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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Oh man Oh man,

Blogging has not been number one on my list of things to do these days. I remeber the days when I used to blog once a day, now its a fucking wonder if I get one in a week. I miss it and will try to get more in, it really helps with getting crap out of my head. And speaking of my head look what I did to my head!

I told the barber medium skin fade but what I think he heard was medium SKIN HEAD! I look like a freaking leader of the Arian Nation! But dont worry, I am not about to put on the Doc Martins with red laces, black bomber jacket and start stomping queers anytime soon. Peace love and happiness to all, except hippies and politicians. Screw them, stompem if ya gottem!

But things are going fine in my world. I am still plugging along with my online skooling. I have been getting a little nervous about the University of Phoenix though, I have read some bothersome news about the college and have been thinking of changing back over to a regular school. But I have to wait until the wife unit is done with hers before I can do that. There seems to be alot of bad press about my school and it really doesnt make me all that comfortable spending all this time and money to get a degree that may or may not be real or accepted. Oh well, so is my life.
On a lighter note, I finally had one of my home brewed beers! I need to get some pictures of it and will probably get some this weekend, the head looks great and the taste is ok. I reminds me of a Budwiser, which I am not all that crazy about but its beer! I added molasses to the batch so it has a slight sweet flavor, I tried one on an empty stomach to gauge the alcohol content. And the judges give it 2 thumbs up! There was some werid stuff on the bottom but I think that can be cured by filtering it next time, but all in all it is BEER TIME!

Since my life has been so hectic these past few weeks I have went out and looked up anything and everything I could find to help me smile a little. Here are my findings, I hope I offened someone along the way:

1) These are Russian women in the military. At first I thought it was some porn parade but I was wrong, them Russian women have some nice legs! We could learn a thing of two from our ex commie friends about how women are suppost to look in uniform.

2) You can figure this one out on your own.

3) HeHe, if you dont think this is funny go find a religous web site to beat off to pictures of the virgin marry and leave me alone!

4) Now this is a guy I can follow!

5) I nearly spit when I saw this one-

6) If you have no idea what this is in reference to, go look it up and then come back and laugh!

7) Ron Jeremy is the king! But I am not sure if bending over within 3 feet of this guy is a good idea.

8) Again, if you dont know then you wont get it.

9) This one is for you Morbid, I thought of you when I saw this!

10) Look out for this guy not only will he cheat out of a good deal in diamons he will kick your ass!

11) This one is for my brother in law, it isnt your birthday but I know you would like it.

12) You are probably wondering why I put a rather PG picture of a hot asian chick here. Well....she came from the same site number 13 did, scroll down then scroll back up, you will understand.

13) These things are fucking creepy! I saw a video of a dude screwing one of these things and it was like watching someone fuck a dead body. I bet every guy that works in a mourge has one of these things!

14) One for the ladies who did not get what they wanted for V-Day.

15) If you get this joke you are cool in my book, and if you dont and you are a hot chick you are still cool. But more like a Light-Bright, not very bright but fun to look at and good for poking random colorfull piece of plastic into.
16) I have been working out and found this in my internet searchs of working out. I pray this isnt true!
17) Doug, again here is one for you!
But that is enough bullshit from me, hopefully can keep my promise and do some more of my usualy rambling in the up coming week. I am now down to only one class at a time so I might actually be able to.
I wont comment on the world news because we all have had enough of the debates between twiddle dee and twiddle dumb, who is shoting steriods into whos cock, the war, taxes and random shootings at your local high schools. I am all for just unplugging the tv, burning the local paper (except for the funnies) and just ignoring the world around us. Hell that is what Americans are great at, ignoring the fact there are other cultures out there other than our own. We just need to start doing it more often!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mr Beer is on his way.......

I am in the last leg of my Mr.Beer journey, one more week and it will be taste testing time. I followed the instructions to the T this time. I rushed it last time and flubbed on a few steps, so this time I took my sweet old time and did everything right. I even left it in the keg for an extra two weeks to make sure there was little to no settlement in the keg.
Here we have the bottles I bought from the web site all set to go with the last step, priming sugar. You add 2.5 teaspoons of sugar to each bottle to give it the gas so it will not be flat.

Here we have a picture of a defective keg. The one on the right has a hole that is too small for the plug. I called them with my problem and the promtly sent me new one free of charge, How cool is that? I cannt figure out what to do with the screwed up keg so its going out with the recyclables on Wednesday.

And the whole time I have been in the kitchen I have had the WhitePower Ranger telling about his plan to take out the Pink Power Ranger, he says its a threat to his manhood, or something. I am not sure what is wrong with this guy but his WhitePower Range status is really going to his head. All this talk about taking out those who are unworthy and the less than Ranger types, seriously they should not be giving this guy weapons. Hell they should even give this guy a pair of sissors! And whats up with his obsession with the oven, I keep catching him trying to turn it on, i think it is time to send him away.

I always find him like this for some reason.

On another note.......I have shaved my head, pictures will soon follow.