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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Happy HNT

Well today is not a real HNT but more like IHNT, as in 'I Have Nothing Today' I am tired, I think it is the days of broken sleep that is catching up to me. He really isnt a bad baby but getting woken up in the middle of the night, several times, does start to wear on you. I have gotten rather lazy these past few weeks, and even stopped working out. That is my fault 100% but I am going to give it my all in picking that up today. That is realy playing into my tiredness as well.
I have just gotten too lazy, being lazy is just too easy and I am falling into to it a little toooo much. And since I have an over active mouth glad I had better get on that running thing before I end up on the rolling thing.

At work we have a new facuilty manager and he is turning the place upside down and it is driving me crazy. I know what he is doing, he is the new guy and want to make a name for himself. But come on now, leave us alone! I know he is trying to make the wrongs right so I am not blasting the guy, there are alot of things that really need fixed and he probably will be the guy to do it but he is still driving me boonkers. But then again it has been about 5 years since our last real shake down in the company, so it was bound to happen.

I took my toy for its first oil change yesterday at our local Toyota certified auto dealer fixer person. And while I was there the evening news was playing, and two topics of interest kept me entertained. First topic: 'Why do auto dealers have there fixit place so far from their show rooms?' I really never thought about that, mine is only a few blocks away, hell its in walking distance for a crippled leperd with a missing foot but then again why the distance? The talkiing head on the idiot box said it was to keep the bad noise away from potential buyers. They thought if the garage was too close to the show room the lemons they sold would really come back to haunt them. I must say that is great marketing, and true. Even if a dealer is the most honest and trust worthy guy in the world(which is harder to find than a diamon ring in a CrackerJack box) he really has no control over the quality of the cars he gets from Ford/Honda/Toyota or wherever. He doesnt test out each car he gets, he just sells them as fast as he can to get rid of that over head. So that little rant form the talking head was not that big of a deal or a problem in my eyes.
Second topic: 'Shooitngs in Canada' there was a shooting at a community college up in Fake France Montreal. The stories were varied, from multipal shooters wear a black trench coat to a lone gun man that killed himself; one dead 20 injured to 4 dead and 12 hurt. This morning I heard it was one guy with a mohawk, black trench coat and an automatic rifle that died in a hail of bullets from the police. I find the fashion report a little werid, would they have mentioned his lack of oringalality (very Taxi Driver-sih) if he was wearing a pink IZod golf shirt with a pair of Old Navy cargo pants sporting some white canvas Bass lounge shoes topped of with a pair of DKNY sunglasses. It seems to me that they are always trying to blame their cloths for what and why they did what they did. They will probably put a ban on black tench coats soon, but mind you if he was wearing a tan London Fog all weather coat no one would have even mentioned it. And his hair style was a bit radical but why mention it on the evening news. If it had been a Brooklyn with a side fade would the news lady with too much eye shadow said anything about it? I could see his head being relavent if he had a shaved head with tats that read 'Killem All' with skulls everywhere, then I could see his choice of head wear being an issue. I blame France for this, they should have banned students from the schools, no students no violence-problem solved.

Now here is my not so naked pic, and yes the baby is in it. This was taken only minutes before we got to go home. We are all doing well, mommy is even back to school. She is trying hard as hell to get these last credits so she can get out into a better job. I am not in skool at the moment, I am a little broke and cannt get any aide from our rich nation that sees spending millions on anything and everything but on getting a white guy some edumakaion.


guttergirl said...

What a happy family. I love the picture.
I think the media makes a big deal of the clothes and hair of a crazy person to make people feel safer.It is the old "I don't know anyone who looks like that so I am safe" horse hockey.
Happy HNT!

The Real Kidd said...

What a great picture. I had no idea that the wife unit was so small! Or are you just that tall? LOL, as if it matter! Happy HNT Hoonkeie

Lo Lo Lova said...

Good post
Even better picture!
Still waiting on a name...

Becky said...

Every damn time I come here I make the high pitched girly squeal noise, that, AWWWWWWWW....
It's all just so fucking cute! Really it is! And don't you go getting lazy and fat, get your ass back to the gym! Seriously, there's some tough love for you!

Buddha Bong said...

I didn't know you were breast feeding...

Hammy said...

Oh, I have one of those tan London Fog jackets. And I don't talk about it either. Thank goodness no-one would suspect me.