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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sometimes my job depresses the shit out of me...

Part of what I do in my job is making, activating, upgrading, and deactivating badges for employees at 20 different locations. It is a pretty simple part of my job but very time consuming and sad. This year the company has decided that they want to show the head office that they have cut back the 'workforce' in 2009 by laying off a bunch of people right before 2010. Now when they say 'workforce' ,which they use as one word, they are trying to de-humanize who these people actually are. Or even to the fact they are humans with bills and families. It sucks how ever you look at it.

Here in the USA when a company does bad the first person who takes a hit is the lowest person in the food chain. Call me crazy but that doesn't make sense. It is not their fault the company is sucking wind. Does the product go out the manufacturing door to the store? Did the product leave the warehouse as it should? Yes, so what did the little guy do to get canned?

I feel the guys working in the advertising department screwed up, maybe the guys in finance did not get the numbers right or maybe something as simple as the sales men did not get out there enough.

If something fails or goes wrong you fix the area that fails, if your car gets a flat do you rebuild the transmission? No, but that is how I see most of business around here.

'Well we did not meet our numbers this year, time to lay off the people that make, package and ship the very items we sell for profit. '

I know I am no business major or a big shot anything but seeing list after list or people that have been laid off does make ones soul blacken a little each time. We are all disposable, so be happy with what you have right now because you might be part of the next wave of workforce lay offs. And then replaced with temp workers that have no insurance and get paid half of what you were making. I used to hate Unions but if things keep going the way they are we might be going back to the old days of Union's vs Big Business. Its a big shit sandwich and everyone is going to have to take a bite.

Ho Ho Ho Merry Xmass here is your pink slip Have a Merry fucking time finding a new job. But what comes around goes around.
As you can see I am not feeling all that festive right now. Our holiday was chaotic but good, lots of food (way too much food), presents all around, another year wrapping presents into the weeee hours of xmass morning, we still have to make room for all the kids new toys, the house can never seem to stay clean for 2 seconds it seems and I am starting my resolution a bit early this time. No more food.....I am soo bloated I cannt even tie my shoes....well not really but its getting there!
No real plans for New Years, probably more food and drink. But I have not been drinking all that much so in that aspect I am going well, but the food oh the food is a damn disaster!
But I have to get back to my list of people that have to be taken out of the system. So as my job is slowly killing me from the inside out have this holiday laugh I found on


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Ugh that sucks!! I got laid off and I AM a temp worker with no insurance. While I was laid off they hired 2 interns that got paid my exact salary (I was laid off because there was no more money for me??) Then they called me back. I'm like WTF?? Oh well just happy to have a paycheck even though I hate going to work. Everyone gets caught up in such stupid crap at work it just makes me laugh that their lives are so small that such small stuff is so "big" to them.

Ranger Tom said...

Ah... Ain't reality wonderful?

One of the reasons I quit the cops and now doing what I really want. I was tired of seeing all the crap.

Hammy said...

I had a work Christmas lunch once where the foreman announced, "You, you, you and you aren't needed any more. Enjoy your lunch."

It wasn't too easy making chat with people who had just been laid off. Some bosses are complete jerks.