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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Plugs I do for free....

I am about to plug a resturant and a new product that I was not paid to do. Which I think is better because we know there is not a slant on it. If someone were to pay me to plug something it would be hard to give them a bad rating even if the product/resturant sucked. **cough BestBuy SUCKS cough** Hell I might even be inclined to give Metrx a A+ in taste even though they have the worst tasting products in the health food market.

PluG one:
This past weekend we went to Rio22, a Brizilian Stakehouse, an all you can eat Rodizio and salad bar. Basiclly what this entails is a parade of non stop meat. The salad bar alone was over wehlming but the meat was to die for. The way it works is they give you this little coster that is green on one side that says 'FEED ME' and the other side is red with the words 'STUFFED' on it. When you want the blitz of dead animal flesh to begin just turn over your little card of shame to the go side and here they come.

The almosphere was nice and the waiters and waitresses were all good looking. I swear the only ugly people here were the people eating. And boy where there some heffers here! Now, I ate myself almost into a food coma but this is not what I do on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. I can not even remeber the last time I ate like this. Hell, I prepaired for this attack. Up to the moment we walked in here at 1800 hrs all I had to eat was 3 eggs and about a gallon of water. I was ready for battle.

But they won the battle, but the war is still on.


Now even after my colon was more stuffed with meat than John Waynes I went for some dessert. It had some fancy named and a fancy $$$ but it tasted like heaven. Oral-gazims is about the jist of what it taste like.


I wanted to lick the plate but the wife unit gave me the look of 'nosexforaweek' look.

This place was a little expensive, our bill came to $102. They add 15% gratuity to your bill for you. I know why but to be honest I would have tipped more than they automaticly added. But since I am not a tight ass I did add a little extra to the 15%.

What does the face of stuffed look like?









PluG Two:
We had to go food shopping last night and found a new product. But before I get to it I want to touch one something that is slowly killing out youth. Childhood Obesity..........
We were walking around and making the healthiest choices we could make and then we came upon the scene. A kid about the age of 8 or 9 sitting on his butt crying up a storm. Now I am not for laughing at the fact this child hurt himself but I did find it comical/sad that the father could not pick up his son from the floor. The child sat there assed out with his legs spread out in front of him and here we see the dad trying with all his might to lift his son up. But to no avail. The child had to get up under his own power, they could not locate a fork lift to roll shamu over. Now as much as it sounds like I am being nasty I am being realistic. This child did not get this why by accident, the parents feed the manchild. Please, if you are a parent and reading this, we are in control of our kids- Not the other way around. My mom never deprived me of food but she never gave me shit on a daily basis. We are incontrol of our children's diets, we dictate how they eat and it will carry over to adulthood. If they learn to eat fast food and microwaved meals all the time this will become a staple in their diets in life. And yes, my mom did give us microwaved bullshit and fast food when things got tight but for the most part she came home to cook. She worked like a beast and went to school on top of it. So dont give me the old, 'It's to hard to find time to cook' bullshit. Our parents did it, and they had it rougher than we do now. Well rougher than I have it. Both myself and my wife work full time and go to school full time. But we make it a ponit to make food for our children and that we all sit down to eat. Yes we eat pizza on the weekends and give our boys happy meals, but not everyday. The effort we put into feeding our children will pay off when they grow up and they can see their damn feet.
Ok enough about that onto my plug about a new product by Coca-Cola. A company that can take some of the balme for the problem we have now. Kings of high fructose corn syrup and empty calories but they are moving in the right direction. Diet Coke Plus:

What caught my eye on this was the little blue stripe. I drink diet Coke all the time, the one with the caffiene! But what it also has is minerals and vitamins. To be exact 25% Niacin, 25% B6, 25% B12, 15% Magnesium and 15% Zinc. No calories, no fat and no sugars. Sounds like something worth a shot.
Over the lips, past the gums look out stomach here it comes!


If you like diet coke you will like this stuff. It taste no different. But with all of this vitamin B, I went and looked up what might happen if you happen to take too much. And the answer.....nothing bad. If anything taking too much might even be good for you. What is known as a 'Niacin Flush' might occur but you would have to drink 6 cans one after another. It is where the body becomes warm and sometimes you will actually turn a little red. If you want more info on this go here~~~~~~> VITAMIN B FLUSH
But in my book this product get the Honkeie seal of approval:


morbid misanthrope said...

I'm not a parent, but I agree with you about fat kids. It is a parent's job to make sure their kids eat properly, and when the parents don't, Uncle Sam feels he has to get involved. Then annoying senators everywhere start outlawing trans fat--whatever the fuck that is--and making new laws to "protect" people from unhealthy food. Thanks, assholes. How about you protect me from terrorists and UFOs and let me defend myself in the cheeseburgers and French fries department. It's called limited government for a reason. The fewer pie-stuffed fat kids waddling around, the fewer new absurd laws and regulations politicians will try to pass (in theory, anyway).

That coke looks interesting. I get all my B vitamins in Rockstar energy drinks, though. The sugar-free, low-carb version, of course. Diabetic shock once, shame on me; diabetic shock twice ... well, I'm not some kind of moron.

honkeie2 said...

Morbid I could not agree with you more. I feel the government is slowly becoming the one from the movie Demolition Man.....if it is unhealthy then it will be illegal.
I have to try Rockstar one of these days. Another fee-bee plug I guess.