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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Late 9/11 post and one baby pic...

-I am going to do a quick post on one hot topic- 5 years later- and if you don’t know what I am talking about stop reading now and go fuck yourself. I am not for political post or even talking about world issues here because there are plenty of blogs out there that have devoted all of their energy to either supporting the rabid monkey in the white house or bashing our entire political system. But I read an article yesterday in the New York Post that really summed it up for the most part. The author is named Amir Taheri and the title was ‘Osama’a Error’ and basically what he said was that these religious fucknuts set out to bring down “The House of the Spider”. This was to be “The Mother of all Raids”, that sounds a lot like something out of Team America to me. America “The Great Satan” was to be brought to its knees by planned raids and attacks on us, well they got us on that day but we did do something back. We as Americans stopped one plane from its planned target and went on to send out troops to invade their country in ways they wish they could.
“So , where are we now in this war? If this were a classical style war the USA would have no difficulty showing that it had scored a spectacular victory. It has succeeded in overthrowing 2 hostile regimes, and forced several other states in the region to stop sheltering and financing the gahzis (holy raiders). Territory the size of western Europe has been freed from 2 of the most vicious regimes in recent history”-Amir Taheri
-Their own people have turned on them for fuck sakes- Bara’a is the word used the means basically exoneration or the process of disowning the al Qaeda. Even the people around them want nothing to do with them and some of their religious leaders have even gone as far as declaring al Qaeda and its groupies heretics-which in their world is about the equivalent to excommunicatus in the roming catolik faith.
The author makes the point that this is not a war with traditional markers as what we won but more of a war on human freedom. And that no matter how long this war takes the enemies of freedom can not win. We are not fighting a war that has a set of rules like in the old board game RISK but more like a battle of who can hold out the longest. I feel that once all of their outside support goes straight to hell their resources will be reduced to there usual ways of dealing with things: Throwing rocks at tanks made of steal and running. There sure isn’t a shortage of rocks so maybe there is hope for them……..naw, I just hope all of our GI’s aim high. I we don’t want prisoners of war here, the only good terrorist is a dead one.

There I did it, a political post on how I feel about the war. We are winning the good fight and yes when my children are old enough I will encourage them to do what I only dreamed of (and still might do, I still have a few more year before I am considered 'Too Old'). I am still thinking about joining, the one thing that is keeping me is my 3 boys and my one wife-I am working on trying to get the wife unit to agree to more wives but I dont think it will work ;-) It seems to work in that show about that dude with 3 wives haha. I am just kidding on the mutlipale wife thing, you have to be insane to want to live with more than one woman at a time. That is just a recipe for death my friends.

And as promised my one baby pic of the day. He doesnt really fit in this thing but they dont make them any smaller. And from the looks of things he will be filling things out soon. He is already gaining weight, he went to the doctor yesterday and he said he is on the up and up.


guttergirl said...

What a handsome little man. You and the wife unit should be so proud. Congratulations

The Real Kidd said...

Awww, he is just so cute!

Carie said...

he is so cute :) looking forward to the many pics to come ;o)

normiekins said...

Congratulations Honk and Mrs. Honk....that is awesome....what a fine young lad!!!

Becky said...

*high pitched girly squeal voice* He's so cute!!!!

I say we nuke Israel.... Just a thought.

Lo Lo Lova said...

Congrats! What's his name?? Cutie Honk?