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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Whole family HNT!

As I mentioned before my job has changed a bit so my work fun time on the pc has just about been cut. But I get in really early now so that will be my blogging time. I can keep the door shut and have fun! So before any of the other office jockeys get in lets get to business!

Over the weekend we went to the hot spot of Milf's and Hot Soccer moms, the pool. I must say my swimming abilities are alot better than I thought. I can actually swim pretty fast and for a good length of the pool. I am going to keep this up and maybe by the end of the summer I can swim at least one whole length of the pool without stopping. Seth is taking to swimming as well, he still needs his little floaties but he is doing pretty good with the kicking, going under water and coming back up for air. Because we all know that is one of the key elements in swimming.

Here we have Seth showing off his manliness!

Now I take lots of pictures and many I mean to get something funny but this one was by accident. I took a picture of Devon and got little speedo boy and a crotch shot of someone I really didn't want. But oh well, I take the good with the bad.

I took this one to show you why I refer to myself as honkeie all the time. Take a wild guess which one is mine....

Lucas is not to fond of the water but if you just let him be he will get in it. He likes the water on his own terms and at his own pace. I fear we have a real head strong one with this one.....I feel the force strong in this one mmmm yessssss

Like i said at his own pace and on his own terms. And yes that is me, I will be going in the ink shop probably in the next few weeks to fill in more of my masterpiece.

They have this thing set up by the kiddie pool that looks like a little house made of poles, and that is it. I have no idea what it is for but I use it for pull ups.

Man do I need to get some sun, my head doesnt match the rest of my body hahahaha.

What is funny about this picture is that from the looks of this picture he looks like he is having fun.....but the reality of it he was not happy about this one bit. He held on for a good 20 seconds but I think that was out of sheer terror. Isnt torturing your children the whole point of having them?

As you can see, he did not want to do what daddy was doing once he left the ground lol.

And this is what happens when the hottest Soccer Mom of them all takes a try at the pull bar.....

And kids are also great to help you get shots of older women in really really small bikinis without anyone taking notice of your pervertedness. I love women that love to show, and not the ones who are all pretty and perfect. I can see that on the internet at any given point. I love seeing women with imperfection, scars, cellulite and not so perfect bodies. I find that more attractive, call me weird but I find people that try to hard at looking perfect scary and unattractive. Because you know they are trying way to hard to hide something about themselves that they dont like. Women that are less than perfect and dont care wear their hearts on their sleeves and I find that HOT.

Nothing like a little crack in the afternoon.....

Or a little more from a different angle lol........and she is inked....sweet!

So I saved all my HNT pictures for today so I hope it was fun. I will have another post coming up from what happened later that night when me and bottle of tequila met up for drinks. But maybe I will save that for next HNT, because you know I was a white shirtless drunk just moments away from being the show case on an episode of COPS.......

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I finally have my baby back.........

I mean my work pc, that is. Here is a look at my new office, freakin sweet! Only real draw back is that the door is to my back so people walking by can see what I am doing! But on the up side I can close it and only a select few have the access to open it.
My pc has only been up for less than 12 hours so I have a shit load of REAL work to do so this will be a super short post. I will do another one from home.....
ps, I just had to minimize everything...someone was at the door......I will be back later............

Thursday, July 23, 2009

HNT...and I thought I would give a little head...shot

Work has me running between two different locations and I have had little time to breath, let alone sleep or eat! The new site is looking good and is almost done. The sucky part is working out of boxes. The movers wont be moving our stuff until this weekend but we officially started yesterday. I was the first one up there working in our new space

But the most important pc is missing.....mine, you know the one with Internet access and all! Each one of those monitors represents a program that I am fluent in: Badge access control, remote programing access, remote video and alarm monitoring (much like what ADT does with homes and business). I have been busy with tons of back log work because of my lack of computer access. I basically have to go to the old site in the morning and collect all my emails then in the afternoon I go up to the new site and do all the needed programming. But what I like about this set up is that all the computers I use are now all right next to each other. Before they were all spread out in my office at different desk.

My work week so far has been insane because my boss was away on business and the move actually went a bit ahead of schedule. Now normally that would be a good thing but in this case it has sent our scheduling into a tail spin. We have openings and un-billable overtime all over the place. I am currently working on getting these shifts covered and if I dont I will have to work them. Dont get me wrong I love the over time but even speed freaks like me need to sleep sometime! I think this will be another weekend of alcohol induced resetting of the mind!

But I now have to run and get soooo much crap done I am not all that sure where to start.....but here is my HNT contribution, its lame but it sums up how I have been feeling these past few days....

Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday again....

Over the weekend I had to come to work to pack up my office to get ready for a big move. I had the wife unit come and help me. We filled these big orange crates with all my personal stuff and office do-das. We put stickers on all the crates and dumped a whole lot of crap that we have been collection over the years. You never know how much useless crap you have until you have to move.
The picture below is the main lobby of our new location, the table was a temporary place for me to sit while I handed out their access cards. The company I work for did not actually buy the building so they have to answer to a land-lord. And the owner did not like the badging system we were using so they put in another one. And this one does not work with ours so we had to make a few changes to how our access control system was going to work. Now when I say 'a few changes' I mean I had to program over 500 cards in less than 2 days......and this is where I sat handing them out...............

But that is just one of the ways I afford my the things I my yuppie pool pass. I have a few pictures that I have been trying to post for some time. Just work keeps getting in my way. And now that my office is being dismantled I can play around for a second.

Here we have the wife unit in the front and some random woman in the back:

Devon, Seth and Lucas.....wild water monkeys.

The other night the wife started up with her Guitar Hero-ing again. And Seth wanted to try too, and from the look oh his face he was really digging it.

Then came the wrestling match that ended with a fist full of hair take down by Lucas. Babies fight dirty, never box with a boxer and never wrestle with an infant......he will kick your ass.

Also this past weekend I went to the driving range with a friend. And some random old guy showed me how to swing my club properly. He gave me about $25 worth of lessons just because he saw how bad I was sucking. I suck big time at golf but now with some practise I think I might be able to rise to 'bad golfer' now lol.
I really have nothing else to do until we get put back together up at our new location so I think I will ramble about here for a minute and go comment on all those blogs I never seem to get to. So if you see me putting comments all over your blog dont worry, I am not stalking you......yet.....

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I feel like I started a joke.....

But never got to the punch line. I started a post almost 2 weeks ago and never got to finish it. My job is moving to a new location so they have me driving from the new site and back almost on a daily basis now. I am still waiting for them to move my crap over. And after 8 hours of doing more work than I am used to; sitting in front of a computer at home is the last thing I want to do! I have pictures I have stories but they will all have to wait for a moment......I am planing on some heavy drinking soon to try and get all of this bad noise out of me!
This is my HNT for 2 weeks ago from our adventure at the Hillside pool, which we now belong to! So to try and make up I brought it over to this week. I will be back as soon as I can, I cannt say when but hopefully soon, I hate not getting my post in, it is like an addiction and I love all of my addictions like a mother loves her babies.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

HNT again!!!!! And this time I was ready lol....

Before we get to the HNT contribution I have to make note of two things......

1) Zotex is going to be added to the list of things not to take.....I took one the other day right before I went to bed and the next day I was zonked! I was in a dizzy haze all freaking day long. It was annoying, worse than not sleeping for 2 days! Which I have done and felt 100 times better than this. I know I mentioned this before but I had to add what it was that caused my 'Lost Day'

2)I watched the movie 'Hostel' last night and let me tell you what a fucked up movie! It had many of the classic signs of a horror movie: drug use, random sexual partners, lots and lots of boobies and lots and lots of blood and gore. I would give this two thumbs up in the horror movie realm. It was a bit slow going, but all the T&A kind makes up for it lol. The bad guys do kinda of get away in the end but there was some serious pay back by the time the last man left standing moved on. If you have a weak stomach and if seeing some dude try to walk after having both of his achilles heel sliced almost to the ankle makes you green, then I would avoid it. But if you are a sick bastard like me and love that shit, I am a totally Fangoria fan!, I would go and see it. I love the old horror movies of the 80's that prove that the human body has at least 10 gallons of blood in it!

Now for my HNT picture. We hooked up the Wii on the big TV in the living room and I went to town on the Wii Sports. I wanted to play Mario Cart but the game I got from the the bro-in-law would not work. It looked like someone had taken a Brillo pad to it...oh well. I did the fitness test and found out my Wii age is 41! Well, I am going to have to work on getting that a bit lower! But I did forget to do one thing before I went all out on the tennis, bowling and boxing....stretch! My back is a little sore today, nothing a little office stretch cannt work out but sore never the less. I did not see playing games as exercise but by the time I turned that thing off I was pouring sweat! I am going to get my Wii age lower and fast?

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Better post to come....

I will have something better than nothing....which isnt saying much but at least I said something that means a bit more than wax fruit to a starving man. Work has been hell today, for one main reason....No sleep. I was coughing last night so I took this medicing my wife had and went to bed. I am not sure what happened but I woke up feeling weak, dizzy and really tired. So all day today I have been sleeping in my chair and being woken up everytime someone comes in to get something. Luckily my desk is back aways from the door and blocked by numerous tall items that gives me those precious seconds I need to sit up and pretend to do something. It is always a good idea to doze off with a pad of paper in front of you and a pencil in your hand lol.
And the other thing that made today sucky is that one of the big bosses was in so everyone wanted to hide in my office and pretend to be doing something. Totally wrecking my sleep. Normally I love when people come in to play but not today. I feel like crap and cannt seem to get my equilibrium straight. I feel like a drunkin sailor without the happiness of knowing I was drinking the morning away. Hell, I am only typing this out so it looks and sounds like I am actually doing something. I have not done a damn thing today and I have buckets of work to do.
But hell somedays are just good for doing much of nothing, and that is why there is blogger, twitter, facebook, myspace, yahoo and porn.
And not to leave a post without a picture, here is a little something that has been watching over me in the kitchen:
My peanut butter, my Crystal Skull vodka and my protein....a man needs nothing more!