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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Thanks blogger.....

I wanted to put this post up yesterday but I was fighting with it until 11pm last night. So after I finally got the last pic up on here I just saved as draft and went to bed.
Now my past few post have been filled with lots of words and very few pictures, well I want to change that. This post is full of pictures and only a few words:

My Weekend: Saturday
This past weekend we went to a BBW Halloween party, and for those of you that dont know what that is BBW = Big Beautiful Women! I went as Alabama Man (if you dont know who he is look to South Park for the answer). I got a fat suit from ebay, a fake leather vest, ripped an old pair of jeans I have, got a cowboy hat from a friend, got out my old chain wallet, bougth a mullet wig from Target and put on my dirty work boots. I was all red neck, all I was missing was the pocket full of skool.

I should have taken a pic with out the wife beater, it had nipples and a bellybutton, but oh well......heres a back shot of my non-existant ass.

Now as I said it was a BBW party, which means lits of big girls.....and old men looking for feeders lol. I like my women with meat on the bone, and more than most but some of this girls were just a bit tooo much for me even.
This girl was wearing a white teeshirt with a green sash that read'Wet Teeshirt Contest Winner' Which was a great costum, I love costumes that required some thought and not just some mask you pulled of the shelf and called it a day. And for the record those were not her real boobs, I am not sure if she even had any. But what I can say was that she was a real plumper...and really short too lol.

I am all for the catholic school girl outfit, hell it is one of my greatest fantasys even but this girl put a new spin on it. Did I mention I liked my women meaty??????

Another shot of her :-P hooker boots...she had on hooker boots ass well! hahahahaha

It was a little to dark and my camera died after I took this shot. The guy on the dance floor in the red hat was dressed as little john. He won the contest along with this woman dressed as a play boy bunny. He had the who thing down, right down to the Dave Chappel "Ohh Yeah!" but the playboy bunny was.....well lets say she was a little past her freshness date and probably should have been something a little less reveling. I didnt get a pic of her due to dead batteries but I dont think anyone would have wanted to see that train wreck anyway.

We went to my moms complex that had trick or treating from 2-4pm. The weeman was batman, the oldest was some wacky peter pan and the little bro in law was some cracked out mime. Here we have a house that did that thing where they put out a bowl of candy and a sign that says "Please only take one" That alone tells you that this is a white the ghetto that would not have lasted 2 seconds...hell they would have stolen the bowl as well.

It was windy as a motherfucker that day. It is really flat out in Manville NJ, it used to be farm land until the baby boomers decided to level it and make an adult community out of it. Yeah for progress and land developers!
Panco Via lives!

Candy Candy Candy!

Here we have batman fending off the evil Shit-shoe. Watchout batman, it flings pooh!

Here is the first pic I have ever posted of my brother. Here he has the little man who is in his ducky outfit. My brother was in a motorcyle accident in Florida about 6 years ago and he wasnt wearing a helmet. It wasnt a bad accident and all of his bones have healed and the skin has grown back but the one injury that modern science has yet to be able to fix was the brain damage. He went head first into the truck that hit him and that was the one thing that ended him up like this. He has gotten better and even responds to stimuli....he cracks a smile whenever he grabs for my wives boobs. And I am not kidding there, it is a funny sight. It is also a glimmer of hope that someday he may pullout of it someday. Wear your helmet people, you might just survive the acciedent.

I saw this and I thought of you Morbid: Happy Halloween To All!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Here is one more from my moms house. She has this chicken that when you pick it up by the neck it starts clucking and the momment you put it down it starts doing the chicken dance. And yes there were lots of jokes about choking the chicken. The eyes on this thing makes it look like its being choked hahahahahaha.

Come back later tonight for weekend pics....

I have many pics of what went down this weekend but I forgot my usb cord for my camera at home......duh on me. But I will put them up later tonight when I get out of here.

But what I want to post here is a little bit of a political rant and bitch about what we all know but are still unsure what to do with it. It is like being shown the promise land but able to figure out the passcode to get in. I kinda stole this from someones blog I read...thanks Tom....but I dont think he will mind, hell I am getting out the word and that is all that matters. Please take a momment to read:

"I think the vast differences in compensation between victims of the September 11 casualty and those who die serving our country in Uniform are profound. No one is really talking about it either, because you just don't criticize anything having to do with September 11. Well, I can't let the numbers pass by because it says something really disturbing about the entitlement mentality of this country. If you lost a family member in the September 11 attack, you're going to get an average of $1,185,000. The range is a minimum guarantee of $250,000, all the way up to $4.7 million.
If you are a surviving family member of an American soldier killed in action, the first check you get is a $6,000 direct death benefit, half of which is taxable.
Next, you get $1,750 for burial costs. If you are the surviving spouse, you get $833 a month until you remarry. And there's a payment of $211 per month for each child under 18. When the child hits 18, those payments come to a screeching halt.
Keep in mind that some of the people who are getting an average of $1.185 million up to $4.7 million are complaining that it's not enough. Their deaths were tragic, but for most, they were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Soldiers put themselves in harms way FOR ALL OF US, and they and their families know the dangers.
We also learned over the weekend that some of the victims from the Oklahoma City bombing have started an organization asking for the same deal that the September 11 families are getting. In addition to that, some of the families of those bombed in the embassies are now asking for compensation as well.
You see where this is going, don't you? Folks, this is part and parcel of over 50 years of entitlement politics in this country. It's just really sad. Every time a pay raise comes up for the military, they usually receive next to nothing of a raise. Now the green machine is in combat in the Middle East while their families have to survive on food stamps and live in low-rent housing. Make sense?
However, our own U.S. Congress voted themselves a raise. Many of you don't know that they only have to be in Congress one time to receive a pension that is more than $15,000 per month.
And most are now equal to being millionaires plus. They do not receive Social Security on retirement because they didn't have to pay into the system. If some of the military people stay in for 20 years and get out as an E-7, they may receive a pension of $1,000 per month, and the very people who placed them in harm's way receives a pension of $15,000 per month.
I would like to see our elected officials pick up a weapon and join ranks before they start cutting out benefits and lowering pay for our sons and daughters who are now fighting.
When do we finally do something about this?"

Now for me this is common sense falling short on being common.....Yes 911 was horrible but those who died did not go there with the notion they might give up thier lives for thier country. People in the military know in the back of thier minds they are all disposable heros and at any momment they could be called to war and that they may die. With nothing more than a pretty flag given to thier loved ones and a form leter with a stamped signurature saying how sorry the country is to have lost another one. But it also applies to firemen and police men, while poloticians refuse to anny up the money for these departments for raises and new equipment they go without. But these are the ppl they will call in thier hour of need to thier million dollar homes. But maybe then they will pass a bill to give more when it is thier stuff burning to the ground because the firetruck broke down on route to help them or with a little luck it will be them getting a good old fasihon beat down and no cop in site. You always get what u pay for, you had out shit and shit is all you will get back.

But that is my rant for the day, like I said come back later for some interestings pics that have nothing to do with policits or death.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Its almost time to be retarded.....

Halloweenie is just around the corner and I have my costume all ready. I hope to go to a party this weekend. I have 2 possible place to go and show the world my stoopidness. I will have my camera with me and I hope it doesnt crap out on me. I really need to get that thing to the shop to see if it is fixable.
But onto something that is completely unrealted:
One of my old friend's is having some real issues at the moment. She is a ex from my past, like high school past(I graduated in 1994). We have remaind friends as the years have gone on. She has gone on with her life and me with mine but we still have kept in touch. She was even the best person in my wedding. The wife doesnt like that toooo much because she is the other hen in the hen house but there is no worry in that department. I am very happy with my whom I took to be my wife and mother of our children, and yes if I could go back I would choice the same person all over again. Well, I might have gotten my claws in her a little sooner if I could go back haha. But she does have missgivings about her, I do understand so I dont talk to her about the drama that this girl has. Even though it is pretty funny at times. But the drama she is dealing with will be funny once it is all over but at the momment it isnt all that funny.
She has been dating this guy she is with now off and on since 94. He is the same age as I am but has been the forever batcholer, which means his only real thoughts have been about him and him alone.
Well a few months ago they moved into an apartment toghter and they were making some serious plans for their future............Then she started to notice some stranger than usual behavior. He recently got a promotoion in his company and had a whole new job ahead of him. But some of the duties didnt seem too kosher in her book. He got off at 2300hrs but would not get home until 03oohrs in the morning. And his excuse was that some of the temps needed rides home and he felt bad about leaving them at the site. Now that is nice and all but these are grown men and women, they know they have to get to work and they know they have to get home. If I had no way to get home from my job on a day to day basis I would not be working at that place for long. She was very leary of this from the start, then he started just disappearing at any given momment with no reason. The last one he said he was going out to get smokes and didnt come back for 8 hours. wife would have killed me if I told her I was running out to the store that was a block away and didnt come back for 8 hours. Hell she would have called the cops and would have come looking for my ass. He said that he went to him moms house to help out with something, which is ok but you should tell ppl these things. I really dont believe that and neither did she. But his games kept up to the point that she could not put up with these strange coming and goes of her boyfriend. She went to his car and started looking around and she found pictures and even a love note from some strange spanish woman. After a small question and answer session she found out more than she needed to know. He swore it was a one time thing and it was over. She was willing to try and work past this, which I advised her to. My little woman gave me a second chance and I made good on it-Thank You Sweet Pea!- After about 2 weeks she found out almost everything that came out of his mouth has been nothing but lies. Even to the point that the other women called her to see what the deal is with him. The other woman isnt as stoopid as he would like to think she is. Apparently he has told this other chick that he is going to go apartment shopping with her and that he loves her and that she is the one, but on the other hand he has told my friend just the opposite. So to get a little pay back and to get some payment on asshole tax she got an audio tape of him telling her, my friend, that he loves her and only her and that he wants nothing to do with the other woman and that he wants to try and work thngs out with her. After she got him on tape saying this she told him what she had done and that she is going to give this tape to the other woman. She told me he got real quiet for a second and said that was fine and that he would give her the tape. He must think all women are retarded or friend said no thanks and that she has made arangements to hand delieve it to her. She said she cannt fix him or trust him at all but she can show his new girl what an ass he is before she finds out to late. And to make this even better the other woman works under him at his job, she works for a temp agentcy and he is the supervisor. He works for the company and has a rather good paying job and this little love triangle could possibly get him fired. She is looking for blood at this point and I dont blame her.
But she is now going back in time to see where else he has lied right to her face about things. All the time she has dated this joker he has had all kinds of excuses to everything. She could never get ahold of him when he was home and he says its because he was sleeping and the phone didnt wake him. He has left her waiting on numerous occasions and the reasons to what, why, and where were always paper thin. I told her years ago that he was a little shifty but I no prove of anything but all of his actions say he was up to something. Believe me I know the tricks and all of his actions say something was up.
I am a reformed asshole so when presented with a bucket of shit I can usually call it as I see it. But what makes it even more difficult with my friend is that her daughter has bonded with this person, he has been there since she was born and she is now about 8 or 9 years old. It isnt like this child has been exsposed to all of her men since the father was cut out of the picture so for her this person has always been there. And he has been nothing but good to this little girl. So in his defense he has been good by making this child feel loved even though she wasnt his. I think she will be the one hurt the most in all of this. She wont know or understand what is going on all she will see is that this person she look up to for all these years is gone. I truely feel for this little girl. I have met her but to her I was just one of mommies friends, which is all we have been for years, so for me she had no bond.
I look at this and see a real asshole but then again I would never post my asshole adventures. I was bad in my day: Multipal girlfriends, lies, lies, and sex....lots of sex....and then some more lies. I look back and see what I was and what I was like and feel I was pretty much in the same boat. But I was alot younger and could afford to be that stoopid, at this stage in the game if you find one woman that is willing to put up with your shit be happy. And I have learned many lessons in this trip we call life: One, The grass only looks greener: and Two, Fantasy is always better than reality. Why do you think porn does so well, its all about the fantasy of it, the reality of porn is soo sad I dont even want to get into it. But I still look at it on a daily basis lol. If it barks like a dog, pants like a dog and pees like a dog it must be a pussy hound haha.

But let me end this post, this has been a freakin long ass post for me. I might go back and tweek it a little, my grammar is always the worst on long post like this. My enemy is the run on sentence haha.
Since it is friday let me leave this off with something funny. If you have ever seen FightClub you will love this....well if you like fight club that is...haha. Bitch titts Bitch titts
Have a Happy Weekend ....Bring me Candy!

Back to the Grind

Everything seems to be setting down finally. I am back to the gym, this is week one back so all the old pains are back. Sleep is still some what of a struggle but not to bad, I still have problems waking up in the morning. I was 10 minutes late to work but that is ok, its good to be the king sometimes hahahahahaha. I hear stories of ppl getting in trouble with the boss man for being late.....well guess what I am 'The BossMan" hahahahahaaha, but I am not an ass and dont usually get pissed at ppl for being late. Hell I am the biggest slacker in this place, I cannt condemn it if I do it too haha. Work is not a means to an end but some place we go to get money to afford our habits.

Job stress seems to effect most Americans and usually in bad ways. I think most of us just have the wrong mind set when I comes to the jobs we have picked to give us money. If you work in an office like I do it really is not physically hard at all but the mental work does wear on a person. I look at in now as a game, and 8 hour virtuall reality game. Ever play the game 'The Sims'? I did once but stopped after I realized I was playing a game that resembled real life wayyyy to much. You had to sleep, eat, have fun, clean, get a job, wash and buy cloths. It was a game based on my day to day life and why the hell would I waist time playing that??? When I play games I want it to be as far from reality as possible, killing zombies, racing cars I will never be able to afford, killing hookers with baseball bats, being the best drug dealer in the hood or pull out my lightsaber and kick some robot butt. Now those are games that make my play time fun. Reality....blah...who needs it! Ignorance is always better anyway....

And if u get this poster u are just as geeky as I am hahhahahaha.

But screw everything ppl at work tell and have fun with whatever they give u. I have mounds of paper work and pencil pushing to do so I put on some good music and get to it. I did just that yesterday and finished it all in no time flat. I have very little to finish before I am all caught up and I plan to do the same today. So by friday I am done and all I have to do then is play on blogger and drink coffe all day. And if you have someone at work that can help the day go by is always a plus. I have had a few good ppl that helped me out there but they have all left for greener grass or work different shifts. Its all about team work ppl....

Now somewhere along the way I lost a day somewhere, until a few mintues ago I could have sworn today was Wendsday. Even to the point when I saw the garbage cans out(our garbage days are Monday and Thursday) I thought that our neighbors had left their cans out for the past 2 nights. It is like finding a 20 in your pants pocket you didnt know u had, the moment of happiness when you get the unexspected prize. Or like when you are driving away from the drive thru and you find an extra burger in your bag, that kinda happiness lol.

I am now off to the store, I need some food to get my day on its way. Tits lunch time....yeah!!!!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Mr. Angry Eyes decided that he wasnt going down without a fight last night. I was up until 0145 walking him around trying to get him to shut off, but to no avail. It was a battle of wills, and I was not about to lose, he could wail and cry all he wanted I was not going to get un-nerved or pissed. So I just let him scream like a beast from the 7th level of hell. He sure has some lungs on him. The wife wasnt feeling well so I was on baby duty and she was out 2 seconds after she asked me to walk the squeeking box of happiness. It was rough for the first few minutes but once I woke up a bit it wasnt so bad, but I think next time I will use ear plugs :-P
I am beat but I will make it......

But this is how I feel at work right about now........

But I do have pictures like this to help my on my daily grind.....

hmmmmm whats your name....Stake?
But I will end this post, I cannt make even a normal sounding sentence in my head let alone type one out.
I hope to get more sleep soon 'zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday, October 23, 2006

Booze, colds and pumpkins.

The cold is almost done with me but I seem to have passed my infection on like a Thai whore to the rest of the family. Now all I have to do is avoid all of them so I dont get it again hahah. But that did not stop us from going to Wemrock Orchards in Freehold NJ. My biggest pull to this one was the fact they had a winery there, and they let u taste before u buy. Yumy. We ended up buying some cherry wine, champagne, and some blue berry wine. In the pic below we have we man on Navy man's shoulders as he make his happy purchase. And yes that is wife unit behind him :-P

I have always said these kids are retarded at times and now I have the proof.....they are all on the short bus for the day haha.

In the corn maze there was a little hunt for some pirate stuff. He we have Navy man doing his best impression of Sake-spear. To be or not to be.....and some other words that mean not to me. LOL.

Here we have a roach that I found. I tried to pick it up and smoke it but it would not stay lit long enuff to get a pull off of it. Just Kidding......I have no idea what I am talking cannt smoke a roach, they are nasty bugs that hide in your kitchen until you turn the lights on.

Either they are dead pirates or hot Holloywood models.

Anyone seen children of the corn???????

The haunted hay ride was really corny but the kids got a kick out of it and that is all that matters in my world :-D

This is just some random picture of what most of NJ still looks like. Its freakin farm land, but you would never know that by watching the Soprano's or coming to visit me in Hillside. We felt like the white ppl from the city coming to visit the hicks for the weekend getting excited by horses, cows, foul smells and real country mudd. You know that mudd that smells like shit and looks like sludge.

Now not much really happened after that, Sunday we did a shit load of cleaning, drank some cherry wine and got some free porn from a friend of ours. Real freinds give friends porn for free.
But something upsetting did happen, my camera is simi fucked up. I can still take pics but the viewing screen is screwed. So it isnt a total lost but it still sucks ass. I am going to see if it might still be in the warrentee if not I will have to cough up another 200 smackers to get a new one.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Out Sick....

I wish I had sick days at my job but we dont. If I call out I am out the money no if's and's or butts. I think if I pulled a union in here that would change, along with alot of other things but most unions are more headaces than they are worth. They remind me of those pill adds that push the news drug that one can take to combat whatever ails you. But the side effects are worse than you original problem, " Some side effects include rectal bleeding, dry mouth, irritability, sore joints, dizziness and hot flashes" All that because you had a stuffy nose, no thanks! I think cancer is better than the side effects of the kimo sometimes, but it does work....sometimes.
I woke this morning with a sore throat nothing more and its still here. I have been popping cough dropps like candy to help me with this problem. I have been drinking a ton of water and green tea to help with it as well, I know I am not all that sick because my appetite has not gone away at all. I had chinese for lunch and finished it all, I now vow not to eat anything else for the rest of the day. That wont help my gut at all, but I have been back to the gym so its not so bad. I the midsection spread is working its magic on me and I am all about the counter spell at the moment.
Work has been slow so that is great for me, I really have not felt like doing much today any way. But I did go to photobucket and look up the word 'sick' and I was suprised ppl still use the word sick when refering to something that is crazy wild. Like if someone saw a Ferriari drive by one might say," Damn that car is sick!" I could have sworn that saying was old, but then again the ppl posting this 'sick' photos might be old. But here are some of my favorite 'sick' pics thanks to PB.....

1) I dont think this is 'sick'.......I dont know but I would roll her in flour to find her wet spot!

2) Again...nothing 'sick' here.......I'd bake her a cake hahaha!

Stop the press......late breaking up date people!

While I was trolling the "Next Blog" button I found Madonna's blog, well at least she/he/it is claiming to be her. I think I will start a blog and claim to be Mohomad(sp) and tell all the wackos that follow 'me' to run out into the desert and blow themselves up all at the same time. Just another example to why I dont envy go take a look and tell me what u think.......MADONNA ON BLOG
Some one call The Enquier pronto!
I mean cum on......people are actually commenting on it like its really her, well it might be but from all of my dealings with yahoo, myspace and any and all chat rooms we can all be something other than ourselves. I used to have a fake yahoo ID that said I was a lesbian, I had about 20 pics of 'me' i got from some older version of photobucket back in the early 2000's. I set it up to get into lesbian groups and chat rooms so I could pretend to be a women in rooms full of other men who were doing the same thing. I could just kill myself at the number of men that wanted me to watch them masterbate. I wonder of they ever thought for a second the person on the other side might not have been a woman at all??? That is where I found out how desperate ppl are to beileve what they want to believe. Just like this Madonna site, ppl want to believe its really her so it will be. It is all fantasy in here, and who am I to bust thier bubble hahaaha.


Back to one more sick pic----I had some more but I think they are a little too sick for blog. One was of a dude with his head in a toliet covered in pooh and the other was of a dead rotting courpse of a half naked woman I found on I really dont think anyone else out there has a stomache like mine. And if you do go to photobucket and look up 'sick' and have fun.

3) This is the other version of 'sick'.....More like totaly wicked awesome sick. And by the way this is my hard on of a car. Monte Carlo SS.......I would kill to get a hold of that car right there. This is stupid sick!

p.s. dont mind any errors.....I am doing this at 10:50pm

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Happy Tied Up Tuesday...

I am not sure what Tied Up Tuesday is but I found a funny pic about this new idea. It is probably very similar to HNT but with a S&M twist. If you want to find some more pics on this go look on photobucket and look up 'Tuesday' and look around. The smut will follow so if you are under 18 dont do it hahahahaha.
Now I have some pics from my weekend drunken fun. I got drunk on Friday and Saturday, but on Saturday I turned it up a notch. I was drinking anything and everything I could find. Beer, rum, wine, champaign(sp), and then some triple sec. Remarkably no hangover followed but I was lit like an Irish man at a wedding party with an open bar. Not a whole lote happened, I played video games, talk with one of my wives friends that had come over, watched TV, and ran around the house in my boxers. Nothing new really, I was thinking of hoping on my bike but I didnt feel like getting dressed, that seat hurts without any protection for the boys.
But the sad part of this weekend is that my camera is partly broken. I can still take pics but I cannt control the pics as well. Something pinched the viewer and I can no longer see the pics I take, so all I can do is set it on auto and take the pic. It still gets the pics I like but they sometimes come out a little werid. Here are a few pics of me after I found the sparkling wine in my frig. I forgot it was there but once I got a hold of it, I was all over it like a senetor on a teen boy intern in a chat room!

1) Get ready, Get set.....

2) Go......NUTS!

And here is the Tied Up Tuesday pic I found...

And here is another idea I have found for Tuesday.....

And here is a sign I am thinking about putting in my office.....on the day I quit lol.....

It migth be one day closer to Firday but Tuesday's still suck hahahahahahaha. I am in much need of sleep but thats ok, nothing new there and besides I will sleep when I am old. Plenty of time to do nothing at all but got to Alantic city, play bingo and eat prunes.

So.....whats everyone dressing up for halloween? I bought my mullet wig for my white trash costume, I hope to live up to these guys:

They have given me a few good ideas to what to add to my collection red neck apparel. I need to ask my friend for a camo or hunting hat. I plan on being as trashy as my roots will let me, and since my roots go realllll deep there will be hell to pay the next morning hahahhahahaha. I might be sleeping on the couch for a few nights. haha But no matter how hard I try this guy has me beat before the race starts:

Or this guy:

My wife is going to dress up in some sexy angle costume, I promise to have evidence...I mean pictures of this. I hope everyone gets to go out on the greatest commercialized pagan holiday. And if you dont have any plans I sure hope you make some, you are never to old to go trick or treating......and if you think so then yes, you are too OLD. So go drink some prune juice and adjust your depends, and leave us kids alone hahaha.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday, cold as a witchs tit!

Another monday and tits freakin cold! I even put on my sweater today lol. But lucky for me I dont work outside anymore, I sometimes wonder if I would have made out better in the manual labor field(I was once a sheet metal fabricator) but then I remeber what it was like working in the winter with metal. I know they make a shit load of money but its dangerous, dirty and over all not my cup of tea. In the short time I did that work I got 2 scars, been hurt so many times I stop counting the numer of times I stubbed my toe, bandged my head or pinched my finers. And the shop I worked in was very mom and pop so things like safety were not all that important. We would stand on the top step on an 18 foot ladder cutting old gas pipe to make room for duct work. You know that one step thats says'This Is Not A Step', that step. And anyone who knows what its like to cut gas pipe knows how much it vibrates and shakes, and should I also mention these ladders were really old and not very level anymore.
I really did not mind doing this, until the winter hit. Do you have any idea how hard it is to work with metal in the freezing cold? Your hands dont work right, your boogers become hard, you can feel sweat on your freeze as its coming out, your toes curl on you(steel toes may be helpful but not in the cold) and the overall feeling of wanting to die. This was not something I saw myself doing forever, hell I dont really see myself doing what I do now forever but it pays the bills at the moment.
I am a 30 year old boy who still isnt sure what he wants to do when he grows up. I sorta envy those who knew what they wanted to be as a teen and went out and became it, even if it was lame, they still had an idea and went for it. Me, I still have no clue, I wish I knew where I fit in the rat race. I am go at my job but I really dont seem myself staying here until I retire. It isnt much of a career more like a full time slacker post to me.

I have no idea where this post is going so I will end it now. Just take that motivational poster to heart ppl. The one who puts out the least amount of energy but gets the most done will most likely be your boss some day!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Happy Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th people, I am not superstitious so this is nothing but another day that ends in Y and me wishing I was drunk. But I was brought up to be leary of breaking mirrors, walking under ladders, crossing yourself after driving past a church or cemetery, praying to a slew of saints for anything and everything and let us not for get all the pagan style charms we used to wear(rosary beads!)
I went to chat-oholic skool and was exposed to some heavy duty pagan worship and superstitions. I was always, and still to this day, how paganistic these wackos were and probably still are. It always seemed to me they were not reading the same book I was reading. Faith healers, lucky charms, fortune tellers and the such are denounced in the bible. But I guess they missed those passages, so they pray to St. Jude for luck and saint soandso when they lost things, wrote letters to saint soandso for health, the list goes on and on but in the end its all blasphemy. I would question these practices but always got lip about it, so I just sat back and watched in amazement at how to truly be a pagan. The number 6 and 13 were unlucky, but in the defense of the number 6 it is sort of in the bible. The number of God is 7 so the devil has to be one the number 6 gets the bad rap here....and the apostles were 12, and I think the story goes that Judas was the 13 apostle so again not a good thing lol. Now these numbers now have bad karma around them and since humans love numbers and number associated it guides the world in which we live. 12 hours on the clock, not 13 or more 666 has become the number of the beast where as 777 is considered the luckiest numbers in Vegas. But that is how the world stands and since I love to watch stoopid people move around in ass grab fashion I will not try to impose my believes on them as they do to me. I am just a spectator in this race in this special Olympics event we call life.

On another note I have found a few funnies for this installment Of Fridays Funnies. So lets get it ON!

1) I would like to present the wife unit with this award when I get home:

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2) I hate to admit it but I have become more and more like this lately.....

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3) I am such a comment whore it isnt funny!

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4) I love the cookie monster, he is just too gangster sometimes haha.

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5) I have this on a hat. Words to live by my friends!

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6) I am not sure what movie this is from but I love it lol!

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7) Since Halloween is getting closer I thought I would show something creepy, but I like creepy and evil. But one thing is for sure I wont get that grim reaper tat, I am not the red neck ....yet!

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8) Speaking of red neck take a look at what I found behind my couch.....

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9) One more.......Because I am a bit of an anime fan...

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Have a Happy and Get Lucky Friday the 13th ppl!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Weekend recap and Columbus Day-A Different Look

Well I am offically retarded! That is right sign me up for the special Olympics I am down with Downs. Not only am I mentally handicrapped, I had a whole car load of people to witness it. This weekend we were going to go to a farm and do some pumkin picking and run through a corn maze but in all my wisdom I fucked it up. I found this add for what looked like a great place but when I was reading the information on it I messed up one very important part...the town it was located in. It is located in Vernon NJ but what I read was Verona........and what also fucked me up was that it was on rt 94 of rt 23 and in Verona there is a 23....but no 94. I just thought it was some small street that wasnt on the map. But as it turns out it wasnt on the map because we were in the wrong town! We spent about an hour of driving before the wife unit noticed that the ad we had said 'Vernon' not 'Verona'.......insert the sound of a jackass here<~~But we did go to a small dinky little fruit stand with air jumpers for the kids and a horny goat. I bought some apple cider that was a little on the turned side so it had a little bite to it, yummy. But we will try next weekend for round 2 to get to the corn maze lol.
It is now Wednesday so I know this post is a little late but oh well.
On Tuesday night the weeman decided to give us a show that defines the sleepless nights of baby horror. It started off pretty normal but after hours and hours of crying it was far from normal. I had Tuesday off so it wasnt too bad but I had been awake since 0200 the day before, so I was a little out of it to say the least. He finally fell asleep around 0300 Tuesday morning. It was something I have only heard stories of, my other 2 never did anything like this. We have been spoiled in that since. The little woman was sooo tired that after she gave me the screaming bundle of pooh she passed out cold! It was kinda funny looking back now but at the moment it wasnt so funny. If anyone want to get a good look into what being a parent is like, listen to comedians. It might be funny and all but they are the ones who tell it as it is. Tracey Olman did a show not that long ago and boy was she right about little boys. They arent malicous on purpose it is just that they are 3 and evil. They will grow out of it around 25 years old hahahaha.
But he finally went to sleep and I got to pass out as well.

I was going to do an anti-Columbus Day post on Monday but shit happenes and I was not able to get it out in time. I am not in the mood for it now but I will share some of the pics I found on this topic. It was about the lies my teachers taught me and the truth I found out after I read a real history book and that crap they push off to skools as history. They always leave out the good stuff in history, like George Washinton growing weed, Ben Franklin and his lust for jungle love-we all know ol'Ben loved him some dark meat-and the whopper of half truths was that 'Christopher Columbus Discovered America'
Man, we took that lie to heart just as bad we did the cherry tree story about George Washington. I was even curious as a child why America wasnt named after him instead of some small island off the coast of the actual land. But that is just me thinking again and asking questions about obvious problems with what is written in these so called history texy books. Like the time I made the nuns turn purple in chatolik skool when they were teaching 'original sin' and Adam and Eve. Boy did they hate me, I was always asking 'why' and all they ever had was-You just have to believe-
Hmmmm that seems like a cop-out to me lol. But oh well, and they wonder why the USA is so far behind. Now here are some pics I found after I looked up info about this great man that found something that was already there with people living there.

I really could go one about this one but I think I will leave that rant for another day when I can think a little better hahaahahah.