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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Strike two......

We ened up in the hospital again this morning because of contractions and blood. The dotor told us it was re-labor and it could last up to 8-12 hours. But at least everything looked ok on the ultra sound. Luckily I had ppl at my job that can cover for me and it was still a holiday so there was no actual work going on.
So in that end we are still on the same course, but the reason for my blog today is this: I have a Hater! I am soo excited I am giddy with happiness. I thought about just leaving it as is, no one would ever see it because they commented on an old post that no one will probably never go back to read. August 10, 2006 -----
Anonymous said "your hausband is white trash ". Now why I find this even funnier than white people dancing is their wordage. 'Your hausband is white trash' hmmmmm well since I dont have a husband and this blog belongs to me and not my wife I think they ment to write'You are white trash' or maybe something like,'Your wife must be proud that she mairred such a trailer trash peice of shit' I mean come on. That is the worst comment 'your hausband is white trash' come on get creative here, hell I was born in TX, lived in AL, moved to LA, but migrated to NJ. So yes I have lived in a trail park more than once and I still see nothing wrong with living in one. Its just my wife doesnt want to live in one. My aunt lives in a nice double wide down in AL on a nice plot of land. More than I have here in the great north.
I know that by mentioning this dee dee dee ( if you dont know what a deedeedee is go hereDeeDeeDee) I have only give this faceless coward a soap box but I had to say it. I have a few ideas on who might have done it and since I have a counter on my blog I probably coould find them. But I have no desire to go through that much trouble to see what moron left a comment.
But after goggling what little info I got from my blog I found a picture of the brave commenter:


Just Some Gal said...


I about shot water on my keyboard...

Mencia is the MAN! hahaha

King of retards...


Now then, sorry about the extended labor days...hehe I know it sucks. Everytime I went to walmart to shop when preggers with my wee man I started false labor... Something about the place must have really made him excited to leave! ;-) If they get really worried, they'll induce... I was with Jimbo and well, I'm glad he's here and mean as hell!

I know its not y'alls first time on this road...but that last month is so effen LOOOOOOOOOOONG...

Just get all the nookie you can for now... And avoid talking to her about trailerparks. haha

Cherry! said...

Damn still no bubba!!

I long for the day someone writes a hateful comment on my blog, so I understand your delight!! hahaha!

normiekins said...

what the hell....block the little pud......

good luck to you and the mrs...

Becky said...

I had a strange anonymous commenter recently too, but they told me I was hot and that Chris was a lucky man, lol. So ha! I get weird comments/secrets on my postsecret knock off blog too, guys say the weirdest shit to me. Oh well, I'm not going to censor anyone, so fuck it.

the_mrs said...

No baby yet??? Geez!!!

I've yet to have any "haters"...I'm feeling left out now! ;)

Carie said...

lol come on man get busy, get that baby here ;o) I was so over due it was not even funny...I am hoping the wee one hurries up and makes their grand entrance :o)

green vodka said...

ahahaha. nice one.

hope the baby pops out fine =)

erika said...

Ohh wow I am so sorry about the extended labor!

Don't you just love "haters" being anon and all

The Real Kidd said...

I can't believe still NO BABY! Dang. I feel for the wife unit.

Ranger Tom said...

Welcome to the cub!

I get 'anonymous' hate comments too, but they're mostly emails because they're too much of a pussy to actually leave a comment on my blog and they hide behind the 'anon' facade...

Ranger Tom said...

Club even...

Anonymous said...

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