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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Skool is kewl

Between work, skool and family I have been a busy bee. There are a few things I would like to put into the old blog before I am whisked away from my computer again to do something that does not have to do with my personal fun time.

  • Seth has been diagnosed as having ADHD and will be starting meds this weekend. We have tried to just brush it off as him just being an overactive boy but it is really hindering him in many ways in school. So we went to the doctors, had all of his teachers evaluate him and in the end the doc gave us kiddie uppers. I trust this doctor, we have been going to him since they where born and he isnt a pill popping doc. He is the kind to send you home with a note that says, 'You have a cold so suck it up.' He has been doing this for 30 years and has been through many cases just like this so I have some faith in him. I dont want to put my kid on meds at such an early age but his behavior is effecting him at school. And hell after reading all the stuff about it I might be going on the same meds. I was diagnosed many years ago with ADD but was never put on meds. Go mom! But as an adult I am having a really hard time with staying focused and getting work done....hince me here blogging haha! But this weekend will be the first time we all take the blue pill, if he does need it will obvious with in a few moments. If he does not need it, it will also be very obvious because he will bouncing off the walls. It seems that people with ADHD react differently to speed than people who dont have it. That might explains alot with me and why I love the speed ha!

  • Skool has me on edge and it finally came to a head about a week ago with the wife and me had to have a little talk about my attitude. I knew I was being a shit but really could not control it. But after some talking I am going back to the gym to blow off the steam. I have only been to the gym twice so far and it has helped. This week was a wash because of this cold I have. Nothing big just tired with a scratchy throat. But not something you want when trying to work out. I have been thinking about trying some meditation classes, yoga even. But as usual I have been putting off and getting distracted.....oh look a new porn site......

  • Ok I am back! I have to get to the dentist and soon, an old filling fell out and there is a hole in one of my teeth. As soon as i am done here I am off to find his number.

  • An old blogging friend of mine is going to jail this weekend. They have 2 warrants out for their arrest, nothing big just some crap drummed up by a vindictive ex. They're totally stress about it but I am trying to keep them in high spirits by making prison sex jokes and just telling its ok, as long as you dont look down you can pretend its anyone. Lets all take time and wish this person the best. I am not going to spill who this person is because they might not be ready to blog about it yet but I am hoping for the best and after it is all said and done we can move on with a life lesson learned. (Notice I went to great lenghts to keep it as ambiguous as possible. I dont want to call anyone out that isnt ready to be.)

  • I am getting ready for my favorite holiday of all times: Halloween. I have my straight jacket all set, because I am simply just going to be crazy this year. I know not a real far cry for me but hey you have to be true to yourself at all cost.

But it is time for me to run so let me leave you off with a few pictures I have been meaning to put up here:

1) I walked into the living room to see why they where so quiet and this is what I found. To freakin cute not to get a picture of!

2) Yes we own an inflatable air jumper thingie!

3) Trying on my costume, yep it still fits!

4) This is where I want to go for Halloween. It is still up in the air as to where we are going but this is one possibility.

5) I was going to use this as a post but since I have been getting on here so infrequently I thought I would just throw in on here now. I was going through my old high school year books and thought I would share this. This is me in 1994 as a senior at Cranford High school. I weighed about 164lbs here at 6'1. Man on man i would never want to be that skinny again lol.

I hope everyone out there is have a wonderful fall and enjoying the cool weather. The best part of this time of the year.....Apple cider! I am trying to find some place that sells unpasturized apple cider but have not come up with any. I think I will just have to make my own!


Carie said...

my graduating class was 94 to lol...just had to say that ;)

Gotta love kids and boxes, when ash was little she would play with a box forever, she would make up the funniest stories to go along with them was great.

My cousin has adhd and he was on different meds for along time (still might be but well hes in prison so I am not to sure lol) when we were out and he was going all bonkers lol my uncle would give him a cup of coffee and he was as calm as could be, or he would eat coffee beans, it was so wierd...

When I went back to college Ash was 3 lol I had to take her to most of my classes with me (thank god I had an amazingly quiet child and nice teachers lol) I loved school but I always felt bad that poor ash had to go to college at 3 years old lol

Mimi said...

You graduated in 94, man I am old as shit, I graduated in 90.

My son was suspended in kindergarted for his behavior. I still resisted meds for a few years, it was 3rd grade, he didn't do well on ritalin and has had several ADHD meds, it turns out that the meds gave him depression, but, he is bi-polar and now is on the right meds and a senior in high school. He's going to college next year to be a senior, so long story even longer, it does work out don't give up. Sorry to ramble, but I'm exhausted, lol.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

GL with the ADD meds.

I'm older than you boohissss not fair!!


JUst to set the recors straight, despite the rumours, it is NOT me going off to jail due to a vindictive ex[but if he had his way it would be]. If I had mine, it would be for murder!

Good luck with school,yoga etc.

The jacks -in- boxes sure are cute!