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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tuesday recap:

I was not able to post on Monday because of all kinds of problems so my recap will cum a day late. It will be a fun post about me, a sailor and some mexicans.....
On Friday night me and the wife unit had a little date night with just the two of us. We went to TGIF and had a late night junk fooding. Our waitress was a bit on the slow side but I have had much worse, she wasnt too bad though. The wife unit had her first drink in a long time, her favorite- Amerreto Sour. She says she has yet to find a home made one that taste like the ones you get at the bar. It all taste the same to me haha.
Then Saturday night was guys night out. Me and the sailor man went out drinking like atheltes! We tried to drum up a few people but no one was in the mood to party with us soo we just went to 'The Office' in my old town for drinks. I thought I was going to see tons of 94 graduates but I didnt. I did see one person I knew by sight, she was fat and ugly back then.....and I am sad to say she did not change a whole lot. It wasnt for the worse or the better, she is still ugly and fat....but I bet she has a great personality. Which is very important dont let anyone fool you, beautiful people end up with ugly people because there is something more to that person we dont see. So in her defense she can probably suck a mean dick and cook the shit out of a wicked meat loaf. You want me to love you, cook me food lol!
Well we started the night off with a shot of tequilla and a Corona, then four more rounds followed. I bought one round he bought one round and soo on. Now when I get this drunk I start to want to vandalize things. Lucky for me I did not have any markers or spray paint with me. It started off in the bathroom, I went in for my millionth piss and the soap despensor stopped working. I wacked it off the wall and squirted the soap all over the mirrors, now I did not break the cheap thingie on the wall-it was already like that. The mirror had a film of pink soap alllllllll over the place. Nothing to bad, a squiggie and some water would fix it. Then I got the idea I wanted to steal a pepper shaker, but the one on our table was full. So I unscrewed it and pour it all on the floor under the table we were at. I then wanted to tear the pictures off the wall, but they were fastened to the wall like prest on little boys, I could not pry them apart. So I started tearing off the football flags that promoted some up comming even. I then need to go to the bathroom again, this time I had to go in the stall, all the stand up and miss urinals were full. While in there I wanted to see what was in the back part of the toliet. So I took it off and threw it in the garbage, nothing really damaged here, it just seem like a good idea at the time. There were a few chicks there that looked hungry and I avoided them like President Bush does an unscripted live question and answer. They were very drunk like me but I had nooo interest in any of them, I even avoided eye contact with them. They probably thought I was gay hahahahahahaha.
Now from here we head out into the night air. I took 2 shot glasses but I gave the empty shaker back to the bartender, not sure why but I bet he now knows who made the mess haha. Out in the night air I wanted to go for a walk, so we went to the construction site they had across the street with the big signs "SideWalk Closed". What we found was a cop sleeping on the job, I guess he was supposed to be watching the site. We startled him so we took off, ended up walking in a complete circle. Right back where we started, from here we escaped to the safety of the ghetto. Cops really dont fuck with you there unless you are doing something really stoopid. We stopped by this chicken shak because salior boy need some greasey food(which later came to hauntt him the next moring)
From here we head to home sweet home, but here is where things got a little fuzzy. I remeber going in and sitting on the arm of the couch and that was it. The next thing I know I wake up half on the couch's arm and half off. The half that was on the couch was buried in baby toys. I woke up several hours later with this stuff on top of me, I was really curious to how it got on top of me. When someone lays down on stuff you usually end up on top of it not the other way around. But I got my answer......I went up stairs ....reallyyyyy quiet like....step by find the little woman awake feeding wee man with the look only a woman can have when she is about to kill her man for something he did while drunk. As it turns out while I was down stairs on the couch the wife unit came down to get me. When she tried to wake me I blurted out "Leave me the fuck alone!" Now these are words that probably brought me as close to death as I would like to ever be, and I didnt even know it. She was sooo pissed off all she could do to keep herself from stabbing me to death was to shake the crap out of me. She shook me like a british nanny and left me there curled up on the couch like a dead cockroach.
But everything was all soomthed out and all is better. Not much happened on Sunday other than we succeded in getting the couch down the stairs. Which is a great feat because this is attempt number 2. The first times failed and failed bad, 3 grown men failed when it only took one to get it up stairs. Now again we had 3 grown men and a wife giving directions. But in the end brut strenght go it out, we did tear up the wall doing it but its gone! And that is all that matters.

I have to cut this post a bit short, I have totaly fucked myself at work ....I wanted some overtime so I came into work last night at 11pm, so that would have been a double butttt........what I forgot about was that I promised my second shift guard I would work for him today. So now I am working until 11pm tonight, and to help those out who failed math I am going to be at work for 24 hours!!!!! I am such a fuckhead, I am so mad but its all my fault and there is nothing I can do about it. I wont go back on my word and I cannt get anyone else to fix my problem. Its all mine so I will probably be spending alot of time on line today. I might even do a double post today. If I am awake later, after all the bosses leave I am going to hide take a nap.

Peace out yo!

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(sorry for the lack of pictures my camera needs batteries and besides I was soo drunk I probably would have lost it haha)


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