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Friday, October 13, 2006

Happy Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th people, I am not superstitious so this is nothing but another day that ends in Y and me wishing I was drunk. But I was brought up to be leary of breaking mirrors, walking under ladders, crossing yourself after driving past a church or cemetery, praying to a slew of saints for anything and everything and let us not for get all the pagan style charms we used to wear(rosary beads!)
I went to chat-oholic skool and was exposed to some heavy duty pagan worship and superstitions. I was always, and still to this day, how paganistic these wackos were and probably still are. It always seemed to me they were not reading the same book I was reading. Faith healers, lucky charms, fortune tellers and the such are denounced in the bible. But I guess they missed those passages, so they pray to St. Jude for luck and saint soandso when they lost things, wrote letters to saint soandso for health, the list goes on and on but in the end its all blasphemy. I would question these practices but always got lip about it, so I just sat back and watched in amazement at how to truly be a pagan. The number 6 and 13 were unlucky, but in the defense of the number 6 it is sort of in the bible. The number of God is 7 so the devil has to be one the number 6 gets the bad rap here....and the apostles were 12, and I think the story goes that Judas was the 13 apostle so again not a good thing lol. Now these numbers now have bad karma around them and since humans love numbers and number associated it guides the world in which we live. 12 hours on the clock, not 13 or more 666 has become the number of the beast where as 777 is considered the luckiest numbers in Vegas. But that is how the world stands and since I love to watch stoopid people move around in ass grab fashion I will not try to impose my believes on them as they do to me. I am just a spectator in this race in this special Olympics event we call life.

On another note I have found a few funnies for this installment Of Fridays Funnies. So lets get it ON!

1) I would like to present the wife unit with this award when I get home:

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2) I hate to admit it but I have become more and more like this lately.....

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3) I am such a comment whore it isnt funny!

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4) I love the cookie monster, he is just too gangster sometimes haha.

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5) I have this on a hat. Words to live by my friends!

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6) I am not sure what movie this is from but I love it lol!

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7) Since Halloween is getting closer I thought I would show something creepy, but I like creepy and evil. But one thing is for sure I wont get that grim reaper tat, I am not the red neck ....yet!

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8) Speaking of red neck take a look at what I found behind my couch.....

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9) One more.......Because I am a bit of an anime fan...

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Have a Happy and Get Lucky Friday the 13th ppl!


The Real Kidd said...

Here is your comment! Now call of the dog! PLEASE!!!!

lol, such a cute wittle puppy! Awwww.

Happy Friday!

morbid misanthrope said...

Very perceptive of you to note that Catholics are pagans. The Catholics I debated this with decided to excommunicate me, but since I wasn't a member of their church, the best they could do was hiss at me. Interestingly, I get that same response from witches. Coincidence? I think not.

It is also believed that Friday the 13th became a notoriously unlucky day because the king of France had the Knights Templar arrested on Friday the 13th, 1307. I would consider the following days where they were tortured and brutally murdered more unlucky, but apparently I don't make the rules for this shit.

By the way, I think that Jack Black clip is from the movie High Fidelity.

Ranger Tom said...

My Friday the 13th...

Ran over an alligator with my train.

Nuff said?