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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Happy Vacation

I am in the home stretch for my vacation. Nothing big just some time away from it all. I hope to drink too much, try not to eat too much, take tons of pictures and just be lazy. I have not been to Wildwood beach in yearssssss. Hell the last time I just drove through, did not even stop. And the time before that was in 1994 with an ex girl friend. It was the year I wore my fav teeshirt that I am sure my mom threw out on read 'Silly Faggots Dicks are For Chicks' I thought it was funny, and still do!
We went cloths shopping last night at the mall. And I now know why parents going insane by the time they become grand parents. I spent most of the trip talking like this: " No, no, no, will you stop that, come here, come here, stop touching that, get over here, get over here, get off the floor its dirty, no you cannt have any candy, no, no, no, no, I am going to beat you stupid if you dont stop that, get over here, get over here, here, here, here, here!"
At first I thought I was the only one talking like this then I saw a few other frazzeled parents. " Why cannt you stand still for 5 seconds' was another one I heard from a mother of a little girl that thought the tile patterns at OldNavy was a hop scothch game. But it was not a bad trip, the stress just makes the nerves stronger. And if you can spend time with a toddler and not kill them you really must love them. Or you are now completly bonkers and now enjoy the maddness. Which I think I am slowly slipping into that catagorey. I do lovem but my god are they driving me to drink grain alcohol!

I am always amuszed by how exspensive womens cloths are. We went to one of my stores and I bought two polos, about 4 tee shirts and a pair of short and it all came to 44$. Then we went to one of the little womans stores and she got 2 pair of half pants....or wat ever these things are called...and they cost freakin 42$. Haha, who gets the better bargin here? But to all the guys out there, half pants/shorts that are a little to long make you look like a fidget. They make even tall people look short and stumpy, some kind of illision I guess. I saw this one guy at the mall that had a pair of these things on and if he added 2 more inches to them they would have been pants. This style has to one of the worst yet, I can deal with the baggy cloths, bandanas, shoes with no shoelaces (mental patents love this style), giant bling bling, and even using things that were once looked down apon -aka Timberlands- and making them the cool thing to wear. I can deal with some of these trends but some should just stay out in the land of the mently handi crapped (LA, Cali). Men should not be fashionable, jeans and teeshirts- keep it simple. Straight men should not have to handel accessories! I have a hard enought time keeping my tee shirt from clashing with the pants I am wearing, for get about anything complicated like extras. Because guys that wear these half pants usually seem to think they know how to dress like GQ. Lets do the run down:

  1. White clean hat resting on top of the head. Notice I said resting on top of the head and actually 'on the head'. Which is also followed by a Nike sweet band.
  2. Pencil line eye brows and beard. Yes, we know you went to the 'salon' to get this done because no mainly 'barber' would ever touch another dudes eye brows.
  3. Over sized white tee shirt ( white as in freshly fallen snow white) that looks like it still has the startch in it from fruit of loom, that super startch they put in it during packaging. Or they stole it from their little sisters nighty drawer.
  4. The life size Jesus head covered in fake diamonds. It looks like the actual death mask of a savior.
  5. Plain boxes that can be seen throught the tee shirt because the waist line to the shorts are resting on penis.
  6. The shorts/half pants are being held up by sear magical force, most of these douche bags do not own belts. It seems the fashion of the day is to wear them so that the bottom of them just bearly touchs the top of the socks. Maybe they are right, there is a flood coming.
  7. White, fleshly ironed socks.
  8. White fleshly purchased Kswiss tennis shoes.

Now I think I missed the sweet bands on the wrist as well. What I find funny about the athletic wear is that I am not sure if they even have any idea to what playing the sport they seem to be sponsering is. They are somewhat dressed in a way that says, 'I am a retarded tennis player'. Sweet bands and tennnis shoes....? Because we all know if they tried to play tennis in this get up they death mask of ole holy jesus would probably knock out some teeth and those pants would trip them up the moment they lunge for a ball.

Do not get me wrong I love these douche bags, they are fun to point and laugh at. And I know there will never be a person that dresses like this reading my blog. Most of them are to cool to use the computer for anything other than myspace and free porn. Because this group of socially inept nebbish jack offs can not really read big words or use a dictionary. So I can blog without fear of being maced with cheap colonge.

But I am off to tie up a few loose ends before I hit the ground running. I have too much to get to before I take off for my vaction......I am outie peeps :-D RAMBLE ON!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday again....

It might be Monday again but this is one of those good Mondays. Even though it sucks already and it is only 0815! People with issues; with this and that, I soooo want a giant sign posted above my desk that reads: POOR PLANNING ON YOUR PART DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AN EMERGENCY ON MY PART!
I never really knew what that saying ment until I got the job I have right now. And it seems the bigges mental midgets of any company tend to be the people with the most degrees. Over educated and under skooled in the ways of common sense.
Me: {Insert company name here}, how may I help you?
Mental Midget: Yes I locked myself out of my office (again) can you send someone over and open it for me(again)?
Me: Not a problem, someone will be down in 10 mintues.
MM: What?? Ten minutes, but I have to get into my office now {Insert whinning noise}
Me: Well sir/mam the person with the keys is currently helping all the other (jackasses) people that left their keys at home and need to get into their offices 'now'
MM: But, DoYouKnowWhoIaM?
Me: Yes, I see your name on the caller ID but that does not change the fact you are now on the bottom of the list. And besides all the people on top of the list are your higher ups, now I can tell your boss that they will have to wait on their door because I had to pull them away to open your door.
MM: Oh, no that's ok I can wait.

Now mind you half of the time we get there and the door is open. And all they can say is 'never mind I found my keys'.....WTF and you could not call us back and tell us this!?!
These are the same type of that people that have caused law suits because they are too stoopid to figure out a cup of hot coffee is hot, PreperationH was not ment for anything other than an itchy asshole and that ky jelly is not edibale. I have my dumb moments too but it isnt a life style.

But enough about the ugliness of my job, it makes for fun blogging material so I can not complain too much. But I forsee this being a longgggg week because of the fact I have 5 days off coming to me. It always happenes like that.
As I mentioned in a past post I enrolled in a blog-carnavail and today I got back the end result of one of the two I sent in a post for. The Education Carnavail. Go take a read and have fun. I got me a mention in someone elses blog, I feel more special than Ed right about now. But I do love how she put my disclaimer in her post haha. That is tooo much. I have to warn people about my blog, it isnt everyones cup of tea. My motto is simple but it has helped me weed out some real winners in this world:
Do Not Trust Anyone Who Does Not Curse.
If words like fuck & asshole bother you; and sentences like 'shut your cum receptacle' (thanks doug) and 'well fuck me running' (my fav) get you on the rag then maybe this is not a place for you to be. But hell, some of Howard Sterns most loyal listeners are people that hate him. Maybe if I can get some overly conserative english professor that thinks my blog is the worst thing put in the english language since the bible then maybe I can get a real popular blog here.
It seems the more noise you make the more traffic you get. But I still leave a few topics alone, I do have the freedom of speech but I am using blogspot to host my blog. And if they feel I have over stepped anything I might be out buying my own doamin. Which if I ever get rich enough and suddenly find myself with loads of free time I just might. I wonder what I could name or maybe or even better......EatShitAndDie.phil

But I need to get to work now, I have been bullshiting now for about 40 minutes and have not accomplished anything but drinking 2 cups of coffee, reading Post Secret and blogging. But I do have one picture to share from this weekend. I worked 2 over night shifts and on Saturday morning the wife had to work so I could not get to sleep right away. So I stayed up and made pancakes for the kiddies. I think the baby had more fun squeezing the shit out of them than he did eating them. But Mr. NoNo's gobbled them up like they were gold. I can cook up some mean breakfast, but we were all out of spam so it wasnt as good :-)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

No sleep and look what happens....

I worked 16 hours yesterday and I am doing the same today. But this werid thing happens to me when I become deprived. My mind and sex drive go into hyperdrive, werid right. Well, the bonner meter is almost alway in the red-zone so nothing new there but once those mental juices get going I have a habit of picking up a pen and writing. I have a name for it now, The Mental Vomit. It is were my brain just emptiess all over some poor writing tablet or note book. Then if I am lucky I wont throw it away and put it some place safe. Most of my mental vomits have been lost or just trashed. I am werid, but I am about to attempt to put my newest addition to my new collection. Mental Vomit Volume one:

(ps this might get a little strange so dont worry if you cannt follow. not everyone can be as cool as my left nut)

Volume 1 :

I read storys about things I inspire to be and what it comes down to is this: No matter what you
think about your dream job, the moment you have to do; it is no longer fun. Exercising, writing, and hell even running wild would get old hat fast. Dreamers have a vision of where they want to be but the fact fantasy is always better than reality does not reach them in time.
How many people try to become one thing and then strive to be another? The Hollywood dream shows us this over and over again. Fame and fortune is not what everyone needs. If that were so someone with everything would not end up sucking the load out of Remington Double Oh.
Happiness and inner peace can only be found by oneself; jobs suck and gas prices will never be as low as they were when you were 18. To help me, I have kept a journal since I was 19. I had ones when I was a teen but I am my own worst critic and have destroyed them out of embarassment. The writing was so childish and pages filled with childhood nonsense. But now I miss those journals, and even though I hate my step father and have not spoken to him since 1995 he was the one that encouraged me to keep a journal. He gave me my first journal when I was in the 3rd grade. From that I wrote speraticlly but eventually realized it was something I loved to do. It is my history I am writing.
I have never climbed the Rockies nor have I charged the hills of San Juan but its my story. One I can relate to and reminisce about. It is my life and to be honest I love every bit of my life. The good, the bad and the nasty. I look back and see my first marriage and see why I left, the mind seems to delete the bad and we forget why we left. My journal has helped me remeber, it helps me remeber I was broke, in bedt and happy when I was making $9.75 an hour and that I am still broke, still in bedt, making almost twice as much but still happy. Hell, happier (if that is even a word haha).
My journal will be with me to the end of my days, my compaion of the olden years. My only regret about my journals is that one of them will forever be lost. My car was stole last year and in it was, among other things, my journal. All the other things were replace with credit cards but no amount of money could buy or replace the times that were in those pages. Car, broken but still working; stolen radio, 6th ave put in a new one; school books, re-bought; a broke sewing machine, who gives a fuck; my work bag, new one bought at Wilsons Leather; car seat, they out grow them anyway; my journal, gone forever. I hope that it is sitting somewhere waiting for me to find it, as long as there is a maybe we can all dream.
My writing is more of an hobby or an escape than anything.I, like so many others, dream of being published. But my slap dash ways and issues with finishing will keep that fantasy in limbo. By no means with this hinder my spurts of inspiration and fits of writing bliss. I just have to keep this running journal of Mental Vomiting and not over critis it and not sending it into the fire place. Hell, if I keep this journal up maybe in a few years I can see if some publishing company will just put it in print for my own amusments.
As I mentioned I am my own worst critic and often abandon or destroy projects. Most of them were doomed in the think-tank level but I still took the time to wrtie them. I have taken (and currently still taking) writing classes that have given me the formula to writing. All I have to do is input my own DNA and clone out a book. But I do not want a pile of literary crap that will end up in a shoping store asile next to those romance porn novels. You know, the ones with the overly muscled guys with the women that look like they are seconds from wetting themselves from the big O. That is not what I want, it would be like the aborted fetus that lived and became the bastard child of the pope. If I ever get past the wall of my own journals I would want it to be something of me and not some cheap ploy at mediocrity. The book I want to put out will be everything all the writing teachers have ever told me was not the way to write. I will write in first person, misspell everything, use words like alot and fuck alot, double negatives, use text messaging language, never us any format to cite a source (fuck the person who came up with the APA format), and reject all that has been known as the right way to write.
I would read books written like this, I think more books of better quality would be written if we all forgot what our English teachers told us. I am not saying that everyone should down grade our wonderful language and literary ways, but this stale King Bush life we have now is just to ridgid for me. I am not looking to make a best seller or to even make money of this project. I think some of the best writing has come from people that did it just for the fuck of it. Harry Potter books are suffering this curse. Her first books were the above and beyon even if they were written for children. But now the pressure is on to write and write her life away to keep this character going in all kinds of fantasic ways. Level of these books has dwendeled and the plot lines are suffering.
We need to break out of the hopes of making money off of our writing and just write what we know about. Harry Potter was just one of many storys that have suffered the midas touch. His gift was a curse and if you know what that means then we are all on the same page. If I have to exsplain why the midas touch was bad then I think you need to stop reading my Mental Vomit Volumes. There is no point trying to exsplain it, I can not. It is an understanding that some have, its like trying to exsplain shadow people and how someone that is clynically insane can call maddness home. And feel comforted by their warped sense that they know aliens have invaded their bodies.
Where am I going with this? There is no real way to end this stream of thought. It will most likely end up trashed or shoved in the back of a drawer. Right about the same place I found this spiral note book I am writing in.
Until then I will keep the manic pace and feel the release of getting this freenzy out of me. It happenes alot, this paniced writing everytime I become sleep deprived. This Menatl Vomit has taken down so many trees, but then again I am not much of a conservationist. I really do not care about owls, habitates or some way ward hippie that lives in a tree. Cut the fucker down, I need my paper!
I want gas in my car and my weekly check signed. These are the things that signify a good life. And as these pages turn anyone will see a lack of an outline and that I loose focus from time to time. But then again it cool with me. Reject all that makes a master peice and go out and forge your own way. Make grammatical mistakes, dont use punctuation and end sentences with nightmarish grammatical horror shows.
I am tired of being shot down by overly educated lit professors because my way is not 'The Way' I write without the fear of the red pen and I am not about to stop now. I would never hand in my journal for a spell check or grammatical correcting. If it is wrong now it was wrong back when I wrote it and it did not seem to bother anyone. But from what I have seen I think if I can just get all of this down I might make some head way. Not sure in what but anything going forward is best.
I can get published, if King Bush can become president after proving over and over again he is a failur; I can make writing more than something I do when I when I am strung out on a deprivation vison quest. And yes you can get high without drugs. But only the strong can survive these trips. Anyone can pop a pill, snort a powder or smoke something made from starter fuild and battery acid. But it takes someone with true yarbels to take on the less traveled road. You want to see shit, try not sleeping for 3 days just out of sheer will to stay awake (and coffee). Deprivation is what the once great natiaves did. Go into the woods and go without food, sleep and water, hang yourself from your pec muscles and eat rotting cactus plants. And I will put money on an alter state of thinking. These were men made from leather flint not krispy kreams and lard. Ever think some fat body could survive a trip like that?
I am about to go on day two with little sleep and god only knows what will happen. As much as I bitch about it I do like depriving myself sometimes, it really puts you on edge. If you like speed this is a trip you might want to try. I like uppers myself, I have even posted about a few of my (legal) favorties. Red Line, Red Bull, Stackers, and plan old coffee. I do not like the feeling of being sleepy and tired. Booze always puts me to sleep, that is why I will drink coffee while I drink booze or pop some reds (even thought they are the ones most junkies know of).
This whole idea of popping pills to feel good is ruining people. People want to feel good, be skinny, have muscles and get erections for 4 hours. But they really do not want to do the work that really is nessicary to achieve these things. Well except the 4 hour hard on, I have yet to find anything that can cause that without the help of that little blue pill. Fat people want to loose weight, depressed people want to feel normal and guys want big arms. All of these things can be obtained, if you work at it. Pills can help but they are not the cure all the governmnet wants to believe they are.
I do not make excuses for my lack of sensitivity towards others. It is not because I am mean and dont care......well alot of times it is......its because this is how I feel. If you dont agree, good! I would love to talk with you. I prefer to talk with someone who is on the other side of the fence anyway. A good debate is a great way to get the old blood pumping in the morning. Ever get into an argument and by the time it was over nothing was resolved but you felt like you had just ran a mile standing still? The lock of wills in a death match in over time, and this is what we are missing here. I say things sometimes to just get a rise out of people. I do not always believe what I vomit up, I just want to see if I can stur something up. So many ppl I see are walking around in a daze of over stimulation without enough confrintaion.
(This was taken out of a note book I found last night that I started writing in. I have added to it here on the blog but not the notebook. It, the notebook, has to be updated now. Fun equals work sometimes haha)
To be continued:

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Plugs I do for free....

I am about to plug a resturant and a new product that I was not paid to do. Which I think is better because we know there is not a slant on it. If someone were to pay me to plug something it would be hard to give them a bad rating even if the product/resturant sucked. **cough BestBuy SUCKS cough** Hell I might even be inclined to give Metrx a A+ in taste even though they have the worst tasting products in the health food market.

PluG one:
This past weekend we went to Rio22, a Brizilian Stakehouse, an all you can eat Rodizio and salad bar. Basiclly what this entails is a parade of non stop meat. The salad bar alone was over wehlming but the meat was to die for. The way it works is they give you this little coster that is green on one side that says 'FEED ME' and the other side is red with the words 'STUFFED' on it. When you want the blitz of dead animal flesh to begin just turn over your little card of shame to the go side and here they come.

The almosphere was nice and the waiters and waitresses were all good looking. I swear the only ugly people here were the people eating. And boy where there some heffers here! Now, I ate myself almost into a food coma but this is not what I do on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. I can not even remeber the last time I ate like this. Hell, I prepaired for this attack. Up to the moment we walked in here at 1800 hrs all I had to eat was 3 eggs and about a gallon of water. I was ready for battle.

But they won the battle, but the war is still on.


Now even after my colon was more stuffed with meat than John Waynes I went for some dessert. It had some fancy named and a fancy $$$ but it tasted like heaven. Oral-gazims is about the jist of what it taste like.


I wanted to lick the plate but the wife unit gave me the look of 'nosexforaweek' look.

This place was a little expensive, our bill came to $102. They add 15% gratuity to your bill for you. I know why but to be honest I would have tipped more than they automaticly added. But since I am not a tight ass I did add a little extra to the 15%.

What does the face of stuffed look like?









PluG Two:
We had to go food shopping last night and found a new product. But before I get to it I want to touch one something that is slowly killing out youth. Childhood Obesity..........
We were walking around and making the healthiest choices we could make and then we came upon the scene. A kid about the age of 8 or 9 sitting on his butt crying up a storm. Now I am not for laughing at the fact this child hurt himself but I did find it comical/sad that the father could not pick up his son from the floor. The child sat there assed out with his legs spread out in front of him and here we see the dad trying with all his might to lift his son up. But to no avail. The child had to get up under his own power, they could not locate a fork lift to roll shamu over. Now as much as it sounds like I am being nasty I am being realistic. This child did not get this why by accident, the parents feed the manchild. Please, if you are a parent and reading this, we are in control of our kids- Not the other way around. My mom never deprived me of food but she never gave me shit on a daily basis. We are incontrol of our children's diets, we dictate how they eat and it will carry over to adulthood. If they learn to eat fast food and microwaved meals all the time this will become a staple in their diets in life. And yes, my mom did give us microwaved bullshit and fast food when things got tight but for the most part she came home to cook. She worked like a beast and went to school on top of it. So dont give me the old, 'It's to hard to find time to cook' bullshit. Our parents did it, and they had it rougher than we do now. Well rougher than I have it. Both myself and my wife work full time and go to school full time. But we make it a ponit to make food for our children and that we all sit down to eat. Yes we eat pizza on the weekends and give our boys happy meals, but not everyday. The effort we put into feeding our children will pay off when they grow up and they can see their damn feet.
Ok enough about that onto my plug about a new product by Coca-Cola. A company that can take some of the balme for the problem we have now. Kings of high fructose corn syrup and empty calories but they are moving in the right direction. Diet Coke Plus:

What caught my eye on this was the little blue stripe. I drink diet Coke all the time, the one with the caffiene! But what it also has is minerals and vitamins. To be exact 25% Niacin, 25% B6, 25% B12, 15% Magnesium and 15% Zinc. No calories, no fat and no sugars. Sounds like something worth a shot.
Over the lips, past the gums look out stomach here it comes!


If you like diet coke you will like this stuff. It taste no different. But with all of this vitamin B, I went and looked up what might happen if you happen to take too much. And the answer.....nothing bad. If anything taking too much might even be good for you. What is known as a 'Niacin Flush' might occur but you would have to drink 6 cans one after another. It is where the body becomes warm and sometimes you will actually turn a little red. If you want more info on this go here~~~~~~> VITAMIN B FLUSH
But in my book this product get the Honkeie seal of approval:

I broke my carnival cherry......

I have sent in my post for a double feature at the blogging carnaval. I am not all that sure how this works but I set one to Principled Discovery and one to The Lives and Times ....of Anthony McCune. The first one is a post about what education means to you and the second is more of a meme post. Education effects us all and if anyone knows me they know I love me. If vainity is a sin, then chain me to the wall......just make sure there is a mirror positioned so I can watch.
If you want to play along, and I wish all would, go and take a look. I know it is kind of like being given a writing assignment from a nun in the 8th grade, but at least here no one will be checking you pen-manship and errors are welcumed. And let us not forget the lack of beatings you will get if you do not do it ;-) Well, unless you like that kind of thing I will dress up like a nun and paddle your ass senseless, for a price. And the price goes up for hairy butts!

I am plugging the two and I am also plugging Kilroy because they are his carnivals after all.

Kilroy has been an interesting character throughout my adventures in blog-land. He is a real journalist, not like the rest of us who just dream of it lol. He even has pay-per-post, basiclly you plug a product and they pay you to post about it. I tried but I think my off color look apon blogging probably sent most would be candidates running. But hell, I bet there are tons of would be porn product line that would love to put ads on my blog. And if anyone knows anybody that is looking for a place to put off-color ads and they are willing to pay, I will plug their plugs.....butt plugs that is. And if they want to send me free product to test, rate and blog about I will. I wonder if I contact Adam and Eve productions that they will pay me to test 'drive' their stuff and give it the old 'Consumer Reports' plug on my blog.

I would have a ball with that one......but no anal balls please. My wife isnt into that and she said if anything goes up her pooper it goes up mine next :-x

I have been in weight watchers now for 12 weeks and have lost 16.8lbs. This is the lightest I have been in years. I have slowly packed on the pounds and from past pictures I can see a huge difference. Last summer everything was lost in the sauce. I am going to find some pictures from last summer and compare them to this summer. I have to do a little digging but I think I will find plenty, now all I have to do it take new ones.

But I have to go, got to check in at my online skoolage. I will be working 16 hours today so I might be back in har to do another post.

Friday, May 11, 2007

TiTs FrIdAy!

I have a paper due today and I should be online looking up the material I need to get it done but I find myself on photobucket. I am looking up different words for my tits friday post. I was not even sure if I was going to post it. I have not been feeling fun or funny lately. Just got myself into some kind of funk I guess. I think I need a good stiff drink and some maritals and all will be right again.
This will be a quickie, sometimes that all we need. Fast, dirty, ranchy and hard. Sometimes poliet society needs to fuck of and let the dirty trailer trash have its day.
Here we have pure trash at tits best. I went through photobucket looking for fun words. Dirty pillows, fun bags, honkers and sand bags. You would not believe the number of women that call their boobies fun bags! But here are a few I found. Have a great weekend, and dont take everything so serious people it might make you crazy later in life.

1) Dirty Pillows are so soft!

2) Dirty pillows are good for holding things

3) Fun Bags come in large white bags

4) Fun Bags always aim for the moon, just incase they miss they will be amung the milkyway!

5) Fun Bags or Fun With Bags, you take your pick!

6) Honkers come in pairs

7) Honkers can cause brain damage if you are not careful.

8) Honkers on sexy!

9) Sandbags can be fun bags as well ;-)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Skool in the new age-

I have survived my first semester at the University of Phoenix, and I have never been anywhere near the school. I am one of many getting their degree at the comfort of home; or work ;-) . I do most of my schooling from work. My home life is often very hectic and usually on the verge of anarchy with a 4 year old who I swear reminds me of a drunken midget and the drooly 9 month old. But in their defense they have to be the best boys a family could ask for. If I do school from the home pc I have to put in ear plugs and lock myself in a closet.
On line schooling is very different from the traditional type of classrooms. It is no for everyone, if you have self discipline issues and can not navigate a simple message board you will be disappointed. Before I enrolled with the Phoenix I did some research. And all the negative feed back came from people that could not work the site properly or professors that claimed the school was not part of the learning process. After being in the class for one semester I can see how both of these complaints are true. The site was a little challenging at first but with all the tutorials they gave I was soon an expert. And the complaint about how online schools have taken away the educational aspect of getting a degree; all I have to say is this:
-College is no longer about education. It is all about getting a little scrap of paper that says you ran the gauntlet of 5 years and survived. And proof you will now be in debt for the next 3 years to the government or a privately own bank-
My wife goes to Kean University in NJ and will be graduating soon. She will have a degree that says she can teach. But it also says we now have to start paying back about $18, 000 smackers she got in loans from our Uncle Sam. And if I ever met her uncle I am going to kick him in the balls! I have asked year in and year out for some money but this tight wad never gives me any. If it were not for private bank loans I would still be paying right out of my own pocket.
To go into why I feel college is no longer about educating the masses all anyone has to do is enroll to any university and watch the price tags roll.
Lets start in the book store. The book store at my wife's school is now run by Barnes and Noble. A huge bookstore known throughout the country. The prices are outrageous and half of the time the teacher does not even use the damn thing. Then when you try to return the book, still shrink rapped, the bookstore will only give you a small part of the money back because the book that was printed last year is now out of date. Hmmmmm I know the smell of bullshit when I am standing in it. To try and offset the cost we have used places like Ebay and Amazon to buy and sell our books. But half of the time it would have been easier to just take the raping at the school store and move on. I have grown custom to chewing on dog shit and smiling. I makes me feel better.
Now lets move on to the biggest gripe, Tuition. They keep jacking up the price and claiming all kinds of reasons but what you get back keeps dropping. Parking is always a nightmare, the gym is never open, the never ending construction ( here is you tuition hard at work) is a constant eye sore, the people that work in the admin areas have to be the ruddiest and lest knowledgeable people on campus, the classrooms are soo packed if one person farts the oxygen drops to deadly levels. And let us not forget the teachers that never seem to care about much of anything, other than the fact students are parking in 'their' spots. Now correct me if I am wrong but the students pay all the fees and the teachers get paid to be there. So, should not the students get the preferred spots? It would be like paying for the best seats at a sporting event and a parking pass and still having to park in the worst place ever; while the guy who sells you your $10 beer in a plastic cup 3oz less the size of the beer bottle gets the best parking spot.
I am waiting for the day the students just get fed up one day and loot the damn place. Every time you turn around there are new fees and different things to pay for.
From my experience in college I do not feel college is a exclusive place to go to get an education. Education should not be a means to an end, it should be a life long journey. The corporations have turned the institute of learning into a never ending pit of revenue. How many students go to school because they want to learn? I would say 90% of students would say they want to get a degree to get a better job to make more money. I love capitalism! And there is nothing wrong with this, but do not piss down my neck and have the audacity to tell me its raining. It is all about the money these days. We have instilled the notion of, Degree = Better Job. But even a degree does not guarantee this. Sometimes experience speaks volumes where as a degree only speaks in chapters.
I currently work in the field I am trying to get my degree in. I can not move from the position I am in until I have a degree. Now, this does not mean I am not qualified to do the job it just means I do not have a degree. This to me makes no sense, I have had 2 different bosses that took the position that I could have had if I had the degree. And lets just say, I got stuck training them. I feel angry, aggravated and annoyed at this; but it is my own fault. I am 30 years old and I could have had a doctrine in anything by now, if I had stayed in school back in 1995. I left for personal reasons *cough-got girlfriend knocked up-cough* and I regret dropping out. I have few regrets in life:
Marring my ex, dropping out of college, making that mistake my wife reminds me of every April, and......well I am sure there are a few others but these are the biggest.
Now, I am not saying going to college is a bad idea. Hell I am all for going, but do not go into college thinking it is anything other than what it is. It is a business, and its business is making money.....BIG MONEY. And if you do not believe me just look at where the money comes from and where it goes. Kean University used to be Kean College, but they wanted government money soooooo they went and asked for government funding and now, 3 new building later, never ending construction and new regulation bullshit later, we now have Kean University.
I encourage everyone to go to college and try to beat them at there own game. Do not end up 30 and wishing you played the game. I am playing catch up, and doing very well with it I might add. I will have my 2 year degree by next March, if everything goes well. And I will have my bachelors by 2009/2010 if I stick with it. I am going to put my all into it, to see that I get to walk cap and gown in Phoenix, Arizona! I do not feel I will come away knowing anything more than I know now but I will walk away a college graduate. My wife's degree with mean more because her schooling has given her the tools she will need to be a teacher. In fields such as teaching, medicine and finance schooling is a must. But for my needs a BA in BS will open doors that I can see but not go through.
Education is very important, the more one knows about his or her world the better. Our country can not seem to move out of its past because our leaders seem to have missed American History 101. How can anyone move into a promising future when they have not learned the lessons of their ancestors?

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What day is it again?

I have been in bit of a blogging slump lately. I do not know, I just seem a bit burnt out from work and skool. On line schooling is going great, a little harder this semester; but I would not want it any other way.
I can not wait unitl Memorial day weekend, we are all going to Wildwood NJ. We have reservations to this hotel on da beach. I am not sure what to exspect on this trip so I think I will keep my hopes low haha.

But to help me out of my slump, a blogging buddy has tagged me with a little meme that i think I can handel. Kilroy has started a little thing he calls:
Kilroy's EDUCATION Meme

In a nut shell it is basiclly a little note about your educational experience. But I think anyone reading this could probably figure this out by reading it. Now that I have the hind-sight of time I see that my parents were right about most things in the world. The old saying, 'If I knew then what I know now' But the sad part is that I knew then, well at least I was told about it. The other sad part is I am haivng a similar problem with the sister-in-law. I have the knowledge of how things are and I am trying to share it. But she does not seem to want to hear any of it. We all know the problem. Youth believe that they are different and they will be able to do this or that without sacrafice. I wonder if I was this thick?
Yes, yes I was. I was given so much advise when I was younger and it was all lost on me. I see her and know that nothing anyone says will make a difference. Humans can not learn from others, they have to experience it personaly. What is that other saying.......' Youth is lost on the young' And if you understand what this means then you are probably over the age of 30 and realise that all the advise you were given was good advise.

But enough of the ugliness of realality, on with the meme----

---->What was the name of the teacher that was most influential in your life from grades K through 6?
My 6th grade science teacher Mr. Burns. He had to be the coolest teacher I have ever had. He knew how to talk to us and how to treat us. When everyone else wrote us off as useless he made us feel like peeople again. You see, I was always in the classes with the under achievers. I was not retarded just a little special :D, and yess I do have ADD and sometimes substract as well.

---->What subject did you favor in high school?
I loved all my creative writing classes. I could always come up with ideas faster than anyone. I still do, I just have never delevoped any of them into anything usefull as of yet. Bad me!

----> Did you attend a university and if so did you attain a degree?
I did but I never finished. I am currently doing the online degree thingie. I have to get a degree if I want to go any higher than I am currently. I can do the job better than most but do not have the piece of paper that says I sent 4-5years of my life doing pointless book work and drinking beer.

----> Do you learn best through books, by watching or hands-on?
Hands on, do dought. Books can never teach you want exsperience can. Ever try to follow a book when trying to repair your car???

----> Has education been an ongoing process for you? How do you feel about that?
It should always be an ongoing process. The moment you stop learning is the day you mentally die. Long after the body has stopped the mind can go on.

---->What seven people are you tagging to do this?
I am not going to tag anyone, I have to get off this thing and get to work. But I just wanted to show a little love to another admirer of the Doctor.
Education is the keystone that hold up the arch way to the future. Without the knowledge of where you have come from how can you go forward to what you will become?

And not wanting to end on a serious is a pick the little woman took of me this weekend. And yes I am sober....

Friday, May 04, 2007

Bored and slacking on Tits Friday

I have all kinds of things I have to get done but I am blogging and waisting time. I did my skooling for the week so I do not have that worry but I am dreeding this paper work. I hate doing this pointless crap, it really has no point other than it has to be done. I think if there was a real purpose to it I would probably get it done faster. I usually let it pile up really high before I even think about it. I want to get it done today so on Monday I will be all caught here is a fast post with a few last minute pictures I took.

Me not wanting to get my day going.

My new pen holder my oldest son won for me at Alantic City. I love pirates!

Why I do when pretending to work.

And what i look up at photobucket when I am really bored: Rack

rack 1: Her face was busted but this is a nice veiw of some of her other ass-sets.

Rack 2: With bonkers like these who needs a head?

Rack3: I know there are not any booage but I thought it was funny. I like : Actually, your sister likes it like this.

Have a happy Sinko-Da-Mayo. I love any holiday that promotes drinking to excess. StPatrice's day, New Years, Thanksgiving, Christmass, Passover, and any other day ending in 'Y'