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Monday, October 09, 2006

Weekend recap and Columbus Day-A Different Look

Well I am offically retarded! That is right sign me up for the special Olympics I am down with Downs. Not only am I mentally handicrapped, I had a whole car load of people to witness it. This weekend we were going to go to a farm and do some pumkin picking and run through a corn maze but in all my wisdom I fucked it up. I found this add for what looked like a great place but when I was reading the information on it I messed up one very important part...the town it was located in. It is located in Vernon NJ but what I read was Verona........and what also fucked me up was that it was on rt 94 of rt 23 and in Verona there is a 23....but no 94. I just thought it was some small street that wasnt on the map. But as it turns out it wasnt on the map because we were in the wrong town! We spent about an hour of driving before the wife unit noticed that the ad we had said 'Vernon' not 'Verona'.......insert the sound of a jackass here<~~But we did go to a small dinky little fruit stand with air jumpers for the kids and a horny goat. I bought some apple cider that was a little on the turned side so it had a little bite to it, yummy. But we will try next weekend for round 2 to get to the corn maze lol.
It is now Wednesday so I know this post is a little late but oh well.
On Tuesday night the weeman decided to give us a show that defines the sleepless nights of baby horror. It started off pretty normal but after hours and hours of crying it was far from normal. I had Tuesday off so it wasnt too bad but I had been awake since 0200 the day before, so I was a little out of it to say the least. He finally fell asleep around 0300 Tuesday morning. It was something I have only heard stories of, my other 2 never did anything like this. We have been spoiled in that since. The little woman was sooo tired that after she gave me the screaming bundle of pooh she passed out cold! It was kinda funny looking back now but at the moment it wasnt so funny. If anyone want to get a good look into what being a parent is like, listen to comedians. It might be funny and all but they are the ones who tell it as it is. Tracey Olman did a show not that long ago and boy was she right about little boys. They arent malicous on purpose it is just that they are 3 and evil. They will grow out of it around 25 years old hahahaha.
But he finally went to sleep and I got to pass out as well.

I was going to do an anti-Columbus Day post on Monday but shit happenes and I was not able to get it out in time. I am not in the mood for it now but I will share some of the pics I found on this topic. It was about the lies my teachers taught me and the truth I found out after I read a real history book and that crap they push off to skools as history. They always leave out the good stuff in history, like George Washinton growing weed, Ben Franklin and his lust for jungle love-we all know ol'Ben loved him some dark meat-and the whopper of half truths was that 'Christopher Columbus Discovered America'
Man, we took that lie to heart just as bad we did the cherry tree story about George Washington. I was even curious as a child why America wasnt named after him instead of some small island off the coast of the actual land. But that is just me thinking again and asking questions about obvious problems with what is written in these so called history texy books. Like the time I made the nuns turn purple in chatolik skool when they were teaching 'original sin' and Adam and Eve. Boy did they hate me, I was always asking 'why' and all they ever had was-You just have to believe-
Hmmmm that seems like a cop-out to me lol. But oh well, and they wonder why the USA is so far behind. Now here are some pics I found after I looked up info about this great man that found something that was already there with people living there.

I really could go one about this one but I think I will leave that rant for another day when I can think a little better hahaahahah.


Nobody special said...

My daughter pronounces it ColumbASS Day. I think she's on to something lol

Hope you can get a good nights sleep soon!

Kilroy_60 said...

A definite score for What I Found In The Blogosphere!

Becky said...

Too funny, you dork! Mapquest is my best friend because of shit like that.

normiekins said...

i think SOME teachers need to go back to school.