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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Old Money.....

I had to do a watch at this exclusive country club last night for a golf outing for my job. Yes at the end of the day I am just an over paid security guard, lol. But any way, I was asked to stand watch over two trucks that had the prizes that where to be given out the next day. These trucks were as secure as any trucks could be and I parked my car in a way that if anyone tried to drive away with them they would have to go through it first.

So with my booty on lock down I went about poking around. I will not put the name of the location out of fear someone goggling the name and coming here but let me tell you this place reminded me of the movie 'Caddy Shack'. The only difference is that they do not have caddies anymore. I was going to take a few pictures but it was really dark and my camera sucks when it comes to low light setting.

I wandered the club house up and down, and the only thing it seemed to be missing where the 'Whites Only' signs. I am sure they still have a few from the old days hidden away in the owners office some where. They probably take them out now and again and chuckle over them while sipping their Johnny Walker.

And since I was part of the little people, the other little people gave me the key to the kitchen, aaaahhhh fucking yeah! I did not go hungry that night ha!

But as I wandered around the place I started to get pissed, because this is what I want. I want to have the money to join something like this, not that I will fit in but just to belong and know a redneck from Alabama covered in tattoos belongs to a country club. This is part of my motivation to get school over and done with, a degree can help me get to much much deserved CEO status. I am not a snob or think I really belong amongst these people, I just want to stand tall in their midst and know once upon a time I was the guy parking their cars and watching them while they slept.

I guess as time goes on being the tank at the party isnt what I want to be known for forever. Yes Homer Simpson is my idol and Peter Griffin too, but I also want to have that knowledge I am a card carrying WASP. Well, except I am not a Protestant nor do I belong to any form of organized religion. If they ever come up with a religion of chaos and anarchy then I might, but then again probably not I am not one to follow any group of people.

Part of my ascension to the awesome American dream; I am in the hopper to become a Mason, this too might help with my new me. I know I do not fit the normal mold of what all of these things stand for but that is what makes my change that much more awesome. I am all for going against the grain and being that unique butterfly. Conformity to me is boring, part of the reason I got inked was a silent rebellion against it. I keep them in places I can still cover up when needed but also in places when I want to I can show them off.

I guess in the end I have always wanted to be part of the upper realm of the American Dream, working numerous shit jobs I got to see how the other half lives and now I want to live it too. I was not born with the silver spoon or a trust fund so my dream will be much harder to earn, but I do not think I would want it any other way.

I am bummed I did not take any pictures of this place but I did get one while driving in....and yes I know driving and taking pictures is a bad idea but cruise control wasn't made just to save gas yeah know.....

I thought that cloud looked like some evil ghost coming down from the sky, or the angel of death or something. Yeah I have a vivid imagination lol.


~Sheila~ said...

That cloud did look a little eerie. Still, it was cool.

I take pictures when I drive too. I have no use for cruise control (only because my work car doesn't have it) I could really utilize some Auto-pilot though.

Ranger Tom said...

Be the ball... Be the ball....