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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Cheese's First Bath......and Baby's First HNT

Now the title of this post might seem a little strange to those who have never delt with babies. Mr Angry Eyes has a new nick name- Cheese-
Babies cannt take baths until thier belly buttons heal and Cheese did not want to let go fo his little stump of a belly button until a few days ago. We have been giving him sponge baths and the such but no baths in the since of submerged in soap water.
Our little man had taken on a rather interesting odor fo cheese, due to his drolling and the fact we were unable to play dunk the baby. I did not notice it until the day of his first bath. The wife was celebrating that his was ready for a bath and I was curious to what was soo exciting about a bath....I take them all the time and no one jumps up and down in glee. She held up pinky and told me to smell him. I did and didnt find anything unusual until she point to one certain area.....his neck. You know that area where the shoulder and neck conect? Well since he is a little fatty he has neck rolls and someone hid a piece of limberger cheese there. It was rather nasty, I wasnt exspecting anything that rancid so I was doing some deep smelling at the time of the discovery. At that point I to became excited with the anticipation of soap and water gracing his royal fatness.
Hince the birth of -CHEESE-
And now to make things even more interesting he has started going to town on his hands. So now he gets hand cheese as well. It is like wet belly button lint, again toatly nasty. Why do babies clench thier hands soo tightly....I know there is a little Jew in him but damn....It's Captian Tight Fisted Mcpenny. I swear he could probably hang by his hands at this point. Kung fu grip baby!
But he is all clean now and smells only of baby shampoo and happiness.....a big improvment from putrid sharp chedder.

Random thoughts in my head right now

I wonder if you can sell halloween candy on ebay......why did they start putting out christmass decorations on Oct. 31 when Thanksgivining is the next Hallmark Holiday not Christmass......I have been up since 2030hrs yesterday night and I feel a little strange now....I finally got my CPR card from the red cross but I took the test 5/10/06 and its only good for one year....I dont mind getting old but I hate watching commercials for some new pill and think'Boy I have I need me some of that'........its raining and i have no energy to even breath....I wont be leaving work today unitl 1500hrs.....I am all candied out for the momment...I could really go for a taco right boss will be off for the next week and a half....I need a hair cut....I think I will go and hide in my car now.....

I need some sleep so my mind is a bit on the werid side. I am currently drinking cold coffe with egual in it.....I forsee some bathroom time very shortly :-X


normiekins said...

he's adorable honk....!

WTH you had to start with the taco....i'm dying for one....maybe i'll take an early lunch and go pig out and then fall asleep in my car.....

stop working so hard young man!

Video X said...

cheese! hahaha! wow! he really looks like you...what an adorable baby.

you need some sleep...but i guess you already know that and there is nothing you can really do so i shouldn't even say it.

Becky said...

What a horrible nickname for the poor kid, I do hope that one doesn't stick.

Martini said...

Taco's are awesome. Wonder how many tacos you could hide in the neck folds. I'm not saying you should try it. I'm just wondering out loud.

morbid misanthrope said...

I wonder if they make candy corn flavored Schnapps.

Miss 1999 said...

Thanks for visiting my blog- I want you to know that you have an absolutely BEAUTIFUL baby! I'd just love to get ahold of him and hug him and kiss him all I wanted! :0) Congrats on that- and his first bath! :0)

Carie said...

bath time was always so much fun when Ash was a true that as cute as a baby is they so need that first bath bad lol, ash was a chunky baby so she to had the problem with stuff getting lost in the rolls lol

we always end up giving the halloween candy to my grandparents daughter is on a kick about weight so she won't touch it, Ken doesn't like candy (yes hes a freak) and my mom likes it to much lol and me well I picked out the good ones already ;)

Ranger Tom said...

Odd thing I saw here in Florida...

While walking through Wal Mart, right after I moved here in August they had Christmas shit on the shelves.

Here it was not even the middle of August and already Christmas shit was out.

What the fuck is up with that?