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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday, lets get crunked damn it!

Well people it is Firday and boy am I ready for it. I hope to go out this weekend with Doug(navy man) and friends. Its on the menu so lets see what happens, I try not to over plan it just causes for disappointment. I am hoping the little woman comes with us we all need a night out but if she bails I still would love a guys night out. I have a half bottle of rum left and I forsee it being consumed very quickly haha.
I have been working some crazy overtime these past few weeks and last night was no different. I came in at 0300 hrs and will be here until 1500hrs, so lets just say I am feeling a little off these few days. I have not been eating right and my sleep is way off so I am all discombobulated! I sooo need to drink and the wife unit is being driven mad with the evil midgets at home .....soo she needs to drink. I am very glad that booze is still legal, if were not for alcohol I dont think people would have kids lol.
Here let me show u how off I am........Last night while walking around my job I found these little cup thingies in our first aide kits. And below u will find me using them for something other than what they are ment for.

1) I come in peace....peas...pees....oh hell just take me to your leader, and if he isnt smarter than a toad then we wont kill you! (boy are we in for a world of hurt)

2) Crazy good!

3) I come from France!

The baby has started his no sleeping at night so the wife unit is a little frazzled these days. He sleeps in the day but soon as 2300 roles around he is wide awake. So I think we will be adding some caffiene to his titty milk to keep him awake during the day. If he is awake all day he should sleep at night.......right? But I think we will keep a bottle of happiness next to the bed so when he goes all night fussing and bitching we can too-with a smile on our faces.
-Swing away bitch I feel no pain- hahahahahahahaaha

Now since I am watching my diet a little bit there will be no beer for me, maybe I will go this route:

I have a question for anyone who might know something on this topic:
Is absinthe legal?
I have been looking it up on the net and I have found a few places to buy it but I dont know about the legality of this product. I dont want the mail police kicking my door down because I order something that was illegal. Like those jackasses that buy weed on the net, that is just stoopid...........well nevermind on that i just found the answer on Absinthe's Buyers Guide. Go there to learn all about it. I am on a mission to get some though, I know it isnt legal in the USA because the FDA wont approve it for different reasons. But I am on a quest, if anyone has some let me know and we can party lol.

Happy Friday people...........lets all get CRUNCKED!


the_mrs said...

Thos pics are great =D Hey, gotta have some fun at work, right?

Here's to Friday! Cheers!

Nobody special said...

LMAO you look like Christopher Walken!

Have a fun night~

Lo Lo Lova said...

Thank you for finally not posting naughty pictures. I have to be very careful at work, and usually when I come to your site, there are some naked asses or boobs or something inappropriate, so I can't stick around.

Great pix!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
And Crunk Out!


Video X said...

as far as i know...absinthe is illegal. BUT...i guess sometimes it is if it's not the real stuff??? but then how is that absinthe? I have no idea. all i that stuff freaks my ass out! well...and i just cant get into black licorice.

Video X said...

oh...i could be terrible wrong about that...i'm going off hearsay.

morbid misanthrope said...

Nyquil usually makes babies sleep. Have you tried that?

I really like absinthe. In fact, I still have a little bit left. It's actually quite good. I didn't hallucinate or anything, but there was enough alcohol in it to catch a buzz. With the water and the sugar cube, I would almost compare absinthe to Jaggermeister on crack or something.

I got my bottle legally at a liquor store. As I understand it, the liquor store was able to sell that brand of absinthe legally because the alcohol content (55% or 110 proof) was low enough to be legal. Which basically means I got the pussy-ass version of absinthe.

The mail-order stuff, sometimes as high as 75% alcohol, is the stuff I'd like to try. I've heard there is usually no problem ordering it, but I've also read that it is sometimes confiscated by customs (or Homeland Security for all we know); however, I've never read that anyone ordering it has been arrested or fined.

The kind I bought at the liquor store is called Absente from France. It cost about $45.00 and is imported by a company in New Jersey. I wanted to order a bottle, but that would have required saving my boozing money for several weeks. I'm not spending my weekends dry for some fancy liquor from another country. It probably kicks ass, though. Damn, now I need a drink.

Joe Tornatore said...

nice pair of cups on your face, Honk!

honkeie2 said...

the-mrs: I have a question jenny....I went to your blog and went to some werid video sex chat site??? I was excited for a second I thought u had gone into some freaky stuff but it wasnt u! WTF happened to your blog?

NewYorkMoments said...

Sometimes I'm not sure if there's enough liquor in the world to be able to endure this lifetime.

Becky said...

LOL, Chris is on the Jameson's Irish Whiskey diet!

the mrs said...

I dumped Blogger for WordPress =) You can click on my name to go to my new blog, but I wouldn't if I were you. It's gotten quite boring ;)

Ranger Tom said...

"I am very glad that booze is still legal, if were not for alcohol I dont think people would have kids lol."

What you should have said was:

If it weren't for booze, ugly people wouldn't have kids..."

Cherry! said...

So did you have a good weekend?

normiekins said...

love the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!