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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Its almost time to be retarded.....

Halloweenie is just around the corner and I have my costume all ready. I hope to go to a party this weekend. I have 2 possible place to go and show the world my stoopidness. I will have my camera with me and I hope it doesnt crap out on me. I really need to get that thing to the shop to see if it is fixable.
But onto something that is completely unrealted:
One of my old friend's is having some real issues at the moment. She is a ex from my past, like high school past(I graduated in 1994). We have remaind friends as the years have gone on. She has gone on with her life and me with mine but we still have kept in touch. She was even the best person in my wedding. The wife doesnt like that toooo much because she is the other hen in the hen house but there is no worry in that department. I am very happy with my whom I took to be my wife and mother of our children, and yes if I could go back I would choice the same person all over again. Well, I might have gotten my claws in her a little sooner if I could go back haha. But she does have missgivings about her, I do understand so I dont talk to her about the drama that this girl has. Even though it is pretty funny at times. But the drama she is dealing with will be funny once it is all over but at the momment it isnt all that funny.
She has been dating this guy she is with now off and on since 94. He is the same age as I am but has been the forever batcholer, which means his only real thoughts have been about him and him alone.
Well a few months ago they moved into an apartment toghter and they were making some serious plans for their future............Then she started to notice some stranger than usual behavior. He recently got a promotoion in his company and had a whole new job ahead of him. But some of the duties didnt seem too kosher in her book. He got off at 2300hrs but would not get home until 03oohrs in the morning. And his excuse was that some of the temps needed rides home and he felt bad about leaving them at the site. Now that is nice and all but these are grown men and women, they know they have to get to work and they know they have to get home. If I had no way to get home from my job on a day to day basis I would not be working at that place for long. She was very leary of this from the start, then he started just disappearing at any given momment with no reason. The last one he said he was going out to get smokes and didnt come back for 8 hours. wife would have killed me if I told her I was running out to the store that was a block away and didnt come back for 8 hours. Hell she would have called the cops and would have come looking for my ass. He said that he went to him moms house to help out with something, which is ok but you should tell ppl these things. I really dont believe that and neither did she. But his games kept up to the point that she could not put up with these strange coming and goes of her boyfriend. She went to his car and started looking around and she found pictures and even a love note from some strange spanish woman. After a small question and answer session she found out more than she needed to know. He swore it was a one time thing and it was over. She was willing to try and work past this, which I advised her to. My little woman gave me a second chance and I made good on it-Thank You Sweet Pea!- After about 2 weeks she found out almost everything that came out of his mouth has been nothing but lies. Even to the point that the other women called her to see what the deal is with him. The other woman isnt as stoopid as he would like to think she is. Apparently he has told this other chick that he is going to go apartment shopping with her and that he loves her and that she is the one, but on the other hand he has told my friend just the opposite. So to get a little pay back and to get some payment on asshole tax she got an audio tape of him telling her, my friend, that he loves her and only her and that he wants nothing to do with the other woman and that he wants to try and work thngs out with her. After she got him on tape saying this she told him what she had done and that she is going to give this tape to the other woman. She told me he got real quiet for a second and said that was fine and that he would give her the tape. He must think all women are retarded or friend said no thanks and that she has made arangements to hand delieve it to her. She said she cannt fix him or trust him at all but she can show his new girl what an ass he is before she finds out to late. And to make this even better the other woman works under him at his job, she works for a temp agentcy and he is the supervisor. He works for the company and has a rather good paying job and this little love triangle could possibly get him fired. She is looking for blood at this point and I dont blame her.
But she is now going back in time to see where else he has lied right to her face about things. All the time she has dated this joker he has had all kinds of excuses to everything. She could never get ahold of him when he was home and he says its because he was sleeping and the phone didnt wake him. He has left her waiting on numerous occasions and the reasons to what, why, and where were always paper thin. I told her years ago that he was a little shifty but I no prove of anything but all of his actions say he was up to something. Believe me I know the tricks and all of his actions say something was up.
I am a reformed asshole so when presented with a bucket of shit I can usually call it as I see it. But what makes it even more difficult with my friend is that her daughter has bonded with this person, he has been there since she was born and she is now about 8 or 9 years old. It isnt like this child has been exsposed to all of her men since the father was cut out of the picture so for her this person has always been there. And he has been nothing but good to this little girl. So in his defense he has been good by making this child feel loved even though she wasnt his. I think she will be the one hurt the most in all of this. She wont know or understand what is going on all she will see is that this person she look up to for all these years is gone. I truely feel for this little girl. I have met her but to her I was just one of mommies friends, which is all we have been for years, so for me she had no bond.
I look at this and see a real asshole but then again I would never post my asshole adventures. I was bad in my day: Multipal girlfriends, lies, lies, and sex....lots of sex....and then some more lies. I look back and see what I was and what I was like and feel I was pretty much in the same boat. But I was alot younger and could afford to be that stoopid, at this stage in the game if you find one woman that is willing to put up with your shit be happy. And I have learned many lessons in this trip we call life: One, The grass only looks greener: and Two, Fantasy is always better than reality. Why do you think porn does so well, its all about the fantasy of it, the reality of porn is soo sad I dont even want to get into it. But I still look at it on a daily basis lol. If it barks like a dog, pants like a dog and pees like a dog it must be a pussy hound haha.

But let me end this post, this has been a freakin long ass post for me. I might go back and tweek it a little, my grammar is always the worst on long post like this. My enemy is the run on sentence haha.
Since it is friday let me leave this off with something funny. If you have ever seen FightClub you will love this....well if you like fight club that is...haha. Bitch titts Bitch titts
Have a Happy Weekend ....Bring me Candy!


Hammy said...

Long post but worth the read for the voyeur.

Chrissy said...

In my humble opinion- leave his ass. Over 12 years of lies- The little girl will eventually get past it but your friend may not if she keeps him around. And her daughter will one day see what kind of person he is and lose respect for her mom letting him treat her like that. I got a mom, an ex stepdad and issues of my own so speaking from a bit of experience.

morbid misanthrope said...

Perhaps she could tie the guy to the bed and break his ankles like that movie Misery. Or she could do what most women do: keep their mens' genitals in little music boxes under their beds.

Just Some Gal said...

I'm sorry for your friend... That man...what a cad!
I hope her daughter takes it well and if anything else, he at least comes to spend time with her on occassion. HOwever, 8 or 9 year old girls are a LOT more intuitive than given credit... She might completely understand, be hurt, but understand.
You're a good friend Honkeie.

I can't wait to see the new wee man and Wee man #1 ;) in their costumes! Of course my kiddo will still wear the...err, rooster costume. ((It just sounds wrong to say cock! lol))