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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sometimes my job depresses the shit out of me...

Part of what I do in my job is making, activating, upgrading, and deactivating badges for employees at 20 different locations. It is a pretty simple part of my job but very time consuming and sad. This year the company has decided that they want to show the head office that they have cut back the 'workforce' in 2009 by laying off a bunch of people right before 2010. Now when they say 'workforce' ,which they use as one word, they are trying to de-humanize who these people actually are. Or even to the fact they are humans with bills and families. It sucks how ever you look at it.

Here in the USA when a company does bad the first person who takes a hit is the lowest person in the food chain. Call me crazy but that doesn't make sense. It is not their fault the company is sucking wind. Does the product go out the manufacturing door to the store? Did the product leave the warehouse as it should? Yes, so what did the little guy do to get canned?

I feel the guys working in the advertising department screwed up, maybe the guys in finance did not get the numbers right or maybe something as simple as the sales men did not get out there enough.

If something fails or goes wrong you fix the area that fails, if your car gets a flat do you rebuild the transmission? No, but that is how I see most of business around here.

'Well we did not meet our numbers this year, time to lay off the people that make, package and ship the very items we sell for profit. '

I know I am no business major or a big shot anything but seeing list after list or people that have been laid off does make ones soul blacken a little each time. We are all disposable, so be happy with what you have right now because you might be part of the next wave of workforce lay offs. And then replaced with temp workers that have no insurance and get paid half of what you were making. I used to hate Unions but if things keep going the way they are we might be going back to the old days of Union's vs Big Business. Its a big shit sandwich and everyone is going to have to take a bite.

Ho Ho Ho Merry Xmass here is your pink slip Have a Merry fucking time finding a new job. But what comes around goes around.
As you can see I am not feeling all that festive right now. Our holiday was chaotic but good, lots of food (way too much food), presents all around, another year wrapping presents into the weeee hours of xmass morning, we still have to make room for all the kids new toys, the house can never seem to stay clean for 2 seconds it seems and I am starting my resolution a bit early this time. No more food.....I am soo bloated I cannt even tie my shoes....well not really but its getting there!
No real plans for New Years, probably more food and drink. But I have not been drinking all that much so in that aspect I am going well, but the food oh the food is a damn disaster!
But I have to get back to my list of people that have to be taken out of the system. So as my job is slowly killing me from the inside out have this holiday laugh I found on

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tits been a while.....

But school is over until next year! Fuck yeah! But soon it will be back to the old nonsense of writing useless reports and doing pointless projects that will just end up in the trash after the grade is given. I am in the process of trashing all my old notes and selling all my unopened text books. Only one book has been used and will not be going on eBay for sell. My computers text, it is a step by step manual on how to do excel, power point and access. I foresee this book coming in handy in the near future so it will be with me for a while.

But other than that we are days away from the wonder time of year....Christmas. Is everyone done shopping, did yall do what you said you were going to do last year and start shopping earlier? No, dont feel bad no one has. I am not done and have tons to wrap! The getting isnt so bad its the wrapping that does me in.

I have not blogged in such a long while i am a bit lost on where to begin. I feel so rusty and out of tune with blogging. I am just going to open up the doors and let some fresh air in. So lets see what I have up in my attic:

  • Wife's holiday party was a blast, just like all the others before.
  • I have to go to a meeting today at my sons school about his hitting. Oh I am sorry you cannt control my 3 year old? Here watch me fake concern about your inability to do your job.
  • I am studying my first degree in Masonry, lots and lots of memorizing.
  • We got snow in NJ but in my area it was only like 6 inches, no biggie.
  • I have not start exercising as of yet, bad me. I am going to be a damn whale by summer time if i dont get off my ass!
  • And lastly, Seth has taken to piano in an awesome way. I never thought my child would be this good at music, he is only 6. And me having gone through piano, the violin and the guitar just to learn I am tone deaf!

I will have to gather myself a little better for my next post, this one was just to get some of those cob webs out. I do have pictures, as usual so let me just put them up and get it over with.

1) Here we have the wife out in the cold putting up the lights. And yes I was there to help, I hold stuff and put things up high for the vertically challenged wife.

2) Here is the tree for this year. We are having the holiday at our house this year so it is time to start cleaning!

3) This is a little slice of weird NJ, this guy carved this out of a tree stump in his front yard....dont ask but he did one hell of a job

4) Our kids have something against green food. Even the smallest piece of green food will send them running. Here I am trying to get Lucas to look at something I took of my plate. He did the old vampire looking at the cross move. I swear it was like trying to give an emo kid a box of happy color crayons.
5) We went over to a friends house, the wife helped them decorate their tree. The kids had fun playing with each other until Lucas had to share. I swear he should have been a girl.....

6) The other day Lucas found his Halloween costume, the one he did not want to wear on Halloween, and put it on. It only lasted about 10 minutes before he started his bitching that he wanted it off, but at least I got one picture of him in it.

7) And finally we have me and the wife unit at her party. Notice she is in heels. standing on one step higher and still shorter than me. haha I am a jolly honkeie giant!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Ok, I can breath now......

~Reports (skool and work) are done, PowerPoint done and now I can sit down and de-stress for a minute. I even have the time and energy to throw up.....a new post. Ha, I said throw up!
My presentation went well, I was one of the first to go. And yes I asked to go first because I just wanted to get it over with and i knew that if I set my deadline sooner that I could just get this shit over with faster. I was able to embed the youtube clip in my presentation, thanks to youtube. If you are having problems with doing just about anything all you have to do is go to youtube and type 'how to......' fill out the rest and odds some thoughtful person put up a tutorial on how to do it. I did just that with my clip and got a step by step video on how to add it to my PowerPoint. And no, there would have been no way in hell I could have figured that one out on my own and it was not in the text box. I love techno-geeks and all the lovely things they do for us.
~Now I am off to do some of my Masonic training, which is going well. I am working on my first degree and hope to move up as fast as I can.
~This weekend is going to be a busy one, school on Saturday then a birthday party later that night then on Sunday we are all going to NYC. It was something my parents always did with me as a kid and I loved it. I love NYC, not enough to move there, but still love the city.
~Also my wedding anniversary is coming up on the 7th. Not sure what I want to do yet, maybe just a day for me and the little woman...ALONE. That in itself is like a gift from heaven.
~It has been one hell of a semester so far and this one is almost over, just in time to start the next one OH HAPPY FUCKING JOY! But I can now catch up on some work work, you know the kind that pays the bills. So with that I am just going to leave things off ass I usually do, with pictures! Yah I Love Pictures!

1) I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. This was probably the firs year I did not eat and drink wayyyyy too much lol. We do buffet style, get you own damn plate and serve yourself. What do your arms fall off over the holidays?

2) Turkey makes men sleepy, and thanks to the navy Doug now knows how to sleep standing up.

3) Hiding in your shirt will not hide the fact I sleep with your sister.

4) Hmmmmm leftovers.....soon I shall turn you into pooh......

5) With leftovers comes the after math clean up. She cooks I clean, that's the deal. But I dont mind cleaning, its the one time I can put on my head phones and block out the world.

6) The key to easy clean up is the soaking factor. Always soak them at least 30 minutes before you start and clean up becomes that much easier.

7) Random life picture of the kids being hypnotized by the idiot box, I think here there were watching Ed, Edd and Eddy. The wife hates that show, I love it!

8) Tea time, Uruguayan style......strong tea for strong....taste buds....

9) I actually used this picture in my presentation about Sailor Jerry

10) I know see why people in college drink soooooooo much, i really do......

Monday, November 30, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Team Chuck Norris

This past Sunday we were.....Team Chuck Norris! At Top Gun Paintball in Jackson, NJ.

We had a bast doing this. If I had the money I would do this every weekend! I hope to get out there again before it gets too cold but if not we are just going to save up money for next spring. It was that much fun! Well if you dont mind diving into piles of wet leaves, rolling in the mud and getting pelted with paintballs. It does hurt for a second but nothing like Air Soft. The name itself is an oxymoron! There is nothing soft about Air Soft!

Here is their web site go check it out~~~~~~~>
I have to run, I just wanted to tell someone about this lol. I think I had more fun than they did but they were all up to go again and again. We played about 8 games that day no one wanted to leave. But all good things must come to an end.
But the end was just the beginning.........

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another HNT......

When it comes to being naked one usually thinks of being without cloths. Me too for that matter, someone says they were naked my mind goes right for the 'without cloths' ideas. Mainly because there is nothing greater than the feeling of being nude and there is nothing better than seeing someone naked....female at least lol. But the very word naked means to be without cover and that meaning goes very deep. A tree can be naked, a person can be naked and even the truth can be naked......ok, its too early for philosophy but you get the idea.
Someone did a post about them being naked without his ring and I thought that was an awesome idea. He is a guy I chat with on Flickr, he is a bit of a nudest so when he said he felt naked I was interested in why someone who runs nude on a beach full of people would feel naked?!?
He was without his ring, which I totally understand. I have had a ring on my finger for almost all of my adult life, and if I am ever without it I feel naked! The ring has all kinds of deep rooted meanings behind the circle of life, the unbreakable bonds, two becoming one but for me it is about comfort. I do not feel right if my rings are off, I have not been without them for so long I am not sure I could even think right if they where to come off for any length of time. They help remind me of those who depend on me and come running to me when I see them everyday. So for me to be with out them would mean I was without meaning or hope. My rings have become a parts of me just as my family has become a part of me.
And even though they do drive me insane at times I could not think of any other place I would rather be. I am truly naked with my rings:

And yes I said rings, I wear 2 wedding bands. One is the original band we gave each other and the other one she got for me as a present a few years has a diamond in it!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Killing me slowly, thanks college.....

Once again school has taken over just about all aspects of my life. I dont blog, I dont exercise, I dont play video games and I dont think. If anyone says that they like college then they must have a trust fund back home and have no stress of the real world. The wife tells me I am not to let the kids hear my thoughts on college until they are in college, which is fine by me. No one told me so why should I tell them.
And hell I wish I had gotten this over with years ago! My advise to them will be just to do it so you wont have it hanging over your head later on in life when you really do not have the time or energy to deal with it. So far, I have to do 2 papers, a excel project, a power point project, a test on Tuesday and about 6 chapters of pc work to finish. And I have not even been to math class yet!
So far I see college as $40,000 worth of busy work. Yes I can type out papers and get decent grades on them, yes I can read stories and regurgitate them, yes I can follow a step by step process work sheet.....but does that make me ready for any real world job other than being a college professor...nope. Now if I was in nursing school I would be learning things about a job in real time, but a degree in business consist of hours upon hours of nothing but busy work. I guess it is getting you prepared for all the soul crushing work in the corporate world. Pointless presentations that take weeks to put together and then the meeting is canceled and the project gets shelved.
Sooooo I guess they are really doing those who have not yet worked in the field a favor. Get ready to work hard for hardly any return. But with that it has also taught me not to go all out on everything. I am not looking to be the top dog in my school or to give a speech at my graduation, I just want to pass and get that little roll of paper that says I am now a college graduate.
Now fuck off I have to go to work to pay off this hug loan that I amassed trying to get this degree so i could get a better job, with better pay so I would have the ability to pay off said loan.
Man is that depressing or what!
The papers I hand in reflect on this idea but they still seem to come back with A's and B's on them. But the next two I am not so sure about, I really am bullshiting my way through them. The semester is coming to a close and I am already sick of it all. Another 2 years of this, Obama-God help me! At this point I am not even sure I want to bother with the whole cap and gown, just mail me my diploma, my ring and fuck off. I do not have any ties to this school other than that loan I have to pay back, I do not go to any of the events they have, could care less about any of the sports they play in and have yet to see a frat party....its a dry campus. How gay is that?!?! There isnt even a bar on campus! The nearest bar is 3 blocks once you get off campus, which really isnt that big of a deal but frat parties!
I dont know, maybe its just me but all the hype about college seems lost on me. I think it is because I am here with the soul purpose of just getting it over with, not the whole first time away from home living on my own, with bright fresh young eyes. I used to think of myself as the glass is half full kind of a person, and still do at times, but I am not so sure any more. I have become very cynical, and I dont like it. Hell all I came here to do was post some pictures and run away and this whole notion of college got me into this long winded rant about my hate for the establishment! And I know most people will have all kinds of nose about how college is this or how college is that.....but in all I could careless what others think about it. I have seen how teachers make you buy a $300 book then never us it, being forced to pay for this fee and that fee even though I will never use the service, having to pat my head rub my tummy and god forbid if i forget on step I will be fined for it. The money trail is so obviously full of dirty deeds of greed and corruption I dont even have to point it out. When was the last time you heard of tuition going down? They keep jacking up the price but I do not see anything on the students end getting anything more out of it...
And now I take a cleansing breath and say fuck you college I will win in the end and after all is said and done I hope to never go back.

Now on to some pictures that have been waiting to get here:

1) The wife had been gone for almost 2 weeks and came back on Halloween. I had to drive to JFK to get her with the boys. I hate driving out there, its always a nightmare. But it was well worth it all to have her home again.

2) And of course I was taking pictures of all I saw. The lady in the grey dress caught my attention. For one you could tell she was either wearing a tiny tiny thong or no panties at all and two she had to be at least in her 50's. But from the back she was in her 20's hahaha!

3) And here we have the very reason we got up that morning! She's finally home! And please dont ever go away again!

4) As I mentioned she came home on Halloween so later on that day we all went out trick or treating. Seth was a Glad-he-ate-her and Lucas was Tigger but he threw such a fit about wearing it we just put on his Pj's and went out.

5) This house does the every year, freakin awesome.

6) These were our decorations.

7) Since we go out we leave a bag of candy and a note. It helps to ensure all candy is take lol, save me from myself

8) These guys were driving around giving candy to kids. I thought they were going to throw eggs at us at first but turned out they were nice guys. Sometimes you just never know!

9) And if you think college isnt driving me to drink you are wrong.....oh so that is!

9) But even with all that coffee at some point this will happen......

So that is it for my pointless rant about nothing and everything. Have a great weekend I am going to try for one post a week until I have more time and energy to do more. I think I need to keep a blogging journal, so that I can remember what it was I came to the keyboard to bitch about ha! Half the time I come on here I forgot why I came here, note taking is a must for me in remembering anything lol.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bad me take....god if I know....

I have been slacking in everything these days. School, work, home and even the internet. The wife has been gone for a week now, she went down to Uruguay with her dad. His mom is not doing to well and was in the hospital. They sent her home a few days ago, the doctors told them there isn't anything else they can do for her. It is time to go home and get some rest. And we all know what that means. But it is for the better, it better to be home in the end than in an unfamiliar place when the time comes. I am not good with words at times like this, I just hope everyone down there is doing well.

With the wife gone it has been me and the kids. I have had the help of Sharon and Alan with getting the kids off in the morning and watching them while I am in school but that really isnt a substitute for my wife unit. It strange, I have been away from the family and the wife before but I have never missed her soo much. It is just so strange coming home to no one.

And I know I am not the first person on the planet to be separated from a spouse but its new to me. She will be home this Saturday, so I think this Halloween will be spent holding and hugging the family.

And with her gone I have even more stress than before, I never had to deal with stress like this. Again this is new to me, this new found feeling of being over whelmed and I dont like it. I have no energy or desire to do much of anything. I used to have so much get up and go I swore I had speed in my veins. But now that well of energy has gone dry. Even doing this post I have to drag it out of me. I know I always jump from one idea to another but here it seems more obvious because I just want to be done with it.

I love keeping a life journal, and I even recently bought a new one. I am forcing myself to keep it up because I know down the road when all of this is done I will thank myself for it. I started my last journal 12/08/2004 and ended it 10/25/2009, almost 5 years of my life put into a nice little book. Someday I will go back and read it and laugh at all the things I did.

I also like to add little parts of my life and world in it. On the first page of the old one we have some funny articles, a band aide from one of Lucas's doctor visits, my Feed Me card from the all you can eat Rio22, and a receipt for something.....I am not sure what it is but I think it might be for that 'adult' novelty store I went to some years back. Are you a freak like me?

But in my loneliness I do have one adult comfort to help me along, good old Sailor Jerry. But he does have one draw back, spend too much time with him and he will have you bawling like a baby in your drink wishing your sweet peas was home. Alcohol has a odd effect on me when I get all emotional.

But I have to run, way to much to do and I dont even know where to start. School work I DONT want to do and work at work I HAVE to do. Oh well, its time to put on the big boy pants and go to work.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Single again....?

The wife had to fly away to South America for a family emergency. So for the next 2 weeks I am living the life of a single dad of 2 wild monkeys. And you know what it?
It is hard as balls! I give mad credit to anyone who finds themselves in the situation where they have to be the parent all alone. I am at my wits end and feeling very lonely at this time. It has been 4 days since I have seen my wife and I need help!
What to do with 2 wild boys I will never know! I am sorry for this post, I am about 8 sheets into the wind with Sailor Jerry Rum and coke so I am all not that coherent! Typing is very laborious and slow. I have been watching zombie movies all night so I am drunk and paranoid!
I must say I have not felt this lonely in a while and do not know what to do with myself. I have come here to spill my drunken guts outs so please forgive the ramblings. The keyboard is most unforgiving when it comes to typo's.
The wife left last Tuesday because her grandmother has serious health issues. I was left with the kids and feeling very over whelmed and stressed. Tonight I downed some Sailor Jerry rum so the key board isn't working out too well. I have not felt this lonely in such a long time I am not sure what to do with it.
This very post is a testament to patience, I have tried with all my might not to pass out working on this. I do not pray but my prayers go out to her tonight. I do not know what I would do with out her. She is my world and my end all. I am at a lost for words, maybe its because I am too drunk to continue or it is because I truly do not know what to do with myself without her............................which ever I have to end this post the back spacing is killing me......I will be back with a much sober rant about something in the near future.......night yalll!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Skool is kewl

Between work, skool and family I have been a busy bee. There are a few things I would like to put into the old blog before I am whisked away from my computer again to do something that does not have to do with my personal fun time.

  • Seth has been diagnosed as having ADHD and will be starting meds this weekend. We have tried to just brush it off as him just being an overactive boy but it is really hindering him in many ways in school. So we went to the doctors, had all of his teachers evaluate him and in the end the doc gave us kiddie uppers. I trust this doctor, we have been going to him since they where born and he isnt a pill popping doc. He is the kind to send you home with a note that says, 'You have a cold so suck it up.' He has been doing this for 30 years and has been through many cases just like this so I have some faith in him. I dont want to put my kid on meds at such an early age but his behavior is effecting him at school. And hell after reading all the stuff about it I might be going on the same meds. I was diagnosed many years ago with ADD but was never put on meds. Go mom! But as an adult I am having a really hard time with staying focused and getting work done....hince me here blogging haha! But this weekend will be the first time we all take the blue pill, if he does need it will obvious with in a few moments. If he does not need it, it will also be very obvious because he will bouncing off the walls. It seems that people with ADHD react differently to speed than people who dont have it. That might explains alot with me and why I love the speed ha!

  • Skool has me on edge and it finally came to a head about a week ago with the wife and me had to have a little talk about my attitude. I knew I was being a shit but really could not control it. But after some talking I am going back to the gym to blow off the steam. I have only been to the gym twice so far and it has helped. This week was a wash because of this cold I have. Nothing big just tired with a scratchy throat. But not something you want when trying to work out. I have been thinking about trying some meditation classes, yoga even. But as usual I have been putting off and getting distracted.....oh look a new porn site......

  • Ok I am back! I have to get to the dentist and soon, an old filling fell out and there is a hole in one of my teeth. As soon as i am done here I am off to find his number.

  • An old blogging friend of mine is going to jail this weekend. They have 2 warrants out for their arrest, nothing big just some crap drummed up by a vindictive ex. They're totally stress about it but I am trying to keep them in high spirits by making prison sex jokes and just telling its ok, as long as you dont look down you can pretend its anyone. Lets all take time and wish this person the best. I am not going to spill who this person is because they might not be ready to blog about it yet but I am hoping for the best and after it is all said and done we can move on with a life lesson learned. (Notice I went to great lenghts to keep it as ambiguous as possible. I dont want to call anyone out that isnt ready to be.)

  • I am getting ready for my favorite holiday of all times: Halloween. I have my straight jacket all set, because I am simply just going to be crazy this year. I know not a real far cry for me but hey you have to be true to yourself at all cost.

But it is time for me to run so let me leave you off with a few pictures I have been meaning to put up here:

1) I walked into the living room to see why they where so quiet and this is what I found. To freakin cute not to get a picture of!

2) Yes we own an inflatable air jumper thingie!

3) Trying on my costume, yep it still fits!

4) This is where I want to go for Halloween. It is still up in the air as to where we are going but this is one possibility.

5) I was going to use this as a post but since I have been getting on here so infrequently I thought I would just throw in on here now. I was going through my old high school year books and thought I would share this. This is me in 1994 as a senior at Cranford High school. I weighed about 164lbs here at 6'1. Man on man i would never want to be that skinny again lol.

I hope everyone out there is have a wonderful fall and enjoying the cool weather. The best part of this time of the year.....Apple cider! I am trying to find some place that sells unpasturized apple cider but have not come up with any. I think I will just have to make my own!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Zombieland, hell yeah!

I saw this movie over the weekend with the boys, the older ones mind you. And we freakin loved it! I want to take the wife but after dropping 40 smackers down for 3 tickets and 2 Coke Icies the bank needs some time to recover. But I am all up for seeing this gem of a movie. I love zombie movies and probably have seen all that were really worth seeing, and many that were not worth the film they were put on.
I rank this movie as my all time fav zombie funny movie. There are different types of zombie movies, the Funny and the Dramatic. Funny ones include:
1) Zombieland-2009
2) Shawn of the Dead-2004
3) Dead Alive, it is a hard one to find but a must. Its fucking funny 'I Kick ass for the Lord!'-1992
4) Evil Dead Triolgy
5) Idel Hands (Seth Green is in what can I say?)
6) Return of the Living Dead, its funny in an 80's time capsal kind of way lol-1985
And yes they are in my like order.
Then we have the usual typical dramatic horror zombie movie. It all started back in 1968 with 'Night of the Living Dead' a black in white classic. It is funny now to watch but when I saw it back when I was 10. It scared the living hell out of me! The problem with trying to list zombie movies is that there are soooo many I dont even know where to start. But I will list a few of my favorite:
1) 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later
2) Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead, old and new
3) Pet Cemetery
4) Resident Evil
and the list goes on, here go take a look~~~~> Zombies
To wrap this up I totaly endorse this movie and will going to see it again very soon! I wont give anything away because the suprises are really worth waiting for. The story is well played out and the humor factor is a gas!
Now I am off to do some more school work.....whoopie!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Yes off-eye-ser eyes been drinkin....

Well sometimes being in the wrong mind space can get you into trouble. The other night I was coming home from class and was just pondering my up coming class when all of a sudden those cherry lights popped on in my rear view mirror. I was pretty sure I was speeding but the radar detector made no indication he was showing his radar love. So I pulled over and waited for the 'Do you know why I pulled you over?' line. It did not take long and my response was a calm, 'No officer I do not.' Not wanting to admit to anything I was not 100% on I stuck with that. He asked for the usual, but I had an ace in my deck.
I have (had) and PBA card from a friend that is a cop in our town. Well the nice officer told me he was pacing me, hence the silent radar spotter, and got me going 60 in a 25! Oh fuck me! But after a few minutes of polite conversation he let me go with a warning and took the card. I thanked him and drove away slowly.....
In all honesty I was not paying any attention to my speed or who was behind me. Usually I at least notice the lights behind me, I dont need a radar detector to tell me what cop head lights look like lol.
I had to run home and find my updated insurance card, as it turned out the one I had in my car was expired. So again I thank my luck stars that this ended well. Always be polite to the cops and never be overly arrogant with a PBA card. I never flashed the card out at him, it just soooo happened to be in front of my drivers license.
'Wow, how did that get there?'
Lesson learned, never drive out of a college that has real cops as security guards in auto pilot. They love an easy ticket, and I will not let them get me. Just because I will not be speeding by there any time soon or park in any areas I am not supposed to be or blow a stop sign. There are tons of stop signs all over the campus, and they are just waiting for you to do a 'rolling stop'
And during this entire post I was thinking of RangerTom, and in keeping up with that I give you this. Just something I stole from god knows where on the internet. And to get this picture you had to have seen the last Batman movie. And to truly get this picture you have to understand this line:
'In their desperation they turned to a man they truly did not understand'

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Apples and Tomatoes......

Yes I missed Monday but that is due to that damn place called college. I will be sooooo glad when its all over. I went straight to school after work yesterday to get some things taken care of that I left hanging. I got some paper work for my student loan, my college i.d., my parking decal and got my student library card. I am a college boy/man now! I have also learned that the college library is also the place to go when one needs a nap, at least they are quiet.

I have to get back to my work-work and school work so i will just post the pictures of our apple picking outing we did on Sunday. Devon, my oldest, was going to go to but he asked to stay with his mother to sleep. It seems they were out late the night before and wanted to sleep in. Man i wish I could sleep in!

I found my favorite apple! They were called "Mystery Apples" The owners said they are not sure as to what these apples are, they do not fall into any of the normal classifications of apples. But they are the best tasting apples I have ever had. And they were the only ones we took home with us.

We also picked these little orange tomato thingies. They two were freakin yummy, right off the vine! I am soooo country right now, ha!

Ask a monkey to pose and you get a posed monkey.

Apples as far as the tounge can feel!

Little man on an apple mission.

Taking a much needed sit among the tomatoes, you know the spell checker says that I have been spelling 'Tomatoes' correctly but I cannt shake the feeling I am spelling it wrong.....has something to do with potato and the letter 'E'.......

I know this post is crappy at best but for the next two years I really wont have much time to plan them out or even think about what I type before I type it. I just look at the keyboard and left my fingers vomit all over the page.......

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I remembered HNT.....

Well school is what it is, I went in early last night to try and get a few things done but it took so freaking long to find a parking spot that by the time I finally found one and trekked all the way over to the office, it was closed. Yesterday was a really bad day on many levels, of which I am not going to get into because today is a new day so lets start over.
I had my computer class last night and for the first time since I started college I actually learned something that I can use in the real world. We are learning how to use Excel, and to be honest if you want to get anywhere in the office world you really need to know how this works. I have self taught much of what I know on Excel. It is not an easy program to use, you really have to know what you are doing to get anything done. Unlike Word, where you can pretty much finger it out as you go alone, Excel has tons of features that really can only be used once you have mastered them. This will probably be one of the most useful class I have taken to date! But I have TONS of work to do before next week so I am ending this post very shortly. I have a short paper to write, which will be done today, 2 chapters from my computer class and 2 Excel project to do. So with my time short I will bring out my HNT contribution:

These are the pants I wore to class last night. I made them like this like 3 years ago when I was a fat red neck for Halloween. The wife hates them but they are freak comfy!

Happy HNT everyone, I want to see more of you play along damn it...well mainly the women that is ....haha.....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Old Money.....

I had to do a watch at this exclusive country club last night for a golf outing for my job. Yes at the end of the day I am just an over paid security guard, lol. But any way, I was asked to stand watch over two trucks that had the prizes that where to be given out the next day. These trucks were as secure as any trucks could be and I parked my car in a way that if anyone tried to drive away with them they would have to go through it first.

So with my booty on lock down I went about poking around. I will not put the name of the location out of fear someone goggling the name and coming here but let me tell you this place reminded me of the movie 'Caddy Shack'. The only difference is that they do not have caddies anymore. I was going to take a few pictures but it was really dark and my camera sucks when it comes to low light setting.

I wandered the club house up and down, and the only thing it seemed to be missing where the 'Whites Only' signs. I am sure they still have a few from the old days hidden away in the owners office some where. They probably take them out now and again and chuckle over them while sipping their Johnny Walker.

And since I was part of the little people, the other little people gave me the key to the kitchen, aaaahhhh fucking yeah! I did not go hungry that night ha!

But as I wandered around the place I started to get pissed, because this is what I want. I want to have the money to join something like this, not that I will fit in but just to belong and know a redneck from Alabama covered in tattoos belongs to a country club. This is part of my motivation to get school over and done with, a degree can help me get to much much deserved CEO status. I am not a snob or think I really belong amongst these people, I just want to stand tall in their midst and know once upon a time I was the guy parking their cars and watching them while they slept.

I guess as time goes on being the tank at the party isnt what I want to be known for forever. Yes Homer Simpson is my idol and Peter Griffin too, but I also want to have that knowledge I am a card carrying WASP. Well, except I am not a Protestant nor do I belong to any form of organized religion. If they ever come up with a religion of chaos and anarchy then I might, but then again probably not I am not one to follow any group of people.

Part of my ascension to the awesome American dream; I am in the hopper to become a Mason, this too might help with my new me. I know I do not fit the normal mold of what all of these things stand for but that is what makes my change that much more awesome. I am all for going against the grain and being that unique butterfly. Conformity to me is boring, part of the reason I got inked was a silent rebellion against it. I keep them in places I can still cover up when needed but also in places when I want to I can show them off.

I guess in the end I have always wanted to be part of the upper realm of the American Dream, working numerous shit jobs I got to see how the other half lives and now I want to live it too. I was not born with the silver spoon or a trust fund so my dream will be much harder to earn, but I do not think I would want it any other way.

I am bummed I did not take any pictures of this place but I did get one while driving in....and yes I know driving and taking pictures is a bad idea but cruise control wasn't made just to save gas yeah know.....

I thought that cloud looked like some evil ghost coming down from the sky, or the angel of death or something. Yeah I have a vivid imagination lol.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Eyes in Skool now....

I have been back to skool now for almost a 2 weeks and I want to cry! It isnt that I cannt do it or that its hard, I just dont want to do it. I am taking on 3 night classes and one Saturday morning class for this semester: Tues is health, Weds is a computer class, Thurs is a Lit class and Sat is a math class.....and not the fun math. Nothing but freakin word problems, of all things WORD PROBLEMS! But all of his test and even the final are take home, open book so I dont think it will be all that bad. He said we can use whatever resources we can find but we can not work with other classmates. Fair enough for me.

And with all this new work most of my free bullshitting time is being take up. Last time I was in skool I just about stopped blogging because of that. I will try not to die out again I will just have to alacate my time beter. One project I am working on in my health class is that she wants us to change a behavior in our lives, document it and then write a paper on it. I am doing mine on procrastination. I am awesome at putting things off to the last minute but with taking on 4 classes I really cannt do that now. I have started by making daily list of things I want to get done and checking them off as I finish them. So far it has been helping, and also helping not forget to do everyday things as well.
I do have to get back to my list of things that have to get done, but I did want to share one thing from this weekend.....
Our water cooler broke so we went out to Target to get the one they had on sale. They only had one left so grabbed it right up and went home. But I did get a real kick out of one of the selling points:
Got to love dirty minded fools that work in marketing!
(ps...I did not proof read any of this post, feel free to correct me on everything lol)