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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Thanks blogger.....

I wanted to put this post up yesterday but I was fighting with it until 11pm last night. So after I finally got the last pic up on here I just saved as draft and went to bed.
Now my past few post have been filled with lots of words and very few pictures, well I want to change that. This post is full of pictures and only a few words:

My Weekend: Saturday
This past weekend we went to a BBW Halloween party, and for those of you that dont know what that is BBW = Big Beautiful Women! I went as Alabama Man (if you dont know who he is look to South Park for the answer). I got a fat suit from ebay, a fake leather vest, ripped an old pair of jeans I have, got a cowboy hat from a friend, got out my old chain wallet, bougth a mullet wig from Target and put on my dirty work boots. I was all red neck, all I was missing was the pocket full of skool.

I should have taken a pic with out the wife beater, it had nipples and a bellybutton, but oh well......heres a back shot of my non-existant ass.

Now as I said it was a BBW party, which means lits of big girls.....and old men looking for feeders lol. I like my women with meat on the bone, and more than most but some of this girls were just a bit tooo much for me even.
This girl was wearing a white teeshirt with a green sash that read'Wet Teeshirt Contest Winner' Which was a great costum, I love costumes that required some thought and not just some mask you pulled of the shelf and called it a day. And for the record those were not her real boobs, I am not sure if she even had any. But what I can say was that she was a real plumper...and really short too lol.

I am all for the catholic school girl outfit, hell it is one of my greatest fantasys even but this girl put a new spin on it. Did I mention I liked my women meaty??????

Another shot of her :-P hooker boots...she had on hooker boots ass well! hahahahaha

It was a little to dark and my camera died after I took this shot. The guy on the dance floor in the red hat was dressed as little john. He won the contest along with this woman dressed as a play boy bunny. He had the who thing down, right down to the Dave Chappel "Ohh Yeah!" but the playboy bunny was.....well lets say she was a little past her freshness date and probably should have been something a little less reveling. I didnt get a pic of her due to dead batteries but I dont think anyone would have wanted to see that train wreck anyway.

We went to my moms complex that had trick or treating from 2-4pm. The weeman was batman, the oldest was some wacky peter pan and the little bro in law was some cracked out mime. Here we have a house that did that thing where they put out a bowl of candy and a sign that says "Please only take one" That alone tells you that this is a white the ghetto that would not have lasted 2 seconds...hell they would have stolen the bowl as well.

It was windy as a motherfucker that day. It is really flat out in Manville NJ, it used to be farm land until the baby boomers decided to level it and make an adult community out of it. Yeah for progress and land developers!
Panco Via lives!

Candy Candy Candy!

Here we have batman fending off the evil Shit-shoe. Watchout batman, it flings pooh!

Here is the first pic I have ever posted of my brother. Here he has the little man who is in his ducky outfit. My brother was in a motorcyle accident in Florida about 6 years ago and he wasnt wearing a helmet. It wasnt a bad accident and all of his bones have healed and the skin has grown back but the one injury that modern science has yet to be able to fix was the brain damage. He went head first into the truck that hit him and that was the one thing that ended him up like this. He has gotten better and even responds to stimuli....he cracks a smile whenever he grabs for my wives boobs. And I am not kidding there, it is a funny sight. It is also a glimmer of hope that someday he may pullout of it someday. Wear your helmet people, you might just survive the acciedent.

I saw this and I thought of you Morbid: Happy Halloween To All!

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Here is one more from my moms house. She has this chicken that when you pick it up by the neck it starts clucking and the momment you put it down it starts doing the chicken dance. And yes there were lots of jokes about choking the chicken. The eyes on this thing makes it look like its being choked hahahahahaha.


normiekins said...

looks like you had a great weekend honk.....little kids in costumes are the BEST!!!!......very touching comments about your brother...someday maybe they'll find a cure to reverse brain damage......silent prayers for him always....HAPPY HALLOWEEN.....have fun with the KIDS......DON'T EAT all the candy yourself.!

morbid misanthrope said...

Dude, I thought God only listened to Deicide; you know, so he could write angry letters about them to the PTA.

Martini said...

Very resourceful of you to piece together your costume from various places. The ebay fat-suit is totally sweet!

Screw the politicians who are against it - stem cell research holds the answers.

honkeie2 said...

normie: Thanks but I ate too much already. And boy did i pay for it last night lol.

morbid: He does but when he wants to go back to the classics he listens to slayer haha

martini: Right on brader!

Cinderella said...

LMAOOOOO THESE pics are GREAT!! You guya know how to party!!

Blogger does suck, it's been giving me problems for days! Ughhh!!

Halloween is so much fun..that costume (wet t-shirt one) was a great idea..very creative.

Your costume was HILARIOUS!

Bone Sucker said...

Ha - I left the bowl & candy out once and they really did take the bowl. I was irritated. So much, I promptly bought a new house in another neighborhood. Of course it doesn't take much for me to do that, I bought another the day after my truck was broken into, too. Now I let my renters deal with the theiving asshats.

This round, we saw quite a few of those, maybe this neighborhood is safe, but I'm not losing another perfectly good bowl!

honkeie2 said...

Nothing is safe unless its nailed down and hot glued ass well.