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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Out Sick....

I wish I had sick days at my job but we dont. If I call out I am out the money no if's and's or butts. I think if I pulled a union in here that would change, along with alot of other things but most unions are more headaces than they are worth. They remind me of those pill adds that push the news drug that one can take to combat whatever ails you. But the side effects are worse than you original problem, " Some side effects include rectal bleeding, dry mouth, irritability, sore joints, dizziness and hot flashes" All that because you had a stuffy nose, no thanks! I think cancer is better than the side effects of the kimo sometimes, but it does work....sometimes.
I woke this morning with a sore throat nothing more and its still here. I have been popping cough dropps like candy to help me with this problem. I have been drinking a ton of water and green tea to help with it as well, I know I am not all that sick because my appetite has not gone away at all. I had chinese for lunch and finished it all, I now vow not to eat anything else for the rest of the day. That wont help my gut at all, but I have been back to the gym so its not so bad. I the midsection spread is working its magic on me and I am all about the counter spell at the moment.
Work has been slow so that is great for me, I really have not felt like doing much today any way. But I did go to photobucket and look up the word 'sick' and I was suprised ppl still use the word sick when refering to something that is crazy wild. Like if someone saw a Ferriari drive by one might say," Damn that car is sick!" I could have sworn that saying was old, but then again the ppl posting this 'sick' photos might be old. But here are some of my favorite 'sick' pics thanks to PB.....

1) I dont think this is 'sick'.......I dont know but I would roll her in flour to find her wet spot!

2) Again...nothing 'sick' here.......I'd bake her a cake hahaha!

Stop the press......late breaking up date people!

While I was trolling the "Next Blog" button I found Madonna's blog, well at least she/he/it is claiming to be her. I think I will start a blog and claim to be Mohomad(sp) and tell all the wackos that follow 'me' to run out into the desert and blow themselves up all at the same time. Just another example to why I dont envy go take a look and tell me what u think.......MADONNA ON BLOG
Some one call The Enquier pronto!
I mean cum on......people are actually commenting on it like its really her, well it might be but from all of my dealings with yahoo, myspace and any and all chat rooms we can all be something other than ourselves. I used to have a fake yahoo ID that said I was a lesbian, I had about 20 pics of 'me' i got from some older version of photobucket back in the early 2000's. I set it up to get into lesbian groups and chat rooms so I could pretend to be a women in rooms full of other men who were doing the same thing. I could just kill myself at the number of men that wanted me to watch them masterbate. I wonder of they ever thought for a second the person on the other side might not have been a woman at all??? That is where I found out how desperate ppl are to beileve what they want to believe. Just like this Madonna site, ppl want to believe its really her so it will be. It is all fantasy in here, and who am I to bust thier bubble hahaaha.


Back to one more sick pic----I had some more but I think they are a little too sick for blog. One was of a dude with his head in a toliet covered in pooh and the other was of a dead rotting courpse of a half naked woman I found on I really dont think anyone else out there has a stomache like mine. And if you do go to photobucket and look up 'sick' and have fun.

3) This is the other version of 'sick'.....More like totaly wicked awesome sick. And by the way this is my hard on of a car. Monte Carlo SS.......I would kill to get a hold of that car right there. This is stupid sick!

p.s. dont mind any errors.....I am doing this at 10:50pm


Chrissy said...

Dude, that car is Wicked!
And that first pick is Gnarly!

Am I dating myself? lol

Thanx for stopping by. and thanks for the limerick giggle.

Chrissy said...

Duh Pic not Pick!

honkeie2 said...

chrissy: pic or pick its all the same lol.

guttergirl said...

I can't believe people would read the Madonna blog and really believe it is her. The level of human stupidity is mind bending. After seeing those pics, I don't feel too bad about myself. Have a good day.

Chrissy said...

True seeing as she needs to "pick" something LOL

You're a busy guy today- Thanx for the comments.

I think I like you ;-)

you're being added to my stalk list now.

The Real Kidd said...

How in the WORLD can people believe that is really the material girl? What is wrong with people today? Oh that’s right. It’s called dumbass syndrome.

Nobody special said...

WOW! Madonna!!! Thanks honkeie! :P

morbid misanthrope said... is pretty sick, and by "sick" I mean totally sweet. During my college years, whenever some slacker sat next to me in computer lab, bothering me to help them with their project because they missed too many classes to figure it out, all I had to do was check out and that slacker moved.

I agree with you on the topic of unions. Why fix a headache with a jagged glass castration, if you know what I mean.

normiekins said...

madonna yeah right!!!!.....she's too busy adopting babies.

Sex, Lies and Myspace said...

Hope you feel better. What is up with the Madonna blog? People are really falling for that?