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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I hate celebrities

I really love it when bad things happen to celebrities. Well, certain big mouth overly appointed ugly ones. This rant is about an article I saw about one of them. Her name is Rosie O'Donnell. I used to like her lesbian and all, but as her frame grew so did her head and notions that she was the voice of America. When she bashed Kmart for selling guns and refused to do there commercials because they sold guns is what go me a little steamed. Ok guns kill but the guard service she uses are all armed with boom sticks, hmmmm but that is ok. And Kmart also sells baseball bats, which many loan sharks have used to get money out of people. They sell kitchen knives, nothing needed to be said about those pointed sharp toys. They sell all the needed ingredients one would need to start their very own meth lab, car battery, coleman stove gas, red devil plummer, propane tanks, a tarp, Pyrex glass wear, streno burners and cold medicine that has the needed ephedrine.
-Now I know that I am missing a few important ingredients for the meth we all love but I am not about to give out the whole thing, all I need is some ass to say he found a 'how to make you own meth' on my blog- and I also, for the record, have never made or used meth. It has to be one of the nastiest drugs out there.-
Kmart also sells ScotchGuard, many ppl have been killed or put into a comma after huffing that. They also sell spray paint which can also be used to huff and deface public property. The list can go on with the other dangerous things they sell but she was upset by the obvious dangerous item. That just shows me how narrow minded this person is. And the fact she is not protesting car dealerships is mind boggling, cars killed more ppl last year than gun violence. Hmmmmmm lets do back ground checks on everyone before they buy a car and if they have past tickets and DWI's they should not be allowed to by a new car.
-She has a big mouth and can't seem to keep it shut about anything that she finds to be wrong in the world. I do the same thing but I don't end up in the eveing news spouting bullshit about things I really know very little about. Her newest podium is radical Christianity. Now I agree with her on this but not completely. She said and I quote " Radical Christianity is as threatening as radical Islam."
Now I agree with this and both should be stamped out. Self righteous religious wackos under mind humanity and progression to the point you would think the age of reason never happened. But if she thinks Christianity wackos are bad then she should try to walk a mile in the shoes of a woman living in the world of wacko Islam. I will take the crazy Christian's any day, they are just annoying and are easily sent on there way by slamming your front door in their faces. And since she believes these two couch case religions are the same level lets see what would have become of this rolly polly pseudo celebrity if Islam had rein here.
-She would be dressed head to toe in a burka, which for the rest of the world is a blessing. Her gay lifestyle would be non existent, in their world you come out of the closet you head right to the grave. To make it even better in Islam women are seen as second class citizens so all of her money and celebrity status would be non existent. Freedom of speech, not likely. Go on TV in their country and blast Islam you would have a fatwa issued sooo fast calling for her death she probably would not make it home that day.
-So in the end I think that there is a huge difference between the two and again Rosie shows her ignorance. Why can't they keep the most ignorant of us off the TV, it makes us all look bad. I mean keep GW off the TV unless he has a tele-promoter and someone telling hm what to say. He isn't as stoopid as ppl make him out to be, he is just a good ol boy from Texas that likes barbq's beer, fireworks and strippers. He is just under the microscope more than any of us, I saw him on a Christmas special one year and they had him on film lip syncing to the songs and it was very obvious he did not know the words to any of the songs. I don't know them all that well either but I am not on national TV wearing a 10 gallon hat mouthing the wrong words to 'O Holy Night' haha!
But let me share with you a pic I found of the source of my rant today. The pic is soo funny for so many ways. See if you can find the lesbian joke reference in the pic. By the way I have nothing agaist her sexuality, I am all man and I love lesbians, I can relate to them haha. And if it were not for our country's freedoms she would not even be able to blast other peoples lives and religions.

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Nobody special said...

Lots of good points there, but I love this one best...

"She would be dressed head to toe in a burka, which for the rest of the world is a blessing"


As always... Rachael said...

And how would you describe the lives of women livng under radical Mormonism? THe KKK also considers themselves radical christians. And Timothy McVeigh... there's one of Christianity's best and brightest right there.

Just some food for thought... nice post.

honkeie2 said...

nobody: yes is scary thats all haha.

rachael: women have always gotten the fuzzy end of the lolly pop in religion. It has always been 'mankind' for a reason. Man uses his imaginary friend to keep thier women where they think they should be---in the kitchen cooking---now dont attack me this is not my view lol. Islam has to the most radical in the control level of women. Man knows he cannt control women on thier own so they use hell and damnation of ones soul to get them to play nice. Any god that says another human is lesser than another is no god for me.

morbid misanthrope said...

Good post. Rosie is a fucking moron.

Yes, Christians can be annoying, but as you pointed out, annoying is much easier to put up with than people that kill others for being gay. In fact, under Sharia law in the Middle East, even children that were sold into slavery to be prostitutes against their will are also killed for being gay/fornicators. I'm also fairly sure Rosie would be unhappy having her clit cut off because women shouldn't enjoy sex--another lovely practice under Islam.

Also, to as always... McVeigh wasn't a Christian. He was a pagan who associated with Muslim terrorists and the KKK--a group of people that call themselves Christians even though they hate Jews despite the fact Jesus was Jewish--in order to learn more about bombs and terrorism.

Anyway, I could go on for twenty years. Great post, honkeie.

Becky said...

I'm just going to ignore Rachel's comment about mormons.... (the "radicals" aren't real mormons, they are just regular old cults.)

And that's all I'll say about that.

I have to say what kind of lesbian would want to hook up with Rosie! If I were a lesbian I'd be with bitches like Carmen Electra... Someone of that calliber (sp)

honkeie2 said...

morbid: Amen brada Amen!

becky: mormons, catholics, muslims and any ohter form of orginized religon scares me. Exspecally those wicca people{shutters}. Just not my mug of beer, I would touch that with a ten foot pole.

Kilroy_60 said...

Too many people owe their livlihood to celebrities who seem to be famous for...being celebrities? That is a ridulous bit of circular logic that plays out on television, radio and print every day.