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Friday, September 15, 2006

Funny found in local paper....

Yesterday I opened my paper to read a head line:
"Brohters charged with growing pot off Rt. 280"
This is article is just to funny, these two brothers started growing weed in a 3,ooo foot cannabis garden. The cops said they were watching the pair since April. The plot of land was in the far back part of a lot owned by Prudential corporation. It was in an area that was closed off and hard to get to and not visible from the road. When they closed the net on these to wacky tobbacy growers they had 182 plant over 6 feet tall with a street value of $500,000! All of this is not all that funny but what really got me is that the two brothers were from my old town of Cranford and they were 51 and 53! Come on...let these guys go. It was probably for a little self medication or some extra cash since they can no longer work the cash-register at McDonald's.
I bet all that over time paid in surveillance and man power to fight the evils of pot were well paid. Because we all know that all those drunk drivers, wife beaters, muggers, terrorist and rapest were glad to know that all those cops were busy else where other than arresting the true evils of our towns. I also know that it is still illegal but I really don't think these two guys were going to blow themselves up at the UN building or put on black trench coats and kill a bunch of losers at a community college.
But oh well, its Friday and I am not in jail so all is right. Mr Grumpers has been keeping us up at night but that is all part of the game. And LoLo here is the answer to your question: Lucas.
One more shrieking induced pic for Becky......


The Real Kidd said...

OMG! He is just too cute!

guttergirl said...


He is adorable. You both must be so proud.

nk said...

that is some serious field o reefer. sign me up for the bonfire!

cute lil munkin!

Becky said...

You so predicted me... lol But he is really sooooo cute! Post as many pics as you like!

Sounds exactly like my own brothers.... I remember when Josh got caught growing, that was a while ago, he hasn't been busted in a few years.

Carie said...

he is soooo cute :) lol my brother used to grow it in his closet for years then he thought it would be ok to plant it in his back yard lol he was just sooo smart now his doc prescribes it for him to help with the side effects of his cancer and its back to his damn closet lol

Lo Lo Lova said...

We had the exact same babyseat. Is yours one of those "travel systems" with the matching stroller?

Cute baby - cute name! Loving him!!

morbid misanthrope said...

DEA Agent: "So, you dumb fuckers think you can grow a field of pot without us findin' out about it, huh? Well, we're going to do with you what we do with all the other drug farmers out there. You're going to sit in those fuckin' metal chairs and smoke every last leaf of the shit you grew. That'll teach ya a lesson alright."

Congrats on the addition to your family. That's great. Cheers.

Drywall Mom said...

I just can't wait for it to be legalized. But sice that will never happen, I guess I'll just have to hope it does. Not that it stops me every once in a while.

Congratulations on your baby. Too cute. Make sure to help out as much as you can.

Ranger Tom said...

Why do you think they call it "Dope"?