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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Killing me slowly, thanks college.....

Once again school has taken over just about all aspects of my life. I dont blog, I dont exercise, I dont play video games and I dont think. If anyone says that they like college then they must have a trust fund back home and have no stress of the real world. The wife tells me I am not to let the kids hear my thoughts on college until they are in college, which is fine by me. No one told me so why should I tell them.
And hell I wish I had gotten this over with years ago! My advise to them will be just to do it so you wont have it hanging over your head later on in life when you really do not have the time or energy to deal with it. So far, I have to do 2 papers, a excel project, a power point project, a test on Tuesday and about 6 chapters of pc work to finish. And I have not even been to math class yet!
So far I see college as $40,000 worth of busy work. Yes I can type out papers and get decent grades on them, yes I can read stories and regurgitate them, yes I can follow a step by step process work sheet.....but does that make me ready for any real world job other than being a college professor...nope. Now if I was in nursing school I would be learning things about a job in real time, but a degree in business consist of hours upon hours of nothing but busy work. I guess it is getting you prepared for all the soul crushing work in the corporate world. Pointless presentations that take weeks to put together and then the meeting is canceled and the project gets shelved.
Sooooo I guess they are really doing those who have not yet worked in the field a favor. Get ready to work hard for hardly any return. But with that it has also taught me not to go all out on everything. I am not looking to be the top dog in my school or to give a speech at my graduation, I just want to pass and get that little roll of paper that says I am now a college graduate.
Now fuck off I have to go to work to pay off this hug loan that I amassed trying to get this degree so i could get a better job, with better pay so I would have the ability to pay off said loan.
Man is that depressing or what!
The papers I hand in reflect on this idea but they still seem to come back with A's and B's on them. But the next two I am not so sure about, I really am bullshiting my way through them. The semester is coming to a close and I am already sick of it all. Another 2 years of this, Obama-God help me! At this point I am not even sure I want to bother with the whole cap and gown, just mail me my diploma, my ring and fuck off. I do not have any ties to this school other than that loan I have to pay back, I do not go to any of the events they have, could care less about any of the sports they play in and have yet to see a frat party....its a dry campus. How gay is that?!?! There isnt even a bar on campus! The nearest bar is 3 blocks once you get off campus, which really isnt that big of a deal but frat parties!
I dont know, maybe its just me but all the hype about college seems lost on me. I think it is because I am here with the soul purpose of just getting it over with, not the whole first time away from home living on my own, with bright fresh young eyes. I used to think of myself as the glass is half full kind of a person, and still do at times, but I am not so sure any more. I have become very cynical, and I dont like it. Hell all I came here to do was post some pictures and run away and this whole notion of college got me into this long winded rant about my hate for the establishment! And I know most people will have all kinds of nose about how college is this or how college is that.....but in all I could careless what others think about it. I have seen how teachers make you buy a $300 book then never us it, being forced to pay for this fee and that fee even though I will never use the service, having to pat my head rub my tummy and god forbid if i forget on step I will be fined for it. The money trail is so obviously full of dirty deeds of greed and corruption I dont even have to point it out. When was the last time you heard of tuition going down? They keep jacking up the price but I do not see anything on the students end getting anything more out of it...
And now I take a cleansing breath and say fuck you college I will win in the end and after all is said and done I hope to never go back.

Now on to some pictures that have been waiting to get here:

1) The wife had been gone for almost 2 weeks and came back on Halloween. I had to drive to JFK to get her with the boys. I hate driving out there, its always a nightmare. But it was well worth it all to have her home again.

2) And of course I was taking pictures of all I saw. The lady in the grey dress caught my attention. For one you could tell she was either wearing a tiny tiny thong or no panties at all and two she had to be at least in her 50's. But from the back she was in her 20's hahaha!

3) And here we have the very reason we got up that morning! She's finally home! And please dont ever go away again!

4) As I mentioned she came home on Halloween so later on that day we all went out trick or treating. Seth was a Glad-he-ate-her and Lucas was Tigger but he threw such a fit about wearing it we just put on his Pj's and went out.

5) This house does the every year, freakin awesome.

6) These were our decorations.

7) Since we go out we leave a bag of candy and a note. It helps to ensure all candy is take lol, save me from myself

8) These guys were driving around giving candy to kids. I thought they were going to throw eggs at us at first but turned out they were nice guys. Sometimes you just never know!

9) And if you think college isnt driving me to drink you are wrong.....oh so that is!

9) But even with all that coffee at some point this will happen......

So that is it for my pointless rant about nothing and everything. Have a great weekend I am going to try for one post a week until I have more time and energy to do more. I think I need to keep a blogging journal, so that I can remember what it was I came to the keyboard to bitch about ha! Half the time I come on here I forgot why I came here, note taking is a must for me in remembering anything lol.

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College is for kids for a reason. It's like inbetween fantasy and reala life and it's hard to buy into the whole fantasy when you've been steeped in real life.

I went to Uni at 22[ I did not finish and have to go back too now at 40 +] but even then,when the average age was 18 and they were heading off to booze[we had 11 bars on campus] I was heading off to full time night job.

Stick with it though[ for the arrogance factor if nothing else!]