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Monday, September 14, 2009

Eyes in Skool now....

I have been back to skool now for almost a 2 weeks and I want to cry! It isnt that I cannt do it or that its hard, I just dont want to do it. I am taking on 3 night classes and one Saturday morning class for this semester: Tues is health, Weds is a computer class, Thurs is a Lit class and Sat is a math class.....and not the fun math. Nothing but freakin word problems, of all things WORD PROBLEMS! But all of his test and even the final are take home, open book so I dont think it will be all that bad. He said we can use whatever resources we can find but we can not work with other classmates. Fair enough for me.

And with all this new work most of my free bullshitting time is being take up. Last time I was in skool I just about stopped blogging because of that. I will try not to die out again I will just have to alacate my time beter. One project I am working on in my health class is that she wants us to change a behavior in our lives, document it and then write a paper on it. I am doing mine on procrastination. I am awesome at putting things off to the last minute but with taking on 4 classes I really cannt do that now. I have started by making daily list of things I want to get done and checking them off as I finish them. So far it has been helping, and also helping not forget to do everyday things as well.
I do have to get back to my list of things that have to get done, but I did want to share one thing from this weekend.....
Our water cooler broke so we went out to Target to get the one they had on sale. They only had one left so grabbed it right up and went home. But I did get a real kick out of one of the selling points:
Got to love dirty minded fools that work in marketing!
(ps...I did not proof read any of this post, feel free to correct me on everything lol)


Prunella Jones said...

Damn, that's a lot of classes! Just thinking about school gives me a headache and the urge to cut out and go smoke cigarettes with the bad kids behind the 7/11. Good luck!

SaVanna Walker said...


honkeie2 said...

PJ: I know what you mean, but we got to smoke on school grounds so we never to hide lol

SW: Hehehhehe and you repeated it lol

~Sheila~ said...

I'm so happy to be done with class. What math are you taking? You said the instructor said no help from classmates, right? Email me the probs and I will get DOM right on

I have a water cooler that has a probe too. We love
of course, our water here costs 15 cents per gallon. We have 7 5 gallon jugs. we save a ton of money on water.