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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Back to the Grind

Everything seems to be setting down finally. I am back to the gym, this is week one back so all the old pains are back. Sleep is still some what of a struggle but not to bad, I still have problems waking up in the morning. I was 10 minutes late to work but that is ok, its good to be the king sometimes hahahahahaha. I hear stories of ppl getting in trouble with the boss man for being late.....well guess what I am 'The BossMan" hahahahahaaha, but I am not an ass and dont usually get pissed at ppl for being late. Hell I am the biggest slacker in this place, I cannt condemn it if I do it too haha. Work is not a means to an end but some place we go to get money to afford our habits.

Job stress seems to effect most Americans and usually in bad ways. I think most of us just have the wrong mind set when I comes to the jobs we have picked to give us money. If you work in an office like I do it really is not physically hard at all but the mental work does wear on a person. I look at in now as a game, and 8 hour virtuall reality game. Ever play the game 'The Sims'? I did once but stopped after I realized I was playing a game that resembled real life wayyyy to much. You had to sleep, eat, have fun, clean, get a job, wash and buy cloths. It was a game based on my day to day life and why the hell would I waist time playing that??? When I play games I want it to be as far from reality as possible, killing zombies, racing cars I will never be able to afford, killing hookers with baseball bats, being the best drug dealer in the hood or pull out my lightsaber and kick some robot butt. Now those are games that make my play time fun. Reality....blah...who needs it! Ignorance is always better anyway....

And if u get this poster u are just as geeky as I am hahhahahaha.

But screw everything ppl at work tell and have fun with whatever they give u. I have mounds of paper work and pencil pushing to do so I put on some good music and get to it. I did just that yesterday and finished it all in no time flat. I have very little to finish before I am all caught up and I plan to do the same today. So by friday I am done and all I have to do then is play on blogger and drink coffe all day. And if you have someone at work that can help the day go by is always a plus. I have had a few good ppl that helped me out there but they have all left for greener grass or work different shifts. Its all about team work ppl....

Now somewhere along the way I lost a day somewhere, until a few mintues ago I could have sworn today was Wendsday. Even to the point when I saw the garbage cans out(our garbage days are Monday and Thursday) I thought that our neighbors had left their cans out for the past 2 nights. It is like finding a 20 in your pants pocket you didnt know u had, the moment of happiness when you get the unexspected prize. Or like when you are driving away from the drive thru and you find an extra burger in your bag, that kinda happiness lol.

I am now off to the store, I need some food to get my day on its way. Tits lunch time....yeah!!!!!

1 comment:

Just Some Gal said...

I'm a total geek...
I had a line from Joe Dirt going through my mind as soon as I read the Luke and Leia poster...haha

I'm glad that you're a good boss Honkeie, there aren't enough people out in charge that give a flip. That being said, late once in a while is totally cool... A little late constantly and more than a little bit late a few times a week grates my nerves with employees. I had to chew out a few folks because of taking advantage of my being "cool" with them.


It isn't ever easy is it? lol I love playing video games like you do, totally away from reality!

BTW, I always try and make my neighbors feel good for no reason by taking their trash cans to their house for them. And of course I think their son is extremely hot. lol