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Friday, September 22, 2006

Happy Friday people

On the way home on Thursday I saw something that caused me to jump in the back of my car while driving to get my camera. I am a big advicate of chain gangs and using criminals for dirty jobs. Hell we are paying taxes out the nose for these fuck ups, make them earn their keep damn it.
I am not saying abouse them but use them to do things like picking up garbage along the highway, landscaping, bathroom doodie in Penn Station, and the more violent ones can entertain us like back in the Roman days. If you are on death row for a violent crime I am all for putting a dead bloody animal on their backs and sending them into a den of lions. They make it out alive they can get something nice, like some nice prison sex and a warm shower. And I know there are some people in there that are probably nice guys who just made a mistake or two so the petty criminals can just do the dinky jobs and give them a little hourly wage. And with the money they could make they could make their stay in the pen a little better. Men who are happy fight the least.

We had the babies 2 week doctors visit and all checked out. Here we have the older brother being still for about 2 seconds. He was a good little drunken midget for about a bink of an eye.

I learned something new that day: That mothers milk gives the babies female hormones which cause their nipples to be puffy and lactate! Did u hear me, lactate as in making milk! My baby boy has milk glads!
But the doctor said that will go away an not to stress his bitch titties. As his manliness takes over they will go away. What a relief, I had a boy damn it.

He grew, he is almost 21 inchs and he also gain some poundage. I forget what it was but it was good enough to give him all checks on his chart. He did not get any shots this time but the next visit in 2 months they will start will the evil stabbings. Man life just sucks from the get go huh?
After we left we went to feed the soul a little at the evil place---McDonalds. The little man knows this place too well thanks to those damn commercials. He loved the climbing thingie they had there but he would get stuck at the top. He was a little scared of the drop from the different levels. It wasnt more that maybe 2 feet but it was a little too far for him. But after a little incouragement he climbed down on his own.

He was trying to pic his nose if you are wondering what he is doing lol.

I have to run, work is a little buisy today. Hope everyone has a great non sober weekend.


The Real Kidd said...

AhA! Great pics. The little one is getting big! Has it been 2 weeks already? Wow, time flies. And your drunk midget sounds just like my little Attila. She loves that playground equipment, but she tends to get stuck at the top and afraid to come down.

Have a great weekend Honkeie!

Kilroy_60 said...

Great to see everything is going well with the kids. Attentive parents are something too many are lacking which leads to many of the problems we have in this country.

I agree with your opening comments. One thing is for sure, there is a great disparity between the functioning of the legal system and what justice is.

Carie said...

my daughter still does that to the McDonald dude at our local place daughter got scared in the Chuckee cheese tubes and I had to go up and get her out when she was like 3 lol it was pretty wierd, good thing I was only 20 and so damn short I looked like a kid myself...

the baby is adorable :o)

Mimi said...

Your boys are so cute. I can't believe your son was sitting next to Ronald. That clown freaks me out. I hate seeing people dressed up like him and I can't stand seeing him in the comercials, he actually scares me. I'm so sad,lol.